File Title
1 Ultrabooks 101: What's Ahead for the Light Laptops
2 TVs of the Future: What You Don't Want to Miss
3 Excedrin, Bufferin, NoDoz and Gas-X Recalled as Precaution
4 4 Ways to Practice Safe Yoga
5 'Healthy' Diet Best for ADHD Kids
6 'Couch potato pill' may prevent heatstroke
7 Plants and animals lag in habitat shift
8 Carbon emissions 'will defer Ice Age'
9 Unwell Hawking misses 70th birthday celebrations
10 Australia in Japan talks over whaling activists' fate
11 Two drink-free days a week needed, MPs' report says
12 Alien hunters: Searching for life
13 Shells, trees and bottoms: Strange places fish live
14 Business trip: Dubai
15 Iran death sentence for 'CIA spy' Amir Mirzai Hekmati
16 Nigeria fuel strike brings country to a halt
17 Tucson remembers victims of shooting one year on
18 Why is the US marriage rate falling sharply?
19 How Punjab governor's killer became a hero
20 Russian toddler dies in Bryansk pavement collapse
21 Teenage footballer dies after scoring goal
22 Polish prosecutor 'shoots self after news conference'
23 Antony Worrall Thompson 'sorry' for Tesco shoplifting
24 White House Alice in Wonderland party under fire
25 Detroit motor show: New 'compact' Cadillac unveiled
26 CES 2012: New technologies unleashed at show
27 Netflix launches UK film and TV streaming service
28 Schools kit scam 'could cost schools millions'
29 Camera-maker Olympus could sue directors over cover-up
30 Trend Benders: Casey Anthony video catches fire
31 Extremist Jews prevent women from voting in Israel
32 Truffles: The Most Expensive Food in the World
33 Stem Cell Fraud: A 60 Minutes investigation
34 U.K. to Britons: Lay off booze twice a week
35 Scott Pelley on "monstrous" stem cell fraud
36 Novartis recalls Excedrin, NoDoz, Gas-X and Bufferin
37 Recall of Excedrin, NoDoz, Bufferin
38 Brave new world
39 'Lost world' discovered around Antarctic vents
40 Jeanne Baret, botanist and first female circumnavigator, finally commemorated in name of new species
41 NHM entomologist co-authors new research on parasitic phorid fly, a new threat to honey bees
42 Harp seals on thin ice after 32 years of warming
43 Early land plants: Early adopters!
44 New Tech Removes Air Pollutants, May Reduce Energy Use In Animal Ag Facilities
45 A quarter of a century of sweet corn observations
46 UMass Amherst Ecologists Call for Screening Imported Plants to Prevent a New Wave of Invasive Species
47 Salt Water Alone Unlikely to Halt Burmese Python Invasion
48 Fish Mimics Octopus That Mimics Fish
49 Stop abusing insecticides in rice
50 ISU scientist helps find structure of gene-editing protein named Method of the Year
51 Another outbreak of coral disease hits the reefs of Kane'ohe Bay, O'ahu
52 A new wild ginger discovered from the evergreen forest of Western Ghats of South India
53 Differing dangers at sea
54 UF research on newly formed plants could lead to improved crop fertility
55 Scientists Refute Greenpeace Claims About GM Corn
56 Scientists characterize protein essential to survival of malaria parasite
57 Team finds a better way to gauge the climate costs of land use changes
58 European mountain vegetation shows effects of warmer climate
59 MSU scientists crack medieval bone code
60 VIDEO: In Ancient Pompeii, Trash and Tombs Went Hand in Hand
61 Earth's massive extinction: The story gets worse
62 Climate change models may underestimate extinctions
63 New computer model explains lakes and storms on Titan
64 New materials remove CO2 from smokestacks, tailpipes and even the air
65 Russian river water unexpected culprit behind Arctic freshening near US, Canada
66 Study finds air pollution linked to diabetes and hypertension in African-American women
67 The nuclear, biological and climate threat--2011 reviewed
68 Colorado mountain hail may disappear in a warmer future
69 Global warming caused by greenhouse gases delays natural patterns of glaciation, researchers say
70 New Cores from Glacier in the Eastern European Alps May Yield New Climate Clues
71 Could Siberian volcanism have caused the Earth's largest extinction event?
72 Exercise in a pill may protect against extreme heat sensitivity
73 Evolution of complexity recreated using 'molecular time travel'
74 Researchers discover new culprit in atherosclerosis
75 Simpler times: did an earlier genetic molecule predate DNA and RNA?
76 Genetic and mechanistic basis for rotor syndrome uncovered
77 New gene, new mechanism for neuron loss in hereditary spastic paraplegias
78 Tortoise species thought to be extinct still lives, genetic analysis reveals
79 TGen researchers map potential genetic origins, pathways of lung cancer in nonsmokers
80 'Extinct' for 150 years, an iconic Galapagos giant tortoise species lives
81 Fit females make more daughters, mighty males get grandsons
82 'Friend' request from Al-Qaeda
83 Spasticity gene finding provides clues to causes of nerve cell degeneration
84 Tracking genes' remote controls
85 Aria Diagnostics announces publication of first peer-reviewed data for new noninvasive prenatal test
86 How does our brain know what is a face and what's not?
87 Personalized gene therapies may increase survival in brain cancer patients
88 Deep brain stimulation shows promising results for unipolar and bipolar depression
89 Not equal: Quality of care, cost for PAD sufferers
90 Kessler Foundation reports advance in early diagnosis of spatial neglect after stroke
91 Performing a balancing act on the innovation tightrope
92 New forms of torture leave 'invisible scars,' say researchers
93 Major variation in bladder cancer subtype trends highlights need for focused research
94 The cost of disabilities could reach 77.2% of household income
95 Role of retail chains in inflation measurement and price dynamics
96 School pupils learn about practical philosophy
97 Study finds statin costs 400% higher in US compared to UK
98 Majority of Americans say research and development are key to building US economy
99 Uninsured receive same quantity, value of imaging services as insured in hospital, in-patient setting
100 Nicotine replacement therapies may not be effective in helping people quit smoking
101 Investment Risk Tolerance Affected by Age, Economic Climate, MU Study Shows
102 Down to the wire for silicon: Researchers create a wire 4 atoms wide, 1 atom tall
103 Implanted biofuel cell converts bug's chemistry into electricity
104 Salk scientists map the frontiers of vision
105 'Couch potato pill' might stop heat stroke too
106 Graphene reveals its magnetic personality
107 New form of graphene could prevent electronics from overheating and revolutionize thermal management
108 Keeping electronics cool
109 Almost Perfect: Michigan Tech Researcher Nears Creation of Superlens
110 UBC astronomers help map the universe's dark matter at unprecedented scale
111 New material for thermonuclear fusion reactors
112 Combination therapy shows positive response for children with ADHD
113 Future development of smaller and more powerful electronics requires the understanding of 'quantum jamming' physics
114 Astronomers reach new frontiers of dark matter
115 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope: A Year of Achievement and Success
116 Film coatings made from whey
117 SRNL research paves way for portable power systems
118 In the Brain, "ORMOSIL" Nanoparticles Hold Promise as a Potential Vehicle for Drug Delivery
119 Theory explains how new material could improve electronic shelf life
120 50 million year old cricket and katydid fossils hint at the origins of insect hearing
121 Prehistoric predators with supersized teeth had beefier arm bones
122 Leaping lizards and dinosaurs inspire robot design
123 Through hardship to the stars
124 Seriously, we're poisonous: Coloration is an honest signal of toxicity in poison frogs
125 Flatworms' minimalist approach to cell division reveals molecular architecture of human centrosome
126 NPL and SUERC calibrate a 'rock clock'
127 Climate change is altering mountain vegetation at large scale
128 New Research Helps Predict Bat Presence at Wind Energy Facilities
129 Couch potato or elite athlete? A happy medium keeps colds at bay!
130 Flatworm Flouts Fundamental Rule of Biology
131 What to consider when teens with autism want to drive?
132 Paddlefish sensors tuned to detect signals from zooplankton prey
133 Most parents who get tested for breast cancer genes share results with their children
134 2 randomized controlled trials highlight difficulties in treating migraines
135 For those with diabetes, controlling blood pressure is crucial, but not urgent
136 New 'real-world' reassuring data from the SCAAR registry
137 Marijuana use associated with cyclic vomiting syndrome in young males
138 Cancer and fertility--young women speak up
139 Obesity and cancer screening: Do race and gender also play a role?
140 New study supports view that Lewy bodies are not the primary cause of cell death in PD
141 The onset of cognitive decline begins at 45
142 Insulin therapy may help repair atherosclerotic lesions in diabetic patients
143 East Meets West to Boost Fertility
144 Study reveals enzyme function, could help find muscular dystrophy therapies
145 MU Researchers Find Unique Protein Organization In Arteries Associated with Cardiovascular Disease
146 Legionnaires' disease outbreak linked to hospital's decorative fountain
147 Many NIH-funded clinical trials go unpublished over 2 years after completion
148 New Report Reviews 10-Year Plan for Federal Program On Climate and Global Environmental Change Research
149 Inflammation in depression: Chicken or egg?
150 Trauma centers increase use of non-surgical options for abdominal gunshot and stab wounds
151 New practice model may reduce miscarriage after assisted reproduction
152 Taking Smoking Cessation Medication for Several Weeks Before Quitting May Make it Easier to Stay Tobacco-Free, UB and Roswell Park Clinical Trial Shows
153 Focusing on family helps mothers of technology-dependent children function
154 Colorful plates boost a picky eater's appetite
155 Low vitamin D levels linked to depression, UT Southwestern psychiatrists report
156 Majority Groups Support Assimilation--Except When They're Not Majorities
157 Better Research is Needed to Understand Why Elders are Happier
158 Headphone music eases anxiety during prostate biopsies
159 GW Researcher and Colleagues Identify that Environmental Exposure to Organochlorines May Impact Male Reproduction
160 Christmas Comet Lovejoy Captured at Paranal
161 The smoky pink core of the Omega Nebula
162 Magnetically-levitated flies offer clues to future of life in space
163 Mars rover to spend winter at 'Greeley Haven,' named for late ASU geologist Ronald Greeley
164 Down to the wire: Silicon links shrink to atomic scale
165 Platform safety on the radar for researchers
166 The bigger picture of population genomics
167 Relay race with single atoms: New ways of manipulating matter
168 Nanocrystals make dentures shine
169 A 3-Dimensional View of 1-Dimensional Nanostructures
170 Scientists solve mystery of colorful armchair nanotubes
171 ORNL experiments prove nanoscale metallic conductivity in ferroelectrics