File Title
1 Korean researchers making progress on 3D OLED screens
2 Two brain halves, one perception
3 Online activity grows in a similar pattern to those of real-life networks
4 Insect gut microbe with a molecular iron reservoir
5 Exercise boosts health by influencing stem cells to become bone, not fat, researchers find
6 Mobile shopping: More buzz than buy so far
7 Artificial light-harvesting method achieves 100% energy transfer efficiency
8 Sex hormones impact career choices
9 Researchers show ATM theft by thermal imaging
10 Chatty robots go viral on YouTube
11 The star that should not exist
12 Building chips from collapsing nanopillars
13 Scientists working on technique to use lasers to force rain
14 Humans shaped stone axes 1.8 million years ago, study says
15 Chandra finds nearest pair of supermassive black holes
16 First lizard genome sequenced
17 Manufacturing method paves way for commercially viable quantum dot-based LEDs
18 Mars rover Opportunity examining rocks at new site
19 Down to the wire: Inexpensive technique for making high quality nanowire solar cells developed
20 Cracking cellulose: a step into the biofuels future
21 New study disputes notion that men are better at spatial thinking than women
22 New research finds promiscuousness results in genetic 'trade-up,' more offspring
23 Resistance to antibiotics is ancient: study
24 'Gene overdose' causes extreme thinness
25 Language-related gene responsible for branching of neurons
26 Justice Department moves to block AT&T takeover of T-Mobile (Update)
27 Bedrock nitrogen may help forests buffer climate change, study finds
28 Cancer therapy goes viral: Results of world-first viral therapy trial in cancer patients announced
29 Physicists develop new insight into how disordered solids deform
30 Dangerous arrhythmia analyzed in a heartbeat
31 Researchers demonstrate an electrochromic nanoplasmonic optical switch
32 Microscopy, quantum-style: Atomic stacks imaged in real space
33 An innovative method for measuring nanoparticles
34 Study shows potential for nanotechnology-based therapy for ovarian cancer
35 Graphene's shining light could lead to super-fast Internet
36 Water, water everywhere: Polarization dramatically affects H2O structure revealed through molecular dynamics simulation
37 Tiny wires change behavior at nanoscale
38 Nano-thermometers show first temperature response differences within living cells
39 UCLA engineers create fully stretchable OLED
40 Brittle silicon shows exceptional plasticity on the nanoscale
41 New nanoscale parameter resolves dilemmas on silicon property
42 Engineers discover nanoscale balancing act that mirrors forces at work in living systems
43 Unexpected adhesion properties of graphene may lead to new nanotechnology devices
44 Faster diagnostics through cheap, ultra-portable blood testing
45 Physicists at the center of police weapons testing
46 NIST achieves record-low error rate for quantum information processing with one qubit
47 New laser could treat acne with telecom technology
48 Ion Armageddon: Measuring the impact energy of highly charged ions
49 Sorting millions of snapshots from the Linac Coherent Light Source
50 Microscope on the go: Cheap, portable, dual-mode microscope uses holograms, not lenses
51 Why the LHC (Still) won't destroy the Earth
52 Scientists put a new spin on traditional information technology
53 CERN's LHCb experiment takes precision physics to a new level
54 Next NASA Earth-observing satellite arrives in California for launch
55 Langley's bell UH-1H huey helicopter returns
56 Progress 44 accident and its consequences for Space Station
57 'Plastic bottle' solution for arsenic-contaminated water threatening 100 million people
58 The geophysicist's guide to striking it rich
59 Dozens seek help after bromine leak in Russia
60 Satellite image of post-Irene Gulf of Maine shows high levels of river discharge
61 Hubble movies reveal solarsystemsized traffic jams
62 Cutting soot emissions: Fastest, most economical way to slow global warming
63 TRMM satellite sees heavy rain, towering clouds in Tropical Storm Katia
64 NASA sees Tropical Storm Nanmadol's landfall, Talas headed to Japan
65 Sony to release tablet computer this month
66 New version of Apple iPhone lost in bar, again: CNET
67 Video game console case offers gaming on the go
68 Apple's updated MacBook Air props up cloud computing
69 Sony shows wearable 3-D personal theater
70 Two-screen laptops will balance designer loads
71 Sony tablets aim to stand out from crowd
72 HP plans one last production run for the TouchPad
73 Buzz at IFA electronics show is tablets, tablets, tablets
74 120 petabytes: IBM building largest data storage array ever
75 Amazon tablet seen as worthy iPad rival
76 Gymnastics for robots
77 Samsung introduces ChatON mobile communication service
78 Swarming robots--enhancing the communication in flying robot systems
79 All-flash enterprise storage startup ready (and funded) for battle
80 Hulu launches in Japan in first foray outside US
81 In Farmers' Almanac, folksy meets the future
82 Clouds' effects on solar power
83 3D television without glasses
84 LG ties up with Philips, Sharp for smart TV apps
85 Components based on nature's example
86 Saving electricity while playing
87 Crash-safe battery protection for electric cars
88 Wireless window contacts--no maintenance, no batteries
89 WikiLeaks releases mystery file
90 Apple blasted for alleged pollution by suppliers
91 eBay eyes investments in Japan and China: report
92 Chemical research could help solve radioactive waste concerns
93 Early detection of plant disease
94 A step toward a saliva test for cancer
95 A 'nano,' environmentally friendly, and low toxicity flame retardant protects fabric
96 Iron 'veins' are secret of promising new hydrogen storage material
97 New tests for 'legal marijuana,' 'bath salts' and other emerging designer drugs
98 Ultrasensitive particles offer new way to find cancer
99 Discovery could create retinas from 'Jell-O'
100 Researchers expand capabilities of miniature analyzer for complex samples
101 Digital microfluidics opening the way for revolution in blood sampling
102 Breakthrough in hydrogen fuel cells: Chemists develop way to safely store, extract hydrogen
103 Novel alloy could produce hydrogen fuel from sunlight
104 Yale scientists find stem cells that tell hair it's time to grow
105 Manipulating plants' circadian clock may make all-season crops possible
106 Scientists discover secret life of chromatin
107 Sporulation may have given rise to the bacterial outer membrane: study
108 Orchestrator of waste removal rescues cells that can't manage their trash
109 Forests under threat from exotic earthworm invasion
110 Using less water to grow more potatoes
111 Even low doses of insecticides put honeybees at risk
112 Tasmanian tiger's jaw was too small to attack sheep, study shows
113 Southern Rocky Mountain pikas holding their own, assessment says
114 Pretreatment, proper harvest time boost ethanol from switchgrass
115 Researchers successfully perform first injection of cultured red blood cells in human donor
116 Key function of mutation in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer gene discovered
117 Two genes that cause familial ALS shown to work together
118 An 'unconventional' path to correcting cystic fibrosis
119 Infants trained to concentrate show added benefits
120 Alzheimer's brains found to have lower levels of key protein
121 Perception of facial expressions differs across cultures
122 New understanding of cells could help in search for cancer cure
123 Faster progress through puberty linked to behavior problems
124 Alcohol dulls brain 'alarm' that monitors mistakes, study finds
125 Playing video games helps adults with lazy eye
126 Mutation clue to disorders in older dads' offspring
127 Aging eyes linked to sleepless nights, new study shows
128 Half of Americans drink daily soda, sweet beverage
129 Researchers find a new culprit in Alzheimer's disease: Too many blood vessels
130 Insomnia affects 23 percent of US workers: study
131 Prolonging CPR doesn't help heart patients: study
132 Medicinal chemists modify sea bacteria byproduct for use as potential cancer drug
133 Scientists reveal how white blood cell promotes growth and spread of cancer
134 Computer model for testing heart-disease drugs developed
135 Scientists discover blood factors that appear to cause aging in brains of mice
136 Commonly used defibrillators raise risk of problems
137 Bone marrow stem cell therapy safe for acute stroke: report
138 Research gives new hope to those with rare vascular cancer
139 New biochemical discoveries into developing disease
140 New study findings reveal US high school science standards in genetics are 'inadequate'
141 Living with parents in adult life can prolong family conflict
142 Overcoming boredom
143 Inside Britain's biggest Iron Age fortress
144 Financial education creates positive 'snowball effect'
145 Preventing school bullying behavior
146 Language speed versus efficiency: Is faster better?
147 Tornado's impact on Tuscaloosa real estate described in UA study
148 Body of infamous Aussie outlaw Ned Kelly found
149 Economic analysis reveals organic farming profitable long-term
150 Travelling epidemics: Human mobility patterns and their impact on the spread of epidemics
151 Parents need an attitude adjustment to improve their children's homework motivation
152 Baker Institute paper looks at electronic money trail