File Title
1 'Meteors' sighted in skies across UK
2 US shuttle Endeavour undertakes final flypast
3 Viewpoint: Should we send humans to Mars?
4 The dated future of Russia's Star City
5 Libya leader Magarief vows to disband illegal militias
6 Himalayas avalanche sweeps away climbers in Nepal
7 Iran nuclear: Germany's Siemens denies sabotage claim
8 Nigeria church bombed in Bauchi, Boko Haram flashpoint
9 China cancels diplomatic event with Japan over islands
10 Servants: A life below stairs
11 Sivakasi: India's dangerous fireworks capital
12 Lebanon rocked by spate of kidnappings
13 Anti-Islam film: Pakistan minister's bounty condemned
14 Eastbourne girl Megan Stammers 'missing with teacher'
15 Helium shortage prompts scientist's balloon use warning
16 Gangnam Style fails to top UK singles chart
17 Panda cub dies at Washington's National Zoo
18 Druridge Bay skinny dippers miss out on world record
19 Swiss 'reject' full ban on smoking in public spaces
20 Anthrax vaccine bid for NATO by Cardiff University
21 Lone Ranger crew member dies on set
22 Valencia: A Spanish city without medicine
23 'My husband thought he had flu--but it was sepsis'
24 West Nile Virus: Can the US fight it?
25 National Zoo's giant panda cub dies
26 Verizon iPhone 5's secret feature: It's "unlocked"
27 N.M. spaceport is built--but who will come?
28 Bronx Zoo: Tiger that mauled man "did nothing wrong"
29 Mauled man: I wanted to be one with the tiger
30 New use for drones: Sports photography
31 Space Shuttle Endeavour lands at LAX
32 Apple, Google maps scorecard: Who wins, who loses?
33 No complaints about this traffic cop
34 Fed meeting: QE3 has set sail
35 Bill Clinton: No president could have "magically" fixed economy in one term
36 Houston officer kills double amputee in wheelchair
37 State Dept. blasts CNN report on Stevens' diary
38 CNN defends report based on Chris Stevens' diary
39 Prison for wealthy Seattle couple who took welfare
40 Mother sues Tulsa megachurch over rape allegation
41 Tulsa megachurch rattled by sex abuse claims
42 Living room exhibit erected around Columbus Monument in New York
43 Four homeless men stop sexual attack on 15-year-old in California
44 Ariz. immigrants taught to cope with new law
45 Libyan citizens protest militia groups
46 Health care act funds Oklahoma City program
47 Detroit man's life is stuffed with carnival game prizes thanks to talent
48 Should you upgrade to iOS 6 today?
49 Second big bank reports website problems
50 Obama Medicare plan: No voucher but maybe a bill
51 Roundtable: Romney needs a "game-changer"
52 Advice for candidates in the digital age
53 GM recalls 474K midsize cars over bad transmission
54 8 Words That Should Never Appear in Your Twitter Bio
55 Iran: If attacked by Israel, we'll target U.S.
56 Pakistanis offer $200K to kill anti-Muslim filmmaker
57 Bearing both the Medal of Honor and trauma
58 Trader Joe's recalls peanut butter
59 Food is hijacked by flavorists, doctor says
60 Life expectancies of U.S. whites with low education drop sharply
61 Study of 33,000 people shows soda affects genes that control for weight gain
62 Swapping sugary drinks out of teens' homes curbs weight gain, study finds
63 Former Detroit Lions great Gail Cogdill turns to crowdfunding for stem cell heart treatment
64 Nora Roberts' happily-ever-after life
65 Homeland: An unlikely, timely success
66 Screenwriting is in Zoe Kazan's blood
67 Tavis Smiley: Poverty is the new slavery
68 West Memphis 3: Life after death
69 A new hope for back pain sufferers?
70 Naked Mole-Rats May Hold Clues to Pain Relief
71 Horticultural Hijacking: The Dark Side of Beneficial Soil Bacteria
72 Unprecedented Cancer 'Moon Shots Program': Effort Sets New Bar for Eradicating Cancer
73 Squeeze Light 'Till It Hurts' On a Quantum Scale: Researchers Push the Boundaries On Ultra-Precise Measurement
74 Nunavut's Mysterious Ancient Life Could Return by 2100 as Arctic Warms
75 First Giant Salamander Was a Hot Hunter
76 'Psychopaths' Have an Impaired Sense of Smell, Study Suggests
77 Study Shows Ancient Relations Between Language Families
78 Dawn Sees Hydrated Minerals On Giant Asteroid
79 How Bumblebees Find Efficient Routes Without a GPS: Bees Use Trial and Error to Select Optimal Route
80 Brain Study Reveals the Roots of Chocolate Temptations
81 Moving Targets: Biologists Gain New Insight Into Migrating Cells
82 Some Deadly Breast Cancers Share Genetic Features With Ovarian Tumors
83 Evidence Does Not Back-Up Spinal Manipulation for Acute Lower Back Pain, Review Finds
84 Cell Death Discovery Suggests New Ways to Protect Female Fertility
85 Regular Consumption of Sugary Beverages Linked to Increased Genetic Risk of Obesity
86 Providing Non-Caloric Beverages to Teens Can Help Them Avoid Excessive Weight Gain, Study Shows
87 First-Ever Imaging of Cells Growing On Spherical Surfaces
88 Optical Waveguide Connects Semiconductor Chips: Photonic Wire Bond Transmits Data in the Terabit Range
89 Nano-Engineering Electrodes to Give Tiny Generators a Boost
90 Twenty-Three Nuclear Power Plants Found to Be in Tsunami Risk Areas
91 New 'Stamping' Process to Pattern Biomolecules at High Resolution Developed
92 Wildfires in Washington State
93 Prehistoric Rocks Contain Clues for Future Climate
94 New Turtle Tracking Technique May Aid Efforts to Save Loggerhead
95 Satellite Imagery Leaves Questions About Forage for Wildlife
96 Civil Engineers Destroy Test Levee in the Netherlands
97 Growing Corn to Treat Rare Disease
98 Key Immune Cell May Play Role in Lung Cancer Susceptibility
99 Brain: Protein That Regulates Key 'Fate' Decision in Cortical Progenitor Cells Identified
100 How Do We Make Moral Judgments? Insights from Psychological Science
101 Documenting Women's Experiences With Chromosome Abnormalities Found in New Prenatal Test
102 Ovarian Cancer Screening: Simple Two-Minute Questionnaire That Checks for Six Warning Signs May Lead to Better Early Detection
103 Topical NSAIDs Provide Relief from Arthritis Pain
104 Older Age Marker May Be More Appropriate for Papillary Thyroid Cancer Prognosis
105 Predictors for Inpatient Pain Identified
106 Relation of Poor Sleep Quality to Resistant Hypertension
107 Mental Stress: Unique Solutions for Unique Populations
108 COPD Patients Experience Poorer Sleep Quality and Lower Blood Oxygen Levels
109 Move to Less Poor Neighborhood Boosts Physical and Mental Health
110 Playground Peers Can Predict Adult Personalities
111 'He Says, She Says': How Characteristics of Automated Voice Systems Affect Users' Experience
112 iPhone 5: Consumers Focus Too Much On Having the Latest Features, Finds New Study
113 Psychology Can Explain and Improve Bad Classroom Behavior
114 Low Calorie Cranberry Juice Lowers Blood Pressure in Healthy Adults, Study Finds
115 Free Bus Passes Have Health Benefit, Say Researchers
116 How the Sub-Saharan Cheetah Got Its Stripes: Californian Feral Cats Help Unlock Biological Secret
117 Epigenetics: Mother's Nutrition--Before Pregnancy--May Alter Function of Her Children's Genes
118 DNA Analysis Aids in Classifying Single-Celled Algae
119 Adolescent Male Chimps in Large Community Strive to Be Alphas
120 Antibiotic Use Aids MRSA Spread in Hospital and Infection Control Measures Do Little to Prevent It, Says Hospital Study
121 Remarkable Enzyme Points the Way to Reducing Nitric Acid Use in Industry
122 Bringing Back the Tree That Built America: Scientists Harvest a Unique Stand of White Pine
123 Genome-Invading Retroviruses Have a Nasty Surprise for Koalas: Serious Pathological Impact for Centuries
124 Pesticides Not Yet Proven Guilty of Causing Honeybee Declines, Experts Say
125 Unusual Symbiosis in Marine Microorganisms Fertilizes Ocean by Fixing Nitrogen
126 Khoe-San Peoples Diverged Before 'Out-Of-Africa' Migration of Modern Humans
127 Humans Were Already Recycling 13,000 Years Ago, Burnt Artifacts Show
128 Genetic Mutation May Have Allowed Early Humans to Migrate Throughout Africa
129 Ancient Tooth May Provide Evidence of Early Human Dentistry
130 CT Scan and 3-D Print Help Scientists Reconstruct an Ancient Mollusk
131 NuSTAR Celebrates First 100 Days
132 Astrochemistry Enters a Bold New Era With ALMA
133 Space Shuttle Endeavour Flyovers Draw Excited Fans
134 Landing Pads Being Designed for Extraterrestrial Missions
135 NASA Mars Rover Targets Unusual Rock Enroute to First Destination
136 Novel Approach for Single Molecule Electronic DNA Sequencing
137 Researchers Demonstrate 'Giant' Forces in Super-Strong Nanomaterials
138 SpaceX, NASA Target Oct. 7 Launch for Resupply Mission to International Space Station
139 Time to Change an LED Light? Researchers Design System to Tell
140 Study Outlines Supply Chain Challenges for Lithium Future
141 Sifting Social Media for Early Signs of Adverse Drug Reactions
142 Computers Get a Better Way to Detect Threats
143 NASA App Features Inflatable Spacecraft for Returning Station Cargo
144 Computer Simulations for Multiscale Systems Can Be Faster, Better, More Reliable
145 Olympic Games in Rio 2016: Mathematical Formula Can Predict Medal Haul, Including Impact of Home Advantage