File Title
1 Greenhouse link to GDP not symmetric: study
2 SpaceX sets off on first cargo run
3 Frogs hit high notes to ward off competition
4 Gurdon and Yamanaka share Nobel prize for stem cell work
5 Climate change: EU rebrands green energy campaign
6 SpaceX lifts off with ISS cargo
7 Typhoid vaccine failure warning
8 Carbon emissions target urged by business leaders
9 Teenager's stomach removed after drinking cocktail
10 A man on ledge, 23 miles up and no fear
11 Is Britain experiencing a golden age of engineering?
12 The equation of dual citizenship
13 Mitt Romney: US foreign policy 'must change course'
14 Huawei and ZTE pose security threat, warns US panel
15 Hugo Chavez celebrates re-election in Venezuela
16 Afghanistan's government 'could collapse' after 2014--report
17 Unstaffed drone refuelling test 'successful'
18 Sima Qian: China's 'grand historian'
19 Art attack: Famous works vandalised
20 New York Red Bulls coach Mike Jones stabbed to death
21 World of Warcraft cities hacked
22 Italy smashes transsexual prostitution ring
23 April Jones: Matthew Woods jailed for Facebook posts
24 Russian Sukhoi Superjet to be customised for Mexico
25 Would Mitt Romney make the world a better place?
26 'Saudi weapons' seen at Syria rebel base
27 BBC launches iPlayer Radio to promote audio content
28 BBC and others targeted by Microsoft copyright takedown request
29 Prime Minister @David_Cameron joins Twitter
30 When vintage tech makes modern music
31 Operating on the enemy in the two Chechen wars
32 Oscar Knox begins cancer treatment in US after completing fundraising
33 Building the crash-proof car
34 Supersonic skydive set for Tuesday
35 Cisco ends ZTE partnership over Iran probe
36 Apple publicly addresses iPhone 5 purple halo issue
37 Human greenhouse gas emissions traced to Roman times
38 YouTube takes original programming venture abroad
39 Apple reportedly orders 10M iPad Minis
40 U.S., Russia to launch first year-long space station flight
41 SpaceX Dragon capsule blasts off for space station
42 Mila Kunis named Esquire's "Sexiest Woman Alive"
43 Huawei probed for security, espionage risk
44 Which Mitt Romney do you trust most?
45 Romney proposes new sanctions on Iran, new help for Syrian rebels
46 Cafe owner threatened for not hosting Romney
47 Meningitis cases rise to 105 infected, 8 dead
48 Liquid nitrogen cocktail damages 18-year-old's stomach
49 Nearly half of children with autism wander from families
50 Back pain patients wait and worry over meningitis risk
51 Frozen fruit blamed for German vomiting illness
52 SpaceX Dragon takes ice cream, Silly Putty to Space Station
53 SpaceX launch problems come to light: Dragon's OK, but did satellite go awry?
54 Just a scoop of dirt, but NASA's celebrating big-time [Video]
55 Massive finback whale found dead in Boston Harbor
56 Dead whale, more than 50 feet long, found in Boston Harbor
57 Why sea ice records are poles apart
58 The Carnivores Next Door
59 Volcano spews ash, lava in northeast Indonesia
60 Mount Lokon Eruption: Indonesia Volcano Erupts, Spewing Smoke In North Sulawesi Province
61 Mount Lokon Blasts Ash to the Sky
62 Space shuttle Endeavour to leave on L.A. road trip this week
63 South L.A. shuttle boosters are feeling jettisoned
64 How To See Endeavour On LA Streets Oct. 13 (VIDEO)
65 Yellowstone conference to focus on using science in management decisions
66 Archaeologists conclude Mayan ball court was celestial 'marker'
67 Study: Nevada's mountain lions migrating to California
68 Yoda worm brings Star Wars character back to life in the deep sea
69 Yoda worm brings Star Wars to the deep sea
70 Newly-Discovered 'Yoda' Acorn Worm Named After Lovable Star Wars Character
71 Dwarf 'Vampire' Dinosaur was a Plant Eater
72 Crown of thorns starfish to be tackled
73 Australia's Manta Rays: Life In The Great Barrier Reef
74 Losing out on a Nobel Prize
75 Nobel awarded for stem cell, early cloning work
76 An Alzheimer's Hope, Still Hanging On
77 Independent analysis: Eli Lilly Alzheimer's drug generated 'encouraging' results
78 Tomatoes for Stroke Prevention?
79 Some 13,000 May Have Gotten Meningitis-Linked Drug
80 In a Drug Linked to a Deadly Meningitis Outbreak, a Question of Oversight
81 Nearly half of autistic kids wander from safety: study
82 Study Shows Children With Autism Tend to Stray
83 Running away common with autism
84 Coke, Pepsi, more to post calories on soda vending machines
85 New Soda Vending Machines To Display Calories, Increase Availability Of Lower Calorie Drinks
86 Why we fancy a glass of red with steak and can't resist a cuppa with a fry-up
87 'A victim of an irresponsible alcohol industry': Teenager has stomach removed to save her life after drinking lethal liquid nitrogen cocktail
88 The US Health Care Solution: Both Sides Have It Wrong--Try Medicare
89 Obamacare Will Shut Rural Hospitals
90 Obama and Romney Ignored the Key Issue
91 Healthcare remains a stumbling block for Romney
92 Marijuana Dispensary's Chapter 11 Case Burns Out
93 Marijuana Only for the Sick? A Farce, Some Angelenos Say
94 Romney's Missing Foreign Policy
95 Peanut Butter Recall Expands to Just About Everything
96 Objectionable conditions found at peanut butter plant 2 years before salmonella outbreak
97 New West Nile numbers released; highest ever in the state
98 How urgent is the West Nile threat?
99 Heavy Coffee Consumption Ups Exfoliation Glaucoma Risk
100 Study: Coffee Associated With Glaucoma
101 Teen Drinking: It's Not Their Pals You Have to Worry About
102 Private Rocket Suffered Slight Glitch During Sunday Cargo Launch
103 Why Are Lightning Deaths Declining?
104 Proposed Mission May Bring Frozen Moon Samples to Earth in 2020s
105 Gut Bacteria Build Weapons from Viruses
106 Puddles of Goo? Brainless Slime Molds Have Memories
107 Mom's Depression Alters Baby Language Learning
108 Meningitis Toll: 105 Cases and 8 Deaths
109 Did Army Spray Harmful Chemicals on US Cities?
110 100-Million-Year-Old Spider Attack Found in Amber
111 Ancient Climate Record Kept in 11 Miles of Ice
112 Hidden in Einstein's Math: Faster-than-Light Travel?
113 The Real Reason Wine Goes with Cheese Revealed
114 5 Meningitis Facts You Need to Know
115 New Clues to How Memories Are Made During Sleep
116 Penis Size Matters in Bed, Study Finds
117 Stem Cell Discoveries Snag Nobel Prize in Medicine
118 Economic Decline Not Enough to Reduce Planet-Warming Emissions
119 Military Test: Drones Could Refuel Themselves Mid-Air