File Title
1 Coast Guard Helps Univ. of Hawaii Research Vessel
2 Four Executives Leaving in Sprint Reorganization
3 Actress Who Sued Amazon Over Age IDs Herself
4 Yahoo Dangled $27M Pay Package to Get New CEO
5 12-Year-Old Girl Who Blogged Cancer Fight Has Died
6 Dogcam Aims to Help Rescuers Find Survivors
7 Stephen Hawking Turns 70
8 Cloning Fido: South Korea's Dog Cloning Industry Raises Ethical Red Flags
9 Africa's rainforests 'more resilient' to climate change
10 Swansea's seafront observatory up for sale
11 Cruise ports of call: East Asia for history buffs
12 Nigeria Christians hit by fresh Islamist attacks
13 Republican presidential race turns sour
14 Kenyan troops 'kill 60 al-Shabab fighters' in Somalia
15 Sudan President Bashir's Libya trip draws criticism
16 HS2: High-speed rail link 'being seriously considered'
17 Are the Republicans having an identity crisis?
18 Golf for all?
19 Jamaica to break links with Queen, says Prime Minister Simpson Miller
20 FBI updates rape-victim definition to include men
21 Eleven dead in New Zealand hot air balloon crash
22 Boy, 10, held over 'attack' on teachers in Orpington
23 Falluja lawsuit: Blackwater families settle case
24 Consumer Electronics Show 2012: The Brits are coming
25 Restricted embryo growth 'predicts miscarriage risk'
26 Breast implant removal advised by France and Czech Rep
27 Body image: Men 'most unhappy about beer bellies'
28 Stratfor again target of Internet hackers
29 N/A
30 After 2011's flop, can Android tablets recover?
31 iTunes, Amazon help album sales rise for first time since 2004
32 4S uses to Siri: Define "data hog"
33 Apollo 13 commander target of inquiry
34 Book depicts tensions between first lady, aides
35 Hot air balloon crash in New Zealand kills 11
36 Texas teen mistakenly deported reunites with mom
37 Booze and bikinis in a new Egypt
38 130 Doctors Without Borders staff disappear in Sudan
39 Mexico opens bridge among world's highest
40 Education law's promise falls short after 10 years
41 French far-right jabs at Sarkozy over Joan of Arc
42 2 dead in shooting at Ga. hospital's ICU
43 December employment report: 200K new jobs, 8.5% unemployment
44 U.S. rescues Iranian ship held by pirates
45 New immigration rule to help citizen relatives
46 Unemployment dips to 8.5%; 200K jobs added
47 Freddie Mac offers a break to unemployed homeowners
48 Samsung sells enough phones to twist Google's Android arm
49 Where do big ideas come from?
50 The tale of the $8.71 bag of screws...
51 Survey: Americans had to cut back to pay for holiday shopping
52 Unemployment declines, but don't sound the all clear just yet
53 Google wants to track calls related to online ads
54 Gov't defends core of health care overhaul
55 Study: Lower voice may mean lower sperm quality
56 What does your mouth have to say about your health?
57 Boring playgrounds tied to sedentary kids, study shows
58 Leaping lizards! Jurassic Park got it right
59 Monkey vaccine hints at how to stop HIV
60 Failed herpes vaccine puzzles virologists
61 Paper denying HIV-AIDS link secures publication
62 Nanoscale wires defy quantum predictions
63 Return of the super ants
64 Thawing permafrost reduces river runoff
65 Mathematician claims breakthrough in Sudoku puzzle
66 Indian science in need of overhaul
67 Taking the pulse of a shrinking glacier
68 Frontier experiments: Tough science
69 Kepler's surprise: The sounds of the stars
70 U.S. Gov't. Expands Definition of Rape
71 Chemists Grapple with the Mysteries of Strawberry and Other Flavors
72 How Scientists Solve Flavor's Language Problem
73 Making Nature's Best Better To Produce Biofuels
74 The Happiest (and Most Stressful) Days of 2011 Revealed
75 Astronomers Flock to Texas for Space 'Super Bowl' Conference
76 Pneumonia Outbreak Killed 20% of Rare Goat Population
77 NASA Picks Mars Winter Rest Stop for Long-Lived Rover
78 The Legendary 'Oily Man' Monster Terrorizes Malaysia
79 Computer Game Teaches Kids How To Play Nice With Dogs
80 Mental Sharpness Begins to Decline in Middle-Age
81 Experimental Monkey Vaccine Boosts Hopes in AIDS Fight
82 Immigration in Childhood Increases Risk of Psychosis
83 Time Cloak Hides Very Brief Events
84 Cruise Lines to Retrace Titanic's Journey, Aiming for Better Result
85 Americans Think Science Will Save the Economy
86 Illegal Drugs Cause 250,000 Global Deaths Yearly, Report Finds
87 La Nina to Continue Into Spring
88 Baby Monkeys With 6 Genomes Are Scientific First
89 Why North America Won't Erode Away
90 Engineering to Keep the Heat In (or Out) for Cheap
91 Men's Shaved Armpits Smell Better to Women, by a Hair
92 How Octopi Deal With Chilly Waters
93 Scientists Make Supersoldier Ants
94 1.3 Billion Workers to Go Mobile by 2015
95 The 5 Worst States for Teen Employment
96 Clever Canines: Dogs Can 'Read' Our Communication Cues
97 Eye Spy: Stem Cells Discovered in Eyeball
98 Earth Makes Closest Approach to Sun of the Year
99 Doomed Russian Mars Probe May Crash to Earth on Jan. 15
100 Men's and Women's Personalities: World's Apart, or Not So Different?
101 Loch Ness Tilt Tracks Earth's Shape-Shifting
102 6 Fun Ways to Sharpen Your Memory
103 Can Mountain Dew Really Dissolve a Mouse Carcass?
104 Mystery of Pompeii's Trashy Tombs Explained
105 First Baby Names of 2012, From Adian to Zoey
106 First Baby Names of 2012 By State
107 Hawaii Volcano Has Been Erupting for 29 Years
108 Tiny Fish Filmed Mimicking Octopus That Mimics Fish
109 Globally, 2011 Was Costliest Disaster Year Ever
110 Female Explorer Gets Her Due, 2 Centuries Later
111 Acrobatic Velociraptors May Inspire New Generation of Agile Droids
112 Giant Moon Crater Revealed in Up-Close Photos
113 Magma Causing Uplift in Oregon
114 New Worms' Silk Has Spider Strength
115 Mighty Arms Helped Extinct Cats Keep a Mouthful of Fanged Teeth
116 NASA Rover Mission Marks 8 Pioneering Years on Mars
117 Fossils Reveal Secrets of Insects' Weird Ears
118 Eating Protein or Fat? It Doesn't Matter, More Means Extra Fat
119 Surprise! 2011 Ended With Unexpected Economic Bang
120 Blame Hitchcock's Crazed Birds on Toxic Algae
121 Why Work Makes Muscles Grow
122 Bizarre Crystal Hitched Ride on Meteorite
123 How Marijuana May Drive the Brain into Psychosis
124 Martian Life Might Thrive in Lava Tubes, Study Suggests
125 Drought Led to Demise of Ancient City of Angkor