File Title
1 Earth-sized world found next door
2 Survival reflex sparks gender bias
3 Earth climate models confirmed on Mars
4 Exoplanet around Alpha Centauri is nearest-ever
5 Tuberculosis effort in real danger--WHO
6 Energy companies will be forced to offer lowest tariffs, says Cameron
7 Flying ant day 'a summer myth,' scientists say
8 Pluto moons may pose threat to NASA spacecraft
9 Three quarters of rats in parts of West 'resistant to poison'
10 Cosmic coincidence on the road to Glenelg
11 Viewpoint: The last great polar challenge
12 How easy is it to diagnose death?
13 Living in: Key West, Florida
14 Obama hits back in fiery second debate with Romney
15 Lance Armstrong dropped by Nike over doping evidence
16 Czech man with no heart dies after six months
17 Fresh signs of recovery in US housing
18 US troops held over Okinawa alleged rape
19 30 of your Britishisms used by Americans
20 Why Russia's Orthodox Church is teaching teenagers Parkour
21 Viewpoint: Fear and loneliness in China
22 Skipping breakfast primes the brain to seek out fat
23 Russia classifies beer as alcoholic
24 Reddit will not ban 'distasteful' content, chief executive says
25 Police use Taser on blind man after stick mistaken for sword
26 Fact-checking the second presidential debate
27 Nissan steer-by-wire cars set for showrooms by 2013
28 Is language unique to humans?
29 Australia PM Julia Gillard prompts 'misogyny' definition update
30 The Pirate Bay moves to the cloud to avoid shutdown
31 Computer viruses and malware 'rampant' in medical tech, experts warn
32 Foxconn admits employing under-age interns
33 Intel sales and profits fall in third quarter
34 Greater Manchester Police fined over stolen data stick
35 Apple invitation hints at iPad mini launch
36 All right gov? Can government do the web?
37 Obama v. Romney: Pundits' views
38 Sweden issues alert over dyed pork sold as beef
39 Massachusetts firm linked to US meningitis outbreak searched
40 General health check-ups 'offer no benefit'
41 EU health commissioner John Dalli quits over fraud inquiry
42 Malala Yousafzai: Pakistan girl 'strong'--doctors
43 Fact-checking the second presidential debate
44 Poll: Obama edges Romney in second debate
45 Charity president: Paul Ryan "did nothing" at soup kitchen photo-op
46 Binders full of women: The "Big Bird" of the second presidential debate
47 Flamin' Hot Cheetos under fire from schools
48 Alpha Centauri's Earth-like planet by the numbers
49 Ancient "Predator X" sea monster gets official name
50 Planet discovery raises prospect of alien worlds
51 Google launches website that reveals secretive data centers
52 LinkedIn launches redesign
53 European regulators ask Google to change privacy policy
54 Pluto's moons pose risk for NASA spacecraft
55 Bank of America target of $400,000 online heist
56 NASA's Cassini probe at Saturn celebrates 15 years in space
57 Is the iPad Mini coming? Apple sends invitation for Oct. 23 event
58 Daily multivitamin may curb cancer risk in older men
59 After 15 dead, feds search Mass. firm in meningitis case
60 233 now infected in growing meningitis outbreak
61 Federal court considers marijuana classification
62 Norovirus outbreak at Calif. school keeps hundreds home
63 Evolution's Bite: Ancient Armored Fish Was Toothy, Too
64 Drop, Cover and Hold On: First Earthquake Drill Held in Southeast US
65 Fossil Dealer in Disputed Dinosaur Case Arrested
66 Who Is Most Stolen Artist of All Time?
67 Alpha Centauri Planet Truly Alien to Many Earthlings
68 Animal Overpasses Let Pronghorn Cross US Highways
69 Ancient 'Predator X' Sea Monster Gets Official Name
70 Debate Brings 'Primate' Confrontations, But Controlled Body Language
71 Innate Bias Makes Women Look Like Men
72 Discovery! Earth-Size Alien Planet at Alpha Centauri Is Closest Ever Seen
73 Reference: Chupacabra: Facts about the Mysterious Vampire Beast
74 Good News on Cholesterol: Average Levels Drop in US Adults
75 Online Sleuthing Casts Doubt on 'Gospel of Jesus' Wife'
76 Giant Strand of Elusive Dark Matter Seen in 3D
77 Alcoholism Twice as Deadly for Women as for Men
78 What Presidential Debates Say About Our Culture
79 Bouncing Baby L'Hoest's Monkey Born at Edinburgh Zoo
80 Alcoholics' Brains Recover Quickly After Detox
81 Addiction Drug Could Curb Binge Eating
82 Illegal Iron Dumping Spawns Huge Algal Bloom Seen from Space
83 Do Americans Have Cleaner Hands than Brits?
84 Reference: Easter Island (Rapa Nui) & Moai Statues
85 New Programming Language Makes Coding Social Apps Easier
86 Dear Everyone Teaching Programming: You're Doing It Wrong
87 Pulsars: Gravitational Wave Detectors on the Cheap
88 Squeeze Your Phone, and Send a Loved One a Hug
89 Ever Wondered What a Live Botnet Looks Like?
90 Solyndra Files Suit Against Chinese Solar "Cartel"
91 Can Xbox Music Outdo Spotify?
92 How to Double the Power of Solar Panels
93 Walmart's New High-Tech Labs: You're Not in Arkansas Anymore
94 How To Make Droplets Levitate on Water
95 The Crisis in Higher Education
96 Drunk-spotting With an Infrared Camera
97 An Operating System for the Cyber War Era
98 How a Vision Prosthetic Could Bypass the Visual System
99 Is the Surface Tablet Too Pricey?
100 Bottles, Bubbles And Breakages
101 Presidential Candidates Clash Over Energy, Not Climate
102 Is Your Dishwasher Really Yearning for the Internet?
103 A123 Systems Files for Bankruptcy
104 What Happened to A123?
105 Consumers Voting for Plug-in Hybrids Over EVs
106 Carmakers Find Ways to Make Cheaper Hybrids
107 Too Many Battery Factories, Too Few Electric Cars
108 Hydrogen Cars: A Dream That Won't Die
109 Preparing for Cyber War, Without a Map
110 Online Advertising Poised to Finally Surpass
111 Computer Viruses Are "Rampant" on Medical Devices in Hospitals
112 Keeping Pacemakers Safe from Hackers
113 Personal Security
114 A Smarter, Stealthier Botnet
115 Worldwide Cyber Espionage Revealed
116 A Pacemaker the Size of a Tic Tac