File Title
1 New material boost for carbon capture
2 Khoe-San first to split from other humans
3 Mice give clues to protecting female fertility
4 New 'Sars-like' coronavirus identified by UK officials
5 How threatening is the new coronavirus?
6 Earthworm invasion: Aliens causing more harm than good?
7 Foxconn halts production at plant after mass brawl
8 German Catholics lose church rights for unpaid tax
9 Lewis and Dame Maggie win Emmys
10 Former Israel PM Ehud Olmert given suspended sentence
11 Bo Xilai scandal: Police chief Wang Lijun jailed for 15 years
12 10 things readers want in a history of the world
13 Chinese families' worldly goods in Huang Qingjun's pictures
14 Is Barack Obama a Tory?
15 Faith leaders across England in 'HIV healing' claims
16 Two films top US box office chart
17 Social entrepreneurship takes off in China
18 Megan Stammers: Teenager and teacher not on return ferry
19 Google Search and Gmail censored in Iran
20 Kim Dotcom: Inquiry ordered into 'unlawful spying'
21 Warcraft's online gaming world is about to get a bit bigger.
22 Facebook friends mapped by Wolfram Alpha app
23 Women of Wikipedia edit planned
24 Viewpoint: Why WoW's future is not black and white
25 Lighter-than-air craft rise again
26 Synchronised toilet flush urged in Zimbabwe's Bulawayo
27 Kenyan Amisom soldier kills six Somali civilians
28 Detective charged over links with News of the World
29 Golden eagle 'died after being caught in illegal trap'
30 Grim determination in Assad Alawite heartland
31 Satellites trace sea level change
32 Netanyahu gets tangled up in US election
33 Severe heart failure can feel 'like drowning'
34 New York inmates sue over dental floss
35 Friend mining: Facebook preps for social search future
36 Apple iPhone 5 sold out, sales hit 5 million in 3 days
37 Bill Belichick grabs referee after close Ravens field goal fuels ire over replacement officials
38 Emmys 2012: Jimmy Kimmel prank makes Tracy Morgan "pass out" on Emmy stage
39 Emmy Awards 2012: "Homeland," "Modern Family" win top honors
40 Jon Stewart drops F-bomb at Emmy Awards
41 U.S. drug abuse survey: Prescription abuse falls for some, marijuana still most common
42 Boots & Barkley dog treats sold at Target recalled after positive tests for salmonella
43 Pediatricians warn against trampoline use at home, citing injury risks
44 Some NYC schools to offer "morning after" pills
45 New SARS-like virus detected in Middle East
46 Breast cancer genetics study dubbed "giant step"
47 Panda Cub's Death Remains a Mystery
48 Japan Tsunami Debris Turns Up in Hawaii
49 Eunuchs May Outlive Other Men
50 Devastating Pakistan Flooding Seen From Space
51 Lost Essays of Famed British Politician Found
52 'Cult Fiction' Traced to Ancient Egypt Priest
53 Far Out! Meteorites From Mars & Moon Going Up For Sale
54 The New Definition of the American Dream
55 Looking for a Change: Cell Motility Crucial for Development
56 23 Nuclear Plants in Tsunami Risk Zones, Study Finds
57 Long-Gone Mollusk Comes to Life with 3D Printer
58 Gender, Tone of Automated Phone Voice Affects Caller Experience
59 Colorado's Chimney Rock Declared National Monument
60 Will Soda Make You Fat? Genes May Tell
61 Latest Designer Drug Called 'Smiles' Linked to Teen Deaths
62 Reference: Mariana Trench: The Deepest Depths
63 50-Million-Year-Old Redwood Chunk Found in Diamond Mine
64 Making a molecular micromap: Imaging the yeast 26S proteasome at near-atomic resolution
65 In birds' development, researchers find diversity by the peck
66 Using precisely-targeted lasers, researchers manipulate neurons in worms' brains, take control of their behavior
67 Human brains outpace chimp brains in the womb
68 Ants share decision-making, lessen vulnerability to 'information overload'
69 Antibiotics in childhood may increase bowel disease risk: study
70 Tissues tell the tale: Non-invasive optical technique detects cancer by looking under the skin
71 A cheaper way to produce nickel ferrite thin films
72 Large bacterial population colonized land 2.75 billion years ago
73 In relationships based on mutuality, number of individuals involved can determine rate at which species evolve
74 Using artificial intelligence to chart the universe
75 Nanotubes used to create smallest ever hologram pixels
76 Scientists shed light on riddle of Sun's explosive events
77 Cellular eavesdropping made easy: New method for identifying and measuring secreted proteins over time
78 Scientists predict major shifts in Pacific ecosystems by 2100
79 Microsoft faces fine over browser commitment: EU (Update)
80 Why Curiosity matters
81 Scientists engineer novel DNA barcode
82 New chemistry technique reproduces nature's elusive complexity
83 Most biofuels are not 'green,' researchers show
84 Tropical cyclones in the Arabian Sea have intensified due to earlier monsoon onset
85 Scientific discovery offers 'green' solution in fight against greenhouse gases
86 Data that lives forever is possible: Japan's Hitachi
87 Dark matter DNA active in brain during day-night cycle
88 Study broadens understanding of quantum mechanics
89 Automatic building mapping could help emergency responders
90 Study suggests women with severe forms of endometriosis are more attractive
91 Discovery may shed light on why some HIV-positive patients have more virus
92 Toyota will showcase support robot for homebound
93 Cuba launches first nanopharmaceutical
94 Chemists create nanotube structures that can expand and contract without breaking down
95 Researchers devise new 'subtractive' type of nanoscale printing
96 Researchers report novel approach for single molecule electronic DNA sequencing
97 Nano-engineering electrodes to give tiny generators a boost
98 The search for new materials for hydrogen storage
99 New research uncovers path to defect-free thin films
100 Nanopores promise cost savings in gene sequencing
101 Researchers find that molecules sense curvature at the nanoscale
102 Revolutionary ultrathin, flat lens: Smart phones as thin as a credit card?
103 Researchers study how nanoparticles 'self-assemble' into specific structures
104 Scientists develop method for fabricating individual magnetic quantum dots
105 Researchers demonstrate how graphene-metal interfaces influence electrons
106 Researchers boost efficacy of drugs by using nanoparticles to target 'powerhouse of cells'
107 Researchers demonstrate 'giant' forces in super-strong nanomaterials
108 Physicist explains significance of Higgs boson discovery
109 Glass has potential to be stronger, researchers say
110 Physicists squeeze light on quantum scale
111 Ultra fast optical amplifier: Silicon and erbium on one chip for the first time
112 Small is beautiful: Viewing hydrogen atoms with neutron protein crystallography
113 Physicists reveal striking similarities in sporting performance
114 Optical waveguide connects semiconductor chips
115 Computer simulations for multiscale systems can be faster, better, more reliable
116 Researchers develop fast, sensitive nanophotonic motion sensor developed for silicon microdevices
117 Researchers find water doped graphite flakes exhibit superconductive properties at high temperature
118 Curiosity shows off its credentials
119 Climate is changing the Great Barrier Reef
120 What caused the recent explosion at Jupiter?
121 Weird Mars rock has interesting back story
122 A third of urban Europeans exposed to polluted air: EU
123 Expedition to study methane gas bubbling out of the Arctic seafloor
124 Discovery of an ancient celestial city undergoing rapid growth: A young protocluster of active star-forming galaxies
125 Hubble Catches Glowing Gas and Dark Dust in a Side-On Spiral
126 A windshield wiper for Mars dust is developed
127 Glacial youth therapy for the Scandinavian landscape
128 Many US stores report being sold out of iPhone 5s
129 Verizon iPhone 5's secret feature: It's 'unlocked'
130 Review: iPhone evolves into jewel-like '5'
131 iPhone 5 big success, but no leap forward: analysts
132 iPhone 5 launch draws Apple fans worldwide (Update)
133 Precise surface temperature sensors with lug terminals for up to 150íC
134 Overclockers can celebrate Raspberry Pi turbo mode
135 Australians first to get hands on new iPhone
136 Wal-Mart will stop selling Kindles
137 Fueling the fleet, Navy looks to the seas
138 Saudi-led consortium wins Morocco solar energy bid
139 Two-thirds of the world's new solar panels were installed in Europe in 2011
140 TiVo settles lawsuit against Verizon for $250.4M
141 Toyota plans expanded range of hybrids (Update)
142 Researchers announce world record efficiency for organic photovoltaic module
143 iPhone 5 sales top five million in first weekend (Update 2)
144 Innovative metallization process for reliable, high-efficiency solar cells
145 New instrument that measures LED intensity could help cities with traffic light maintenance
146 Study outlines supply chain challenges for lithium future
147 Cancer research yields unexpected new way to produce nylon
148 Chemists find smallest number of water molecules needed to form an ice crystal
149 Growing corn to treat rare disease
150 Remarkable enzyme points the way to reducing nitric acid use in industry
151 Water splitting: Ultrahigh resolution data reveals reaction mechanisms
152 'Mining' for metals using Nature's machines
153 Plastic solar cells pave way for clean energy industry
154 Researchers use SSRL to decipher structural details of deadly enzyme
155 A short cut to billion dollar drugs
156 Study shows why common explosive PETN sometimes fails
157 Odorant shape and vibration likely lead to olfaction satisfaction
158 Toward a better material for hip replacement and other joint implants
159 Similar organisms deal with life in the extreme differently, research finds
160 3-D time-lapse imaging captures twisted plant root mechanics for first time (w/ Video)
161 Beetles used as biological control against invasive exotic plant in Florida
162 ISA virus infects salmon from within
163 DR Congo conflict puts endangered mountain gorillas in peril
164 Elephant born in Banda Aceh conservation camp
165 A warm, wet fall would dampen foliage colors
166 Week-old panda cub dies in US zoo (Update)
167 Naked mole-rats may hold clues to pain relief
168 Media coverage influences value of presidential debates for viewers, study finds
169 Discursive Politics: Language with a Spin
170 Latest and greatest technology: Consumers place too much emphasis on features, not enough on functionality
171 Top political scientists predict outcome of the 2012 presidential election
172 Harvard not yet publishing claim Jesus had wife
173 Marie Curie, go home: Science faculty study shows bias
174 Obama leads in Michigan; many voters undecided, survey says
175 Corks and screw caps: Can wine consumers taste the variation?
176 Shut up! Speech jammer among 2012 Ig Nobel winners
177 17th-century treasures being recovered in Poland
178 Virtual boundaries: How environmental cues affect motivation and task-oriented behavior
179 Historian uncovers rare writings by 18th century political icon
180 Language use is simpler than previously thought
181 Tomb raiders spoil Philippine archaeological find
182 Researchers examine how characteristics of automated voice systems affect users' experience
183 BPA harms human reproduction by damaging chromosomes, disrupting egg development
184 Like prostate cancer, bladder cancer patients may benefit from anti-androgen therapy
185 Research lacking on drugs for older children with autism, study finds
186 Fish eaters run lower risk of heart attack--despite some mercury content
187 Model confirms active surveillance as viable option for men with low-risk prostate cancer
188 Fragile X study offers new drug hope
189 Newly discovered molecule could deliver drugs to treat diseases
190 Study uncovers mechanism by which tumor suppressor MIG6 triggers cell suicide
191 Kids who get gifts of scratch lottery tickets gamble earlier in life
192 Gene linked to age-related degeneration of intervertebral discs identified
193 Vaginal delivery safe for head-first births before 32 weeks, study says
194 Near-roadway air pollution a major contributor to asthma in Los Angeles County
195 New SARS-like virus detected in Middle East (Update 3)
196 Your memory is like the telephone game--Each time you recall an event, your brain distorts it
197 Non-communicable diseases prevention 'more important than life or death'
198 Scientists erase fear from the brain
199 Study links another gene variant to male breast cancer
200 Higher levels of BPA in children and teens significantly associated with obesity
201 Reseach reveals genomic similarities between breast cancer, ovarian cancers
202 In heterosexuals, transmitted HIV strains often resemble original infecting virus
203 Autistic adults have unreliable neural responses, study finds
204 Regular consumption of sugary beverages linked to increased genetic risk of obesity
205 Brain study reveals the roots of chocolate temptations
206 Use of Mephedrone--a popular party drug--can lead to permanent brain damage, research shows
207 Researchers develop editing toolkit for customizing zebrafish genomes