File Title
1 'Superweeds' linked to rising herbicide use in GM crops
2 Prehistoric builders reveal trade secrets
3 Sea Education Association tall ship departs on major marine debris research cruise
4 Manatees Reflect Quality of Health in Marine Ecosystems, Longterm Study Finds
5 Study: An Apple a Day Lowers Level of Blood Chemical Linked to Hardening of the Arteries
6 Too little nitrogen may restrain plants' carbon storage capability, U of M paper shows
7 Sea urchin's spiny strength revealed
8 Mollusc missing link revealed in 3-D
9 Ancient mollusk tells a contrary story
10 Key environmental factors influencing manta ray behavior identified
11 Southern Hemisphere becoming drier
12 ARS Scientists Devising New Ways to Protect Avocados
13 Deforestation in snowy regions causes more floods
14 Ecologists start new Antarctic season with paper comparing animals' handling of adversity
15 The mathematics of leaf decay
16 Insects shape the genetic landscape through plant defenses
17 Everyday evolution
18 Plants adapt their defenses to the local pest community
19 VIMS researchers unravel life cycle of blue-crab parasite
20 Northern conifers youngest of the species
21 Why We Need Insects--Even "Pesky" Ones
22 Non-native plants show a greater response than native wildflowers to climate change
23 The use of essential oils as antigerminants for the storage of potatoes could be a good solution as an alternative to chemical treatment
24 Mosquito genetics may offer clues to malaria control, Virginia Tech researchers say
25 Tree Nut Research May Unexpectedly Lead to Medical Advances
26 La Bastida unearths 4,200-year-old fortification, unique in continental Europe
27 Ancient stinging nettles reveal Bronze Age trade connections
28 Climate change could cripple southwestern forests
29 Egyptian toe tests show they're likely to be the world's oldest prosthetics
30 Amazonian Tribal Warfare Sheds Light on Modern Violence, Says MU Anthropologist
31 Oldest evidence of regular meat consumption by early humans found
32 Tomb of Maya queen K'abel discovered in Guatemala
33 Anthropologist finds evidence of hominin meat eating 1.5 million years ago
34 Dating encounters between modern humans and Neandertals
35 The water flow of the Amazon River in a natural climate archive
36 Climate sceptics more prominent in UK and US media
37 International research group shows that the aging of organic aerosols is caused by OH radicals
38 Weather-Making High-Pressure Systems Predicted to Intensify
39 BPA's real threat may be after it has metabolized
40 14 New Biomarkers Identified for Type 2 Diabetes--Basis for Developing New Methods for Treatment and Prevention
41 BPA linked to thyroid hormone changes in pregnant women, newborns
42 Babies learn the smell of mum
43 New function of a protein involved in colon cancer is identified
44 Compassion meditation may boost neural basis of empathy
45 No evidence for 30-nm chromatin fibres in the mouse genome
46 Artificial cornea gives the gift of vision
47 Researchers a step closer to controlling inflammation in MS
48 Urban coyotes could be setting the stage for larger carnivores to move into cities
49 Superheroes needed to tackle timebomb of public health challenges
50 Whether we like someone affects how our brain processes movement
51 A white mouse
52 What number is halfway between 1 and 9? Is it 5--or 3?
53 'Disgusted' Rats Teaching Scientists About Nausea, Work May Lead to New Cancer Treatments
54 Scratching the Surface: Stanford Engineers Examine UV Effects on Skin Mechanics
55 BUSM study investigates genetic variants' role in increasing Parkinson's disease risk
56 Where there is no paramedic
57 A national mental health policy for Uganda
58 Work is more fun if the character fits the bill
59 Social scientists contribute to policy in central government
60 Happiness at work depends on a good salary, but also on how much colleagues earn
61 Innovative new defibrillator offers alternative for regulating heart beat
62 Nursing outlook celebrates 60 years by publishing research on nurses in the media with UCLA
63 New gender benchmarking study finds numbers of women in science and technology fields alarmingly low
64 Warning, automatic braking systems on autos will help save lives, research predicts
65 Rutgers Study Finds Economic Abuse Affects Maternal Mental Health, Parenting
66 Understanding accents
67 Survey: Clinicians believe EHRs will have positive impact on health care
68 Science fiction is not put to good use in teaching
69 Study reveals how bicultural consumers respond to marketing cues
70 Parent-teacher communication at the K-12 level
71 What Makes Self-Directed Learning Effective?
72 Medication use higher among overweight, obese kids
73 MU Researcher Identifies Factors to Help Parents and Professionals Recognize Teens in Distress
74 Using less gas and oil to get where you're going
75 Testing Can Be Useful for Students and Teachers, Promoting Long-Term Learning
76 Get with the computer program
77 Asteroid fragments could hint at the origin of the solar system
78 How ketamine defeats chronic depression
79 Hi-fi single photons
80 Materials scientists prevent wear in production facilities in the electronics industry
81 More certainty on uncertainty's quantum mechanical role
82 Duck-bill dinosaurs had plant-pulverizing teeth more advanced than horses
83 Nonprescription medication abuse underestimated
84 Are inhaled medications effective and safe in critically ill patients on mechanical ventilation?
85 TMT will take discoveries of stars orbiting the Milky Way's monster black hole to the next level
86 Researchers Reveal How Solvent Mixtures Affect Organic Solar Cell Structure
87 Sandia Labs benchmark helps wind industry measure success
88 Freezing water droplets form sharp ice peaks
89 Building 3D Structures from a 2D Template
90 Origin of ultra-fast manipulation of domain walls discovered
91 NASA's Swift Satellite Discovers a New Black Hole in our Galaxy
92 Sun Spits Out A Coronal Mass Ejection
93 Researchers Find Ancient Carbon Resurfacing in Lakes
94 First large scale trial of whole-genome cancer testing for clinical decision-making reported
95 New findings on optimal duration of trastuzumab therapy for women with HER2+ early breast cancer
96 Phase III data in treatment of renal cell carcinoma reported
97 Misconduct, not error, accounts for most scientific paper retractions
98 New findings highlight the challenges of managing blood clotting in cancer patients
99 Should aspirin be used to prevent cancer?
100 EARTH: Risky business: Modeling catastrophes
101 U of A has $12.3-billion impact on Alberta economy
102 Fear of treatment puts stress on women undergoing fertility therapy
103 Computerized osteoporosis detection
104 Penn researchers create a universal map of vision in the human brain
105 Toward an artificial pancreas: math modeling and diabetes control
106 Progress reported in tackling initial, recurrent bouts of health care-associated infection
107 In cancer, an embryonic gene-silencing mechanism gone awry
108 NYU researchers find electricity in biological clock
109 HIV helps explain rise of anal cancer in US males
110 HIV drug shows efficacy in treating mouse models of HER2+ breast cancer
111 Pacemaker could help more heart failure patients
112 Breakthrough study identifies trauma switch
113 Benzodiazepine use and dementia in the over 65s
114 Methadone Reduces the Risk of HIV Transmission
115 Low incidence of needlestick injuries among staff at national pharmacy chain
116 Genotyping helps identify source of clinic infection outbreak
117 Mount Sinai researchers find mechanism of opiate addiction is completely different from other drugs
118 Patient-led advocacy has changed how US government funds medical research
119 Duke Medicine news--Children underrepresented in drug studies
120 Psychiatric disorders persist after youths leave detention
121 Psychiatric disorders may persist in some young people after detention
122 'Green Brain' project to create an autonomous flying robot with a honey bee brain
123 Tobacco contains highly toxic compounds not regulated by law
124 PETA scientists analyze animal use in HPV chemicals challenge program
125 Both obesity and under-nutrition affect long-term refugee populations
126 Children's bicycle helmets shown to be effective in impact and crush tests
127 Gold-loving bacteria show superman strength
128 Rice U. study: State deregulation of open-heart surgery beneficial to patients
129 Far, far beyond wrist radios
130 How Will Smart Cars Affect the Future of Driving? Human Factors Special Issue Discusses Automation in Vehicles
131 BWH researchers discover genetic risk for uterine fibroids
132 Abortion rates plummet with free birth control
133 Fox squirrels show long-term investment savvy when hoarding nuts
134 Improving confidence keeps breast cancer survivors exercising
135 Surprising black-hole discovery changes picture of globular star clusters
136 Black hole surprise in ancient star cluster
137 Expansion of space measurement improved
138 UCLA astronomers discover star racing around black hole at center of our galaxy
139 Strathclyde takes the lead in space research
140 Livermore experiments illuminate how order arises in the cosmos