File Title
1 New Method Reveals Parts of Bacterial Genome Essential to Life
2 Preserving 4 Percent of the Ocean Could Protect Most Marine Mammal Species, Study Finds
3 Mind-Altering Microbes: Probiotic Bacteria May Lessen Anxiety and Depression
4 N/A
5 Bilingual Babies' Vocabulary Linked to Early Brain Differentiation
6 Black Death Bacterium Identified: Genetic Analysis of Medieval Plague Skeletons Shows Presence of Yersinia Pestis Bacteria
7 Astrophysicists Solve 40-Year-Old Mariner 5 Solar Wind Problem: Turbulence Doesn't Go With the Flow
8 Sutureless Method for Joining Blood Vessels Invented
9 New Method Detects Emerging Sunspots Deep Inside the Sun, Provides Warning of Dangerous Solar Flares
10 Free Radicals Crucial to Suppressing Appetite
11 Arabidopsis: Thanks to Its Flexible Genome, the Plant Can Adapt to Various Environmental Conditions
12 Genetic Variant Linked to Development of Liver Cancer in Hepatitis C Virus Carriers
13 Research Aims to Starve Breast Cancer Cells
14 Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death: Scientists Predict Risk for Life-Threatening Arrhythmias
15 Statins Reduce Deaths from Infection and Respiratory Illness, Data Eight Years On from Trial Suggests
16 Obesity to Rise: 65 Million More Obese Adults in the US and 11 Million More in the UK Expected by 2030
17 New Imaging Method Sheds Light On Cell Growth
18 New Device Helps the Blind to Move Independently
19 Atomic Clock With the World's Best Long-Term Accuracy Is Revealed After Evaluation
20 Cars Could Run On Recycled Newspaper, Scientists Say
21 Earth-Bound Asteroids Come from Stony Asteroids, New Studies Confirm
22 Giant Claw Helps Fiddler Crabs Stay Cool in More Ways Than One
23 Florida's Reefs Cannot Endure a 'Cold Snap'
24 Summer Drought Limits the Positive Effects of CO2 and Heat On Plant Growth in Future Climate
25 Claims of Drought-Driven Declines in Plant Productivity, Global Food Security Refuted: Modeling Errors Produced Exaggerated Claims
26 Could the Spanish Flu Devastate Us Again?
27 Heavy Chocolate Consumption May Be Linked to Heart Health, Study Suggests
28 The Pancreas as We've Never Seen It Before
29 Rotavirus Vaccination of Infants Also Protects Unvaccinated Older Children and Adults, Study Finds
30 Watching Viruses 'Friend' a Network: Researchers Develop Facebook Application to Track the Path of Infection
31 Secure Attachment to Moms Helps Irritable Babies Interact With Others
32 New Drug Candidates Found for Set of Protein-Folding Diseases
33 Scientists Identify Molecular Basis for DNA Breakage, a Hallmark of Cancer Cells
34 Differences in Cell Response Could Explain Higher Rates of Hypertension in African-Americans
35 Virus Attacks Childhood Cancers
36 The Brittleness of Aging Bones: More Than Loss of Bone Mass
37 Common Irregular Heartbeat Raises Risk of Dementia, Study Finds
38 Protecting Cells: Evidence Found for a Neuronal Switch to Prevent Neurodegenerative Diseases
39 Poor Sleep Quality Increases Risk of High Blood Pressure
40 Patients in a Minimally Conscious State Remain Capable of Dreaming During Their Sleep
41 Detailed Map of Gene Activity in Mouse Brain Completed
42 Weight Loss Without the Hunger: Eat a Lighter Lunch, Scientists Say
43 Playing Highly Competitive Video Games May Lead to Aggressive Behavior
44 Laughter Has Positive Impact On Vascular Function
45 Labor of Love: Physically Active Moms-To-Be Give Babies a Head Start On Heart Health
46 Heat in Chili Peppers Can Ease Sinus Problems, Research Shows
47 Females Choose Mates for Their Personalities, Zebra Finch Study Shows
48 Meiosis: Oocytes Have Intracellular Stream to Push Chromosomes Off Center for Cell Division
49 Species Share Perceptual Capabilities That Affect How Communication Evolves, Research Finds
50 New Roles Emerge for Non-Coding RNAs in Directing Embryonic Development
51 Geometry of Sex: How Body Size Could Lead to New Species
52 Mysteries of Ozone Depletion Continue 25 Years After the Discovery of the Antarctic Ozone Hole
53 Wastewater Recycling Can Multiply Greenhouse Gas Emissions
54 NASA Satellite Shows a Mean Irene's Fury
55 Research from Everest: Can Leucine Help Burn Fat and Spare Muscle Tissue During Exercise?
56 Possible Biological Control Discovered for Pathogen Devastating Amphibians
57 Ancient Clams Yield New Information About Greenhouse Effect On Climate
58 Biological Communities Studied at Historical WWII Shipwrecks Along North Carolina
59 Interbreeding Between Modern Humans and Evolutionary Cousins Gave Healthy Immune System Boost to Human Genome, Study Finds
60 Gene Study Sheds New Light On Origins of British Men
61 Discovery of a 160-Million-Year-Old Fossil Represents a New Milestone in Early Mammal Evolution
62 Filling the Pantry for the First Voyages to the Red Planet
63 Cassini Closes in On Saturn's Tumbling Moon Hyperion
64 Peculiar Pair of Galaxies Nicknamed 'The Eyes'
65 First Glimpse Into Birth of the Milky Way
66 Exotic Galaxy Reveals Tantalizing Tale
67 Wearable Device That Vibrates Fingertip Could Improve One's Sense of Touch
68 Discovery Turns Seaweed Into Biofuel in Half the Time
69 First Nuclear Power Plants for Settlements On the Moon and Mars
70 'Smelling' Heart Failure: Evaluation of an Electronic Nose
71 Hollywood Screenwriters and Scientists: More Than an Artistic Collaboration
72 Stopping Dengue Fever With Bacteria and Math
73 Beyond Smart Phones: Sensor Network to Make 'Smart Cities' Envisioned
74 Feeding the Five Thousand--Or Was It Three? Researchers Claim Most Crowd Estimations Are Unreliable
75 New Depiction of Light Could Boost Telecommunications Channels
76 New X-Ray Technique for Electronic Structures: Ability to Probe Deep Below Material Surfaces Should Be Boon for Nanoscale Devices
77 Scientific Basis The 'Golden Rule' Of Pairing Wines And Foods
78 NASA And Google Launch Virtual Exploration Of Mars
79 NASA Predicts Nongreen Plants On Other Planets
80 Could New Drug Cure Nearly Any Viral Infection? Technology Shows Promise Against Common Cold, Influenza and Other Ailments, Researchers Say
81 Cloud formation may be linked to cosmic rays
82 Bacterium offers way to control dengue fever
83 Climate cycles drive civil war
84 Gene-therapy successes spur hope for embattled field
85 Vaccines given a clean bill of health
86 Space station left vulnerable by Russian failure
87 Asteroid visit finds familiar dust
88 Britain to launch personalized medicine project
89 Linked solar eruptions explained
90 Red tape puts chill on Siberian research
91 Halfway point for 1,001 genomes quest
92 Scientists promised 'one voice' in European policy
93 Japan's new leader faces energy gap
94 Isotope factory accelerates
95 Twins to probe Moon's heart
96 Friendly bacteria cheer up anxious mice
97 Bacteria Causing 'Black Death' Likely Extinct, Study Finds
98 Laser Beams May Be Next Rainmakers
99 Hens Eject Sperm from Unwelcome Suitors
100 Atmospheric Forces Conspire to Make 2011 a Wild Year
101 X Prize's $1.4 Million Contest Aims to Pump Up Oil Cleanup Tech
102 Saturn's Odd Pockmarked Moon Revealed in New Photos
103 Socially Anxious Kids Are Bully Targets
104 Chocolate Reduces Heart Disease Risk
105 American Anthrax Terrorists Return
106 Cookie Test Yields Secrets of Self-Control Years Later
107 Probiotic Bacteria May Help Treat Depression
108 Culture Drives Gender Gap in Spatial Abilities, Study Finds
109 Mummies Reveal Egyptians Styled Hair with 'Product'
110 Could Panda Poop Solve Biofuel Woes?
111 'Exotic Galaxy' With Black Hole Heart Wows Astronomers
112 New Evidence for Cold Ocean on Early Mars
113 Aerobic Exercise Is Best Way to Burn Belly Fat
114 Docs Cite Head Injuries in Ruling Out Youth Boxing
115 Kids' Sleep Disorders Perplex Most Doctors, Study Finds
116 The Tricky Case of Caster Semenya: How Sports and Science Classify Sex
117 Are Oscar Pistorius' Prosthetic Limbs an Unfair Advantage?
118 Florida Cold Snap Devastated Coral Reefs
119 Shape of CEO's Face Linked to Company Performance
120 Simulating the Heart to Improve Cardiac Treatments
121 The Fattest States List
122 Colorado Remains 'Skinniest' State, Obesity Poll Finds
123 New Bar? Your Alcohol Tolerance May Be Lower, Study Finds
124 Milky Way's Baby Stars Linked to Stellar Growth Spurt
125 Half of US Will Be Obese by 2030, Study Finds
126 Signs of Recurring Depression Revealed in Brain Scans
127 How Barrier Islands Survive Storms
128 Amazon Expedition Discovers New Monkey
129 Newly Discovered Warrior Wasp Has Giant Jaws
130 Listening to the Brain
131 Doodling May Draw Students into Science
132 Sex with Neanderthals Gave Humans Immunity Boost
133 Is Your Job Making You Sick?
134 Black Hole Caught in Act of Swallowing Star
135 How Cold Is a Y Dwarf Star? Even You Are Warmer
136 Men's Sex Problems Go Beyond Erectile Dysfunction
137 Fighting Aging? Skip the Botox and Go for the Face Cream
138 5 Hottest New Job Titles Are in Tech & Green
139 British Men May Have a Hunter-Gatherer Past
140 Sex for Senior Women: Less, But Satisfying
141 Quest to Count Earth's Species Hits New Number
142 Flurry of Earthquakes in Peru, Virginia & Colorado Not Connected
143 Overuse of Antibiotics Is Seen Behind Many Human Ills
144 Zoo Animals Sensed DC Quake Minutes Before It Hit
145 Mystery Ingredient Influences Cloud Formation
146 Skinny 'Shrew' Is Oldest True Mammal
147 Dwarf Planet Pluto Holds Big Surprises for Speedy NASA Probe
148 Is Qadhafi Self-Delusional?
149 Fatigued? Try Teamwork for Better Decisions
150 Human Body Might Adapt to Radiation Exposure
151 Nurses Exposed to Toxic Cancer Drugs, Study Finds
152 Five Years Later, Pluto's Planethood Demotion Still Stirs Controversy