File Title
1 'Squid from Hell' secrets revealed
2 Schools with fitter children perform better
3 Seals ride out ice shelf collapse
4 Hubble captures extraordinary view of Universe
5 Asiatic cheetahs forced to hunt livestock
6 Fenland Black Oak: 5000-year-old tree found in Norfolk
7 Google adds coral reef panoramas to Street View maps
8 Q&A: The badger cull
9 Clever jays switch food-finding tactics
10 Syria unrest: Damascus attack 'was suicide bomb'
11 Andy Williams, Moon River singer, dies aged 84
12 Athens clashes as Greek police fire tear gas
13 Markets fall as Bank of Spain warns on economy
14 Russian tycoon Alexander Lebedev charged over punch-up
15 US election: Crunching the numbers
16 New Zealand gangs: The Mongrel Mob and other urban outlaws
17 India tiger killed by poachers inside Itanagar zoo
18 Iran unveils 'indigenous' drone with 2,000km range
19 Justin Lee Collins 'kept girlfriend's sexual history'
20 Child obesity: Why do parents let their kids get fat?
21 Nigerian Hajj women held in Saudi Arabia
22 Abu Hamza: High Court judge halts extradition to the US
23 Hong Kong tycoon recruits husband for lesbian daughter
24 Kenya to switch off 'fake' mobile phones
25 Nook tablets join Barnes & Noble's UK line-up
26 UN: Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rejects nuclear 'threat'
27 Barack Obama and Mitt Romney campaign in Ohio
28 Rented computers secretly photographed users having sex
29 Driverless car bill is signed in California at Google headquarters
30 TalkTalk tops Ofcom broadband and landline complaints list
31 UK government looks at ways to put ebooks in libraries
32 Project aims to crowdsource what makes a happy city
33 Judge orders arrest of Brazil Google president
34 Facebook private message rumour is 'false,' site says
35 Makers unite--the revolution will be home-made
36 3D printing: The desktop drugstore
37 'Scar free healing' in mice may give clues to human skin repair, says study
38 Quit chewing tobacco advice issued for UK South Asians
39 Plea to dentists to check for mouth cancer
40 IQ linked to levels of happiness
41 Replacement Google--in case the real one gets locked out
42 Coral hotspots discovered off U.S. East Coast
43 Scientists create new element
44 Apple, Google Maps contract had one year left, report claims
45 Mars-like parts of Earth could offer clues to alien life
46 Wii U launch titles: Games you can buy for new Nintendo console on Nov. 18
47 Barnes & Noble launches new Nook HD tablets
48 NASA's new goal: Returning samples from Mars
49 Vampire squid are sea's garbage disposals
50 Hubble looks back 13.2 billion years in deepest view yet
51 Calif. governor to sign bill to OK driverless cars
52 Lytro Light Field camera coming to major retailers
53 Endeavour made farewell flight loaded with souvenirs
54 Poll: Obama opens substantial leads in key swing states
55 Singer Andy Williams dead at 84
56 Global bacon shortage "unavoidable," group says
57 Human finger found inside Idaho trout belongs to Wash. wakeboarder
58 Eternal clock could keep time after universe dies
59 Apple launches Personal Pickup for iPhone 5
60 Les Miserables movie poster released
61 Ann Romney says electing a Mormon a good signal
62 Iranian reporter killed by sniper at scene of blasts targeting Syria military HQ in Damascus
63 Mona Eltahawy arrested for vandalizing pro-Israel, anti-"Jihad" NYC subway ad
64 Ahmadinejad calls 9/11 "tragic," slams Israel
65 Iran's Ahmadinejad wants a new world order
66 AP Interview: Ahmadinejad pushes new world order
67 2 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan ambush
68 Iran overshadows Palestinian issue at U.N.
69 After tragedy, Russia rethinks drunk driving
70 Iran test-fires missiles, sinks warship-sized target
71 UK court issues injunction in radical cleric case
72 Red Bull family reaches hit-and-run settlement
73 Prime suspect in Libya consulate attack dares gov't to "arrest me"
74 Cleve Foster executed by Texas after failing to win 4th reprieve from U.S. Supreme Court
75 Bus driver saves NY woman, grandson from pit bulls
76 Texas school board changes spanking rules
77 S.F. City Hall ruins from 1906 quake unearthed
78 Selma, Ala., council stops work on statue of Confederate general, early KKK leader
79 Texas soldier allegedly kills pal who had hiccups
80 Online gamers help raise over $100k for IT officer slain in Benghazi attack
81 Fighters scramble as 2 aircraft violate airspace near UN
82 Elderly people in the South use more antibiotics compared to other regions in the U.S.
83 SARS-like symptoms isolate 5 in Denmark
84 Retired military leaders say this generation is "too fat to fight"
85 First treatment for accelerated aging disease progeria has promising results
86 How could a nurse throw out a kidney before transplant?
87 Active video games can increase energy expenditure in children
88 Harmless viruses on skin a potential acne treatment
89 Indian Ocean earthquakes triggered quakes globally
90 Unusual Indian Ocean earthquakes hint at tectonic breakup
91 Element 113: Ununtrium Reportedly Synthesized In Japan
92 1909 V.D.B. Lincoln Cent on NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity
93 Hubble telescope reveals farthest view into universe ever
94 Spiny mice defend themselves with self-flaying skin and fast healing factors
95 Space Shuttle Endeavour Made Final Flight Packed with Souvenir Patches
96 MBARI researchers discover what vampire squids eat
97 Vampire squid are sea's garbage disposals
98 Newly Discovered Comet May Become Brilliant in Late 2013
99 Coming to the night sky, the comet fifteen times brighter than the moon
100 Comet ISON Will Be Visible During The Day, Discoverers Announce
101 Are we the extraterrestrials? Scientists back theory that life was brought to Earth by space microbes
102 Did life on other planets originate from Earth?
103 Did a Distant Solar System Send Life to Earth?
104 Sentinel Exclusive: NASA wants to send astronauts beyond the moon
105 NASA considers orbital outpost near moon as next big project
106 Climate change already damaging global economy
107 State's first case of 'zombie bees' reported in Kent
108 Knowing Neil Armstrong: One Giant Leap for an Apollo Fanatic
109 U.S. Navy Names Ship After Neil Armstrong
110 Berkeley Lab proposes 4D clock
111 Winds High In Sky Affect Deep-Ocean Currents
112 Invasive Asian Carp Threatens Great Lakes; DNA, But No Fish, Found in Tributaries
113 Bill Nye Creationism video: The Science Guy goes viral after telling children to avoid Creationism
114 'Science Guy' Bill Nye says religious-based dismissal of evolution endangers US science
115 Knee replacement surgeries for elderly Americans more than double in 20 years
116 More New Knees for Seniors and More Problems with Them
117 WHO issues guidance on new virus, gears up for haj
118 Why The New Coronavirus Unnerves Public Health: Remembering SARS
119 Hemophilia Drug Hits Mark in Trial
120 Biogen Says Hemophilia B Medicine Controlled Bleeding
121 School lunch: "We are Hungry" video protests new menu guidelines
122 Students push back on new school lunches
123 African mouse can regrow skin as good as new
124 First Successful Treatment for Progeria, Rare Childhood Disease
125 Experimental Drug Is First To Help Kids With Premature-Aging Disease
126 Study stirs hope on aging disease
127 Does your doctor screen for overuse of alcohol? US guidelines say physicians should
128 'Bath salts' now illegal in Canada
129 'Bath salts' drug ingredient banned in Canada
130 Variation in antibiotic prescribing hints at overuse
131 Antibiotic Use by Seniors Highest in South
132 Morning-after pills available at 13 NYC public schools
133 NYC schools give out morning-after pills to students--without telling parents
134 When Parents Can't Enroll in Medicaid, Children Stay Uninsured
135 Why Being a Leader Is Less Stressful than Following
136 Why being the boss means you are less likely to suffer a heart attack
137 Do Eunuchs Really Live Longer?