File Title
1 Taking the pulse of Ngozumpa
2 'Anonymous' hackers hit US security firm Stratfor
3 Samsung buys Sony's entire stake in LCD joint venture
4 Intel and Kraft's iSample vending kiosks study shoppers
5 South Korea ex-First Lady Lee Hee-ho meets Kim Jong-un
6 Syria: Fresh violence 'leaves 23 dead' in Homs
7 Fukushima accident: disaster response failed--report
8 Brazil economy overtakes UK, says CEBR
9 Texas shooting: Gunman 'dressed as Santa' killed family
10 A Point of View: The endless obsession with what might be
11 Arab Spring: 'It was the first time I felt I belonged'
12 Hollywood takes on Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
13 Vinyl set to make radio comeback for one day only
14 Fire kills US advertising executive's girls and parents
15 Oxford Street stabbing: Man dies near Bond Street Tube
16 Mexican troops in Tamaulipas state discover 13 bodies
17 Indian student fatally wounded in Salford street shooting
18 How Germany's feared Scharnhorst ship was sunk in WWII
19 SOPA supporters facing boycotts, thanks to Reddit
20 How shoppers rule at Christmas
21 Cops: Santa killed Texas family after opening presents
22 On tape: Baby puts fingers in president's mouth
23 Swine flu found in five states: How to stay safe
24 24 states back FDA on tobacco warning label lawsuit
25 How do Mount Athos Monks stay so healthy?
26 Sony sells its half stake in TV joint venture to Samsung
27 Samsung snaps up Sony's share of joint S-LCD business for $940m
28 Samsung to pay $934M for Sony share of LCD firm panel
29 Sony Sells LCD Venture Stake to Samsung as Losses From TVs Mount
30 Hacking Group 'Anonymous' Takes First Step in 'Master Plan,' Vows to Strike Again
31 Hackers Breach the Web Site of Stratfor Global Intelligence
32 Stratfor Targeted by Hacking Group Anonymous
33 'Anonymous' hackers target US security think tank
34 LG's mammoth 55-inch OLED TV is CES-bound
35 LG 55-inch OLED HDTV promises cheaper LCD-beating at CES 2012
36 Twin Probes to Orbit Moon, Study Gravity Field
37 Twin probes to circle moon to study gravity field
38 NASA "Grail" Probes to Reach Destination on New Year's Day
39 What's Coming In 2012: A New Era For Apple
40 Your Timeline is Money
41 Facebook Timeline welcomed--by some
42 Satellite piece crashes through roof
43 Ten great free iOS apps
44 What to do with your new iPhone
45 Five ways to get started with your new iPhone
46 Google's iPad Killer Ready in 6 Months, Says Eric Schmidt
47 Google Nexus launch likely to affect sales of Android 4.0 tablet PCs, say sources
48 PIP implants sold to Dutch firm under new name
49 New Powerful Painkiller Has Drug Abuse Experts Worried
50 New powerful painkiller has abuse experts worried
51 Hydrocodone Painkiller Being Developed, Abuse Experts Worried
52 Obesity linked to poor mother-toddler bond
53 Children who have bad relationships with their mothers more likely to be obese: study
54 Less Sensitive Moms Linked to Teen Obesity
55 Kids who hate their mums likely to become obese
56 As gastric banding increases, so may complications
57 Case Report: Gastric Band Migrates
58 Pulmonary Problems May Be Late Complication of Lap Band
59 At least 40 patients die amid India doctors' strike
60 Over 60 die as agitating doctors refuse to yield
61 Rajasthan govt arrests over 400 doctors as strike continues
62 Product recalls: Fresh packaged spinach, Pat O'Brien's Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix
63 Avon Heights Mushrooms, Inc. Recalls Fresh Spinach Because of Possible Health Risk
64 Endangered Turtle Survives Trans-Atlantic Journey
65 Stranded in Europe in 2008, turtle is flown home for return to the gulf
66 Legumes give nitrogen-supplying bacteria special access pass
67 Cockroach hookup signal could benefit endangered woodpecker
68 To turn up the heat in chilies, just add water
69 Frankincense production 'doomed' warn ecologists
70 Get ready for spring--hay fever worse in spring than summer
71 'Head-first' diversity shown to drive vertebrate evolution
72 Which Wheats Make the Best Whole-Grain Cookie Doughs?
73 Fuel reduction likely to increase carbon emissions
74 New tool offers unprecedented access for root studies
75 Exploiting Trichoderma: From food security to biotechnology
76 Southampton researchers help to outline world's land and water resources for food and agriculture
77 Disease-causing strains of Fusarium prevalent in plumbing drains
78 Having a cow can be a heart healthy choice
79 Yellowstone transformed 15 years after the return of wolves
80 Study examines how diving marine mammals manage decompression
81 Belize protected area boosting predatory fish populations
82 Ave Atque Vale: Botany bids 'hail and farewell' to Latin-only descriptions in 2012
83 UT-ORNL research reveals aquatic bacteria more recent move to land
84 Virgin Olive Oil & Fish Fatty Acids Help Prevent Acute Pancreatitis
85 High genetic diversity in an ancient Hawaiian clone
86 Reclaiming the Land After a Forest Fire
87 Sea cucumbers: Dissolving coral reefs?
88 Go to work on a Christmas card
89 Study uncovers a molecular 'maturation clock' that modulates branching architecture in tomato plants
90 Sunlight and bunker oil a fatal combination for Pacific herring
91 Skeletons point to Columbus voyage for syphilis origins
92 Science's breakthrough of the year: HIV treatment as prevention
93 Glacial tap is open but the water will run dry
94 Every cloud has a silver lining: Weather forecasting models could predict brain tumor growth
95 Researchers discover a way to significantly reduce the production costs of fuel cells
96 Climate sensitivity greater than previously believed
97 Proposals for reducing carbon dioxide emissions must balance with development needs
98 Researchers develop new method of cleaning toxins from the oilsands
99 Benefits of new air quality rules greatly outweigh costs
100 Comprehensive Study Makes Key Findings of Ocean pH Variations
101 Unnatural disasters
102 Over 65 million years North American mammal evolution has tracked with climate change
103 Chinese fossils shed light on the evolutionary origin of animals from single-cell ancestors
104 How bacteria fight flouride
105 Gene fusion in lung cancer afflicting never-smokers may be target for therapy
106 DNA mismatch repair happens only during a brief window of opportunity
107 Defending the genome
108 Built-in 'self-destruct timer' causes ultimate death of messenger RNA in cells
109 DOE researchers achieve important genetic breakthroughs to help develop cheaper biofuels
110 Researcher contends multiple sclerosis is not a disease of the immune system
111 Penn scientists pioneer new method for watching proteins fold
112 Penn engineers develop more effective MRI contrast agent for cancer detection
113 A new way of approaching the early detection of Alzheimer's disease
114 Viagra against heart failure: Researchers at the RUB and from Rochester throw light on the mechanism
115 Millipede border control better than ours
116 Cleveland Clinic researcher discovers genetic cause of thyroid cancer
117 A radar for ADAR: Altered gene tracks RNA editing in neurons
118 New synthetic molecules treat autoimmune disease in mice
119 Faster, more accurate, more sensitive
120 Discovered the existence of neutrophils in the spleen
121 Study links quality of mother-toddler relationship to teen obesity
122 It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Super Hero Sexism
123 How to break Murphy's Law
124 Even limited telemedicine could improve developing health
125 Pre-surgery exam rates vary widely among hospitals
126 Supersized market economy, supersized belly: Wealthier nations have more fast food and more obesity
127 The mall as a sanctuary: Study finds holiday shopping outlets aren't just shrines to spending
128 ORNL image analysis prowess advances retina research
129 Do you hear what I hear? Noise exposure surrounds us
130 Study uncovers clues to what makes anesthetics work
131 Hips that function better and last longer
132 For every road there is a tire
133 NIH researchers uncover clues related to metal-on-metal hip implants
134 'Nanoantennas' show promise in optical innovations
135 Harvard physicists demonstrate a new cooling technique for quantum gases
136 First ever direct measurement of the Earth's rotation
137 Drugs used to overcome cancer may also combat antibiotic resistance: McMaster researchers
138 Enzyme that flips switch on cells' sugar cravings could be anti-cancer target
139 New technique makes it easier to etch semiconductors
140 MSU chemists become the first to solve an 84-year-old theory
141 New device could bring optical information processing
142 Pitt researchers propose new model to design better flu shots
143 UTHealth researchers link multiple sclerosis to different area of brain
144 Shearing triggers odd behavior in microscopic particles
145 Pions don't want to decay into faster-than-light neutrinos, study finds
146 Ironing out the details of the Earth's core
147 Human skull study causes evolutionary headache
148 MDC Researchers: Ion Channel Makes African Naked Mole-Rat Insensitive to Acid-Induced Pain
149 N/A
150 Landmark discovery has magnetic appeal for scientists
151 Genetic study of black chickens shed light on mechanisms causing rapid evolution in domestic animals
152 Rapid evolution in domestic animals sheds light on the genetic changes underlying evolution
153 CAD for RNA
154 Long intervening non-coding RNAs play pivotal roles in brain development
155 Bacteria battle against toxic fluoride
156 School absenteeism, mental health problems linked
157 Taking a predictive approach to identifying adverse drug reactions
158 How do you mend a broken heart?
159 Fixing common blood disorder would make kidney transplants more successful
160 Toddlers don't listen to their own voice like adults do
161 Severe congenital disorder successfully treated in a mouse model for the first time
162 When the mountains call...
163 A new sensor to detect lung cancer from exhaled breath
164 UK researchers present findings from Kentucky breast cancer patients with disease relapse
165 'Rare' brain disorder may be more common than thought, say Mayo Clinic scientists
166 Memo to pediatricians: Allergy tests are no magic bullets for diagnosis
167 New analysis casts doubt on results of tobacco industry studies into safety of cigarette additives
168 Sleep disorders common among police officers
169 New Method of Infant Pain Assessment from Oxford Published in JoVE
170 Research finds Medicare and private insurance spending similar throughout Texas
171 Crowded emergency departments deliver less effective pain relief
172 Improving family consent in organ donation could save lives
173 Brain size may predict risk for early Alzheimer's disease
174 Why bigger is better when it comes to our brain and memory
175 Listen up: Abnormality in auditory processing underlies dyslexia
176 More reasons to keep this New Year's weight loss resolution uncovered by Ben-Gurion U researchers
177 Self-affirmation May Break Down Resistance to Medical Screening
178 Women should still be concerned about hormone replacement therapy, say McMaster researchers
179 Teens who express own views with mom resist peer pressures best
180 Young children understand the benefits of positive thinking
181 How moms talk influences children's perspective-taking ability
182 Study points to long-term recall of very early experiences
183 American Cancer Society Study Finds Colorectal Cancer Mortality Dropping Slower in African Americans
184 HIV study named 2011 breakthrough of the year by Science
185 More than other drugs, injected meth is associated with an increased risk of attempted suicide
186 What are emotion expressions for?
187 First Earth-sized planets found
188 SwRI researchers discover new evidence for complex molecules on Pluto's surface
189 Astronomers discover deep-fried planets
190 Discovery of 2 Earth-size planets raises questions about the evolution of stars
191 Astronomers, Iowa State's Kawaler discover planets that survived their star's expansion
192 Some nearby young stars may be much older than previously thought
193 Astronomers discover rare galaxy at dawn of time
194 Cryogenic testing completed for NASA's WEBB Telescope mirrors
195 Stanford engineers achieve record conductivity in strained lattice organic semiconductor
196 New process could advance use of healthy cells or stem cells to treat disease
197 NIST sensor improvement brings analysis method into mainstream
198 Prototype NIST device measures absolute optical power in fiber at nanowatt levels
199 NIST releases first certified reference material for single-wall carbon nanotubes
200 Protecting computers at start-up: New NIST guidelines
201 NIST special publication expands government authentication options
202 UCLA neuroscientists demonstrate crucial advances in 'brain reading'
203 Silk microneedles deliver controlled-release drugs painlessly