File Title
1 Launch of 'iPad mini' could push total holiday iPad sales to 30M
2 'iPhone 5 fever' sweeps Hong Kong as mainland China awaits Apple's launch
3 Mac mini supply drying up, could signal Ivy Bridge update
4 Apple backs web development resource site Web Platform Docs
5 Motorola says reduction of German Android devices was planned, not linked to patent rulings
6 In-depth Review: Apple's iOS 6 Maps & the alternatives 2: Maps and visualizations
7 Lodsys reports momentum in licensing of in-app purchasing patent
8 Google, Samsung reported to take on iPad with high-end 10-inch tablet
9 New iPod touch reportedly uses A5 SoC, Apple posts official user's guide
10 Apple patents device-to-device location-sharing technology
11 Continuation of Apple's 'Slide-to-unlock' patent covers 'open-to-app' functionality
12 Apple begins shipping first orders of new iPod touch, iPod nano
13 Like Apple, HTC begins reducing dependence on Samsung for smartphone parts
14 EarPods included with Apple's new iPod touch, iPod nano still lack remote and mic
15 Analysts stand by Apple stock recommendations after recent declines
16 N/A
17 Accessory maker halts production of 'iPad mini' cases due to apparent 'design change'
18 Rumor: Apple looking into using carbon fiber in 'completely different' way than usual
19 Apple's Lightning authentication chip may have been reverse engineered
20 iPhone 5 to launch in India on Oct. 26--report
21 Apple's 'next big thing' may be iDevice TV remote, not standalone HDTV
22 Apple 'iPad mini' to be Wi-Fi only, report says
23 iPhone adoption among teens hits 40% in U.S., iPad at 31%
24 Apple reportedly knew of iOS Maps troubles well before launch
25 Report reaffirms 13" Retina MacBook Pro still on track for 2012 launch
26 Quality issues with iPhone 5's aluminum chassis slows production, report says
27 Groupon launches iPad-based restaurant point-of-sale system
28 Specs for Samsung's 4" Galaxy S3 Mini fall well short of Apple's iPhone 5
29 In initial test run, Apple's Passbook accounts for 12% of MLB e-tickets
30 Microsoft Office coming to Apple's iOS, Google's Android after March 2013--report
31 Consumer Reports: 'Purple haze' not limited to iPhone 5, Android cameras also have flare
32 UN roundtable tackles wireless patent disputes between Apple, Samsung, others
33 Apple PC shipments reach new high of 13.6% despite contracting global market
34 AppleCare warranty terms targeted in new Italian class action lawsuit
35 Apple's new iPod commercial focuses on colors instead of features
36 Google's Schmidt says Apple and Android struggle is the 'defining fight in the industry today'
37 Apple investigating handwriting and selective touch recognition
38 Apple invents technique to hide integral internal components in plain sight
39 Japan's Softbank in talks to take over US carrier Sprint--report
40 Teardown of Apple's new iPod touch finds 512MB of RAM, weaker home button than iPhone 5
41 Retailers gearing up for Apple's 'iPad mini' with plans for accessory displays
42 Rumor: New 13" MacBook Pro affected by 'weak yields' of Retina display
43 Appeals court reverses ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Apple patent dispute
44 Apple's 'iPad mini' predicted to be 'the next big thing' in China
45 Microsoft expands Motorola patent case to target Google Maps
46 Google's next Nexus phone to be built by LG, unveiled this month
47 Apple wins stay of Korean iPhone, iPad sales ban
48 Apple woos chip design guru away from Samsung
49 Mapping app powered by Google Maps pulled from App Store
50 Newly-released iPod nano gets first software update
51 Apple rumored to be expanding iPhone production to Foxconn subsidiary
52 Apple 'likely' to unveil 'iPad mini' at event on Oct. 23--report
53 iOS 6 Maps, Lightning connector have no effect on iPhone 5 demand, survey finds
54 Asian companies already have 'iPad mini' accessories boxed, labeled and ready to order
55 Apple reaches license agreement for Swiss rail clock design
56 Rumor: TSMC to build quad-core 20nm chips for Apple by late 2013
57 Microsoft, PC makers begin taking preorders for Windows 8 software & devices
58 Apple sued over alleged misuse of photo in MacBook Pro promotion
59 Rumored 'iPad mini' event to focus on iBooks, report says
60 Study: iPhone 5 web usage surges past Samsung Galaxy S. III
61 EPEAT finds MacBook Air conforms to 'green' standard after review
62 Apple's iOS 6 delivers new tracking technology for advertisers; users have option to disable
63 Apple debuts new iPod 'Bounce' television ad (with video)
64 PC Magazine reviews Apple iPod touch (5th gen): 'The most elegant device ever handled--and yes, that includes iPhone 5'
65 Japan's Softbank in advanced talks to acquire Sprint Nextel for $13 billion, sources say
66 iPhone vs. Android: It's the apps, stupid
67 Apple patent reveals biometric features for e-commerce and security for Macs, iOS devices
68 Apple patent application details handwriting and selective touch recognition
69 Boxy makes it easy to get a Genius house call
70 Appeals court reverses Samsung Galaxy Nexus ban requested by Apple
71 South Korea court grants Apple request to stay injunction against iPhone, iPad
72 PC Magazine reviews Apple iPod nano (7th gen): 'beautifully crafted, much-improved player, easily our Editors' Choice'
73 Stocks struggle to hold gains; Apple slides
74 Microsoft to expand German lawsuit against Motorola Mobility to hold Google liable
75 What is wrong with Apple's stock?
76 A message to Google's Eric Schmidt: Put up proof of Android profits or shut up
77 Before the Apple television, a TV remote control?
78 Apple hires chip design luminary away from Samsung
79 Woz: Apple has become 'so arrogant' over iPhone 5
80 Cases for '7.85-inch iPad Mini' now available for sale
81 Foxconn International Holdings shares surge on Daiwa Capital Markets report on iPhone orders
82 Apple likely to unveil 'iPad mini' at October 23 event
83 18-day old Apple iPhone 5 already generates more Web traffic than 4.5-month old Samsung Galaxy S. III
84 Instapaper founder Marco Arment launches iOS-only 'The Magazine' for geeks like us
85 Apple agrees on licensing terms for use of iconic Swiss Federal Railways clock design
86 Survey: Apple Maps apps issue irrelevant as massive iPhone 5 sales continue
87 Days after Tim Cook's apology, Apple's Maps shows improvements
88 Microsoft will lose their war with Apple and so will Google
89 Asymco: What is Apple's realized P/E ratio?
90 Analyst: TSMC to be Apple's sole 20nm quad-core processor supplier
91 Doug Kass strikes again, citing Woz's 'Apple is so arrogant over iPhone 5' complaint
92 Did your Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter box arrive empty, too?
93 Amazon's Bezos: Kindle Fire HD and Paperwhite sales make no profit
94 Apple vs. Google is the most important battle in tech
95 Some Aussie schools require all students to own Apple iPads
96 Apple's iPad mini: What we don't know
97 Lawsuit alleges Apple misused photo in MacBook Pro promotion
98 Apple files patent for 'disappearing iPhone' where camera, flash and even the screen vanish when not in use
99 EPEAT's green electronics rating system confirms Apple MacBook Air meets rigorous environmental criteria
100 Apple's 'iPad mini' event to focus on iBooks, and likely movies, alongside new hardware
101 Apple's 'iPad mini' to obliterate Microsoft's Windows 8, Surface RT tablet launches
102 Fighting Poverty by Clearing a Satellite Bottleneck
103 Calxeda Low-Power Servers Run on Cell Phone Chip
104 Beyond the Surface: Microsoft Goes Apple
105 An Escape from Automated Customer Support Hell
106 What Comes After the Touch Screen?
107 Meet the Nimble-Fingered Interface of the Future
108 A Computer Interface that Takes a Load Off Your Mind
109 Needle-Free Injections Perfected Using Supersonic Liquid Microjets
110 Black Silicon Solar Cells to Capture More Light
111 Nathan Myhrvold's Cunning Plan to Prevent 3-D Printer Piracy
112 How Cell-Phone Data Could Slow the Spread of Malaria
113 Kenya's Startup Boom
114 An App that Looks for Signs of Sickness
115 Even Sleeping Smartphones Could Soon Hear Spoken Commands
116 The CIA and Jeff Bezos Bet on Quantum Computing
117 Google Puts Its Virtual Brain Technology to Work
118 Designing a Smart-Phone Alphabet for the Illiterate
119 How to Track Your Smartphone's Final Moments
120 How About Some Antivirus with that Smartphone Plan?
121 A Computer Infection that Can Never Be Cured
122 Stuxnet Tricks Copied by Computer Criminals
123 The Antivirus Era Is Over
124 Fighting Hackers without Sinking to Their Level
125 Google Approves an App that Steals All Your Data
126 Hey, Hackers: Defense Is Sexy, Too
127 New Web Standards Bring New Security Worries
128 The Latest Threat: A Virus Made Just for You
129 GPS Weakness Could Enable Mass Smartphone Hacking
130 Mobile Payment Chips Could Let Hackers into Your Phone
131 Broadcast TV Aims for Your Smartphone
132 Internet TV Isn't Ready to Displace Cable Just Yet
133 Should You Go on Google's Field Trip?
134 Old-Fashioned Control Systems Make U.S. Power Grids, Water Plants a Hacking Target
135 To Keep Passwords Safe from Hackers, Just Break Them into Bits
136 More Passwords, More Problems
137 Replacing Your Password with a Finger Swipe
138 Why the United States Is So Afraid of Huawei
139 Faster Computation Will Damage the Internet's Integrity
140 Google's Answer to Siri Thinks Ahead
141 Mobile Payments Try to Take Root in Afghanistan
142 Bitcoin Seeks New Life in Africa
143 AT&T Trials Text-Message Translation
144 How to Share Personal Data While Keeping Secrets Safe
145 Software Makes the Most of Your Internet Connections
146 Where'd You Get That Cool Shirt? This Software Knows
147 Making "Dumb" Phones Smarter and Faster
148 Review: Wajam, a Tool for Searching Socially
149 Why Facebook's Search Engine Won't Be Anything Like Google's
150 In Fictional Mall, Clues to PayPal's Strategy
151 Money for the Masses
152 How to Detect Apps Leaking Your Data
153 Why Privacy Is Big Business for Trial Lawyers
154 Intel's Tiny Wi-Fi Chip Could Have a Big Impact
155 Startups Worry that Twitter and Facebook Are Blocking Their Way
156 A Social Network Free of Ads
157 How Facebook Drove Voters to the Polls
158 Frequency-Hopping Radio Wastes Less Spectrum
159 The Rise of the New York Startup Scene
160 An Algorithm to Pick Startup Winners
161 A Twitter Tweak, or a Revolution in Online Discourse?
162 Why Did Reddit Succeed Where Digg Failed?
163 Siri's New Cousin Works as a Bank Teller
164 Migrant Workers in China Face Competition from Robots
165 Microsoft's Workplace Social Network Becomes Emotionally Aware
166 The Avatar Economy
167 These Robots Install Solar Panels
168 A Social Network that Pays You
169 Human Workers, Managed by an Algorithm
170 Can Creativity be Automated?
171 Artificial Intelligence, Powered by Many Humans
172 In the Olympics of Algorithms, a Russian Keeps Winning Gold
173 Can Crowdsourcing Bring Unused Patents Back from the Dead?
174 The Measurement That Would Reveal The Universe As A Computer Simulation
175 How Cosmic Ray Muons Could Reveal Hidden Nuclear Waste
176 Dancing Chairs and 3-D Puppets Will Make Kids Love the Kinect
177 A Handheld Projector You Might Actually Want
178 Groupon Will Take Your Order
179 Stop Blaming Lean Startups for Unemployment
180 A Startup Finds a Better Way to Mine Your Facebook Past
181 Startup Targets Genes Tied to Heart Disease
182 Old-Fashioned Control Systems Make U.S. Power Grids, Water Plants a Hacking Target
183 Brain Implant Detects, Responds to Epilepsy
184 Bendable Microchips Could Make Smarter Sensors
185 Car Could Check Your Heart Rate While You Drive
186 An App that Could Stop Traffic
187 Android's Rise Helps Google Grow Its Traffic Surveillance System
188 Zapping Seizures Away
189 A Startup Tries to Make a Better Artificial Brain
190 The Dementia Plague
191 Cyborg Tissue Monitors Cells
192 Smart Sutures That Detect Infections
193 Augmented Reality Is Finally Getting Real
194 Researchers Use Human Embryonic Stem Cells to Restore Hearing