File Title
1 Crows not so clever after all?
2 Pollution as harmful as malaria, TB: study
3 Earthquake scientists' trial splits experts
4 Gas flaring target of London conference
5 Large numbers of hyenas and humans coexist, study finds
6 Europe shapes Moon lander design
7 Fishing deal: EU ministers criticised
8 Southampton scientists change the color of gold
9 Curiosity may one day return to Earth, says NASA boss
10 Badger cull: A stay of execution?
11 Protecting Afghanistan's environment and tourist future
12 Syrian government 'agrees to Eid al-Adha ceasefire'
13 Sudan blames Israel for Khartoum arms factory blast
14 Republican Senate hopeful Richard Mourdock in rape row
15 Philippine politics--it's a family affair
16 Should children be taught that porn is not real?
17 Superman: Clark Kent quits reporting at the Daily Planet
18 Ukraine's Femen: Topless protests 'help feminist cause'
19 Skyfall premiere is biggest and best--Daniel Craig
20 PlayStation 'master key' leaked online
21 Surface tablets start shipping ahead of Windows 8 launch
22 Gaza militants killed in strikes following rocket fire
23 'Astronomy lessons should be compulsory'
24 Russia: Syria rebels have US-made weapons
25 Is Turkey's secular system in danger?
26 The end for keyboards and mice?
27 iPad Mini unveiled by Apple as it enters small tablet market
28 BBC Trust to review online and Red Button services
29 Job cuts announced at Zynga
30 Huawei offers access to source code and equipment
31 Nintendo cuts profit forecast for the year
32 Facebook posts loss despite 32% rise in revenues
33 US Apple bounce-back patents ruled invalid
34 Waterstones and Amazon's Kindle turn a new chapter
35 Flossie restored: Early computer back to life in Kent
36 Ceefax service closes down after 38 years on BBC
37 Concern raised about finance scheme for malaria drugs
38 Placebo effect may be 'down to genes'
39 Struggling to quit? Inhale less smokers told
40 US election: The third-party candidates
41 Puppies learn to catch yawns as they grow
42 Google street view expands into Grand Canyon trails
43 How bubblegum coral conquered the globe
44 Why some people see sound
45 iPad Mini to grab sales from $199 tablets, says analyst
46 EU sends Microsoft formal antitrust complaint
47 Apple announces fourth generation iPad, iPad Mini
48 Giant black hole unleashes massive cosmic jet
49 Apple announces next generation iMac
50 Apple announces 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display
51 FTC releases facial recognition tech guidelines
52 World's glaciers have new size estimate
53 Mission to save Sweden's only coral reef
54 Hidden black hole spotted in our galaxy
55 The Beluga whale that could talk
56 Emails detail unfolding Benghazi attack on Sept. 11
57 Richard Mourdock: Even pregnancy from rape something "God intended"
58 Romney has edge in Fla., but Obama is pushing hard
59 Autumn Pasquale Murder: Suspects left clues all around in slaying of 12-year-old NJ girl, authorities say
60 Two teen boys arrested in N.J. 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale's death
61 Poll: Decisive win for Obama in final debate
62 It's not about the economy, stupid
63 N.C. teens missing for 11 days, crash suspected, search continues in S.C.
64 Sharmeka Moffitt, burned La. woman, made up story about racial attack, police say
65 Megachurch Shooting: Police say man shot inside Creflo Dollar's Georgia church has died, suspect on the loose
66 Autumn Pasquale: Authorities say two teen brothers arrested, charged with murder in NJ girl's slaying
67 Body found in Ala. may be man wanted in murders of three woman and one child in Tennessee, police say
68 Whitney Heichel affidavit alleges Jonathan Holt admitted sexually assaulting, shooting Ore. barista
69 Whitney Heichel murder autopsy shows barista died of multiple gunshot wounds
70 Betty Broderick Denied Parole For Double Murder; Socialite's Son Warns She Could be Dangerous
71 Task Force against hormone therapy for disease prevention
72 CDC advises all pregnant women to get whooping cough vaccine
73 Roche probed by European regulators for not reporting side effects
74 16-year-old Ind. girl may be youngest meningitis victim
75 Answers sought as $3B Texas cancer agency meets
76 Black fungus specks in vials among complaints at New England Compounding Center
77 Mass. moves to revoke license of firm tied to meningitis outbreak
78 Bullied kids more likely to contemplate suicide
79 Beans may be beneficial for people with diabetes
80 Monster Beverage Corp. reportedly denies role in 14-year-old's death
81 FDA investigates five deaths, one heart attack linked to Monster Energy Drinks
82 Exercise may outperform puzzles in preventing brain shrinkage
83 American Academy of Pediatrics says organic food no better
84 Apple's redesigned iMac is 5mm thin with edge-to-edge glass
85 Apple's new Fusion Drive debuts in latest iMacs, Mac minis
86 Apple announces 4th-gen iPad with A6X CPU, FaceTime HD camera
87 N/A
88 Apple reveals iPad mini: 7.9" display, 7.2mm thin, starting at $329
89 Apple posts iPad mini keynote, promotional video & full specs
90 Final Cut Pro X gets significant update with new features & RED camera support
91 Recent third-gen iPad buyers may be able to exchange for newer model
92 Advanced software helps iPad mini ignore unintended touches near bezel
93 iPad mini gets Siri but iPad 2 still left without
94 How Apple made the iPad mini 23% thinner and 53% lighter
95 iBooks 3.0 now available, adds iCloud purchase support, scrolling theme
96 Apple focuses on the high end with 13-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro
97 Initial iPad mini availability may be limited due to issues at display supplier
98 New iMacs expected to quadruple Apple's dismal Q3 desktop shipments
99 Dutch court finds Samsung did not infringe on Apple multitouch patent
100 Apple's iPhone accounts for 77% of AT&T's 6.1M smartphone activations
101 Market watchers expect $329 iPad mini will justify its price to consumers
102 iPod touch viewed as in final stage of product life cycle
103 Apple predicted to launch lighter, thinner 9.7" iPad 'as quickly as possible'
104 Apple exec Phil Schiller defends $329 entry price of iPad mini
105 Jilted Samsung claims it will terminate its LCD contract with Apple
106 Japanese court rejects two of Samsung's patent infringement claims against Apple
107 Apple 'slingshot' in full effect
108 Analyst: iPad mini at $249 could be a 'barnburner'
109 Apple's struggle over leaks and security: Employees say leaks aren't coming from inside Apple
110 Dismal Windows PC quarter may mean another strong quarter for Apple's Macintosh
111 Microsoft Office killer: Apple and VMware team to build cloud-hosted office suite for iPad, sources say
112 Apple to offer 10-pack education pricing for 'iPad mini'
113 Gartner: There will be more Apple iPads than Blackberries in business within 2 years
114 Apple iOS 6 adoption surpasses 60% just one month after launch
115 Apple's October 23rd special media event shows company can still keep secrets
116 Apple blasts Samsung's post-trial 'attack on the jury' as 'clearly unfounded'
117 Beleaguered Nokia seeks $1 billion from bonds
118 Zaky: Apple clearly a much better investment opportunity than Google
119 Apple granted new patents for iPhone 3D modeling app, Apple TV, iChat, iPhone 5 LTE and more
120 U.S. Patent office tentatively invalidates Apple's rubber-banding patent used in Samsung trial
121 Apple introduces 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display
122 Apple unveils jaw-dropping all-new iMac
123 Apple debuts 7.9-inch iPad mini; unveils new 4th gen. iPad with 9.7-inch Retina display
124 Final Cut Pro X gets significant update with new features and RED camera support
125 Mashable hands on with Apple iPad mini: A one-handed wonder
126 Apple improves intentional touch detection in iOS 6 due to iPad mini's thinner bezel
127 The Verge hands on Apple's new iMac: Extremely thin, stunning
128 Newsflash: Apple sells premium products at premium prices to premium customers
129 AT&T activated 4.7 million iPhones, 77% of total smartphone sales, in Q312
130 Apple loses Dutch multi-touch patent case against Samsung
131 Apple's iPad mini destroys cheap, tiny screen Android tablets from Amazon, Google, et al.
132 Analyst: Innovation at Apple is over; iPad mini playing catch up to Android; expects 'mediocre customer adoption'
133 Why did Apple launch the iPad 4 now?
134 Apple's new patented Fusion Drive is more advanced than you might think
135 Gartner VP: Apple doesn't need a $200 iPad mini
136 Apple may let you swap your new iPad 3 for an even newer 4th generation model
137 J.P. Morgan: Apple's new iPad mini to grab sales from $199 tablets
138 Apple asserts its dominance with new iPad mini