File Title
1 Early galaxies full of cosmic dust
2 Smoking in cars passes pollution threshold
3 Why 72 is the new 30
4 South Africa rhino poaching: More killed than ever
5 Panda conservation is not 'greenwash'
6 Planet with four suns discovered by volunteers
7 Creativity 'closely entwined with mental illness'
8 Spain Prestige oil spill disaster case in court
9 Smoking in the car 'breaks toxic limit'
10 Secret World wildlife charity to hold anti-badger cull walk
11 Big Bang and religion mixed in CERN debate
12 Electric pants aim to stop bedsores
13 'Black widow' scare closes Wattisham air base buildings
14 Greenwire 6bn pounds plan to import Irish wind power
15 Viewpoints: The badger cull
16 Food fraud tackled by forensic scientists
17 Reasons why India's biodiversity is at risk
18 Ada Lovelace Day: Women celebrate female scientists
19 Radovan Karadzic denies Bosnia war crimes
20 Citigroup boss Vikram Pandit resigns
21 Attorney general vetoes Prince Charles letters publication
22 Google told to fix privacy policy by EU data regulators
23 Big Tobacco lawyers target food industry
24 Cubans remember missile crisis 'victory'
25 Doctors and nurses forced to pick cotton
26 Cuba to end exit permits for foreign travel
27 Hillary Clinton takes responsibility for Libya US deaths
28 Gary McKinnon extradition to US blocked by Theresa May
29 South African rapper 'Jub Jub' guilty of murder
30 Monet and Picasso among works stolen from Dutch museum
31 Can stress turn your hair grey overnight?
32 Bin Laden driver Salim Hamdan wins US court appeal
33 Furby, aliens and jigsaws: Top toys get techy for Christmas
34 Amanda Todd: Memorial for teenage cyber bullying victim
35 Halo 4 Xbox pirates targeted by Microsoft
36 Millions of blogs knocked offline by legal row
37 China cracks down on web criminals
38 Yahoo hires Google's Henrique de Castro with $58m pay package
39 Thailand to auction 3G mobile network
40 Charity president: Paul Ryan "did nothing" at soup kitchen photo-op
41 Zumba Prostitution Scandal: Maine town reacts after suspected client list released
42 See what Felix Baumgartner saw during his jump
43 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton takes "responsibility" for Benghazi attack
44 21 men named in alleged Maine fitness studio prostitution ring
45 Is the iPad Mini coming? Apple sends invitation for Oct. 23 event
46 Microsoft tablet Surface to start at $499
47 Foxconn reports underage interns at Yantai factory
48 Imperiled orangutans need key forest corridor
49 More accurate next-generation GPS III coming soon
50 New "MiniFlame" malware targets individuals for attack
51 World's largest meteorite auction comes to NYC
52 Florida woman says officers knocked out teeth, left her topless after arrest
53 Top 10 Ways to Get Away With Rape list found in Ohio college dorm
54 Prosecutors say Kelly Soo Park stalked murder victim Juliana Redding as part of an alleged shake-down
55 My mom drank 3 bottles of wine before crash, boy, 11, tells Fla. cops
56 Elizabeth Escalona, Texas mom who glued toddler's hands to wall after brutal beating, sentenced to 99 years in prison
57 Celebrities blast Romney on women's health
58 Clinton on Benghazi: We all had the same intel
59 Bizarre twist in banker's suit against LAPD
60 J.K. Rowling on the "private world in my head"
61 Fearless Felix quiets doubters, goes supersonic
62 Two more drugs from meningitis-linked firm probed
63 Inside the New England Compounding Center
64 Boys with ADHD may face tougher times as men
65 E. coli at North Carolina fair sickens 37
66 Bra aims to detect breast cancer before mammogram
67 Mother's kiss may help dislodge objects stuck up kids' noses
68 27 extra minutes of sleep may make kids better behaved
69 Study: Privatized Medicare would cost patients more
70 Age may be on Malala's side in gunshot recovery
71 Bunker Explosion Lights Up Louisiana Night
72 Unhappy at Work? Blame Your Boss
73 How Singer Sarah Brightman Could Change the Face of Private Space Travel
74 Is Obesity a Heavy Drag on Fuel Economy?
75 Near-Hurricane Winds Montana to Missouri Midweek
76 Reference: Triceratops: Facts about the Three-horned Dinosaur
77 How Sleep Deprivation Affects Fat Cells
78 Expedition Aims to Map Deep Magma-Plume
79 Speedy Bubble Growth Triggers Violent Volcanic Eruptions
80 Weird Job Interview Questions That May Not Be Legal
81 Did Global Warming Really Stop in 1997?
82 Imperiled Orangutans Need Key Forest Corridor
83 Human Cadaver Brains May Provide New Stem Cells
84 Bigfoot Research Gets Lift from Stealth Airship
85 Archaeologists Plan New Dig at Troy
86 Most Alien Solar Systems Are 'Flatter Than Pancakes'
87 Tiniest Alien Solar System Discovered: 5 Packed Planets
88 Beautiful People Favor Conformity
89 Childhood ADHD May Limit Adult Achievements
90 3 Hours of Daily Exercise Suggested for Kids Under 6
91 Ancient Egypt City Aligned With Sun on King's Birthday
92 Moon Water Mystery: Scientists Point to Solar Wind as Origin
93 Psychic Devastates Dead Student's Family
94 Gulf Stream Diverted More Than 100 Miles North in 2011
95 2 New Drugs Tied to Fungal Meningitis Outbreak
96 Beautiful Butterfly Wings Hold Sea Snail's Toxin
97 Human Life Span Took Huge Jump in Past Century
98 Body Found in Search for Richard III Almost Destroyed in 1800s
99 How Hawaii's Shifting Trade Winds Could Affect Rainfall
100 Fishing for Complements: Zebrafish as a Model Organism
101 Sex & Prostate Cancer: Why Men May Feel a Loss of Manhood
102 How Books at Home May Affect Child's Brain Later
103 Gene-Tweaked Mice Tailored to Sniff Out TNT
104 Ancient Kite Tradition Measures Modern Air Pollution in China
105 Top 25 Most Endangered Primate Species Revealed
106 Mystery of Giant Eyeball on Beach Solved
107 Cell-signalling work nets chemistry Nobel
108 Stress and the city: Urban decay
109 Thyroid is latest success in regenerative medicine
110 Stress: The roots of resilience
111 Picking an ancient brain
112 Stress and the brain: Under pressure
113 The mysterious case of the missing noble gas
114 Global biodiversity priced at $76 billion
115 Rejection improves eventual impact of manuscripts
116 Cancer institute tackles sloppy data
117 Megacities pose serious health challenge
118 Stem-cell transplant claims debunked
119 Stem-cell fraud hits febrile field
120 US environment agency fights back over mountaintop mining
121 Drug firm to share raw trial data
122 Badger battle erupts in England
123 A Nobel for the art of matchmaking