File Title
1 Intel Semifinalist Is Homeless No More Thanks to Community
2 Indestructible iPad Case? Not to Bill Weir
3 Facebook App For Sending Messages from the Grave
4 Homeless Teen Could Win $100,000 Science Prize and New Future for Family
5 Rare White Penguin Spotted in Antarctica
6 CES: The Touch Screen Is So 2011. Is Eye Tracking Next?
7 Gadget Watch: Control a PC With Body Motions
8 Crowd Too Big, Beijing Apple Store Cancels Sale
9 Netflix Shares Rise on Investor Optimism
10 UK Student Faces Extradition to US Over Movie Site
11 Space Station Moves up and out of Way of Debris
12 Married 61 Years, Husband and Wife Die Hours Apart
13 5-Second Rule? Medics Drop Heart but Transplant Proceeds
14 A Link Between Sausage and Cancer?
15 Two Hearts, One Chest, One Major Resuscitation
16 Antidepressants Linked to Hypertension in Babies
17 From Hotel Rooms to Coffee Shops: New World of Online Sperm Donation
18 Fear of Friday, the 13th (Paraskevidekatriaphobia) and Other Unpronounceable Phobias
19 Born With Two Vaginas: Not So Rare
20 Rare multiple star system discovered
21 Team build world's smallest hard drive
22 Warmer winds a boost to albatross
23 Seabird foraging areas 'key for conservation'
24 Super-cool Planck mission begins to warm
25 Bubble-blowing stars seen in the thousands by public
26 Processed meat 'linked to pancreatic cancer'
27 Primate pet ownership in England 'on rise'
28 Winner in satellite image contest
29 Bike-friendly Los Angeles
30 US to exchange ambassadors with Burma
31 France confirms loss of top AAA credit rating
32 US military identifies all four 'urinating' Marines
33 Obama asks for power to reorganise six federal agencies
34 Mitt Romney lambasted in attack ad for speaking French
35 Alaskan Indian woodcarver revives extinct totem art
36 Eve teasing in India: Assault or harassment by another name
37 Nigeria fuel subsidy strike: Protests suspended
38 German priest admits 280 counts of sexual abuse
39 Russian finds Kalashnikovs in firewood crates
40 Biddy O'Loughlin: The girl who thought she was Irish
41 Van der Sloot given 28-year sentence for Peru murder
42 Royal Society offers ways to overhaul ICT teaching
43 IBM researchers make 12-atom magnetic memory bit
44 CES 2012: New interface controls challenge status quo
45 Ex-Apple boss Sculley sets record straight on Jobs
46 Traffic jam: Wider wifi highways may end data gridlock
47 Guatemala congressman Valentin Leal shot dead
48 Syria tanks and troops 'enter protest town, Zabadani'
49 Foetus parties: Womb with a view?
50 Could you start the day without OJ?
51 Sleep doctor answers insomnia questions
52 Whoa! Samsung's smart window brings "Minority Report" to life
53 Rupert Murdoch tweets "we screwed up" on MySpace
54 SOPA opera: the Internet dukes it out with Congress
55 The Daily Show host Jon Stewart says he'll brush up on SOPA
56 Justin Bieber introduces dancing robot mRobo at CES
57 China, India join $1B Hawaii telescope project
58 Xbox 360 workers reportedly threaten mass suicide
59 Heather Locklear "going to be just fine," parents say
60 4 Marines in video ID'd; Probe ongoing
61 Stephen Colbert isn't really running for president
62 Joran van der Sloot sentenced to 28 years behind bars for the murder of Stephany Flores
63 Amish men jailed for refusing to pay buggy fines
64 Is smoking marijuana bad for your lungs?
65 NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor to power Audi's next-gen infotainment and digital instrument clusters
66 Amazon announces it's ready to accept e-books in new KF8 format
67 Superconducting current limiter guarantees electricity supply of the Boxberg power plant
68 Discovery of plant 'nourishing gene' brings hope for increased crop seed yield and food security
69 Energy-saving chaperon Hsp90
70 Uncertainty grows over Russia Mars probe crash site
71 Particle-free silver ink prints small, high-performance electronics
72 Binary star system found by following gamma-ray signal
73 How dogs can walk on ice without freezing their paws
74 Quasicrystal is extraterrestrial in origin
75 One step closer to controlling nuclear fusion
76 New silicon probe assists in disease diagnostics and drug discovery
77 New map of the universe reveals its history for the past six-billion years
78 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter's LAMP reveals lunar surface features
79 Chemical signal helps plants control their "breathing"
80 Twist-and-glow molecules aid rapid gas detection
81 Earthly machine recreates star's sizzling-hot surface
82 Researchers discover novel chemical route to form organic molecules
83 New family of composite structures
84 Wasp rediscovered after almost 100 years
85 Longer-lasting chemical catalysts
86 Next-generation light bulb shines at CES
87 Rugged new strawberry has a hint of pineapple
88 'Smart TVs' offer new windows onto the Internet
89 Cold winters caused by warmer summers, research suggests
90 Some dating websites do not remove GPS data from photos
91 New study urges smart targeting of pollution sources to save lives and climate
92 USB key opens home files from anywhere
93 Electron's negativity cut in half by supercomputer
94 The world's smallest magnetic data storage unit
95 Graphene quantum dots: The next big small thing
96 Hydrogen advances graphene use
97 Magnetic actuation enables nanoscale thermal analysis
98 Polymer science team designs new nanotech technique for lower-cost materials repair
99 Tiny quantum dots hold promise for future source of lighting
100 Slippery when stacked: Theorists quantify the friction of graphene
101 Nanotube 'glow sticks' transform surface science tool kit
102 Quick-cooking nanomaterials in microwave to make tomorrow's air conditioners
103 Research teams develop rolling microcapsules to repair micro-sized defects in surfaces
104 Nanoscale biological coating is a new way to stop the bleeding
105 Scientists solve mystery of colorful armchair nanotubes
106 Keeping electronics cool: Findings on modified form of graphene could have impacts in managing heat dissipation
107 Nanotechnology researchers develop new strategy to deliver chemotherapy to prostate cancer cells
108 Crowd-sourcing the Future of Accelerators
109 New portrait to mark Hooke's place in history
110 Choreographing dance of electrons offers promise in pursuit of quantum computers
111 Researchers conduct experimental implementation of quantum algorithm
112 Optical nanoantennas enable efficient multipurpose particle manipulation
113 Physicists develop nano-level sound detector
114 Team models ionic conductivity in doped ceria for use as a fuel cell electrolyte
115 Research team predicts the next big thing in the world of particle physics: supersymmetry
116 Battery, heal thyself: Inventing self-repairing batteries
117 Physics team finds new constraints on how lumpy space-time can be
118 Light control technique could lead to tunable lighting and displays
119 Russia says its spacecraft may crash into Atlantic
120 Japanese whalers hand over Australian activists
121 Economic incentives could massively reduce deforestation emissions in Indonesia, yield billions of dollars
122 Managing private and public adaptation to climate change
123 Spacecraft completes biggest maneuver
124 Space station to move to avoid oncoming junk
125 Cassini testing part of its radio system
126 Wi-Drive gives Apple-Amazon gadgets more capacity
127 Microsoft's departure signals CES's decline
128 Motorized shoes ready to roll into stores
129 New sensation: Phones that let you feel the world
130 iPhone attachment captures panoramic video
131 Carmakers lure youth with gadgets, sleek design
132 Android-powered watches get Internet savvy
133 Solid state Swiss Army Knife can save digital lives
134 CES gadget fair 'geeks' get peek at sex tech
135 Sony's next-generation 55-inch 'Crystal LED Display' prototype presented at CES
136 Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset heads for tablets, TVs
137 Calif. imposes battery charger energy standards
138 Gadget Watch: Control a PC with body motions
139 Giving the electricity network more grunt
140 India gov't agrees to prosecute Google, Facebook
141 S. Korea lifts ban on Internet for electioneering
142 Development of positive electrode materials for low-cost and high-performance lithium-ion secondary batteries
143 Air France fined 146,000 euros for 'poisoned' coffee
144 Twitter co-founder complains of Chinese blocking
145 Gadget Watch: ATM turns your old phone into cash
146 Senior-driving study eyes safer roadways
147 Crowd too big, Beijing Apple store cancels sale
148 Electrochemical dissolution of platinum in an ionic liquid
149 New chemical reaction holds promise for drug development
150 Active compounds against Alzheimer's disease
151 Products of biotechnological origin using vegetable and fruit by-products generated by the industry
152 Giant optical gain in a rare-earth-ion-doped microstructure
153 Why coffee drinking reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes
154 Helping hydrogen move back home
155 Infrared detector unmasks cocaine addicts
156 Chemical engineers boost petrochemical output from biomass by 40%
157 New information on the waste-disposal units of living cells
158 Twenty-year protein mystery solved with surprising results
159 Why do dew drops do what they do on leaves?
160 Advance toward an imaging agent for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease
161 More than 100 baby seals rescued on Dutch coast
162 Researchers find Sydney whales unfazed by whale watching
163 Fly named in honor of Beyonce
164 Learning from lizards
165 Titanium dioxide film enhances the sun's natural disinfection power
166 Discovery in Africa gives insight for Australian Hendra virus outbreaks
167 Honeybee deaths linked to seed insecticide exposure
168 S. African rangers kill poachers in Kruger park
169 Evolutionary psychologists find macaques more likely influenced by friends than family
170 Faulty proteins may prove significant in identifying new treatments for ovarian cancer
171 Researchers identify possible receptor for key breast cancer regulator
172 The concept of 'overactive bladder' serves better commercial rather than patient interests
173 I recognize you! But how did I do it?
174 Software for analyzing digital pathology images proving its usefulness
175 Study shows 32 million Americans have autoantibodies that target their own tissues
176 Keeping an eye on the Japanese genome
177 A gender-biased metric guides funding decisions in psychology research
178 Wearing contact lenses can affect glaucoma measurements
179 Processed meat may increase pancreatic cancer risk
180 German bosses call to ban cigarette breaks at work
181 A muffin makeover: Dispelling the low-fat-is-healthy myth
182 Surprising results from smoke inhalation study
183 New international research defends genome-wide association studies
184 The microbiome and disease: Gut bacteria influence the severity of heart attacks in rats
185 Expectant mothers on antidepressants risk newborns with high blood pressure
186 Men with deep voice may be lacking in sperm: study
187 A penny-per-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages keeps the doctor away and saves money
188 A scarcity of women leads men to spend more, save less
189 Practice doesn't make perfect when it comes to understanding risk
190 Cosmetic chemical hinders brain development in tadpoles
191 Who's wealthy? Beyond net worth, asset and debt levels change our perceptions
192 We may be less happy, but our language isn't
193 Red wine researcher accused of falsifying data
194 Nicotine replacement therapies may not be effective in helping people quit smoking, study says
195 Brain region can signal early-stage Alzheimer's and other dementias
196 Seeing what's inside a tumor
197 People mimic each other, but we aren't chameleons
198 How the brain routes traffic for maximum alertness
199 Newly identified type of immune cell may be important protector against sepsis
200 Right-to-work has minimal impact on manufacturing
201 Contracts in the classroom
202 The current crisis follows the same patterns as in 1991
203 Emotional news framing affects public response to crises
204 Imagine that: How you envision others says a lot about you in real life
205 A new year fir the Euro: What could happen and why Americans should be concerned
206 Pesticide website offers new tools for gardeners, homeowners and applicators
207 Don't know much about charter schools
208 Girl power surges in India
209 Parental education not always linked to child's earnings
210 Budweiser's decline will continue, strategy expert says
211 Scientists study hands of fearsome, meat-eating dinosaur
212 First physical evidence of tobacco in a Mayan container
213 UK minister says children 'bored' by IT classes
214 'I feel your pain...' Same sex coworkers sympathize when they observe lack of respect aimed at their colleagues