File Title
1 Wearing 'creativity cap' brings insight
2 Most retractions due to misconduct: study
3 GM cow produces allergy-free milk
4 UK design to 'harpoon' old satellites
5 Tree rings reveal Amazon's rainfall history
6 Half of Great Barrier Reef coral lost in last 27 years
7 Liquid air 'offers energy storage hope'
8 GM cows make 'low allergy' milk
9 'Cling film' space telescope to image Sun
10 Hip resurfacing prone to failure, say doctors
11 4G: UK's mobile phone networks in crunch meeting
12 Bloodhound rocket test signals coming land speed record reality
13 Weekend respite in Langkawi
14 Iran rial: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blames slide on 'enemies'
15 US agent Nicholas Ivie shot dead near Arizona border
16 Judge blocks Pennsylvania voter ID law before election
17 Hezbollah military commander 'killed in Syria'
18 Robinson Crusoe: Life on the real island
19 Viewpoint: An undecided voter's agony
20 Meet the Fokkens: Amsterdam's oldest prostitutes
21 Oregon farmer eaten by his pigs
22 JP Morgan sued over Bear Stearns mortgage securities
23 Salmonella in Netherlands and US from Dutch smoked fish
24 Sir Jimmy Savile: BBC 'horrified' over rape allegations
25 April Jones abduction: Family 'devastated' by abduction as man held
26 Paolo Gabriele trial: Ex-butler 'abused Pope's trust'
27 Hong Kong fatal boat collision leads to arrests
28 Is reading in the dark bad for your eyesight?
29 Federal Polytechnic Mubi students killed in Nigeria
30 'Hundreds of problems' at EU nuclear plants
31 Hezbollah military commander 'killed in Syria'
32 MasterChef to Michelin: How hard is it to be a chef?
33 April Jones abduction: Man, 46, held by police
34 Irishwoman Easkey Britton makes surf waves in Iran
35 Head in bin man William Middleton: 'I was looking for my hat'
36 Samsung adds iPhone 5 to its patent battle with Apple
37 Television finds salvation in the zombie apocalypse
38 Nicolas Cage receives damages and apology over online story
39 Georgia election: US and Russia hail parliamentary vote
40 and Cowell consider X-Factor tech show
41 Tanzania's invisible web revolution
42 Betaville lets New Yorkers play real-world Sim City
43 Colombia's President Santos has prostate cancer
44 Dutch abortion boat heads to Morocco
45 Tony Nicklinson right-to-die refused Court of Appeal hearing
46 Is the teen rebel a dying breed?
47 Brazil jail massacre: Vigil marks Carandiru anniversary
48 N/A
49 Supernova "CSI" team investigates old photographs
50 Cornell NYC Tech campus gets U.S. patent officer
51 Expect spotty Fall colors around U.S.
52 Samsung motions to add iPhone 5 to patent case
53 Review: "NBA 2K13" delivers stellar soundtrack, gameplay
54 It pays to be a nice baboon
55 Study finds many low IQs are a case of bad luck
56 Weather on Mars surprisingly warm, rover finds
57 Half of Great Barrier Reef lost in past 3 decades
58 Strange layer of Venus surprisingly cold
59 LinkedIn launches "followers" feature
60 Rdio to pay artists $10 per new subscriber
61 Watch: Predator-plant catapults bugs into "mouth"
62 Hogs eat their farmer in Oregon
63 US peanut butter recall expands to more stores including Whole Foods, Target
64 In reversal, judge blocks Pa. voter ID
65 Thieves armed with pickaxes rob California museum of $2 million in precious gems
66 Alexandra Kogut: Thousands gather at SUNY Brockport campus vigil to remember slain NY college student
67 Snail Sacrifices Foot to Survive Snake Attacks
68 Top 10 Science Buzzkills: Studies that Ruin Your Fun
69 Tree Loss May Double Floods in Snowy Areas
70 Oldest Fake Toes Made Walking Easier in Egypt
71 Sea Creature Fossils Reveal Prehistoric Division of Labor
72 Weather On Mars Surprisingly Warm, Curiosity Rover Finds
73 Electrons' Elusive Hideouts Imaged for First Time
74 Unusual Dallas Earthquakes Linked to Fracking, Expert Says
75 Teen Drinking & Driving Declines, But It's Still a Big Problem
76 Will Climate Change Slow Marathon Times?
77 Fire Risk Remains Elevated Across West, Plains
78 Your Finger Swipe Could Become Your Password
79 Will 3D Printers Conquer the Consumer Market?
80 3D-Printable Gun Project Runs into Trouble
81 What's Bringing US Jobs Back From Overseas?
82 10 Surprising Things You Should Put on Your Resume
83 Leaf Peepers: Expect Spotty Fall Colors Around US
84 Microbe Music: Scientists Turn Algae Data Into Songs
85 Surprising Troughs on Asteroid Vesta Might Have Resulted From Collision
86 It Pays to Be a Nice Baboon
87 Many Low IQs Are Just Bad Luck
88 Venomous Snakes Harbor Deadly Brain-Swelling Virus
89 New SARS-Like Virus: Who Should Get Tested?
90 HPV Vaccine Safe, But May Raise Risk of Fainting & Infections
91 Fish May Shrink as Oceans Warm
92 Holy Cow! 'Daisy' Makes Hypoallergenic Milk
93 Risky Business: The Real Reason Teens Do Stupid Things
94 Half of Great Barrier Reef Lost in Past 3 Decades
95 The 12 Best Gadgets You Didn't Buy
96 A History of Religious Hoaxes
97 Spy App Can Turn Smartphones Against You
98 Doctor Visits Are Down in US
99 Polar Bear Scientist Cleared of Misconduct
100 Great Barrier Reef under grave threat, researchers say
101 Reef loss should alarm Australians: Burke
102 Great Barrier Reef loses more than half its coral cover
103 Why We Need a Supercomputer on the Moon
104 NASA Mulls Deep-Space Station on Moon's Far Side
105 Are you excited about NASA's L-2 destination?
106 Global team spending $1 billion to dig hole to Earth's mantle
107 Green Brain Project To Simulate Bees Brains in Robots
108 Researchers discover what Earth would sound like if people "had antennas for ears"
109 Mount St. Helens gets a Forever stamp from U.S. Postal Service
110 Reusable 'Grasshopper' Rocket Concept Makes 1st Test Flight
111 SpaceX Successfully Tests Falcon 9 Rocket Engines
112 Planet Hunter calls to Crowdsource the Universe.
113 Mayans: They Predicted the Moon, Not the End of the World, Experts Say
114 Indonesian islanders eat beached whales
115 Of the Creation Persuasion
116 U.S. teen drinking and driving rate cut in half in 20 years
117 Teen Drunk Driving Falls on High Gas Prices, Less Alcohol
118 Common heart drugs may be less helpful than thought
119 Vitamin C may shorten cold, not stop it
120 Vitamin D supplements no help for colds, flu
121 Smoked salmon blamed for salmonella outbreak
122 Symptoms of breast cancer
123 Breast cancer prevention: What every woman should know
124 Diabetes UK warns of health 'calamity'
125 How I beat diabetes with the 'Duke diet'
126 Internet Addiction Is The New Mental Health Disorder
127 Digital Age overload: 'Internet addiction' to be classified as mental illness
128 RA Patients May Face Higher Blood Clot Risk
129 GM cow designed to produce milk without an allergy-causing protein
130 Scientists fret over FDA slowness on genetically altered animals
131 Sunbeds 'raise risk of ALL skin cancers' especially among those who use device before age 25
132 Los Angeles Reverses Pot-Shop Ban
133 L.A. council votes to repeal ban on medical marijuana dispensaries
134 U.S. man says treatment caused frostbitten penis
135 Looking at photos of baby animals improves productivity, study finds
136 Cute Kittens Can Save America
137 Scientists: Baby Animals Videos are Good for You
138 ArQule, Daiichi stop lung cancer trial, shares tank