File Title
1 Cell insights unlock chemistry Nobel
2 Spineless critter had oldest complex brain
3 Ancient dung holds clues to saving rare plant
4 Mice learn songs in similar way to humans and birds
5 Lance Armstrong: Usada report labels him 'a serial cheat'
6 Chinese turtle passes waste urea through its mouth
7 Pirate fishermen off Sierra Leone 'export to EU'
8 Isle of Man survey identifies 14 new seal pups
9 Can science help improve food security?
10 Badgers: Splitting public opinion for more than 200 years
11 Pilot fatigue 'one of the biggest threats to air safety'
12 The murky allure of the Loch Ness monster
13 New York's High Line: Why cities want parks in the sky
14 Robots: Can biohybrid model sink or swim?
15 Yemeni man working with US embassy shot dead in Sanaa
16 Malala Yousafzai: Shot Pakistan girl moves hospitals
17 Malala Yousafzai: Portrait of the girl blogger
18 Chinese author Mo Yan wins Nobel Prize for Literature
19 Russian anger at Turkey over Syria plane interception
20 Mozilla Firefox browser upgrade taken offline due to vulnerability
21 Ukraine takes aim against 'gay propaganda'
22 Slain ex-US Navy Seal Glen Doherty's mother rebukes Romney
23 Toddler served whisky at Frankie and Benny's restaurant
24 French phone bill waived after 12qn-euro blunder
25 Christian boy in Pakistan arrested for blasphemy
26 French police release five terror suspects
27 Syria-Moscow plane had 'munitions'--Turkey PM
28 Joe Biden and Paul Ryan in high-stakes VP debate
29 Greece unemployment hits a record 25% in July
30 Social media laws to be discussed in wake of prosecutions
31 US Navy funds 'MacGyver' robot that can create tools
32 Lenovo ousts HP as world's top PC maker, says Gartner
33 How much will technology boom change Kenya?
34 Strokes in young people 'rising,' study finds
35 Bad news stories 'alter women's stress response'
36 Fears over risk of air transmission of superbugs
37 Marie Stopes private abortion clinic to open in Belfast
38 Classical CD for newborns to inspire a love of music
39 Pulling the plug on the internet's 'magical' delusion
40 Fishermen attacked by French say 'bring in the navy'
41 Supersonic skydive won't launch until Sunday
42 Bad weather leads to chats with family, friends
43 Google rolls out "biggest update ever" for Street
44 Singing mice can learn new tunes
45 eBay unveils big redesign with a nod to Pinterest
46 Clueless actress Stacey Dash target of Twitter backlash after endorsing Mitt Romney
47 Strange star spiral offers clues to sun's fate
48 Study: Young people more inclined to choose social media over sex
49 Bird extinctions on the rise
50 Mummy discovered with mouthful of cavities
51 Samsung exec: Galaxy S. III "mini" on the way
52 NASA pleased with flawless SpaceX docking
53 Poll: Romney edges Obama in Colo., narrows gap in Wis.
54 Yemen security officer at U.S. Embassy killed
55 VP debate impact may be more personal than electoral
56 Romney pitches tax plan details that favor the wealthy
57 Nightly "Taps" makes neighbors take notice
58 New allegations in deadly meningitis outbreak
59 N/A
60 Eating chocolate may help you win Nobel Prize
61 New allegations in deadly meningitis outbreak
62 Bioethics panel urges more gene privacy protection
63 1 dead, 3 hospitalized after receiving cancer "beauty" treatment
64 Drugs approved for Alzheimer's prevention study
65 Spot Where Julius Caesar Was Stabbed Discovered
66 Twist on 'Marshmallow Test' Shows Environment Affects Self-Control
67 Japan Earthquake Caused Long-Lasting Stress in Dogs
68 National Zoo Panda Cub Died of Lung and Liver Damage
69 Potty Mouth! Turtle Dips Head in Puddles to Pee
70 Reference: Zombies: The Real Story of the Undead
71 'Childfree' Women Feel Little Distress, Study Finds
72 Guilty Feelings May Lead to Ethical Decisions
73 Not-So-Sweet Treat: Candy in Checkout Aisle Raises Obesity Risk
74 Daddy Longlegs Day Care Pays Off in Longer Life, More Sex
75 Singing Mice Can Change Their Tune
76 Dumbo's Bristly Hair May Keep Him Cool
77 Bad News Hits Women Harder Than Men
78 Strokes Occurring in Younger Age Groups, Study Finds
79 Bad Weather Leads to Chats with Family, Close Friends
80 New Vaccine Could Help Women Who Already Have HPV
81 Daredevil Skydiver May Attempt Supersonic Jump Sunday After Delays
82 Strange Star Spiral Offers Clues to Sun's Fate
83 Winds Contribute to Arctic Sea Ice Loss, Study Finds
84 Chinese Want to Put Computer 'Brains' in the Cloud
85 Parent Involvement May Be More Important Than School Qualities
86 Fact Check: What a 9,000-Year-Old Earth Really Looked Like
87 Singer Sarah Brightman Will Ride Russian Rocket to Space
88 Reference: Tyrannosaurus Rex: Facts about T. Rex, King of the Dinosaurs
89 Miniscule Molecules Get a Weigh In
90 New 4G Uses Garage Door Opener Airwaves
91 Oldest Arthropod Brain Found in Buglike Creature
92 Better Educated Americans Have More Debt
93 Scientists Chuck Instruments Off Planes Into Cracks in Arctic Sea Ice
94 'Jurassic Park' May Be Impossible, But Dino DNA Lasts Longer Than Thought
95 Sex 'Addiction' Is a Real Disorder, Study Suggests
96 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awards Groundbreaking Cell Research
97 Why Flirting at Work May Be a Good Idea
98 Reference: ESP & Psychic Powers: Claims Inconclusive
99 San Diego Panda Cub About to Sprout Baby Teeth
100 'Bright Object' On Mars Actually Plastic from Curiosity Rover
101 North Korea Declares Machine a National Hero
102 How We Enjoy Self-Interest Without Feeling Selfish
103 BPA May Worsen Women's Fertility Problems
104 How Did Woman Live to 132?
105 Reference: Angkor Wat: History of Ancient Temple
106 Mummy with Mouthful of Cavities Discovered
107 What Nobel Prize Winners Do With Their Money
108 Can a Scare Cure the Hiccups?
109 MIT Pencil Draws Sensors Directly onto Paper
110 Why We Love Halloween
111 Why the Higgs Boson Didn't Win This Year's Nobel
112 Bird Extinctions on the Rise
113 Need a Motivation Boost? Swish a Sugary Drink
114 Can You Catch Meningitis?
115 2012 Nobel Physics Prize Goes to Quantum Optics Pioneers
116 Two Scientists Share Nobel Prize for Stem Cell Discoveries
117 Tomato Compound May Cut Men's Stroke Risk
118 Auction for Einstein 'God Letter' Opens with Anonymous $3 Million Bid
119 US Military Makes Tiny Atomic Clock for Soldiers
120 'Supertasters' May Have Stronger Immunity
121 Why Women Don't Fall for Hairy Guys Remains a Scientific Mystery
122 Cold War 'Flying Saucer' Was a Clumsy Air Force Hover Vehicle