File Title
1 Cull 'not good deal' for taxpayer, says UK expert
2 Moon formation: New spins put on old questions
3 Madagascar palm trees at risk of extinction, study finds
4 UK fined over EU water violation
5 Bird of prey poisonings highlighted by MPs
6 EU acts against harm from biofuel crops
7 Scot shoots first fictional feature in Antarctica
8 Measuring bioenergy crops' carbon footprint credentials
9 Museum of London showcases 'bodysnatchers'
10 Colombia and Farc negotiators launch Norway peace talks
11 Huawei--leaked report shows no evidence of spying
12 Newsweek magazine ends print edition to go online-only
13 Twitter blocks neo-Nazi account to users in Germany
14 Turkey tries pianist Fazil Say for insulting Islam
15 The rise of passive-aggressive wi-fi names
16 Big Bird and binders: Election memes explained
17 The slow spread of Vegemite
18 Sylvia Kristel, star of Emmanuelle, dies
19 Apple loses UK tablet design appeal versus Samsung
20 Author fury at blackface casting at German theatre
21 Uruguay legalises abortion
22 Japanese ministers visit Yasukuni Shrine
23 Syria crisis: 28,000 disappeared, say rights groups
24 HTC and Sharp unveil devices with next-generation screens
25 Uganda police chief urges increased social media policing
26 Cybercrime-fighters seek 'generation Xbox' for spy jobs
27 Nokia shares rise despite losses
28 Group discount websites warned over rise in complaints
29 Wearable tech pioneers aim to track and augment our lives
30 Vitamins may reduce cancer risk in men, study finds
31 Obesity surgery 'seen as quick fix'
32 Conjoined twins Rosie and Ruby Formosa separated
33 Marie Stopes: Call for investigation into Belfast abortion clinic
34 Suspect's father says New York bomb plot charge 'false'
35 Saudi Arabia plans female religious police
36 Viewpoint: Will corruption kill off Kenya's Vision 2030 plans?
37 Curiosity rover digs up shiny particles on Mars
38 AOL gives email a makeover with Alto
39 Archaeologists plan new dig at Troy
40 Turkish pianist Fazil Say on trial for insulting Islam
41 Dolphins can stay awake for two weeks straight
42 Why spiders have so many eyes
43 Twitter shuts out German neo-Nazi group's account
44 Reddit, Gawker clash raises questions over inappropriate content and privacy
45 Study: Number of smartphone users tops 1 billion
46 Aereo, TV over Internet service, expands to PCs
47 Study finds proof of moon's violent birth in zinc
48 Jackie Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie's wife, dies at 68
49 Family of alleged Federal Reserve bomb plotter Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis shocked at allegations
50 Suspect arrested for Fed Reserve Bank attack plot
51 Polls give more good news to Romney
52 Alleged Federal Reserve bomb plotter Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis' ties probed
53 Conservatives assail debate moderator Candy Crowley
54 U.S. meningitis outbreak claims four more lives
55 Cranberries may not be effective against UTIs
56 FDA accuses Avon, Lancome, other cosmetic companies of making ad claims that go too far
57 WHO: Tuberculosis rates down, but drug-resistant strains worrisome
58 Face transplant recipient impresses doctors seven months after surgery
59 Why Americans' lower cholesterol isn't all good news
60 Behind the cloud: A tour of Google's secretive data facilities
61 Obama willing to fight on "fiscal cliff"
62 Chris Stevens' mother speaks out on death in Libya
63 Ted Turner on CNN today: Would like to see a "little less fluff"
64 Reprogrammed Amniotic Fluid Cells Could Treat Vascular Diseases
65 Dinosaur-Era Acoustics: Global Warming May Give Oceans the 'Sound' of the Cretaceous
66 Avoiding Future Stock Market Crashes: 'Diversification Effect' That Protects Portfolio of Shares Disappears During General Slump
67 Mayfly With Springtail Hitchhiker: Amber Specimen--16 Million Years Old--Reveals Unknown Animal Behaviors
68 Giant Impact Scenario May Explain the Unusual Moons of Saturn
69 Keck Observations Bring Weather of Uranus Into Sharp Focus
70 Why Are U.S. Eastern Seaboard Salt Marshes Falling Apart?
71 New Model Reconciles the Moon's Earth-Like Composition With the Giant Impact Theory of Formation
72 Evolutionary Origins of Our Pretty Smile
73 Moon Was Created in Giant Smashup; Vaporization of Impactor Left Signature in Tiny Excess of Heavier Form of Zinc
74 Multivitamin Use Among Middle-Aged, Older Men Results in Modest Reduction in Cancer, Study Finds
75 Extreme 'Housework' Cuts the Life Span of Female Komodo Dragons
76 Device to Help Stutterers: Interdisciplinary Team Developing Prosthetic as Part of a Complete Treatment Program
77 Developed a Technology That Predicts Metastasis in Breast Cancer
78 Mutation That Causes Skin Hyperproliferation Identified
79 Value of Combined Approach to Quitting Smoking Confirmed
80 Breast-Feeding Reduced Risk for ER/PR-Negative Breast Cancer, Results Find
81 Helmet-To-Helmet Collisions: Scientists Model How Vibrations from Football Hits Wobble the Brain
82 World's Largest Subwoofer: Earthquakes 'Pump' Ground to Produce Infrasound
83 Taking the Bite out of Baseball Bats
84 New Class of Power Inverter Could Mean Cheaper, Faster Hybrid Vehicles
85 Study Confirms Magnetic Properties of Silicon Nano-Ribbons
86 Fishery Collapse Near Venezuela Linked to Climate Change
87 Super Rats Are Immune to Conventional Poisons, UK Experts Find
88 Dolphins Can Remain Alert for Up to 15 Days at a Time With No Sign of Fatigue
89 Crows Don't Digest Prions, May Transport Them to Other Locations
90 Corals and Food Security: Study Shows Nations at Risk
91 Compound's Dual Action Inhibited Oral Cancer, Rat Study Finds
92 New Target for Treating Diabetic Kidney Disease, the Leading Cause of Kidney Failure
93 Viruses Act Like 'Self-Packing Suitcases'
94 Short Booms Still Annoying: How Mid-Level Noise Bursts Affect Concentration of Arithmetic-Solving Test Subjects
95 Association Between Rare Neuromuscular Disorder and Loss of Smell Identified
96 Indonesia's "Frankentrees" turn cocoa dream into nightmare
97 Barley genome breakthrough may lead to better beer
98 Sponging dolphins pass fishing trick from mother to daughter: study
99 N/A
100 Hay Fever, Asthma Combination Linked to Lower Risk for Death from Colorectal Cancer, Study Finds
101 Aggressive Nature of Meningitis Cases Calls for Heightened Awareness Among Clinicians
102 Physical Activity Shown to Help Young and Elderly Alike With Lower-Leg Coordination
103 Daily Sedation Interruption for Critically Ill Patients Does Not Improve Outcomes
104 Adhering to Lifestyle Guidelines Reduced Mortality in Elderly Female Cancer Survivors
105 For Collegians With Disabilities, Success Linked to Mentoring, Self-Advocacy
106 Male Politicians Have 'Bigger Heads' in More Gender-Equal Cultures
107 Use of Anti-Psychotic Drugs by People With Dementia 'Under Reported'
108 Study Evaluates Treating Mothers With ADHD to Improve Outcomes in Kids
109 Even Professional Scientists Are Compelled to See Purpose in Nature, Psychologists Find
110 Self-Confidence the Secret to Workplace Advancement
111 It's About Time: Research Tracks How Campaign Information Plays, Stays in Voters' Minds
112 Scariest Place This Halloween? The Emergency Room
113 Beyond Bieber: Twitter Improves Student Learning
114 Are Young People Who Join Social Media Protests More Likely to Protest Offline Too?
115 European-Wide Network for Systematic GMO Impact Assessment
116 Choosing the Right Mango for the Right Product
117 Overpasses to Provide Safe Passage for Thousands of Deer and Antelope
118 This Is Your Brain On Food: Studies Reveal How Diet Affects Brain Functions
119 Extinction from Global Warming: Changing Interactions Between Species May Be More Dangerous Than High Temperatures Alone
120 Could a Hurricane Ever Strike Southern California?
121 Steps in the Right Direction for Conservation
122 Doing Nothing Might Be Best Management Decision for Forests Destroyed by Wind or Ice
123 Too Late to Stop Global Warming by Cutting Emissions? Scientists Argue for Adaption Policies
124 Shark Social Networking: Shark Migrations Studied With Underwater Robot Along Delmarva Peninsula
125 When Leaving Your Wealth to Your Sister's Sons Makes Sense
126 Scientists Identify Likely Origins of Vertebrate Air Breathing
127 Genetic Protection Against Arsenic
128 Ice Age Polarity Reversal Was Global Event: Extremely Brief Reversal of Geomagnetic Field, Climate Variability, and Super Volcano
129 Evolution Mostly Driven by Brawn, Not Brains, Analysis Finds
130 Space Launch System Umbilical Arm Ready for Testing
131 What's Baking On Saturn's Moon Titan?
132 Space Station Investigation to Test Fresh Food Experience
133 Planet Found in Nearest Star System to Earth: HARPS Instrument Finds Earth-Mass Exoplanet Orbiting Alpha Centauri B
134 Pluto's Moons and Possible Rings May Be Hazards: New Horizons and the Gauntlet It May Encounter in 2015
135 NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement Observatory Completes First Dry Run
136 Supersonic Model Points to Fast Future
137 Cosmic Rays Could Assist in Healing Fukushima's Nuclear Scar
138 New Technique for Sorting Live Cells May Expedite Biomedical Research
139 Military Safety Is Blowing in the Wind
140 Space Launch System Providing Engine 'Brains' With an Upgrade
141 'Internet of Things' Will Transform Our Everyday Life, Experts Say
142 Doctors Who Go Digital Provide Higher Quality Healthcare: Study Says Electronic Health Records Help Physicians Provide Better Care
143 Scientists to Research Robots of the Future
144 Tree of Life Branches out Online