File Title
1 Pinning down the price of biodiversity
2 Astronomers find diamond-coated planet
3 Mystery of ball lightning solved?
4 Scientists say billions required to meet conservation targets
5 NASA's Curiosity rover finds 'unusual rock'
6 Bull sharks have strongest bite of all shark species
7 ESA boss confident agency will join US Orion project
8 Cambridge University sheds light on illuminated manuscripts
9 London bee numbers 'could be too high'
10 US running mates clash in debate
11 Lance Armstrong titles 'should be void' says Tour de France director
12 Syria plane carried radar parts, not weapons--Russia
13 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to European Union
14 Lance Armstrong: Tyler Hamilton on 'how US Postal cheated'
15 The Soong sisters: Women of influence in 20th Century China
16 Botswana women allowed to inherit
17 Malala Yousafzai: Pakistan observes day of prayer
18 US prepares first-strike cyber-forces
19 Ghana court refuses to free Argentine warship Libertad
20 US running mates clash in debate
21 US running mates clash in debate
22 Five of history's most important places
23 Syria: Rebels 'seize air defense base' near Aleppo
24 Ghana's Ashanti crown jewels stolen in Norway hotel
25 The quest to fly from New York to London in one hour
26 IMF's Christine Lagarde backs more time for Greece
27 Viewpoint: More women needed in technology
28 Restoration award for love letter writer
29 Millions suffer as O2 network stumbles
30 Kindle Fire HD and Paperwhite sales make Amazon no profit
31 UN: Six billion mobile phone subscriptions in the world
32 Mozilla fixes Firefox 16 web browser flaw with update
33 Samsung Galaxy Nexus ban overturned by US appeals court
34 Looking back to the future of video games
35 Why modern maps put everyone at the centre of the world
36 NHS and US health system 'should share ideas'
37 Baby boomer alcohol harm 'more likely than in young'
38 Kaylee Davidson-Olley marks 25 years with new heart
39 Tanzania investigates fake HIV drugs
40 Aleppo: Treating trauma on the frontline
41 Suzanne McTurk helps launch beauty guide for cancer patients
42 Pre-exam anxiety 'can boost grades'
43 Combating cancer's conversations
44 Earth sunblock only needed if planet warms easily
45 Getting NASA's SDO into Focus
46 Bouncing on Titan
47 Sailing on an Extraterrestrial Sea
48 Stormy Skies and Garden Worlds
49 Mars Rock Touched by NASA Curiosity has Surprises
50 Resume Working with First Scooped Sample
51 Curiosity Update: Object Likely Benign Plastic from Curiosity Rover
52 Weizmann Institute Scientists observe quantum effects in cold chemistry
53 Photonic gels are colorful sensors
54 Architect shares simple green architecture improvements for homes and offices
55 Building 3D Structures from a 2D Template
56 Prehistoric builders reveal trade secrets
57 Breakthrough in kitchen furniture production
58 Einstein's theory pushed past light speed
59 First light: NIST researchers develop new way to generate superluminal pulses
60 Contested 'faster-than-light' experiment yields same results
61 Another Ariane 5 Enters Launch Campaign Queue
62 Assembled and poised for launch: Soyuz is ready with its two Galileo navigation satellites
63 NASA's Ironman-Like Exoskeleton Could Give Astronauts, Paraplegics Improved Mobility and Strength
64 Worldwide patent for a Spanish stroke rehabilitation robot
65 Apple had warning of mapping problems
66 Swedish breakthrough in space on NASA satellite with electronics from AAC Microtec
67 Crew Unloads Dragon, Finds Treats
68 Meteorite delivers Martian secrets to University of Alberta researcher
69 China to collect samples from Mars by 2030: Xinhua
70 Professor says NASA's Martian weather reports show extreme pressure swings
71 Where is Deimos?
72 Soyuz is given the "go" for tomorrow's Arianespace launch with a pair of Galileo navigation spacecraft
73 Nearby Super-Earth Likely a Diamond Planet
74 Large water reservoirs at the dawn of stellar birth
75 Comet crystals found in a nearby planetary system
76 The Magnetic Wakes of Pulsar Planets
77 Stagnant Interiors Suppress Chances of Life on Super-Earths
78 Meteors Might Add Methane to Exoplanet Atmospheres
79 Two 'hot Jupiters' found in star cluster: NASA
80 Planets Can Form in the Galactic Center
81 A Hot Potential Habitable Exoplanet around Gliese 163
82 NASA's Kepler Discovers Multiple Planets Orbiting a Pair of Stars
83 Intelsat Accepts 2nd On-Orbit Boeing 702MP Satellite
84 Curious About Life: Interview with Michael Meyer
85 Curious About Life: Interview with Pan Conrad
86 Curious About Life: Interview with David Grinspoon
87 Life in the extreme
88 Focus on space debris: Envisat
89 Strathclyde takes the lead in space research
90 Space debris delays Japan's satellite experiment
91 Basing of first US Space Fence facility announced
92 First Evidence of Dynamo Generation in an Asteroid
93 Asteroid fragments could hint at the origin of the solar system
94 Troughs Suggest Stunted Planetary Development Of Vesta
95 India to launch 58 space missions in next 5 years
96 Orbital Begins Antares Rocket Operations at Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport
97 Rover designed to drill for moon ice
98 NASA sees 'gateway' for space missions
99 Protection for Moon, Mars astronauts eyed
100 Las Cumbres Observatory achieves first light with NRES spectrograph
101 S. Africa eyes $2.5 bln for super telescope
102 Blanketing NASA's Webb Telescope's Science Instrument Electronics
103 Taking COCOA Cryo
104 First Two Webb Telescope Flight Mirrors Delivered to NASA
105 Extending Einstein's theory beyond light speed
106 The Nobel Prize in Physics 2012: Particle control in a quantum world
107 More certainty on uncertainty's quantum mechanical role
108 First images of Landau levels revealed
109 Light squeezed on a quantum scale
110 Experiment in University of Florida laboratory corrects prediction in quantum theory
111 A Planetary Nebula Gallery
112 Sweeping X-Ray Imaging Survey Of Dying Stars Is 'Uncharted Territory'
113 The Helix Nebula: Bigger in Death than Life
114 Fireworks in the Early Universe
115 Stellar Shockwaves Shaped Our Solar System
116 Grants help scientists explore boundary between science and science fiction
117 Brazil's vibrant high-tech industry urged to go global
118 New Technology Being Stymied by Copyright Law
119 Top electronics fair embraces 'grey' gizmos
120 For US students, plane tickets, TVs are relics
121 New US website lets 'crowd' fund college grad startups
122 Testing Mars and Moon soil for sheltering astronauts from radiation
123 Up and Running: Just Hours After Launch, RBSP Takes First Science Steps
124 India testfires Mars mission engine
125 ATK Awarded $50 Million Contract for NASA's Advanced Concept Booster Development for SLS
126 Rotors seen as method of spacecraft return