File Title
1 Pluto probe faces icy reception
2 Jumping spiders watch people and videos
3 Ancient fish had killer teeth
4 Physics unlocks the secrets of roulette
5 Battle scars reveal dinos were head bangers
6 Lizards are smarter than they look
7 Curiosity Mars rover starts 'to eat dirt'
8 UK experiences 'weirdest' weather
9 Radar helps solve painted lady migration mystery
10 Stanford Ovshinsky, hybrid car battery inventor, dies
11 The highest afternoon tea in the world
12 The hidden rules that shape human progress
13 Afghan roadside bomb kills 18 wedding guests
14 EU summit: Compromise deal on eurozone bank supervisor
15 Obama and Romney swap jokes at Al Smith dinner
16 North Korea leader's nephew in rare interview
17 Homeland angers minister over depiction of Beirut
18 Kateri Tekakwitha: The first Native American saint
19 Eugen Sandow: The man with the perfect body
20 A tipping point in the fight against slavery?
21 New era of five-yearly doctor checks starts
22 Berlusconi sex trial: 'No intimate ties' with Ruby
23 The Gaddafi clan: Where are they now?
24 Deadly explosion rocks Lebanese capital Beirut
25 Nick Griffin's tweets about gay couple in B&B case investigated
26 Glasgow Airport: Passenger tells of panic on Jet2 plane
27 Viewpoint: Big data and big analytics means better business
28 Will we ever... get rid of bed bugs?
29 US election: Six crucial Senate races
30 Kickstarted video game project Haunts gets mothballed
31 Google shares suspended after profit results error
32 Computer science teachers offered cash incentive
33 Microsoft profits fall 22% ahead of Windows 8 launch
34 The gadgets taking inspiration from science fiction
35 Bletchley Park's past secures UK's future in cyber security
36 Peru hospital managers' 'mass walkout' over medics' strike
37 Low calcium thyroid disorder link
38 Brain injuries 'link' to young offenders
39 EU summit: France says bank deal helps eurozone fusion
40 Indian rickshaw-puller forced to take baby to work
41 Fearless Felix talks surprising challenge of record-smashing jump
42 YouTube down for some users, working on fix
43 U.K. court sides with Samsung in Apple suit
44 Substitute teacher fired over allegations of affair with student via Twitter
45 Warmer winter in West predicted; East a mystery
46 Nearby alien planet could spur interstellar exploration
47 Obama to Jon Stewart: Benghazi response "not optimal"
48 Sharing a stage, Romney and Obama go after laughs--not each other
49 Poll: Romney lead grows in daily tracking poll
50 Boy Scout files show sex abuse cover-ups
51 Why Flamin' Hot Cheetos are sending kids to ER
52 Whitney Heichel Missing: Police search park, mountain in Ore. barista's disappearance
53 Billy Graham's organization removes Mormonism from its list of cults
54 A House (and Senate) divided: Would Romney be more likely to get legislative ball rolling?
55 LAPD probes possible Manson link to more murders
56 Alleged Fed Bank bomber raised red flags in college
57 3 gunned down in Fla. hair salon; Suspect dead
58 Court rules Fort Hood massacre suspect must shave beard
59 FDA confirms Mass. firm's link to meningitis outbreak
60 Gallup survey claims 3.4% in U.S. are LGBT
61 Zumba Prostitution Scandal: Alexis Wright's co-defendant says he broke no laws
62 Alexandra Kogut Murder: N.Y. man admits he snapped, beat girlfriend with curling iron, police say
63 Zumba Prostitution Scandal: Ex-mayor among list of men who allegedly paid fitness instructor for sex
64 Restaurateur Joshua Woodward charged with attempted murder, allegedly used drug to try to cause abortion
65 48 Hours Preview: Felicia Tang's suspicious death, after career as actress, car model
66 Inside CDC's efforts to stop meningitis outbreak
67 Oral strips may allow people to consume hot food without caution
68 Ireland's first abortion clinic opens to protests
69 Weight-loss surgery may lead to a healthier heart
70 NASA Curiosity rover swallows first mouthful of Mars dirt
71 Yum! Curiosity rover eats Mars dirt, finds odd bright stuff
72 More Wolverine frogs! Japanese species uses bony thumb-spikes to fight and hold onto mates
74 Extreme Global Warming May Have Caused Largest Extinction Ever
75 US businessman defends controversial geoengineering experiment
76 A Rogue Climate Experiment Outrages Scientists
77 Rogue geoengineer's ocean field test condemned
78 When galaxies strip for each other
79 Stanford R. Ovshinsky Dies at 89, a Self-Taught Maverick in Electronics
80 Earth-like planet discovered just outside Milky Way [sic]*
81 Search for alien life about to step up a gear
82 Americans increasingly believe in global warming, Yale report says
83 Refining Carbon Dating
84 Muddy lake bed holds radiocarbon 'Rosetta stone'
85 Rare Octopus on Display at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro
86 Tropical octopus caught off coast of Los Angeles
87 Study: Germs Trump 'Five Second Rule'
88 The orangutan 'refugees' of North Sumatra
89 Sumatran Orangutan Rescued in Western Indonesia
90 Keck observations reveal complex face of Uranus
91 Ancient 16m-yr-old beastie caught riding on much bigger flying mount
92 Scientists hope to find life decoding Martian DNA
93 Giant "Daddy Longlegs" Discovered in Laos
94 Strong 2012 Nesting Season For Florida Loggerhead Turtles
95 FDA orders precautionary recall for all products produced by drug compounding company
96 Meningitis Outbreak Puts State Regulations Under Microscope
97 Compounding pharmacies need FDA oversight
98 FDA finds fungus in steroid shots, meningitis toll rises
99 Meningitis suit seeks freeze of pharmacy owners' assets
100 Democrats Use Health Law to Assail Republicans
101 The Better Solution for 'Pre-Existing Conditions'
102 Boy banned from school for carrying cystic fibrosis gene
103 Colman Chadam, California Boy, Ordered To Transfer Schools For Carrying Cystic Fibrosis Gene
104 Researchers debunk cranberry juice myth
105 Cranberry Juice No Good for Bladder Infections
106 Cranberry juice 'not effective' against cystitis
107 Aegerion Shares Rise on Report of High Cholesterol Drug
108 Cholesterol Drugs Get OK From FDA Panel
109 Flavonoids Inversely Tied to Aggressive Prostate Cancer
110 Green Tea and Cancer Prevention: New Clues
111 Could Green Tea Help Fight Prostate Cancer?
112 Kids at Risk for Soap 'Pod' Poisoning
113 More Clues About Hazards From Laundry Detergent Pods
114 So how much does a flu shot help?
115 Japan Nobel laureate gets washing machine as gift
116 Brazilian man suffers from rare condition that makes his scalp look like the surface of his brain
117 FDA extends review of Biogen's multiple sclerosis drug
118 Africa: Urgent Calls to Combat Drug Resistant TB
119 TB Immune to Drugs Proves Hard to Detect