File Title
1 Earthquake linked to groundwater extraction
2 Australia pushes for Antarctic protection
3 Pesticides put bee colonies at risk: study
4 Lorca earthquake 'caused by groundwater extraction'
5 Tibetan mountain finch rediscovered after 80 years
6 Dolphin 'sponging' spans centuries
7 Brain change link to anti-social behaviour in girls
8 Petronas bid for Progress Energy Resources blocked
9 Palomares bombs: Spain waits for US to finish nuclear clean-up
10 Animal behaviour in the boardroom
11 Breakthrough in world's oldest undeciphered writing
12 Mozambique town transformed by coal rush
13 Beach camping in Hong Kong
14 Turning the oceans into jetfuel
15 US election debate: Candidates to spar on foreign policy
16 Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles by cycling's governing body.
17 Lebanon army calls for political 'caution' amid clashes
18 Jimmy Savile: BBC Newsnight editor steps aside over claims
19 China open letter opposes Bo Xilai parliament expulsion
20 The US election and your country
21 Why would you leave the West for India?
22 Phone call translator app to be offered by NTT Docomo
23 Russia sends Pussy Riot women to camps east of Moscow
24 Android apps 'leak' personal details
25 Norfolk teen slept through car crashing into bedroom
26 Somali pirate attacks show sharp fall
27 Mauritania soldier on shooting President Abdelaziz
28 'Smell machine invokes disgust'
29 BT and Virgin Media oppose Birmingham broadband
30 Joanna Shields leaves Facebook to join UK's Tech City
31 eBay 'pays 1.2m pounds in UK tax' on sales of 800m pounds
32 Brazilian newspapers pull out of Google News
33 Rise in child throat infections treated in hospital, study finds
34 Cuba's Fidel Castro attacks 'lies' about his health
35 Haiti cholera epidemic 'most likely' started at UN camp--top scientist
36 Assisted suicide: 10 years of dying at Dignitas
37 GP Neil Rushton gets to grips with Mount Everest job
38 L'Aquila quake: Italy scientists guilty of manslaughter
39 'Attack thwarted' on Finnish PM Jyrki Katainen
40 Beluga whale 'makes human-like sounds'
41 Lederhosen and dirndl dresses make a comeback
42 Italian scientists get 6 years for L'Aquila earthquake statements
43 Meteorite hit suburban Calif. house
44 Swedish Stonehenge: Ancient stone tomb discovered
45 Apple iPad Mini event: What to expect
46 NASA study finds surprising trend in galaxy evolution
47 Atom smasher cannot create black holes, court says
48 to be acquired for $1.6 billion, report says
49 Space station's best yet to come, astronaut says
50 Medical Marijuana: Will Colorado's "green rush" last?
51 Poll: Obama's lead in Ohio narrows
52 Alleged spa shooter's wife may have been a victim
53 N/A
54 Pa. girl in costume mistaken for skunk, shot
55 Lance Armstrong stripped of Tour de France medals
56 Alleged nightmare neighbor arrested in Miami
57 Republican pollster on debate: Whoever wins tonight wins election
58 Syria violence spilling over into other nations
59 Italian scientists on trial for failing to predict deadly quake
60 Pediatricians want cheerleading called a sport over injury risk
61 U.S. boys reaching puberty up to 2 years earlier, study suggests
62 Tenn. doc: Meningitis outbreak may be waning
63 In-vitro fertilization tied to birth defects risk
64 Beetles Use Dung Balls to Stay Cool
65 Split-Personality Elliptical Galaxy Holds a Hidden Spiral
66 New Understanding of Antarctica's 'Weight Loss': Sea Level Is Rising With Little Apparent Contribution from Antarctica
67 New Glow for Electron Microscopy: Protein-Labeling Technique Allows High-Resolution Visualization of Molecules Inside Cells
68 Water Could Flow On Mars, Model Suggests; Scientists Look at Melting and Evaporation of Frozen Brines
69 Combined Pesticide Exposure Affects Bumblebee Colony Success
70 Unique Feature of HIV Helps Create Antibodies, Researchers Discover
71 How Fear Can Skew Spatial Perception
72 Astronomers Study 2-Million-Light-Year 'Extragalactic Afterburner'
73 Fishy Physics: Adaptation Lets Silvery Fish Reflect Light Without Polarization, May Help Them Evade Predators
74 Offsetting Global Warming: Targeting Solar Geoengineering to Minimize Risk and Inequality
75 Breakthrough Offers New Route to Large-Scale Quantum Computing
76 Immune Cells Make Flexible Choices
77 Stem Cell Bodyguards: Rare Immune Cells Keep Blood Stem Cells Youthful
78 Immune Cells of the Blood Might Replace Dysfunctional Brain Cells
79 Increased Colorectal Cancer Risk for Extended Family Members
80 Antibiotics Not Effective for Cough Due to 'Common Cold' in Children
81 Astronomers Uncover a Surprising Trend in Galaxy Evolution
82 Hubble Sees Galaxy in a Spin
83 Mars Soil Sample Delivered for Analysis Inside Rover
84 First-Of-Its-Kind Self-Assembled Nanoparticle for Targeted and Triggered Thermo-Chemotherapy
85 Poetry in Motion: Gemini Observatory Releases Image of Rare Polar Ring Galaxy
86 Kittens: Their Microbiomes Are What They Eat
87 3-D Structure of an Unmodified G Protein-Coupled Receptor in Its Natural Habitat
88 Rainbow Trout: Survival of the Shyest?
89 Rice Agriculture Accelerates Global Warming: More Greenhouse Gas Per Grain of Rice
90 Mississippi River Diversion Helped Build Louisiana Wetlands, Geologists Find
91 Many High School Football Players Not Concerned About Concussions
92 Standardized Child Booster Seat Laws Would Save Lives, Study Suggests
93 Injuries, Manufacturer Warnings Do Not Deter ATV Use by Children Under Age 16
94 Off-Label Medications Prescribed to Nearly All Pediatric Intensive Care Patients
95 Many Grandparent Caregivers Unaware of Newer Safety Guidelines
96 New Guidelines to Prevent Cheerleading Injuries
97 Possible Overlap of IBS Symptoms and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
98 Type 2 Diabetes May Increase the Risk of Barrett's Esophagus
99 Selenium Deficiency May Cause Cardiomyopathy Post-Gastric Bypass
100 Death from GI Bleeding Decreased in United States in Past Two Decades
101 Collective Violence and Poverty On the Mexican-US Border Affects Child Mental Health
102 Common Risky Behaviors of Children Struck by Motor Vehicles Outlined
103 Foster Kids Do Equally Well When Adopted by Gay, Lesbian or Heterosexual Parents, Study Suggests
104 Debate Reactions Measured in Real Time
105 How the Brain Forms Categories
106 Want the Shortest Path to the Good Life? Try Cynicism
107 Science Reveals the Power of a Handshake
108 Obama Has Better Leadership Skills, Survey Shows
109 Presidential Debates Offer Body Language Tips for Job Interviews
110 Weight Loss Does Not Improve Fertility, but Does Improve Sexual Function, Research Finds
111 Low Calcium Diet Linked to Higher Risk of Hormone Condition in Women
112 Food Vs. Fuel: Is There Surplus Land for Bioenergy?
113 What We Know and Don't Know About Fungal Meningitis Outbreak
114 The Hidden Burden of Bovine Tuberculosis
115 Researchers Unveil 3-D Structure of 'Molecular Machine' That Initiates DNA Transcription
116 The Art of Sustainable Development
117 Pristine Maksimjarvensalo Wilderness Area Remains in Republic of Karelia
118 World's Largest Earthquake Drill: JPL Scientists Participate in Great California ShakeOut Exercises
119 NASA C-20A Completes Radar Study of Pacific Rim Volcanoes
120 Bowhead Whales: Ancient DNA Sheds Light On Arctic Whale Mysteries
121 Evolution: New Understandings of How Populations Change Over Time
122 'Time-Capsule' Japanese Lake Sediment Advances Radiocarbon Dating for Older Objects
123 Tropical Collapse in Early Triassic Caused by Lethal Heat: Extreme Temperatures Blamed for 'Dead Zone'
124 Germs in Space: Preventing Infection On Long Flights
125 Giant Impact Scenario May Explain the Unusual Moons of Saturn
126 Keck Observations Bring Weather of Uranus Into Sharp Focus
127 Jupiter: Turmoil from Below, Battering from Above
128 New Model Reconciles the Moon's Earth-Like Composition With the Giant Impact Theory of Formation
129 Most Dealers Willing to Discuss Selling an Adult-Sized ATV for Child Use, Despite Danger
130 Possibilities, Challenges, and Applications of Next-Generation Sequencing
131 NASA's Kennedy Space Center Supporting Effort to Develop Satellite Servicing Capabilities
132 Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Lightning!
133 Solar Power Used to Study Elephants in Africa
134 Fast Image Processing Developed for Industry
135 Robots That Perceive the World Like Humans
136 A Little Science Goes a Long Way: Engaging Kids Improves Math, Language Scores
137 Space Launch System Providing Engine 'Brains' With an Upgrade
138 Avoiding Future Stock Market Crashes: 'Diversification Effect' That Protects Portfolio of Shares Disappears During General Slump