File Title
1 Ancient DNA sheds light on Maori settlement
2 Meteor sheds light on watery solar system
3 First human ancestor looked like a squirrel
4 Badger cull: Government to delay scheme until next year
5 X-ray imaging tricks increase resolution and cut dose
6 'Eat UK oysters' scientists urge
7 University postgraduate system 'failing UK economy'
8 Da Vinci robot heart surgery at New Cross Hospital
9 Allt Duine wind farm public inquiry starts in Aviemore
10 Badger cull: A stay of execution?
11 The maths that made Voyager possible
12 How scientists recreated Neanderthal man
13 Viewpoint: The power of China's strolling eco-warriors
14 Somalia's ambitions online could bring Mogadishu to the world
15 Obama and Romney in final push
16 Jimmy Savile: BBC regrets dropped Newsnight investigation
17 Italy disaster head Luciano Maiani quits over L'Aquila
18 Qatar emir pledges $400m on landmark visit to Gaza
19 Taiwan hospital fire kills 12 elderly residents
20 Will your piano end up in the dump?
21 Libyans trying to move on from Gaddafi
22 BBC poll: Rest of world favours Obama
23 Exercising in your 70s 'may stop brain shrinkage'
24 Tony Scott's death confirmed suicide
25 Obama and Romney in final push
26 Obama and Romney in final push
27 Anti-Putin opposition elected in Russian online poll
28 More piracy sites faced with blocking as BPI contacts UK ISPs
29 Apple set to launch smaller iPad
30 Skype slashes battery use for Windows 8 system launch
31 Creating art on tablets remains a work in progress
32 BBC News on your mobile
33 The psychology of Tetris
34 Benin President Boni Yayi 'poison plot': Three charged
35 The other children of Pakistan's war
36 Dentist told to bin magazines due to 'infection risk'
37 Turbulent flows in 2D can be calculated in new model
38 Neutron experiments give unprecedented look at quantum oscillations
39 Study explains connection between Hawaii's dueling volcanoes
40 Influence in times of crisis: How do men and women evaluate precarious leadership positions?
41 Quantum computing with recycled particles
42 Power grid upgrades may cause blackouts, warns Braess's paradox
43 Lung mucus gel scaffold prevents nanoparticles from getting through
44 Scientists making fishy robots for naval research
45 Biologists record increasing amounts of plastic litter in the Arctic deep sea
46 Researchers suggest eating cooked food led to larger human brains
47 Climate change makes more shrew species, 70 genetic varieties
48 Researchers double down on heat to break up cellulose, produce fuels and power
49 Galaxies: Some assembly required
50 Oldest primate lived in trees after the extinction of dinosaurs
51 Fossil discovery sheds light on one of evolution's greatest unsolved mysteries: The origin of jaws
52 Coal gasification demonstrated
53 To bee an art critic, choosing between Picasso and Monet
54 Using equations to mine nuclear energy resources
55 Nanostructures worth more than their weight in gold
56 Astronomers develop technique for mapping the universe in 3-D
57 Study shows how cells form 'trash bags' for recycling waste
58 Russia launches astronauts to space station
59 Extinct fossils reveal their genetic pattern
60 The Solar System's grandest canyon
61 Technology helping to crack oldest undeciphered writing system
62 Galaxies in the thick of it grow up fast
63 Nature inspires research to convert solar into liquid fuel
64 Tiny pores in graphene could give rise to new membranes that may filter water or separate biological samples
65 Scientists aim to analyse a whole mouse brain under the electron microscope
66 Forest fertilization can increase production, decrease carbon emissions, expert says
67 Infrared absorption boosted by layering sheets of graphene
68 Nanofibrillar cellulose film to ease performing medical tests
69 Researchers discover new route to spin-polarized contacts on silicon
70 Lubricated, nanotextured surfaces improve performance of condensers in power and desalination plants, research finds
71 Self-assembling nanofilaments enhance drug delivery
72 Progress in using magnetic fields to target tumors
73 Manufacturing complex 3D metallic structures at nanoscale made possible
74 Researchers studying nanotube toxicity develop method for finding them in soils
75 First-of-its-kind self-assembled nanoparticle for targeted and triggered thermo-chemotherapy
76 Chemists develop new technique for nanostructure assembly
77 Electron microscopy provides atom-by-atom knowledge of doped graphene and carbon nanotubes
78 New military apparel repels chemical and biological agents
79 Study confirms magnetic properties of silicon nano-ribbons
80 Zeroing in on the 'science of sound propagation' in burning buildings
81 Symmetry breaking during flapping generates lift
82 Physics duo create tractor beam using dual Bessel beams
83 Hunt for the platypus particle
84 State-of-the-art beams from table-top accelerators: Part One: Focusing in on beam focus
85 Physicists investigate the cause of striped patterns formed by fine particles deposited on surfaces
86 Chaos theory helps to predict the outcome at the roulette table
87 Fish skin structure explains biological cloaking
88 NASA pursues atom optics to detect the imperceptible
89 Integrated optical vortices on a chip (w/ Video)
90 One million UK jobs depend on physics, report reveals
91 Oxygen's ups and downs in the early atmosphere and ocean
92 Making transport a driver for development in Africa
93 Japan's radiation monitoring unreliable: Greenpeace
94 Russia taps super-giant gas field after 40-year wait
95 Quasar may be embedded in unusually dusty galaxy
96 NMSU graduate student looks for indications of life on Mars in possible trace methane gas
97 Woes with iPhone 5 go beyond Maps
98 The most useful features of Apple iOS 6
99 Surface is Microsoft's latest weapon in mobile-device battle
100 A smaller iPad could push 'tweener' tablets into mainstream
101 Japan robot suit offers hope for nuclear work
102 Amazon looks to get Kindle to schools, workers
103 Self-powered sensors to monitor nuclear fuel rod status
104 EU tightens up online gambling controls
105 Study: Facebook lowers control
106 Microsoft offers peek at new Windows, tablet
107 Students hope glove keyboard will revolutionize use of devices with one hand
108 Electronic tickets for smarter travel
109 Probing question: Can games be more than child's play?
110 Occupant comfort is critical to green building design
111 Phone hacking suits hit Piers Morgan's old tabloid
112 Android apps are full of potential leaks, finds study
113 How highway bridges sing--or groan--in the rain to reveal their health
114 Lubricants from vegetable oil
115 Additive restores antibiotic effectiveness against MRSA
116 New self-healing coating for aluminum developed to replace cancer-causing product
117 3D structure of an unmodified G protein-coupled receptor in its natural habitat
118 Chasing a common cold virus
119 Optical tweezers and sub-nanoscale precision: Following the process--and the consequence--of RNA folding
120 Bacterial genes energy-sensing switch discovery could have broad implications
121 Rapid-fire lasers reveal that water molecules adopt three distinct local structures around model lipid monolayers
122 Lower levels of a key lung protein increase the risk of developing cigarette-smoke-induced emphysema
123 Lithium chloride enables neutron studies of protein-solvent interactions at supercold temperatures
124 Increasing glycopolymer-based drug delivery success
125 Sustained hydrogen production from cyanobacteria in the presence of oxygen
126 Researchers show RNA ribozymes able to cooperate to reassemble themselves
127 Chemist develops process that allows iron to serve as platinum catalyst
128 Whale racket: Sounding out how loud the oceans were from whale vocalizing prior to industrial whaling
129 Don't be so fast to judge a cat by its color, new study warns
130 UN warns northwest Africa over desert locust swarms
131 Nineteen species of ferns named for Lady Gaga
132 Puppies don't pick up on yawns
133 Bacteria involved in sewer pipe corrosion identified
134 Molecular motion in detail: Scientists' high-res images illuminate binding process
135 The co-evolution of plants and mammals examined
136 A cyclical effect: More atmospheric CO2, more greenhouse gas per grain of rice
137 Palm tree-killing weevil found in South Texas
138 Scientists fight 'super weeds' with sustainability
139 How have the 2012 doomsday myths become part of our accepted lexicon?
140 Marblar site seeks to clickstart science uses
141 Historic shipwreck discovered at the Channel Islands
142 Dome-headed dinosaurs did more than just butt heads
143 Mysterious feathered dinosaur was agile flyer
144 Researchers measure climate variability and conflict risk in East Africa
145 Researchers launch innovative, hands-on online tool for science education
146 Would you buy a product endorsed by Lance Armstrong?
147 NY philosopher, popular skeptic Kurtz dies at 86
148 It's all in the details: Why are some consumers willing to pay more for less information?
149 Mortgage risks underestimated, economists conclude
150 Migratory birds can spread haemorrhagic fever
151 TIM and TAM: 2 paths used by the Dengue virus to penetrate cells
152 Researchers study how patterns, timing of sunlight exposure contribute to skin cancers
153 Researchers find that diabetes drug could be effective in treating addiction
154 The complex association between moderate alcohol consumption and breast cancer
155 Perfect pitch: Knowing the note may be in your genes
156 Duke research team identifies a potent growth factor for blood stem cells
157 New research suggests all primates shared common blood type ancestor
158 Are schizophrenia and autism close relations?
159 Next-generation vaccines--eliminating the use of needles
160 Feeling the force of cancer
161 New depression treatment may avoid side effects
162 Noninvasive assay monitored treatment response in patients with metastatic prostate cancer
163 Fixing a sticky situation
164 Economic conditions may trump genetics when battling obesity
165 Breast cancer cells spread by digging their escape route
166 Most children experience their neighbourhoods from the back seat of the car, researchers find
167 Psychology prof studies what's behind candidates' smiles
168 Scientists build 'mechanically active' DNA material
169 After three decades of searching, scientists find cellular targets of Hepatitis B virus
170 New X-ray breast cancer imaging possible with 25 times reduced radiation dose
171 Parenting and temperament in childhood predict later political ideology
172 Eating more legumes may improve glycemic control, lower estimated heart disease risk
173 Older breast cancer patients see more complications with brachytherapy
174 Technology brings new life to the study of diseases in old bones
175 Less frequent pap tests safe for most women, ob/gyn group says
176 Pediatricians offer first report on organic foods (Update)