File Title
1 Living Longer: Reaching 114 Is Not Just Good Genes
2 When Technology Answers Back and Swears at You
3 Hybrid Sharks Found off Australia
4 Kids and Video Games: Are You a Concerned Parent?
5 Yahoo Names PayPal Exec as Its CEO
6 Summary Box: Roku to Bring More Online Shows to TV
7 Roku Expands Beyond Internet Video-Streaming Boxes
8 MetroPCS to Sell Phones With TV Tuners
9 Canadian Man Uses iPad to Enter US
10 Okla. Woman Shoots, Kills Intruder: 911 Operators Say It's Okay to Shoot
11 A Nostalgic Obama Uses Webcast to Rally His Iowa Roots
12 U.S. News and World Report Ranks Easiest Diets to Follow
13 Bethenny Frankel's 'Skinnygirl' Tips for the New Year
14 Hospital Readmission Rate Among Heart Attack Patients Higher in U.S.
15 How Much Protein Helps With Weight Loss?
16 GM silk worms make Spider-Man web closer to reality
17 'The Hoff' crab is new ocean find
18 Plan to 'Catapult' UK space tech
19 Privately-funded science university plan
20 Loch Ness is giant 'spirit level'
21 France nuclear industry told to boost safety
22 Ecuador appeals court rules against Chevron in oil case
23 Anatomy of a shoot: Lemon sharks in feeding frenzy
24 Austria and Czech Republic divided over nuclear power
25 A science news preview of 2012
26 Saving the Amazon: Winning the war on deforestation
27 Worldwide weird: Colorado's annual fruitcake toss
28 Polar challenge: How do you cycle to the South Pole?
29 Michele Bachmann halts presidential campaign
30 Stephen Lawrence: Gary Dobson and David Norris get life
31 China campaign cuts entertainment TV by two-thirds
32 Argentine President Fernandez undergoes cancer surgery
33 US Catholic bishop with secret family, Gabino Zavala, quits
34 Poverty and progress in the Mississippi Delta
35 Global terror: Potential flashpoints in 2012
36 Fat profits: Business embraces big people
37 China tycoon 'ate poisoned cat-meat stew'
38 British Heart Foundation says 'no kissing, just hard CPR'
39 Microsoft celebrates IE6 death as Google downranks Chrome
40 Iowa caucuses: Romney pips Santorum
41 Unknown 'Hoff' crab species found
42 'Lost World' of Sea Creatures Discovered Near Antarctica
43 Antarctic Hot Springs Yields Ghostly New Species
44 Yeti Crabs & Ghost Octopus! Unique Life Found at 1st Antarctic Deep-Sea Vents
45 Weird sea creatures discovered in Antarctic
46 Hairy crabs and pale octopuses: Antarctic vents reveal new marine species
47 Google adds IBM patents as it looks to future
48 Canada-US border crossed by man using iPad as ID
49 Cisco hangs up on Umi 'Personal Telepresence' flop
50 Roku unveils Streaming Stick, squeezes box into MHL dongle
51 App developers unite! Or at least organize yourselves a bit better
52 Comet "Harpoon" Being Test Fired in NASA Lab
53 Hackers Want To Launch Their Own Satellites
54 Modern Disease Found in Ancient Bones
55 Suit Instantly Makes You 75 Years Old
56 Say what? Google breaks own policies for Chrome paid posts [update]
57 Steve Jobs action figure is all sorts of creepy
58 Yahoo names Paypal's Scott Thompson as new head
59 President Barack Obama joins photo site Instagram
60 Experts to consider case for new drug driving offence
61 Cardiff and Oxford research aims to improve IVF success rates
62 PayPal makes eBay customer destroy $2,500 violin, seller left empty handed
63 Apple iPad 3 rumors, let's get real
64 What would you say to a $299 iPad?
65 Rupert Murdoch's wife not really on Twitter, verification yanked
66 NASA doomsday predictions: No apocalypse now
67 Iowa caucus results: Mitt Romney beats Rick Santorum by 8 votes
68 Rick Perry to "reassess" campaign
69 Sugar Bowl hero: "Brunette girls" inspired me
70 Michele Bachmann to end presidential campaign
71 30 years later: Remember the Commodore 64?
72 Britain demands data on PIP breast implant ruptures
73 Sickle cell trait sidelines football player: What is it?
74 Scientists grow mouse sperm in laboratory: Can it help humans?
75 Eos says zinc battery recipe is energy game-changer
76 Leonardo da Vinci's tree rule may be explained by wind
77 New research shows how male spiders use eavesdropping to one-up their rivals
78 Research team suggests rock found in Russia an extraterrestrial quasicrystal
79 NSF turns to ancient pottery to improve modern heat resistant ceramics
80 Scientists create first 3-D map of human genome
81 Researchers discover one of the most porous materials to date
82 Yahoo names PayPal exec as its CEO
83 A call for an evolved understanding of emotion
84 The case of the missing gas mileage
85 Trapping butterfly wings' qualities
86 In ancient Pompeii, trash and tombs went hand in hand
87 Close encounters: When Daniel123 met Jane234 (w/ video)
88 The smoky pink core of the Omega Nebula
89 A quantum leap in computing
90 Climate change models may underestimate extinctions
91 Researchers discover a compound that controls Listeria
92 Microbe metabolism: For the smallest organisms, size determines how microbes spend energy
93 Facing complexity in the left brain/right brain paradigm
94 Deadly fly parasite spotted for first time in honey bees
95 Scanadu developing a Medical Tricorder
96 'Lost world' discovered around Antarctic vents
97 Nintendo 3DS game system gets momentum in US
98 GABA signaling prunes back copious 'provisional' synapses during neural circuit assembly
99 New clues to human deafness found in mice
100 Nap-deprived tots may be missing out on more than sleep: study
101 Manipulating way bacteria 'talk' could have practical applications
102 Songbird brain synapses and glial cells capable of synthesizing estrogen
103 Bat brains parse sounds for multitasking
104 Physicists propose test for loop quantum gravity
105 Graphene mixer can speed up future electronics
106 Fewer animal experiments thanks to nanosensors
107 Graphene offers protection from intense laser pulses
108 The art of molecular carpet-weaving: 2-D networks from boron acids
109 Physicist creates scale model of LHC ATLAS experiment of out LEGO blocks
110 Researchers deconstruct the physics of writing with a fountain pen
111 Study resolves century-long debate over how to describe electromagnetic momentum density in matter
112 The enduring mystery of snowflakes
113 Swimming upstream: Flux flow reverses for lattice bosons in a magnetic field
114 Researchers build computer model that explains lakes and storms on Saturn's moon Titan
115 Older, cheaper vacuum cleaners release more bacteria and dust: study
116 Stellar discovery
117 Image: Active Galaxy Centaurus A
118 Through hardship to the stars
119 A new way to measure Earth's magnetosphere
120 Stranded Mars probe could fall to Earth in 11 days: report
121 Ohio quakes could incite fracking policy shift
122 Possible new explanation found for sudden demise of Khmer Empire
123 AVIATR: An Airplane Mission for Titan
124 Expert: Wastewater well in Ohio triggered quakes
125 Should we terraform Mars?
126 Space mountain produces terrestrial meteorites
127 Two New Zealand scientists to travel to Antarctica to measure magnetic South Pole
128 New tech removes air pollutants, may reduce energy use in animal ag facilities
129 Chinese maker defends Steve Jobs action doll
130 Smart way of saving lives in natural disasters
131 Seoul approves Samsung's new investment in China
132 New materials remove CO2 from smokestacks, tailpipes and even the air
133 N.E. Chemcat Corp. licenses Brookhaven Lab's electrocatalyst technology for fuel cells
134 Film coatings made from whey
135 Chemists devise a way to create a five point knotted molecule
136 Researchers identify lipid profile characteristic of newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes
137 Chemistry trick renews hope against killer diseases
138 Record reaction cascade yields cancer drug candidate
139 Why certain flavor combinations melt in your mouth
140 Understanding the mechanical biology of life's bonds
141 Novel polymers release their drug cargo in response to body temperature
142 A quarter of a century of sweet corn observations
143 Cracked eggs reveal secret life
144 Sunn hemp shows promise as biofuel source
145 Early land plants: Early adopters
146 The Encyclopedia of Life expanding at a record pace
147 Promiscuity of resistance plasmid unprecedented
148 How good are your horse's brakes?
149 Malawi reserve resurrected by 'Noah's Ark' project
150 The private nuclear rooms of herpesviruses
151 Experimental vaccine partially protects monkeys from HIV-like infection
152 Study shows updated rotavirus vaccine not linked to increase in bowel obstruction
153 More US women having twins; rate at 1 in 30 babies
154 Blogging may help teens dealing with social distress
155 Researchers discover protein that may represent new target for treating type 1 diabetes
156 Scientists reassess weight loss surgery for type 2 diabetes
157 Cancer-killing compound spares healthy cells
158 A gene for depression localized
159 'Silver bullet' supplement could slow brain aging
160 Exercise is good for your waistline--but it's a writing exercise
161 Many NIH-funded clinical trials go unpublished over two years after completion
162 Experts urge BMI method for calculating weight in kids with eating disorders
163 When overeating, calories, not protein, contribute to increase in body fat
164 Short hospitalizations for heart attacks may increase readmissions in US
165 Bariatric surgery associated with reduction in cardiovascular events and death
166 Autism may be linked to abnormal immune system characteristics and novel protein fragment
167 Researchers identify novel compound to halt virus replication
168 Deep brain stimulation shows promising results for unipolar and bipolar depression
169 Milk consumption in adolescence may increase prostate cancer risk
170 Brain's connective cells are much more than glue; they also regulate learning and memory
171 Patterns of connections reveal brain functions
172 Humble people are more likely to lend a helping hand, study finds
173 Smaller sibling protein calls the shots in cell division
174 Anti-depressant use soars in England, linked to recession
175 Prehistoric predators with supersized teeth had beefier arm bones
176 Coping with abuse in the work place
177 Blind, visually impaired New Yorkers contribute to state economy
178 Study shows even professional musicians can't tell old master violins from new
179 Law prof's book probes 'whys' behind Big Apple crime decline
180 Scientists crack medieval bone code
181 50 million year old cricket and katydid fossils hint at the origins of insect hearing
182 Stanford archaeologist questions the role of human rights in site preservation
183 Probing Question: How are museums keeping up with the changing times?
184 Football team success throws fall grades of non-athletic college males for a loss
185 Ancient seal found in Jerusalem linked to ritual
186 50 years later, S&T historian finds out what happened in Vegas