File Title
1 Deep-sea creatures at volcanic vent
2 World's deepest undersea vents discovered in Caribbean
3 Frozen Planet's brinicle sequence explained
4 Syria 'releases 755 detained during unrest'
5 Iran threatens to block Strait of Hormuz oil route
6 Kim Jong-il state funeral held in North Korea
7 China bullet train crash 'caused by design flaws'
8 Italy borrowing costs fall sharply at auction
9 The hunt for Mokele-mbembe: Congo's Loch Ness Monster
10 Solar power push faces challenges in Texas
11 'Tarzan's chimpanzee' Cheetah dies aged 80 in Florida
12 Australian crocodile Elvis steals lawnmower
13 British teenage designer of Summly app hits jackpot
14 Why Irish soldiers who fought Hitler hide their medals
15 Rapper Heavy D killed by DVT, coroner says
16 Faces of the year 2011--the women
17 Priests brawl in Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity
18 YouTube Slam begins video clip battles for users' votes
19 Android and iOS activations soar on Christmas Day
20 Venezuela offers free removal of faulty breast implants
21 Argentina President Cristina Fernandez has cancer
22 Blood bank 'perfect storm' threat for 2012
23 Uruguay Senate votes to decriminalise abortion
24 Dad gave up drinking for sick daughter's hospital
25 Nail biting high as pair of probes nears the moon
26 Chutes Malfunction; Skydiver Lives
27 In N. Korea, huge crowds at Kim's funeral march
28 Suspect cared for slain Ind. girl's grandpa
29 Old fireplace embers caused deadly Conn. fire
30 Veil of secrecy in North Korea for Kim funeral
31 A legal way to get Siri? No so fast
32 Mark Zuckerberg vacations in Vietnam, Facebook not welcome
33 Scientists discover a brain cell malfunction in schizophrenia
34 Remembrance of things future: Long-term memory sets the stage for visual perception
35 Japan scientists hope slime holds intelligence key
36 Team uses high-tech optical technique to pull sound from 125 year old recordings
37 Weather deserves medal for clean air during 2008 Olympics
38 Gentile cites positive, negative effects of video games on the brain in Nature Reviews article
39 Space Image: Ring of fire
40 Study finds unexplored link between airlines' profitability and their accident rates
41 Time for a change? Scholars say calendar needs serious overhaul
42 Controversial research on bird flu
43 GSM phones--call them unsafe, says security expert
44 Research shows ocean bacteria glow to attract those that would eat them
45 A new theory emerges for where some fish became four-limbed creatures
46 Suit filed in US over Twitter feed in test case
47 The pros and cons of Helicobacter pylori
48 Mutation in gene that's critical for human development linked to arrhythmia
49 Elderly can be as fast as young in some brain tasks, study shows
50 Members of small monkey groups more likely to fight
51 To children (but not adults) a rose by any other name is still a rose
52 Frogs use calls to find mates with matching chromosomes
53 Swimming upstream: Flux flow reverses for lattice bosons in a magnetic field
54 China tests 500 kilometers per hour train
55 Pions don't want to decay into faster-than-light neutrinos, study finds
56 ASU cosmologist suggests studying moon for alien artifacts
57 No-glasses 3-D technology to showcase at CES 2012
58 Kraft uses Intel technology in vending machine to target customers by age
59 A 40-year-old puzzle of superstring theory solved by supercomputer
60 Secrets of the 'Levitating' Slinky: Viral web videos trigger physicists to explore a striking phenomenon
61 cb(3P): New particle at the Large Hadron Collider discovered by ATLAS experiment
62 Twin probes to circle moon to study gravity field
63 Engineers develop more effective MRI contrast agent for cancer detection
64 Plasmonic nanocrosses that heat up when illuminated can be used to kill cancer
65 New technique makes it easier to etch semiconductors
66 'Plasmonic nanoantennas' show promise in optical innovations
67 Hyperthermia treatment of cancer using magnetic nanoparticles: First detailed elucidation of heat generation mechanism
68 Demonstration of ultra-high speed piezoelectric thin film with nanodomain structure
69 Researchers develop paint-on solar cells (w/ video)
70 Prototype device measures absolute optical power in fiber at nanowatt levels
71 NIST releases first certified reference material for single-wall carbon nanotubes
72 The enduring mystery of snowflakes
73 Flipping an egg carton of light traps giant atoms
74 Shearing triggers odd behavior in microscopic particles
75 'Reversing the problem' clarifies molecular structure
76 First ever direct measurement of the Earth's rotation
77 Researchers use webs of lasers to remove entropy from a system causing quantum gases to cool
78 New device could bring optical information processing
79 New spectroscopy technique enables investigation of two-dimensional electron states
80 Engineer guest authors PNAS commentary on directing colloidal assembly
81 Researchers devise a way to make a simple quantum computer using holograms
82 What if the earth had two moons?
83 As seen from space: Volcanic eruption creates new island in the red sea
84 Cloud droplets, ready for prime time
85 Oil on Nigerian coast after major Shell spill: NGO
86 India 'won't sign binding emissions pact': minister
87 China's satellite navigation system live
88 France has had hottest year since 1900
89 European carbon market suffers in annus horribilis
90 Sunlight and bunker oil a fatal combination for Pacific herring
91 Electricity sparks new life into Indonesia's corals
92 Hewlett-Packard offers fix for printers susceptible to remote hacks
93 Foundation readies $25 computer to seed tech talents
94 Windows Phone an overlooked worthy alternative to Android, iPhone
95 Robots get social network of their very own (no kidding)
96 Domestic robots: Harmony on the homefront?
97 Virginia Tech unveils HokieSpeed, a new powerful supercomputer for the masses
98 55": LG announces world's largest OLED TV panel
99 Holographic 3-D looks tantalizingly closer in 2012
100 China cuts 2012 rare earths export quota
101 Running a country? There's an app for that, almost
102 Samsung, Sharp in LCD price-fixing settlement
103 China plans Asia's biggest coal-fired power plant
104 Japan may put nuclear power firm under state control
105 Stratfor warns hacking victims of further woes
106 Italy fines Apple for misleading consumers
107 GOP wins battle of the bulb
108 Chemistry trick renews hope against killer diseases
109 Record reaction cascade yields cancer drug candidate
110 Why certain flavor combinations melt in your mouth
111 Foam bubbles finally brought to order
112 Novel polymers release their drug cargo in response to body temperature
113 Understanding the mechanical biology of life's bonds
114 E. coli packs a punch--an intestinal insight from ISIS
115 Lubricant in metal-on-metal hip implants found to be graphite, not proteins
116 Researchers discover secret of weevil diamond-like coat
117 MSU chemists become the first to solve an 84-year-old theory
118 Biochemists develop promising new treatment direction for rare metabolic diseases
119 Scientists pioneer new method for watching proteins fold
120 Applying pressure reaps material rewards
121 How do you mend a broken heart?
122 Silk microneedles deliver controlled-release drugs painlessly
123 DNA duplications may be responsible for genomic-based diseases
124 Escaped Siberian tiger shot dead in East China park
125 Researchers evaluate conservation of island bird species in the context of climate change
126 Over 65 million years North American mammal evolution has tracked with climate change
127 Capture of rare Sumatran rhino gives hope for species
128 Research finds molecular 'maturation clock' that modulates branching architecture in tomato plants
129 Mystery hummingbird's species identified
130 A different kind of immigrant problem
131 New light shed on chromosome fragility
132 Improved method for protein sequence comparisons is faster, more accurate, sensitive
133 A radar for ADAR: Altered gene tracks RNA editing in neurons
134 Study suggests new way to ensure effectiveness of TB treatment
135 Panels recommend gearing back on prostate-cancer screenings, cancer
136 Childhood hypersensitivity linked to OCD
137 Tests for biomarker may help determine diagnosis of heart attack within hours
138 Analysis does not support genetic test before use of anti-clotting drug
139 Scientists succeed in making the spinal cord transparent
140 New-age prosthetic technique enables blind mice to see
141 New powerful painkiller has abuse experts worried
142 Neuroscientists identify a master controller of memory
143 What are emotion expressions for?
144 Study shows persistence pays off in the mating game
145 HIV prevention research named scientific breakthrough of the year by Science
146 Researchers trace origins of malaria parasite from African slave trade to South America
147 Scientists fixate on Ric-8 to understand trafficking of popular drug receptor targets
148 Sea snails help researchers explore a way to enhance memory
149 Three new eczema genes discovered
150 'Rare' brain disorder may be more common than thought: study
151 New synthetic molecules treat autoimmune disease in mice
152 Researchers shorten time for manufacturing of personalized ovarian cancer vaccine
153 Study links quality of mother-toddler relationship to teen obesity
154 Memo to pediatricians: Allergy tests are no magic bullets for diagnosis
155 Prozac works better when used with other therapies
156 UF survey: Florida consumer confidence jumps in December
157 Chunk of rock drops off Italy's Colosseum
158 Irikaitz archaeological site--host to a 25,000-year-old pendant
159 Couple finds evidence indicating earliest humans lived by rivers and streams
160 Racial identity is changing among Latinos
161 A human touch for ancient scripts at Italy's book hospital
162 Molecular celebrations for your taste buds
163 New forms of torture leave 'invisible scars,' say researchers
164 N/A
165 United states ranks 20th in holiday spending
166 The -s plural marker is not a foreign import into the German language
167 Verity Platt is uncovering lives of ancient artists
168 'Animal embryo' fossils are actually microbes (Update)