File Title
1 Moon's water may have come from the Sun
2 Austrian skydiver breaks sound barrier
3 Cherries a day may keep gout away
4 Skydiver Felix Baumgartner breaks sound barrier
5 Before Baumgartner: Five daredevils who helped science
6 Size matters for 'sex cheat' frogs
7 Shuttle Endeavour finally completes Los Angeles journey
8 Great Storm: The healing power of nature
9 Can we be sure the world's population will stop rising?
10 Nobel Prize: Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley win economics award
11 Malala Yousafzai: Taliban shooting victim flown to UK
12 Skydiver Baumgartner sets YouTube live view record
13 Syria conflict: Brahimi seeks Iran help to secure truce
14 Australia's first child sex offender register published
15 Eight ways China is changing your world
16 Michaela DePrince: The war orphan who became a ballerina
17 Sitting for long periods 'is bad for your health'
18 Cambodia former king Norodom Sihanouk dies aged 89
19 Indonesia plane lands at Tabing not Padang
20 Saudis Arabia 'insulted' by UK inquiry
21 Election silence over Trayvon Martin and America's guns
22 Gurkha veteran in Maidstone attack 'unaware of five-inch blade'
23 Mojave Space Port: The 'Silicon Valley' of space
24 What motivates philanthropists?
25 Mo Ibrahim prize for African leadership: No winner
26 Children in care data found on public PC in New Zealand
27 Amazon to refund e-book customers following price fix settlement
28 Xbox Music launches to replace Zune
29 Electronic Arts free game code goes viral on Reddit
30 Lulzsec hacker pleads guilty over Sony attack
31 Crowd-sourcing a cure for cancer through the internet
32 Dundee University uncover gene behind skin disease
33 'I've missed a year of school with ADHD'
34 Handwashing: Why are the British so bad at washing their hands?
35 Arthritis can affect toddlers too, says mother of two-year-old Blaze
36 Hair straighteners: Belfast hospital warns of children's injuries
37 Enjoyment of life 'key to living longer'
38 Skydiver successfully jumps from the edge of space
39 Probe finds Saturn's moon has soft, crusty surface
40 After slow final voyage, Endeavour at new home
41 Endeavour's final journey through L.A. hits snags
42 Xbox Music to offer on-demand music free on Windows 8 tablets
43 How to turn off ad tracking on Apple iPhones
44 Was young Airman's death a tragic accident or murder?
45 Pakistani girl shot by Taliban being taken to U.K.
46 14 states now reporting meningitis cases
47 Amb. Stevens' father wants politics out of his son's death
48 Benghazi becoming political cudgel for GOP
49 Community leaders worried about Florida's new race-based education goals
50 HPV vaccine won't make girls promiscuous, study finds
51 Significant wheat production potential in 8 African nations-climate, soil and economic data analysis
52 Swimming with hormones: Researchers unravel ancient urges that drive the social decisions of fish
53 Looks like turtle weed, but it's not
54 New fossils suggest ancient origins of modern-day deep-sea animals
55 Halving the food losses would feed an additional billion people
56 Study shows small fish can play a big role in the coastal carbon cycle
57 Grape consumption associated with healthier dietary patterns
58 Palm Oil Massive Source of Carbon Dioxide
59 Unusual genetic structure confers major disease resistance trait in soybean
60 Techniques used to infer pathways of protein evolution found unreliable
61 How food marketers can help consumers eat better while improving their bottom line
62 Freshwater Flows Into the Arctic and Southern Oceans Appear to Determine the Composition of Microbial Populations
63 Scientists Use New Method to Help Reduce Piglet Mortality
64 Fisheries benefit from 400-year-old tradition
65 GMES for Europe
66 Research shows legume trees can fertilize and stabilize maize fields, generate higher yields
67 Too much of a good thing can be bad for corals
68 U-M, other universities launch Great Lakes protection project
69 CSIC researchers find the exact spot where Julius Caesar was stabbed
70 Glaciers cracking in the presence of carbon dioxide
71 Sitting on top of the world
72 Auroras over North America
73 Nearby super-Earth likely a diamond planet
74 Earth sunblock only needed if planet warms easily
75 Documented decrease in frequency of Hawaii's northeast trade winds
76 Exposure to traffic air pollution in infancy impairs lung function in children
77 Traditional courtyards: an example of eco-efficiency for architects
78 Exposure to 'Prestige' fuel causes short-term damage to rat DNA
79 Antibiotic contamination a threat to humans and the environment
80 University of Tennessee collaborates in study: Dire drought ahead, may lead to massive tree death
81 Scientists discover that shape matters in DNA nanoparticle therapy
82 Scientists identify mammal model of bladder regeneration
83 Report--illegal hunting and trade of wildlife in savanna Africa may cause conservation crisis
84 Early-Earth cells modeled to show how first life forms might have packaged RNA
85 An immunosuppressive drug could delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases
86 Adding up autism risks
87 Researchers present new targets for treating depression at Neuroscience Annual Meeting
88 Relapse or recovery? Neuroimaging predicts course of substance addiction treatment
89 Study sheds light on role of exercise and androgens such as testosterone on nerve damage repair
90 Urgent need for tuberculosis vaccines; experts report progress, obstacles in growing drug resistance
91 Cell growth protein Ras forms a 'pair' on the cell membrane
92 Of mice and men
93 Replicating risk genes in bipolar disorder
94 Aggregation of proteins in cells may result in diseases
95 Protein could be key for drugs that promote bone growth
96 Space station and space flight gravity influence immune system development
97 Suicide Attempts by Poisoning Found to be Less Likely Around Major Holidays
98 Human neural stem cells study offers new hope for children with fatal brain diseases
99 First WGS of multiple pancreatic cancer patients outlined in study by TGen, Mayo and SHC
100 Study: Parenting More Important Than Schools to Academic Achievement
101 Are liberal arts colleges disappearing?
102 Mine your business: Text mining insights from social media
103 Analysis finds likely voters rank health care second most important issue in presidential choice
104 Voting in national elections causes stress and emotional arousal according to Ben-Gurion University study
105 Brain scans can predict children's reading ability, Stanford researchers say
106 Women use emoticons more than men in text messaging :-)
107 New web-based model for sharing research datasets could have huge benefits
108 The Marshmallow Study revisited
109 India's public school students on par with private students
110 New report shows educated young adults moving to Pittsburgh region in pursuit of job opportunities
111 Poor parents not encouraging high school completion: Study
112 Report reveals key concerns of UK's aging society
113 IU Kelley School study: CEO and chair roles shouldn't be split unless completely necessary
114 'Treasure trove' of film records unlocks history of British Cinema
115 Fearful flyers willing to pay more and alter flight plans, according to travel study
116 Target for obesity drugs comes into focus
117 Research gives new insight into celiac disease
118 When galaxies eat galaxies
119 Antibiotic resistance a growing concern with urinary tract infection
120 Mug handles could help hot plasma give lower-cost, controllable fusion energy
121 Tying our fate to molecular markings
122 New weapons detail reveals true depth of Cuban Missile Crisis
123 'Invisibility' could be a key to better electronics
124 Study of research manuscript submissions shows initial rejection may lead to higher impact
125 Blood cells may offer telltale clues in cancer diagnosis
126 X-ray Satellites Monitor the Clashing Winds of a Colossal Binary
127 Making a layer cake with atomic precision
128 Applied physics as art
129 New Techniques Stretch Carbon Nanotubes, Make Stronger Composites
130 Another Advance on the Road to Spintronics
131 UNH scientists provide window on space radiation hazards
132 Science: Quantum Oscillator Responds to Pressure
133 Bacterial protein in house dust spurs asthma according to NIH study
134 Penn Researchers Find New Way to Mimic the Color and Texture of Butterfly Wings
135 A new cave-dwelling reef coral discovered in the Indo-Pacific
136 Queen's develops new environmentally friendly MOF production method
137 Research findings in solar cells will have an impact on solar panel industry
138 Researchers Create 'Nanoflowers' for Energy Storage, Solar Cells
139 Organic solar cells with high electric potential for portable electronics
140 Developmental biologist proposes new theory of early animal evolution
141 Fly genomes show natural selection and return to Africa
142 Scientists identify trigger for explosive volcanic eruptions
143 Nasty noises: Why do we recoil at unpleasant sounds?
144 Computers less helpful on college drinking
145 School-wide interventions improve student behavior
146 Study shows fit elderly patients should be considered for therapy
147 You are feeling sleepy...
148 Making crowdsourcing more reliable
149 England World Cup wins and losses linked to 30% rise in domestic violence
150 Terrorism Risk Greatest for Subway/Rail Commuters, Says MIT Paper at INFORMS Conference
151 Bicycle helmets prevent fatal head injuries
152 'Mother's kiss' safe and effective for removing foreign objects from children's noses
153 New approaches in the treatment of alcohol dependence
154 Mystery of nematode pest-resistant soybeans cracked by MU scientists
155 LA BioMed's Dr. Virender Rehan studies maternal nicotine's effects on unborn children and asthma
156 Soccer scores a health hat trick for hypertensive men
157 DNA method can provide more effective treatment of childhood cancer
158 New merciful treatment method for children with brain tumors
159 NIH-funded study to test pneumococcal vaccine in older adults
160 23andMe Compares Family History and Genetic Tests for Predicting Complex Disease Risk
161 New research reveals more about how the brain processes facial expressions and emotions
162 Study shows revisions in MPM staging system might be needed in future
163 Medication Beliefs Strongly Affect Individuals' Management of Chronic Diseases, MU Expert Says
164 Social contact can ease pain related to nerve damage, animal study suggests
165 HPV vaccination does not lead to an increase in sex
166 A tactile glove provides subtle guidance to objects in the vicinity
167 Light might prompt graphene devices on demand
168 Cold cases heat up through Lawrence Livermore approach to identifying remains
169 SFU study challenges assumptions on wartime sexual violence
170 New report examines potential impact of changes in Texas' Women's Health Program
171 Focus on space debris: Envisat
172 Notre Dame researcher helps make Sudoku puzzles less puzzling
173 Veterans are at higher risk of alcohol abuse relapse due to smoking
174 Climate negotiations relying on 'dangerous' thresholds to avoid catastrophe will not succeed
175 The Romans used Greek myths in their mosaics as symbols of civilization.
176 The tomboy in manga for teens: Kaleidoscopic bodily styles
177 The voices in older literature speak differently today
178 Programs for treating addiction in doctors pose ethical issues
179 WSU researchers find the missing link between mental health disorders and chronic diseases in Iraq war refugees
180 No fear: Why teens are likelier to take gambles
181 Higher-dose use of certain statins often best for cholesterol issues
182 One foot from the grave!
183 Companies should use caution when using unpopular puzzle interviews
184 Surprising spiral structure spotted by ALMA
185 NGC 6543: A Planetary Nebula Gallery
186 Sweeping X-ray Imaging Survey of Dying Stars is 'Uncharted Territory'
187 Meteorite delivers Martian secrets to University of Alberta researcher
188 Weizmann Institute Scientists observe quantum effects in cold chemistry
189 Bouncing on Titan
190 Solar wind particles likely source of water locked inside lunar soils
191 University of Tennessee study confirms solar wind as source for moon water
192 A complex logic circuit made from bacterial genes
193 UW-Madison archaeologists to mount new expedition to Troy
194 Penn Researchers Find New Way to Prevent Cracking in Nanoparticle Films
195 Strengthening a billion-dollar gene in soybeans