File Title
1 Bats have sex on the brain
2 Women helping healthier men to evolve
3 Einstein still relevant past speed of light
4 Bloodhound land speed rocket test roars over Newquay
5 Black mamba venom is 'better painkiller' than morphine
6 China firm sues Obama over blocked US wind farm deal
7 State schools 'failing girls who want to study physics'
8 Antarctic and ocean research merger proposed by Nerc
9 'No proof' vitamin D stops colds
10 Plans to print a gun halted as 3D printer is seized
11 Cromarty fisherfolk dialect's last native speaker dies
12 Website calls on people to become 'bat detectives'
13 Smart weather radar aims to help planes ride the storms
14 Living in: Sao Paulo
15 US election: Obama and Romney ready for Denver debate
16 Turkey hits targets inside Syria after border deaths
17 Iran police clash with protesters over currency crisis
18 EU Single Market Act II aims to boost competition
19 Nepal Maoist leader Prachanda opens 'guerrilla trail'
20 Presidential debates: Top tips on how to prepare
21 Childhood obesity: 10 of your stories
22 Wisconsin WBKT-TV host 'bully message' goes viral
23 Hollande's partner Valerie Trierweiler in tweet apology
24 Col. 'Riley' Workman 'shot dead at front door'
25 Six dead in Australia vintage biplane crash
26 Saudi Arabia religious police chief announces new curbs
27 Brighton all-you-can eat restaurant bans two 'greedy' diners
28 April Jones search focuses on 20 areas
29 Syria crisis: Aleppo's deadly aerial warfare
30 High-def CCTV cameras risk backlash, warns UK watchdog
31 Disney develops 3D-printed lighting for toys
32 'Scareware' trickster fined $163m by US authorities
33 Samsung challenges Apple's $1bn patent award verdict
34 EE's 4G mobile network roll-out to start 30 October
35 PayPal technical issues over security checks 'solved'
36 Overseas 'health tourists' costing NHS at least 40m pounds
37 UK ovarian cancer treatment 'lagging'
38 Belfast university team to target superbugs like pseudomonas
39 Hewlett-Packard shares plunge 13% on turnaround fears
40 Apple suppliers start production on iPad Mini, report says
41 Massive marijuana field discovered in Chicago
42 TV anchor responds to bully's weight critique on air
43 Obama video: October surprise or old news?
44 Cops: Woman killed by border agent hit him with car
45 Apple suppliers start production on iPad Mini, report says
46 N/A
47 Regulators shut down global PC "tech support" scam
48 Bizarre new dinosaur discovered
49 Anonymous claims hack on Swedish websites
50 Mars rover carries presidential signature
51 Judge lifts U.S. ban on sales of Samsung tablet
52 Watch the Water: Great Lakes' Currents Visualized
53 Mayan Tomb May Belong to Warrior Queen
54 Human Greenhouse Gas Emissions Traced to Roman Times
55 West Nile Outbreaks Likely to Be Unpredictable for Decades
56 Eating Meat Made Us Human, Suggests New Skull Fossil
57 Secret Lives of Manta Rays Revealed
58 How Tropical Rains Helped Create Great Salt Lake
59 'Noseless Lemur' Fossil Actually a Fish
60 The Big Secret That Could Make You Unhappy at Work
61 Bats Think About Sex--A Lot
62 Presidential Debates: History of Why We Have Them
63 Newborn Genetic Test Catches Rare Diseases Earlier
64 Spray Bottle Designed to Prevent Chemical Injuries
65 How Alleged Arsenic Bacteria Survive Toxic Lake
66 Satellites See Extreme Extent of US Drought
67 Scientists Find More Wasps That Eat Maggots from Inside Out
68 Logging In with Your Heartbeat
69 'Dracula' Dinosaur Had Bristles and Fangs
70 Alien Planets Circling Pulsing Stars May Leave Electric Trails
71 The Secret to Finding the Best Job for Your Personality
72 Ancient Fortress Found in Spain
73 The Best States for Entrepreneurs
74 Huge X-Wing-Like Cargo Ship Undocks from Space Station
75 Proposed Space Boat Could Explore Lakes On Saturn's Moon Titan
76 Science of Skinny: Women's Body Hatred Lies in Genes
77 New Fanged Dwarf Dinosaur Found--"Would Be Nice Pet"
78 Fall Leaves: "Ideal Conditions" Seen for Foliage in U.S.
79 Could Black Mamba Snake Venom Replace Morphine?
80 Did Slow Space Rocks Seed Life on Earth?
81 NBC's 'Revolution': Imagining the Ultimate Blackout
82 On the Island of Bonaire, Views of a Potentially Rich Renewable Energy Resource
83 Weird & Wild: Spider, Butterfly Orchids on Behind-the-Scenes Tour
84 Peering to the Edge of a Black Hole
85 World's First Glimpse of Black Hole Launchpad
86 Taking COCOA Cryo
87 First Two Webb Telescope Flight Mirrors Delivered to NASA
88 Large Monolithic Imager sees first light on the Discovery Channel Telescope
89 One Degree Imager Debuts at WIYN Telescope at KPNO
90 Hyper Suprime-Cam Ushers In A New Era Of Observational Astronomy
91 New JWST Video Takes Viewers 'Beyond the Visible Light'
92 General Dynamics to Deliver Antennas for Largest, Most Powerful Radio Telescope in Southern Hemisphere
93 Atsa Team Successfully Fits Observatory Camera in XCOR Spacecraft
94 NO Releases Final Version of CCD Astrograph Star Catalog
95 New online portal launched for astronomical heritage protection
96 Astronomy heritage sites get protection
97 Lockheed Martin Delivers SolaS Hybrid Cloud Solution
98 EU eyes a cloud computing heaven
99 Hotter might be better at energy-intensive data centers
100 Cause of Supernova SN 1006 Revealed
101 With Webscast For 50th Anniversary Of ESO
102 The Sun Unleashes a Wide, but Benign, CME
103 Scientists Shed Light on Riddle of Sun's Explosive Events
104 Orbiting Solar Fleet Peers Into Coronal Cavities
105 Basic solar system measure redefined
106 Space 'harpoon' could corral space junk
107 Space debris delays Japan's satellite experiment
108 Basing of first US Space Fence facility announced
109 Space debris threatens ISS: report
110 European industry develops space safety radar
111 System will seek orbiting space debris
112 Measuring the universe's 'exit door'
113 NuSTAR Celebrates First 100 Days
114 Spacetime ripples from dying black holes could help reveal how they formed
115 NASA's WISE Survey Uncovers Millions of Black Holes
116 New 3D Map of Massive Galaxies and Black Holes Offers Clues to Dark Matter, Dark Energy
117 How to build a middleweight black hole
118 Belching black hole proves a biggie
119 Youris: A Black Hole's Dinner
120 Space freighter burns up in suicide dive
121 Robot artist learns masters' brush strokes
122 NMSU celebrates professor for garnering U.S. patent on reduced-gravity technology
123 Space-warping white dwarfs produce gravitational waves
124 Looking at Density Differently in Microgravity
125 New Gravitational Biology Lab Allows for Testing in Artificial Gravity
126 Digital Map Products to Discuss the New Rules for Communicating with Residents
127 Fireworks in the Early Universe
128 Stellar Shockwaves Shaped Our Solar System
129 Simulations Uncover 'Flashy' Secrets of Merging Black Holes
130 Landsat Satellites Find the 'Sweet Spot' for Crops
131 Apple CEO sorry for maps shortcomings
132 Radar altimetry gains altitude in Venice
133 China may toughen laws on 'illegal' mapping: state media
134 First Images from SPOT 6 Satellite
135 Apple fans complain of missing landmarks in new map system
136 Venus atmosphere said curiously cold
137 'MindMeld' app anticipates people's needs
138 Rock Grinding Action
139 Ariane 5 maintains Arianespace's track record of success with the launch of ASTRA 2F and GSAT-10
140 Learning to live on Mars
141 Mars suitable for colonization
142 NASA Conducts Mission Simulations In Hawaii
143 Developing Technologies For Living Off the Land...In Space
144 Navigating the Seas of Titan
145 Mars Rover Opportunity Working at 'Matijevic Hill'
146 Near Possible Target for Use of Arm Instruments
147 NASA Rover Finds Old Streambed on Martian Surface
148 Troughs Suggest Stunted Planetary Development Of Vesta
149 The Magnetic Wakes of Pulsar Planets