File Title
1 SOPA-PIPA Protest: What's Next?
2 iBooks 2: Apple Announces Digital Textbooks
3 Apple to Remake Textbooks; Project Begun by Steve Jobs
4 Ahead of the Bell: Google Falls on Ad Pricing
5 Cruise Ship Threatens Marine Paradise
6 Venture Capital Investments up 19 Percent in 4Q
7 US Internet Piracy Case Brings New Zealand Arrests
8 Air Force Launches Military Satellite Into Space
9 Gets Hit by Mega Piracy Indictment; Hackers Attack Feds, Entertainment Industry
10 Exclusive: Gingrich Lacks Moral Character to Be President, Ex-Wife Says
11 Georgia Mom Arrested for Allowing 10-Year-Old to Get Tattoo
12 Sarah Burke Dead at 29 After Half-Pipe Skiing Accident
13 Exclusive 'GMA' Deals on Hot Items for Tweens and Teens
14 Insomniacs Suffer Depression, Heart Woes After Years of Little Sleep
15 Sleep Secrets: How to Get a Good Night's Rest
16 LA Hospital Prepares to Send Tiny Baby Home
17 Comets seen in a brand new light
18 Modified bugs turn seaweed into biofuel
19 Devastating blood fluke's code cracked
20 UK 'subsidising nuclear power unlawfully'
21 Quantum computing could head to 'the cloud,' study says
22 Elusive endangered monkeys caught on camera in Borneo
23 First video of Fukushima nuclear reactor interior
24 Oil rig arrives in Cuba to begin deep water exploration
25 Is Keystone a Touchstone?
26 Male bowerbirds 'benefit from optical illusions'
27 Buenos Aires' must-see music event
28 South Carolina debate: Newt Gingrich fury at media
29 Hackers retaliate over Megaupload website shutdown
30 Costa Concordia operation halted amid weather threat
31 Four French soldiers die in Afghanistan shooting
32 Salman Rushdie pulls out of Jaipur literature festival
33 Amit Gupta's good news: Marrow donor finds match
34 Saving the house of jazz legend John Coltrane
35 Simon Cowell: 'I got too cocky'
36 Canada freestyle skier Sarah Burke dies
37 Saddam 'buttock' sale: Company boss Jim Thorpe quizzed
38 Google revenues worse than expected
39 Microsoft quarterly profits fall slightly
40 Intel profits up as chipmaker promises more investment
41 Apple launches e-textbook tools with new iBooks
42 Slip road ahead: Merging data to give better answers
43 Viewpoint: Pearson on the rise of 'engaging' e-textbooks
44 Ex-Apple boss Sculley sets record straight on Jobs
45 A380 wings to be checked for cracks, EASA says
46 Neanderthals: No Einsteins, but not dopes either
47 Will SOPA cost Obama Hollywood's support?
48 NASA debunks new UFO conspiracy charge
49 Priceline to kill off Shatner's "Negotiator?"
50 Gingrich slams CNN for asking about ex-wife
51 Fact check: GOP debate's history flubs
52 George Lucas: Billionaire down on capitalism
53 U.S. chopper crashes in Afghanistan; 6 dead
54 Calif. HS student devises possible cancer cure
55 Facebook Timeline apps take oversharing to a new level
56 Ancient Popcorn Found--Made 2,000 Years Earlier Than Thought in Peru
57 Comet Seen Vaporizing in Sun's Atmosphere--A First
58 Injections Could Lift Venice 12 Inches, Study Suggests
59 New Island Born--Future Tourism Hot Spot?
60 Mystery Deepens Over Where Sun Was Born
61 Obama Administration Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline
62 It Takes More Than Data to Make a Decision
63 Fuel Tanker Finally Reaches Iced-In Alaska Town
64 Shine a Light: The Suitcase That's Saving Women's Lives
65 Should You Reuse Plastic Utensils?
66 Natural, Homemade, Streak-Free Glass Cleaner
67 Traditional Energy Sources vs. Green Power Sources
68 Solutions for a nitrogen-soaked world
69 How far is far enough?
70 Breeding better grasses for food and fuel
71 'Meating' a solution: Research finds that LED lights extend meat shelf life, save retailers money
72 The fermented cereal beverage of the Sumerians may not have been beer
73 University of Minnesota biologists replicate key evolutionary step
74 UF researchers discover 'green' pesticide effective against citrus pests
75 Black Saturday provides bushfire answers
76 University of Toronto/Royal Ontario Museum scientists discover unusual 'tulip' creature
77 Extremely rare turtle released into the wild
78 Ancient popcorn discovered in Peru
79 Insects top latest inventory of newly discovered species
80 Success Thwarted by State-Local Disconnect
81 New study evaluates impact of land use activity in the Amazon basin
82 Researchers outline food security-climate change road map in Science
83 Climate change invites alien invaders--Is Canada ready?
84 Avalanche of reactions at the origin of life
85 Efforts to control the 'Mighty Mississippi' result in flooded farmland and permanent damage
86 Researchers Discover Green Pesticide For Citrus Pests
87 Findings prove Miscanthus x giganteus has great potential as an alternative energy source
88 Hardy bacteria help make case for life in the extreme
89 The biodiversity crisis: Worse than climate change
90 Multiple partners not the only way for corals to stay cool
91 Carbon dioxide is "driving fish crazy"
92 Earth's massive extinction: The story gets worse
93 Scientists confirm tobacco use by ancient Mayans
94 Engineering team completes ambitious Antarctic expedition in the 'deep-field'
95 Does the La Nina weather pattern lead to flu pandemics?
96 Wood-burning stoves--harmful or safe?
97 From field to biorefinery: Computer model optimizes biofuel operations
98 Power generation is blowing in the wind
99 UMass Amherst Climate Researchers Find Evidence of Past Southern Hemisphere Rainfall Cycles Related to Antarctic Temperatures
100 Team finds natural reasons behind nitrogen-rich forests
101 Climate balancing: Sea-level rise vs. surface temperature change rates
102 The great gas hydrate escape
103 Bio architecture lab technology converts seaweed to renewable fuels and chemicals
104 Low Temperatures Enhance Ozone Degradation above the Arctic
105 Scientists Make Progress in Assessing Tornado Seasons
106 NASA Finds 2011 Ninth-Warmest Year on Record
107 Ecologists gain insight into the likely consequences of global warming
108 Birds of a feather don't always stick together
109 Rigged to explode?
110 Why cholesterol-lowering statins might treat cancer
111 High risk oesophageal cancer gene discovered
112 Research highlights key role grandmothers play in mother and child nutrition and health
113 Dung beetle dance provides crucial orientation cues
114 Japan and New Zealand were hit hardest by earthquakes
115 Pictures of food create feelings of hunger
116 UF study: 'Rules' may govern genome evolution in young plant species
117 NJIT high speed rail expert to address DC conference next week
118 Marine's Best Friend Shows Explosive-Detecting Capabilities
119 Mysterious Flotsam in Gulf of Mexico Came from Deepwater Horizon Rig, Study Finds
120 UCSF Team Uncovers How Immune Cells Move Against Invaders
121 'Extinct' monkey rediscovered in Borneo by new expedition
122 Why bats, rats and cats store different amounts of fat
123 Mysterious monkey rediscovered in Bornean rainforest
124 A new way to stimulate the immune system and fight infection
125 Better together--The RN and the EHR
126 Kessler Foundation reports greater brain activation after cognitive rehabilitation for MS
127 Pro athletes bolster star status through team selection, teammates and career evolution: Study
128 If doughnuts could talk they'd tell you to take the elevator instead of the stairs
129 Do consumers prefer to pay $29 for 70 items or get 70 items for $29?
130 University of Tennessee researchers develop comprehensive, accessible vision testing device
131 The rail and road network in Spain does not follow economic criteria, but central
132 New research finds sport is effective in reducing reoffending rates
133 Women Worse at Math than Men Explanation Scientifically Incorrect, MU Researchers Say
134 Study shows connection between birth weights and armed conflict
135 Educational disadvantages associated with race still persist in Brazil despite improvements
136 Study: Communicating health risk is a risky task for FDA
137 Many high-risk Americans don't get hepatitis B vaccine
138 Benefits of high quality child care persist 30 years later
139 EARTH: Setting off a supervolcano
140 When It Comes to Accepting Evolution, Gut Feelings Trump Facts
141 Rutgers Study Finds Paid Family Leave Leads to Positive Economic Outcomes
142 Poorest Smokers Face Toughest Odds for Kicking the Habit
143 Reinforcing behavior in the brain
144 UCSB Researchers Uncover Transparency Limits on Transparent Conducting Oxides
145 Contact lenses provide extended pain relief to laser eye surgery patients
146 First link between potentially toxic PFCs in office air and in office workers' blood
147 'Miracle tree' substance produces clean drinking water inexpensively and sustainably
148 Nursing home residents with dementia: Antidepressants are associated with increased risk of falling
149 Ulcer-Causing Bacteria Baffled by Mucus
150 Quantum physics enables perfectly secure cloud computing
151 Carnegie Mellon study reveals potential of manganese in neutralizing deadly Shiga toxin
152 UCI team discovers how protein in teardrops annihilates harmful bacteria
153 The helix in new colors
154 Chemists unlock potential target for drug development
155 UC Davis investigators achieve important step toward treating Huntington's disease
156 UC Davis researchers refine nanoparticles for more accurate delivery of cancer drugs
157 Notre Dame physicists use ion beams to detect art forgery
158 How the 'street pigeon' got its fancy on
159 Native forest birds in unprecedented trouble, according to University of Hawaii at Manoa researchers
160 Satellite observes spatiotemporal variations in mid-upper tropospheric methane over China
161 New educational program helps the siblings of children with cancer
162 University of Utah, Google seek answers for autism
163 KAIST's smart e-book system more convenient than paper-based books
164 Simulating firefighting operations on a PC
165 Rice's 'quantum critical' theory gets experimental boost
166 Don't know much about charter schools
167 Discrimination may harm your health, according to new Rice study
168 Graphene quantum dots: The next big small thing
169 Contracts in the classroom
170 Declines in melanoma deaths limited to the most educated
171 Plugged into learning: Computers help students advance
172 Study suggests junk food in schools doesn't cause weight gain among children
173 Retention study identifies key factors affecting 3 generations of nurses
174 Physical Activity Program Leads to Better Behavior for Children with ADHD
175 New report reviews U.S. nitrogen pollution impacts & solutions
176 Program led to lower crime, fewer violent incidents among kids
177 States reduce funding for research universities
178 Choking game prevalent among teens in Texas
179 15 minutes of fame lasts a bit longer for artists who hit pop charts
180 MIT researchers find critical speed above which birds- and drones- are sure to crash
181 Delirium after stroke linked to poorer outcomes for patients
182 Sexual activity is safe for most heart, stroke patients
183 Color-coding, rearranging food products improves healthy choices in hospital cafeteria
184 'Senior' runners never stop pushing their limits in marathons.
185 Study finds patients receive half of recommended preventive health services at annual check-ups
186 'Pulverized' chromosomes linked to cancer?
187 MSU seeks to revamp HIV-prevention programs in Caribbean
188 Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation as a bridge to lung transplantation
189 Duration of RBC storage does not affect short-term pulmonary, immunologic, or coagulation status
190 Accelerated infant growth increases risk of future asthma symptoms in children
191 Anti-infective drug shortages pose threat to public health and patient care
192 What type of helmet is best for winter play?
193 Exposure to chemical found in personal care products may contribute to childhood obesity
194 3 is the magic number: A chain reaction required to prevent tumor formation
195 T-rays technology could help develop Star Trek-style hand-held medical scanners
196 Autism redefined: Yale researchers study impact of proposed diagnostic criteria
197 Injuries to Headphone-wearing Pedestrians Struck by Cars and Trains More Than Triple Since 2004, According to University of Maryland Researchers
198 Balancing scientific freedom and national security
199 Study: Quebec ban on fast-food ads reduced consumption of junk food
200 Grapes may help prevent age-related blindness
201 Homeless heavy drinkers imbibe less when housing allows alcohol
202 Cell senescence does not stop tumor growth
203 PCE in drinking water linked to an increased risk of mental illness
204 Sitting it out
205 The advantage of ambiguity
206 Study finds delirium after stroke linked to poorer outcomes for patients
207 Are Religious People Better Adjusted Psychologically?
208 UH Manoa researchers discover novel chemical route to form organic molecules
209 Keeping an eye on the Universe
210 Faint 'satellite galaxy' discovered
211 Catching a Comet Death on Camera
212 The faster-than-fast Fourier transform
213 New Robot is Designed to Use Less Energy
214 Lawson researchers engineer a switch to tame aggressive cancers
215 A big leap toward lowering the power consumption of microprocessors