File Title
1 Felix Baumgartner's world skydive record attempt under way
2 Space shuttle Endeavour rolls through Los Angeles
3 Galileo: Europe's version of GPS reaches key phase
4 Turkey bans all Syrian flights over its territory
5 Brazil drugs raids: Police surge into north Rio slums
6 Mauritania head Abdelaziz flies to France after shooting
7 Kafka papers battle decided in Israel's favour
8 Meeting a rebel commander in Aleppo
9 A Point Of View: Making sense of China
10 Cuban missile crisis: The other, secret one
11 Cruiser collides with nuclear sub off US East Coast
12 James Bond: Skyfall wins praise from critics
13 Mongolia capital Ulan-Bator removes Lenin statue
14 Mombasa: One Square Mile of Kenya
15 Five marines charged with murder after Afghanistan 'incident'
16 Endeavour crawls through L.A. on slow roll to final home
17 Spiral Shell Sheds Light on Red Giant Star's Recent Convulsive History
18 New telescope array reveals death spiral of old star
19 Violent Volcanic Eruptions Caused By Mixing Of Hot And Cold Magma
20 Researchers: We know what triggers violent volcanic explosions
21 Swordfish or giant squid? Mysterious eyeball continues to puzzle scientists
22 SpaceX rocket loses engine during trip to ISS
23 NASA's Curiosity rover discovers rock with Earth-like chemistry
24 Strange 'cloak of invisibility' invented by MIT could lead to new era of electronics
25 Study: Free birth control reduces rate of abortion
26 'Ironman' suit could help paraplegics walk
27 X1 Robotic Exoskeleton Helps Astronauts Exercise and Could Benefit Paraplegics on Earth
28 Giant eyeball found on Pompano Beach
29 Chinese scientist says fossils show prehistoric man ate--much smaller--pandas
30 Newly Discovered Super Earth is a Really a Diamond in the Sky
31 A diamond bigger than Earth?
32 Mars Rock Touched by NASA Curiosity has Surprises
33 Mars rover comes across a rock that's a true curiosity
34 Cracking the Quantum Safe
35 Quantum Computing Wins a Nobel
36 An unusually pristine piece of Mars
37 Meteorite's Black Glass May Reveal Secrets of Mars
38 For Sale: A Chunk Of Mars
39 Arctic summer wind shift could affect sea ice loss and U.S./European weather, says NOAA-led study
40 Study: Arctic ice loss may be making North America weather more extreme
41 MacGyver robot could improvise tools for military operations
42 Georgia tech developing "Macgyver" robot
43 Spectacular Nebula Photos Captured By Space Telescope's X-Ray Vision
44 DWP sues to limit its spending on Owens Lake
45 Red meat: What makes it unhealthy?
46 Are raspberry ketones a 'miracle' fat burner? Dr. Oz weighs in.
47 The FDA warns against using quinine for leg cramps
48 Mercury Craters Look Like Cookie Monster in NASA Photo
49 'Cookie Monster Craters' On Mercury Visible In NASA Photo
50 Ethiopia looking at mobile money
51 DNA confirms genetically distinct lion population for Ethiopia
52 Yes, we may all be living in the Matrix, say physicists
53 Do we live in the Matrix? Researchers say they have found a way to find out
54 CDC: Meningitis Infections Now Total 198 in 13 States
55 Mass. Pharmacy Industry Resists Call For Stricter Regulation
56 Industry files lawsuit to block NYC crackdown on sugary drinks
57 Soda Industry Sues to Stop a Sales Ban on Big Drinks
58 Foes Hit Curbs On Soda
59 Tracking a killer: Cell phones aid pioneering malaria study in Kenya
60 Cellphone data helps researchers target likely spots for malaria control
61 Curbing Malaria Spread With Cell Phone Data
62 Cancer institute can regain science community's respect
63 Georgia woman gives birth to her GRANDSON after IVF treatment because her daughter couldn't conceive
64 Athens woman gives birth to grandson
65 The Most Ridiculous Excuses For Calling In Sick
66 Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors
67 Circumcision Rite Goes Unregulated Outside New York
68 Suit Is Filed Over Move to Regulate Circumcision
69 Wal-Mart to cover U.S. workers' heart and spine surgeries
70 Secret to Winning a Nobel Prize? Eat More Chocolate
71 The More Chocolate A Nation Eats, The More Nobel Prizes It Gets
72 First case of chronic wasting found in Pennsylvania
73 NASA Wants to Make a Nasal Spray That Cures Motion Sickness
74 Citing privacy concerns, U.S. panel urges end to secret DNA testing
75 Presidential Commission Seeks to Balance WGS Privacy Protections with Need for Data Sharing
76 World's Highest Skydive! Daredevil Makes Record-Breaking Supersonic Jump
77 Mercury Craters Look Like Cookie Monster in NASA Photo
78 House-Size Asteroid Gives Earth a Close Shave Today
79 Saturn's Moon Titan Has Soft and Crusty Surface, Probe Landing Reveals
80 Welcoming Shuttle Endeavour: Q&A with California Science Center CEO Jeffrey Rudolph
81 NASA Clarifies Precision of Universe Expansion Measurement
82 Curiosity Rover's Pet Mars Rock 'Jake' Unlike Any Seen on Red Planet
83 Shiny Asteroid Vesta Once Had Magnetic Personality
84 Private Asteroid-Hunting Space Telescope to Launch in 2017
85 Super-Earth Planet Likely Made of Diamond
86 Polar Bear Video Shows Dark Side of Drinking Soda--Will It Change Habits?
87 Explosive Volcanic Eruptions Caused By Mixing Magmas
88 The Mystery of the Money Tree Revealed
89 Eye Movements Could Be Next PC Password
90 New Rules for Meteorite Hunters Unveiled
91 Big Blue Eye on Beach Likely from Swordfish, Experts Say
92 How a Martian Meteorite Rocked the World
93 How Did Lance Armstrong Avoid a Positive Doping Test?
94 Carbon Dioxide May Damage Glaciers
95 Space Funding Startup Uwingu to Unveil 1st Product
96 10 Future-Proof Gadgets You'll Still Love Next Year
97 Love Where You Live? You're Probably Healthy
98 'Uncanny Valley' Unease May Start in Infancy
99 Booming Meteorite Market Leaves Few Space Rocks for One Researcher
100 Reference: Velociraptor: Facts about the 'Speedy Thief'
101 Finding the Gaps in Privacy and Security Systems
102 Mountain Lions Migrating West to California
103 Ballooning Magma Creates Sombrero-Shaped Formation
104 US Navy Working on Improvising 'MacGyver' Robots
105 Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record High Levels
106 Mysterious Elk-Shaped Structure Discovered in Russia
107 Deep-Sea Vehicle Alvin Gets Splashy Makeover
108 Perspiration is Inspiration for New Cooling Rooftop
109 Climate Solution: Pay True Cost of Fossil Fuels, NASA Scientist Says
110 Twist on 'Marshmallow Test' Shows Environment Affects Self-Control
111 Big Manes Make 'Rasta' Lions Special
112 Oysters' Future Imperiled as Oceans Acidify
113 Brain's Unconscious Bias Sways Decisions
114 Chinese Writer Mo Yan Awarded Nobel Literature Prize