File Title
1 CES: Toshiba Touts 3-D TV Without the Glasses
2 'Doomsday' Clock a Minute Closer to the End
3 TechBytes: Consumer Electronics Show Day 1
4 CES: Consumer Electronics Show Opens in Las Vegas
5 Potential Flops That Will Be Hyped at CES
6 Facial Recognition: Beating Surveillance Cameras
7 Ultrabooks 101: What's Ahead for the Light Laptops
8 How the Internet Will Get New Domain Name Suffixes
9 Video Game Maker Linked to US Prisoner in Iran
10 A Look at How Some Tech IPO Stocks Are Faring
11 Michael Philbin, Son of Packers Coach, Called Pal Before Falling In River
12 Baby Born With Organs Outside Body Receives Rare Surgery
13 Fungicide Found in Orange Juice
14 Deadly Cantaloupe Outbreak Blamed on Bad Audits
15 Reporter Uncovers Cancer Diagnosis, Turns Lens on Self
16 CDC: Millions of Americans are Binge Drinkers
17 NFL Brawl Leads to Ref's Cancer Diagnosis
18 Statins Linked to Small Diabetes Risk
19 Women Skip Both Banks for Free Online Sperm
20 DES Daughters Seek Legal Action, Claim Breast Cancer Link
21 Vast web of dark matter mapped
22 Hints that 'extinct' giant tortoises live on
23 'Doomsday' ticks closer to midnight
24 Cayman vents are world's hottest
25 Rhinos' feet tested to see how they support heavy loads
26 New viper snake species found
27 'Extinct' Galapagos tortoise may still exist
28 Glasgow scientists say telomeres indicate life length
29 Launch date fixed for ESA's Vega rocket
30 Samsung's 'future-proof' voice-controlled television
31 Iran enriching uranium at Fordo plant near Qom
32 Plants at risk from seed dispersal threats
33 Solar energy connects remote communities in Peru
34 Mini guide to Salzburg, Austria
35 New Hampshire primary: Republicans scramble for votes
36 US ships 'in second rescue of Iranians in Gulf'
37 Alaska snow and ice cuts off Cordova and Nome
38 Salmond calls for independence referendum in 2014
39 Syria's Bashar al-Assad blames 'foreign conspiracy'
40 Websites pay users who meet New Year's resolutions
41 Can Hollywood's top dogs really act?
42 Is a US-Iran maritime clash inevitable?
43 The Greek parents too poor to care for their children
44 Giant Jesus statue razed by lightning in Ohio
45 Motor shoes with wheels developed for commuting
46 Rwanda genocide: Kagame 'cleared of Habyarimana crash'
47 Oklahoma Sharia law ban 'unconstitutional,' court rules
48 Hallaton helmet unveiled after nine-year restoration
49 The emotional rollercoaster of living abroad
50 Syria: US condemns Bashar al-Assad 'conspiracy' speech
51 Microsoft and Sesame Street create Kinect-based show
52 Kodak stock rises 46% on new business plan
53 CES 2012: Intel demos gesture-control ultrabook range
54 Apple chief Tim Cook in $378m pay package
55 Young people's attitudes to sex 'changed' by internet
56 Raspberry Pi bids for success with classroom coders
57 The authors who are going it alone online--and winning
58 Bereavement raises heart attack risk, says study
59 Routine aspirin 'may cause harm'
60 Nicotine 'may aid memory for in early dementia'
61 India 'shamed' by child malnutrition, says PM Singh
62 Greece disability list sparks welfare benefits row
63 Analysis: Human genome hype or reality?
64 Three killed in Pakistan by 'US drone attack'
65 Hungry plant traps worms underground
66 Telomere length in birds predicts longevity
67 Modified mosquitoes set to quash dengue fever
68 India on track to be declared polio-free next month
69 Radio array starts work
70 Disaster toll tallied
71 Twitter data accurately tracked Haiti cholera outbreak
72 US translational-science centre gets under way
73 Galaxy-wide race ends in a tie
74 Comprehensive Picture of the Fate of Oil from Deepwater Horizon Spill
75 Farthest Developing Galaxy Cluster Ever Found
76 Could Siberian Volcanism Have Caused the Earth's Largest Extinction Event?
77 Members of Small Monkey Groups More Likely to Fight for Their Group
78 Astronomers Reach New Frontiers of Dark Matter
79 Who's the Boss? Research Shows Cells Influence Their Own Destiny
80 How Does Our Brain Know What Is a Face and What's Not?
81 Clearest Picture Yet of Dark Matter Points the Way to Better Understanding of Dark Energy
82 Graphene Reveals Its Magnetic Personality
83 Hatcheries Change Salmon Genetics After a Single Generation
84 Nervous System Activity May Predict Successful Weight Loss
85 Blood Stem Cells Engineered to Fight Melanoma
86 Regeneration of Specialized Cells Offers Hope for Treating Chronic Kidney Disease
87 Low Vitamin D Levels May Contribute to Development of Type 2 Diabetes
88 Genetic Defect Disturbs Salt Handling and Pushes Up Blood Pressure Levels: Gene Responsible for Hypertension Identified
89 Graphene Rips Follow Rules
90 Down to the Wire for Silicon: Researchers Create a Wire Four Atoms Wide, One Atom Tall
91 Now You See It, Now You Didn't: Researchers Cloak a Moment in Time
92 New System May One Day Steer Microrobots Through Blood Vessels for Disease Treatment
93 Nanotechnology May Speed Up Drug Testing
94 Pneumonia Outbreak in Endangered Markhor Goats
95 Whiff of 'Love Hormone' Helps Monkeys Show a Little Kindness
96 Multi-Year Prediction of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation at 26.5íN Possible
97 Salt Water Alone Unlikely to Halt Burmese Python Invasion
98 DNA Mismatch Repair Happens Only During a Brief Window of Opportunity
99 Cancer Cells Feed On Sugar-Free Diet
100 Cosmetic Chemical Hinders Brain Development in Tadpoles
101 An Apple a Day Isn't Enough: Many People Not Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables
102 Reuse of Municipal Wastewater Has Potential to Augment Future Drinking Water Supplies
103 Microbial Communities On Skin Affect Humans' Attractiveness to Mosquitoes
104 Protein Changes Identified in Early-Onset Alzheimer's
105 Predicting Which Lung Cancer Drugs Are Most Likely to Work
106 9-1-1 Dispatchers Can Save More Lives by Coaching Bystanders in CPR
107 'Couch Potato Pill' Might Stop Heat Stroke Too
108 Getting Cancer Cells to Swallow Poison
109 Neurons Grown from Skin Cells May Hold Clues to Autism
110 Bariatric Surgery Associated With Reduction in Cardiovascular Events and Death
111 Good or Bad: Surprises Drive Learning in Same Neural Circuits
112 The Perils of 'Bite-Size' Science
113 PET Effectively Detects Dementia, Decade of Research Shows
114 Grief Over Losing Loved One Linked to Higher Heart Attack Risks
115 Quitting Smoking: Starting Chantix Earlier May Make It Easier to Quit
116 Researchers Create a Healthier Cigarette
117 Daily Show and Colbert Report Viewers Are 'Deep'
118 Moderate Red Wine Drinking May Help Cut Women's Breast Cancer Risk, Study Suggests
119 Senses of Sophistication: Mosquitoes Detect Subtle Cues Finding Food, Spreading Diseases
120 Nanoparticles Hold Promise as Potential Vehicle for Drug Delivery in Brain
121 Maintaining Balance: Blood Progenitor Cells Receive Signals from Niche Cells and the Daughter Blood Cells They Create
122 Fit Females Make More Daughters, Mighty Males Get Grandsons
123 Newly Formed Plants Could Lead to Improved Crop Fertility
124 Gulf of Mexico Topography Played Key Role in Bacterial Consumption of Deepwater Horizon Spill
125 Remote Wilderness Polluted by Humans
126 New Quantitative Method Enables Researchers to Assess Environmental Risks Posed by Non-Native Species
127 Belize Protected Area Boosting Predatory Fish Populations
128 New Culprit in Earth's Massive Extinction: Mercury
129 Mercury Releases Into the Atmosphere from Ancient to Modern Times
130 Leaping Lizards and Dinosaurs Inspire Robot Design
131 Heritage Site Under Attack by Flowers
132 'Head-First' Diversity Shown to Drive Vertebrate Evolution
133 New Theory Emerges for Where Some Fish Became Four-Limbed Creatures
134 New Computer Model Explains Lakes and Storms On Saturn's Moon Titan
135 Magnetically Levitated Flies Offer Clues to Future of Life in Space
136 Smoky Pink Core of Omega Nebula
137 Quadrantids Meteor Shower Will Create Brief, Beautiful Show On Jan. 4
138 Beast With Four Tails: Milky Way Devouring Neighboring Dwarf Galaxies
139 Light Makes Write for DNA Information-Storage Device
140 Robotic Therapy May Provide Lasting Gains for Immobilized Stroke Survivors
141 Mystery of Car Battery's Current Solved
142 First Hint of the Higgs Boson Particle
143 Hybrid Silkworms Spin Stronger Spider Silk
144 Relay Race With Single Atoms: New Ways of Manipulating Matter
145 Sensor Improvement Brings Analysis Method Into Mainstream
146 Traditional Social Networks Fueled Twitter's Spread
147 Shearing Triggers Odd Behavior in Microscopic Particles
148 Smart Way of Saving Lives in Natural Disasters