File Title
1 Quantum 'parlour trick' nets physics Nobel
2 DNA dating study kills off 'Jurassic Park'
3 Why clever crow is no bird brain
4 Chemistry Nobel goes to Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilka
5 Sarah Brightman to travel to space station
6 Arctic probe into solar storm sat-nav disruption
7 Baumgartner skydive bid aborted due to gusty winds
8 Dogs' breakfasts boosts search performance, says study
9 Four authentic Asian layovers
10 Intelligence agencies turn to crowdsourcing
11 Malala Yousafzai: Pakistan bullet surgery 'successful'
12 Turkey warns Syria of stronger response over shelling
13 BAE-EADS merger cancelled amid political impasse
14 NATO names US Gen. John Allen as new supreme commander
15 US 'had no warning' of attack on Benghazi consulate
16 Viewpoint: Echoes of Spanish civil war in Syria
17 The Duke of Zhou: The man who was Confucius's hero
18 Ryan's world: Fears for future in VP candidate's hometown
19 US Protestants no longer a majority--study
20 Ireland 'close to oil billions'
21 Mystery kidney disease in Central America
22 Toyota to recall 7.4 million cars
23 RSA splits passwords in two to foil hackers' attacks
24 'Bulletproof vest' man arrested at Los Angeles airport
25 Sesame Street urges Obama campaign to drop Big Bird ad
26 Viewpoint: Could Kenya host the Olympics in 2024?
27 Texas affirmative action case reaches US Supreme Court
28 Jimmy Savile's headstone removed from Scarborough cemetery
29 Barack Obama Facebook campaign sees 'likes' soar
30 MIT pencil 'draws' gas sensors onto paper
31 OnLive's video gaming tech was sold for less than $5m
32 Tech firms and regulators meet at UN patent pow-wow
33 Canadian security move fans fears of Huawei exclusion
34 US judge orders piracy trial to test IP evidence
35 Facebook and Twitter sentences: Are judges out of touch with social media?
36 HRT reduces risk of heart attack, study suggests
37 Mental health: Global effort sought
38 Viewpoint: In defense of narcissism
39 SpaceX cargo ship grappled by station arm
40 Singer Sarah Brightman will travel to space
41 Supermice invade Europe with extra-strength sperm
42 Netflix CEO to step down from Microsoft's board
43 Two Americans win Nobel chemistry prize
44 100-million-year-old fossilized spider attack found
45 Bright object on Mars is plastic from Curiosity
46 Bill Gates says he'll never run for office
47 New "leaked" photos of iPad Mini surface on Twitter, Instagram
48 Why the Higgs Boson didn't win this year's Nobel
49 News station confuses man's Twitter feed for rapist's
50 Big Bird attack ad may hurt Obama more than Romney
51 Politics loom as new facts emerge in Libya probe
52 Romney: Abortion not on my agenda
53 Supreme Court takes up affirmative action
54 119 meningitis infections reported in 10 states
55 Weight Watchers compared to seeing a doctor in study
56 Brain-eating amoeba kills 10 in Pakistan: How rare is it?
57 Ballet teacher, 75, dances straight through the retirement years
58 Extending Einstein's Theory Beyond Light Speed
59 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012: Smart Receptors On Cell Surfaces
60 Prototype of Lunar Water-Prospecting Robot to Search for Water Ice at Moon's Northern Pole
61 Pioneer Anomaly Solved? Interstellar Travelers of the Future May Be Helped by Physicist's Calculations
62 Most Complex Synthetic Biology Circuit Yet: New Sensor Could Be Used to Program Cells to Precisely Monitor Their Environments
63 How Cancer Cells Break Free from Tumors: Study Identifies Adhesion Molecules Key to Cancer's Spread Through the Body
64 Drawing a Line, With Carbon Nanotubes: New Low-Cost, Durable Carbon Nanotube Sensors Can Be Etched With Mechanical Pencils
65 Large Water Reservoirs at the Dawn of Stellar Birth
66 Regenerated Lizard Tails Are Different from Originals, Researchers Discover
67 Swimming With Hormones: Researchers Unravel Ancient Urges That Drive the Social Decisions of Fish
68 Nobel Prize in Physics 2012: Particle Control in a Quantum World
69 Unique Ancient Spider Attack Preserved in Amber
70 Satiation Hormone Could Increase Risk of Diabetes, Heart Attack and Breast Cancer in Women
71 Diabetic Foot Ulcers Linked With Higher Risk of Death, Heart Attack and Stroke
72 HPV Vaccination Does Not Lead to an Increase in Sex, Study Suggests
73 HRT Taken for 10 Years Significantly Reduces Risk of Heart Failure and Heart Attack, Study Suggests
74 Screening Method Aids RNA Drug Development Research
75 Tactile Glove Provides Subtle Guidance to Objects in Vicinity
76 Secret to Making Cheap, High-Density Data Storage Discovered
77 New Interactive System Detects Touch and Gestures On Any Surface
78 Malaysian Researchers Create New Durable Wood-Plastic Composite Material
79 Control Any Device--From Mobile Phones to Television Sets--With Just a Wave of Your Hand
80 New Species: Looks Like Turtle Weed, but It's Not
81 Halving Food Losses Would Feed an Additional Billion People, Finnish Study Finds
82 Climate Change to Lengthen Growing Season
83 Drought, Climate Change Impact Salamander Survival Rates
84 Vast Differences in Polar Ocean Microbial Communities
85 New MRI Technique Used to Identify Early-Stage Coronary Disease
86 Hormone Level Linked With Increased Risk of Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Breast Cancer, Death
87 Synthetic Liver Enzyme Could Result in More Effective Drugs With Fewer Side Effects
88 Learning from Past Flu Epidemics to Model Outbreaks as They Happen
89 Dual Spotlights in the Brain: How We Manage to Attend to Multiple Objects Without Being Distracted by Irrelevant Information
90 Is Delaying Premature Delivery Safe?
91 Heart Attack Patients in States With Public Reporting Less Likely to Receive Angioplasty
92 Vigorous Physical Activity May Increase Risk of Bleeding for Children With Hemophilia
93 Hospitals That Cooperate On Infection Control Fare Better Than Hospitals Acting Alone
94 Medicare Beneficiaries Overspend by Hundreds, Experts Say
95 Astrocytes as a Novel Target in Alzheimer's Disease
96 Men's Views of Abortion Depend More On Social Class and Circumstances Than On Fixed Beliefs, Interviews Reveal
97 With Problem Drinking, Where You Live May Matter
98 Free Product Returns Have Major Impact On Future Sales, Study Finds
99 Swiss Assisted Suicide Laws Do Not Necessarily Promote Desire for Death, Study Finds
100 A Problem Shared Is a Problem Halved
101 Looking out for Number One Can Make You Happy, If You Have No Choice
102 Fruits and Vegetables: Seven-A-Day for Happiness and Mental Health
103 Your Child Shows Up for Middle School, but What About His Classmates?
104 Online Attitudes Predict Individuals' Compulsive and Excessive Internet Use and Poor Well-Being
105 Animal Models Can Revolutionize the Study of Cancer
106 Sperm's Swimming Skills: Discovery Shed Light On Male Infertility, Yields Clues to Development of Male Contraceptive Pill
107 DNA Findings Hold Potential for Cancer Treatment
108 Can Eating Tomatoes Lower the Risk of Stroke?
109 Scientists Discover Gene 'Bursting' Plays Key Role in Protein Production
110 Rearing Technique May Bolster Biocontrol Wasp's Commercial Prospects
111 Go West, Young Lion: New Study Shows Mountain Lions Dispersing from Nevada to California
112 Nearly 50% of Retail Firewood Infested With Insects, Study Finds
113 NASA's HS3 Mission Thoroughly Investigates Long-Lived Hurricane Nadine
114 Adaptable Button Mushroom Serves Up Genes Critical to Managing the Planet's Carbon Stores
115 Marine Worms Reveal the Deepest Evolutionary Patterns
116 Lessons from Iraq: Urban Marshes and City Survival
117 Dating Between Modern Humans and Neandertals
118 Duck-Bill Dinosaurs Had Plant-Pulverizing Teeth More Advanced Than Horses
119 Insects a Prime Driver in Plant Evolution and Diversity
120 SpaceX Dragon Cargo Ship Berthed to International Space Station
121 Object Likely Benign Plastic from Curiosity Rover
122 NASA to Upgrade Vital Communications Link
123 How Pulsars Slow Down With Age
124 New Surveys Peer Through Dust to Reveal Giant Supermassive Black Holes
125 New Methods Might Drastically Reduce the Costs of Investigating Polluted Sites
126 New Evaluation Method for Assessing Toothpastes
127 Bioenergy: The Broken Promise
128 Making Computer Data Storage Cheaper and Easier: Technology On Track for Terabyte Discs
129 Robots Using Tools: Researchers Aim to Create 'MacGyver' Robot
130 Making Physics Interactive: New iPad Application Helps Students Understand How Conditions Affect Blackbody Radiation
131 A System to Automate Traffic Fines
132 Digital Tabletop System With Views On Demand
133 Electronic Health Records Shown to Improve the Quality of Patient Care
134 'Like This Page' to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections: Outreach Through Social Media Can Encourage Condom Use in Young Adults