File Title
1 Gooey trails help slime moulds to navigate
2 Nobel Prize for adult stem cell discovery
3 Tomato compound tied to lower stroke risk
4 Physics Nobel goes to Serge Haroche and David Wineland
5 Skydiver Felix Baumgartner set to break sound barrier
6 Microsoft's Digits hand-gesture sensor bracelet detailed
7 Golden eagle shot near Southern Upland Way
8 US scientists aim to make human sperm from stem cells
9 Aurora Borealis seen from Isle of Man
10 The tsunami debris washed from Japan to Oregon
11 Who What Why: How dangerous is liquid nitrogen?
12 In Boston, leaf peeping by bike
13 Mexico: Body of Zetas drug gang leader Lazcano stolen
14 Sandusky faces minimum 30-year Penn State abuse term
15 Merkel pledges support for Greece in Athens visit
16 Abu Hamza denies US terror charge
17 Kublai Khan: China's favourite barbarian
18 Syria's civilians are trapped in a deadly no-man's land
19 Why do we behave so oddly in lifts?
20 Man dies after cockroach-eating competition
21 Malala Yousafzai: Pakistan activist, 14, shot in Swat
22 Tomatoes are 'stroke preventers'
23 Syria rebels bomb Air Force Intelligence complex
24 Karachi: Brain-eating amoeba kills 10
25 5G research centre gets major funding grant
26 Skype targeted by 'worm' malware infecting Windows PCs
27 Cybercrime law is suspended by Philippines court
28 Rural broadband gets green light from Europe
29 Telefonica hopes 'big data' arm will revive fortunes
30 HTC profits slide 79% as competition stiffens
31 Apps that protect you from police brutality
32 Mass Pakistan pneumonia vaccination campaign launched
33 UN says 'one billion undernourished' figure is wrong
34 Prostate cancer 'barcode' tests
35 Can Uganda cope with three times as many people?
36 Buzz Aldrin bids to help people with disabilities to fly
37 North Korea warns US on missiles after South deal
38 Supersonic skydiver prepares for launch
39 Ancient climate record kept in 11 miles of ice
40 Taiwan asking Apple to blur satellite images of "secret" military base
41 Most whale deaths since 1970 were human-caused
42 Einstein "God letter" auction opens with $3 million bid
43 American, Frenchman share Nobel physics prize
44 Jerry Sandusky receives 30-to-60 year sentence
45 Pakistani teen girls' activist Malala Yousufzai shot on school bus by Taliban gunman
46 Romney proposes new sanctions on Iran, new help for Syrian rebels
47 What does Mitt Romney believe on foreign policy?
48 Security dwindled before deadly Libyan consulate attack
49 Finding meningitis victims before it's too late
50 California feeling some relief at the gas pump
51 The pressure is on for the VP debate
52 Meningitis cases rise to 105 infected, 8 dead
53 Brain eating amoebas kill 10 in Pakistan
54 Lycopene from tomatoes may protect against stroke
55 Frenchman, American win Nobel for quantum physics (Update 6)
56 Study maps greenhouse gas emissions to building, street level for U.S. cities
57 3-year study finds significant differences in white matter processes related to children's reading development
58 Researchers find intestinal bacteria create phages for use as weapons
59 Large water reservoirs at the dawn of stellar birth
60 Energy-efficient graphene membranes may lead to enhanced natural gas production, less CO2 pollution
61 Putting a block on neuropathic pain before it starts
62 On track for terabyte discs: Making computer data storage cheaper, easier
63 Researchers make progress in understanding, predicting solder joint failures
64 Study shows slime molds have spatial memory
65 Free program makes computer graphics more realistic
66 Biochemists open path to molecular 'chaperone' therapy for metabolic disease
67 World's first successful clinical trial to protect the brain from damage caused by stroke
68 Durable carbon nanotube sensors can be etched with mechanical pencils
69 Selective tumor treatment: [beta]-galactosidase releases active agent from prodrugs
70 New software to provide greater accuracy in measuring battery life
71 Digital tabletop system with views on demand (w/ Video)
72 Physicists extend special relativity beyond the speed of light
73 Mars rover Curiosity scoops, detects bright object
74 Researchers develop new tool for making genetic engineering of microbial circuits reliably predictable
75 Marine worms reveal the deepest evolutionary patterns
76 Researchers explain how pulsars' spin slows with age
77 Free app successfully flaggs 97% of spam and malware posts on Facebook
78 A predominance to be right-handed is not a uniquely human trait, but one shared by great apes, study finds
79 The color of attraction? Pink, researchers find
80 Nanoscale imaging of strain using X-ray Bragg projection ptychography
81 Topological superconductors: Seeking a robust home for qubits
82 'Digits' making your remote control obsolete (w/ Video)
83 Regenerated lizard tails are new, but not replicates, researchers find
84 2010 Korea bomb 'tests' probably false alarms, says study
85 Researchers seek way to make solar cells ultra-thin, flexible
86 Liquorice nanotech component offers clue to cleaner medical implants
87 Silicon nanowires under extreme tensile strain may lead to more efficient transistors
88 Researchers use magnets to cause programmed cancer cell deaths
89 Nanocellulose enables the manufacturing of new environmentally friendly materials
90 Engineers collaborate on inexpensive DNA sequencing method
91 Reliable 3-D memories from silicon oxide and graphene: Visionary transparent memory a step closer to reality
92 Solar cell consisting of a single molecule: Individual protein complex generates electric current
93 Scientists discover novel way to 'heal' defects in materials
94 Research shows graphene nanopores can be controlled
95 New study says nanoparticles don't penetrate the skin
96 Near-field scanning microwave microscope: Big at the nanoscale
97 Superconducting magnet researchers develop new HTS technology
98 New jet results tick all the boxes for ITER
99 Evaluating molecules within a sealed organic light emitting diode device
100 'God particle' discovery poses Nobel dilemma
101 Experiments illuminate how order arises in the cosmos
102 New theoretical technique applied to properties of ultrathin solar cells
103 Fresnel lenses: High contrast and efficient focusing
104 Freezing water droplets form sharp ice peaks
105 Ferroelectric memristors may lead to brain-like computers
106 Voyager 1 may have left the solar system
107 Recent UK fireball could not have 'skipped' around the world, new analysis says
108 Dead stars could be the future of spacecraft navigation
109 S. Africa eyes cash for super telescope
110 New methods might drastically reduce the costs of investigating polluted sites
111 UK contributes 24 robotic arms in giant leap forward in near-infrared astronomy
112 Vast differences in Antarctic and Arctic polar ocean microbial communities reported
113 SpaceX launch good for NASA, not private firm (Update)
114 Chasing clouds on Venus
115 Worldwide patent for a Spanish stroke rehabilitation robot
116 Robots using tools: With new grant, researchers aim to create 'MacGyver' robot
117 AMD-based HP servers shatter performance record by 40%
118 Developers of gadget interfaces must consider interactive skills, reactions of older users
119 Robot firefighters help mitigate hazardous conditions
120 Review: Sony's Google TV device is better but still not good enough
121 TDK sees hard drive breakthrough in areal density
122 Prototype binoculars from NHK show-stop CEATEC crowd
123 Mobiles phones getting less toxic: researcher
124 Robot artist learns masters' brush strokes
125 Wireless charging explained
126 Wireless data at top speed
127 CAPTCHA evokes sympathetic (aka correct) response
128 Court lets stand telecom immunity in wiretap case
129 US politics goes mobile, phones become tool: study
130 New tool makes saving electricity easier
131 Deep cleaning with carbon dioxide
132 Carbon fiber technology that could deliver more fuel-efficient vehicles
133 An operating system in the cloud
134 People with positive Wikipedia attitude better at assessing credibility
135 Glowing DNA invention points towards high speed disease detection
136 Chaperone protein subverts removal of glaucoma-causing protein
137 Iron-sulfur enzymes as candidates for antibiotic development
138 Vitamin variants could combat cancer as scientists unravel B12 secrets
139 Lithium in action: Advanced imaging method reveals fundamental reactions behind battery technology
140 Why wine and tea pair so well with a meal: It's all in the mouthfeel
141 Fluid cathedrals: Gels under the microscope
142 Researchers identify critical operating temperature of catalytic converters
143 Biorefining: The new green wave
144 A more affordable, accessible material for seawater desalination
145 Producing more efficient all-organic catalysts for fuel cells
146 New etching method helps to build 3-D structures from 2-D template
147 Chemistry sheds light on Mamluk lamps
148 New method: More pharmaceuticals could benefit from the stabilizing influence of fluorine atoms
149 USC develops software to facilitate large-scale biological inquiry
150 Rearing technique may bolster biocontrol wasp's commercial prospects
151 River Thames invaded with foreign species, researchers show
152 New study shows mountain lions dispersing from Nevada to California
153 Poinsettias cultivars can take cooler temperatures, save energy for growers
154 Florida Tech researchers diagnose coral disease
155 Simulated seeds help scientists explore how plants 'balance the books' between oil and protein production
156 Illustrated guides provide first ever view of zooplankton crucial to Arabian Sea's food web
157 Blogging from Africa: Researcher to study endangered chimpanzees and their shrinking habitat in fragmented forests
158 Potential debt problems more common among the educated, study suggests
159 Researchers examine how teachers can increase students' interest and engagement in the classroom
160 Contracts for Community Support Agriculture clarify expectations for producers and consumers
161 Small signs lead to big frustrations, research finds
162 Social movements and their effect on political change
163 Bad news for women in media
164 Fashion industry blamed for horrors of Italian sweatshops
165 Fossil of ancient spider attack only one of its type ever discovered
166 Leicester leads the way in most comprehensive ever hate-crime study
167 Premiership referees more like to book foreign ethnic minority players
168 A close eye on population growth: Specialist branches into economic, environmental issues
169 Academic achievement improved among students active in structured after-school programs
170 Study reveals those with perception of power or status act differently
171 Employers play an important role in changing retirement behaviour
172 Einstein letter on God to be auctioned on eBay
173 Poorer lung health leads to age-related changes in brain function
174 Effective negotiation: Study finds flirting can pay off for women
175 Scientists discover gene behind rare disorders
176 7-a-day for happiness and mental health
177 Researchers study effect of chemotherapy combined with immunotherapy for advanced cancers
178 350 million people have depression in world: WHO
179 Physicians much less willing to prescribe drugs tested in pharmaceutical-industry funded trials, study finds
180 Scleral lenses benefit patients with corneal irregularities
181 A study in adaptability: Why do we change our beliefs?
182 Antipsychotics accelerate patient sedation, study finds
183 Cannabis extract eases muscle stiffness typical of multiple sclerosis
184 Scientists identify genetic signatures for aggressive form of prostate cancer
185 Outreach through social media can encourage condom use in young adults, study shows
186 Learning from past flu epidemics to model outbreaks as they happen
187 Study links deletion of brain-derived neurotrophic factor to major depression, anxiety, and obesity
188 Can eating tomatoes lower the risk of stroke?
189 Low-level mercury exposure in pregnant women connected to ADHD risk in children
190 Alzheimer drug shows some promise in mild disease (Update)
191 Maternal depression and SRIs affect language development in babies
192 A new field of developmental neuroscience changes our understanding of the early years of human life
193 Moving from high-poverty to low-poverty neighborhoods appears beneficial for some adolescent girls
194 Nobel prize to Briton, Japanese for stem cell work (Update 4)
195 Scientists explain how ketamine vanquishes depression within hours
196 What makes self-directed learning effective?
197 Discovery of gatekeeper nerve cells explains the effect of nicotine on learning and memory