File Title
1 Verizon initiates 'network optimization' to throttle bandwidth of heavy data users
2 University study finds students with Apple's iPad perform better than peers
3 Apple to open major retail stores in Hong Kong, Shanghai this week
4 Motorola to take another stab at Apple's iPad with new 7-inch tablet
5 Microsoft faces iPad, iWorks without articulated plan for Windows 8 Office
6 Qantas Airways to test iPad 2 as in-flight entertainment solution
7 Apple closes at new all-time high as world's largest company
8 Intel's Ivy Bridge support for 4K resolution could pave way for 'Retina' Macs
9 Google launches Google Wallet service weeks ahead of iPhone 5 refresh
10 PC makers want cheaper Intel chips to compete with Apple's Air pricing
11 Apple continues 'unstoppable' winning streak in customer satisfaction
12 Report reaffirms Apple's forthcoming white iPod touch with few changes
13 Apple updates Final Cut Pro X with requested features, offers free trial
14 Apple begins slowly taking wraps off Fifth Ave glass cube
15 Adobe releases Photoshop Elements 10, Premiere Elements 10 for Mac
16 Samsung said to be plotting legal action against Apple's iPhone 5 in Europe
17 Windows Phone 7 introduces app version issues in Mango update
18 LaCie begins shipping first sub-$1000 Thunderbolt hard drives
19 T-Mobile exec says iPhone 5 not coming this year--report
20 Apple begins selling iPad 2 3G in China
21 Unreal Engine 3 will power next-gen games for Apple's Mac OS X
22 RIM's PlayBook manufacturer cutting production lines as sales slump
23 Apple to hold iPhone 5 event Oct. 4 hosted by CEO Tim Cook--report
24 China to hit 125M 3G subscribers as buzz builds over Apple's iPhone 5
25 Apple offers first peek at new Hong Kong retail store
26 Adobe promises 'console quality' games on iPhone, iPad with cross-platform AIR 3
27 HP may oust CEO after less than a year on the job
28 Apple board member Al Gore mentions 'new iPhones' coming in October
29 Employee-owned iPhone, iPad an 'unstoppable train' in the enterprise
30 Wedge analyst says Apple will release single iPhone 5 this year
31 French newspapers team up for leverage in negotiations with Apple
32 iPhone, iPad now represent 83% of WiFi mobile devices
33 Apple ships thousands of donated iPads to America's poorest schools
34 Sprint says iPhone is the top reason it loses customers
35 Bill Buxton of Microsoft Research calls Steve Jobs' patents a lesson for CEOs
36 Middle-class Americans to spend $481 a year on Apple products by 2015
37 Apple purchasing flash memory from Japan to reduce reliance on Samsung
38 Apple prepping pilot program to loan iPads to retail staff
39 KDDI to break up Softbank iPhone exclusivity in Japan in 2012
40 Apple exploring universal power adapter, data/charge cable for iPhone & Mac
41 Doubts cast on success of Amazon tablet, Android Ice Cream Sandwich vs. iPad
42 Apple's iPhone has 89% retention rate, next nearest hardware is HTC at 39%
43 Apple sued over microprocessor patents; Mass. to investigate iTunes fraud
44 More next-gen iPhone parts surface as '4S' case packaging appears
45 Apple supplies developers new build of Mac OS X 10.7.2 ahead of iCloud launch
46 Apple now worth fourteen times Dell's market value
47 Apple begins removing construction facade from Fifth Avenue glass cube
48 3 reasons why Windows 8 may be dead on arrival
49 Dvorak: The serious flaw with Microsoft's Windows 8 and Metro
50 Apple: Behold the 'iEndowment,' says Wedgewood
51 Apple to hold special media event on October 4, hosted by CEO Tim Cook, sources say
52 Wraps come off early at huge Hong Kong Apple flagship store, revealing beautiful interior
53 Adobe enables 3D games with Flash Player 11, AIR 3
54 Study: 10% of UK kids under age 10 have an Apple iPhone; 50% of UK parents do not use parental controls
55 Beleaguered RIM drastically cuts production of PlayBook flop
56 French papers team up in attempt to force Apple into concessions on subscriptions
57 Goldman Sachs ups Apple price target to $520
58 HTC exec: We will definitely beat Apple in patent disputes
59 After October 4th media event, how many days until iPhone 5 goes on sale?
60 Apple revealed as owner of
61 Streetspace sues Apple, Google, others over online advertising patents
62 Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman being considered for HP CEO job to replace Apotheker, say sources
63 5 things you won't see at Apple's October 4th special media event
64 Apple board member Al Gore, speaking at conference, 'confirms' new iPhones--plural--in October
65 Apple iOS accounts for 83% of mobile devices using Wi-Fi in airports worldwide
66 Microsoft's plan to stanch Bing's hemorrhaging of $1 billion per quarter
67 Citigroup sees Apple iPad dominance of 'tablet' market increasing
68 Sprint CEO Dan Hesse: 2011 guidance excludes any iPhone launch
69 Employee-owned Apple iOS devices an 'unstoppable train' in the enterprise
70 U.S. DOJ won't explain decision to challenge AT&T's purchase of T-Mobile USA
71 Apple's silence on iPod speaks volumes
72 U.S. stocks end sharply lower after Fed decision
73 Google says Oracle seeking at least $2 billion in Android dispute
74 Analyst: Two new iPhones on October 4th, then 4G iPhone with 'materially improved user interface' in 2012
75 iPhone trade-in volume spikes alongside iPhone 5 rumors
76 Apple gains ground in China piracy battle with new patents
77 Sprint to cap mobile hotspot data to 5GB on October 2nd
78 Why Apple is unveiling two new iPhones next month
79 KDDI to sell iPhone 5 this year, breaking Softbank's exclusive grip in Japan
80 Apple-Samsung dispute heads back to courts in South Korea and Australia
81 Apple continues cutting out derivative Samsung; looks elsewhere for DRAM and NAND flash
82 Gartner says Apple iPad to have free run in tablet market this Christmas amid flummoxed also-rans
83 In Senate hearing, Schmidt says Google's search results not 'cooked'
84 Verizon CEO McAdam: AT&T should be allowed acquire T-Mobile USA
85 Apple patent app describes future iOS devices communicating with parking meters, doors, cash registers and much more
86 Apple sued by Via Technologies over U.S. patents for microprocessors
87 Massachusetts Attorney General, victim of iTunes fraud, says she'll demand answers from Apple
88 Play Blu-ray movies on your Mac without first having to convert them
89 Apple plans program to loan iPads to retail staff
90 Apple's iPhone has 89% retention rate, HTC a distant second at 39%
91 How Apple played it smart with iPhone exclusivity
92 Delays in rolling out Apple Retail Stores in China may be opportunity for Android peddlers, analyst claims
93 Getting ready for iPhone 5: How to prep your iPhone 4 for resale
94 Via Reuters, Financial Times claims Web-based app more popular than App Store app, offers no hard proof
95 Vendors cast doubts on success of 7-inch Amazon tablet, Android Ice Cream Sandwich vs. iPad
96 Whitman to be named HP CEO after market close, say multiple sources
97 Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 Build 11C62 seeded to developers
98 I, Steve: Book of Apple co-founder's words rushed into
99 Google and Motorola Mobility may amend merger agreement to keep Apple lawsuits going
100 More next-gen iPhone parts surface as '4S' case packaging appears
101 F8 conference: Facebook Changes Design; Mark Zuckerberg Introduces Timeline Feature for Friends to Share Lives
102 Steve Jobs: Book of Apple Founder's Words Rushed Into
103 Al Gore Talks iPhones
104 As H-P's CEO, Whitman an Imperfect Fit
105 HP Names eBay Veteran Meg Whitman as New CEO
106 More Doubt on Virus, Chronic Fatigue Connection
107 Arizona Man Charged in Sony Hacking Case
108 Roll Over Einstein: Pillar of Physics Challenged
109 CERN Claims Faster-Than-Light Particle Measured
110 Brain Scans Let Computer Reconstruct Movie Scenes
111 Studies Suggest 2 Waves of Ancient Asia Settlement
112 Troy Davis Executed After Stay Denied by Supreme Court
113 Troy Davis' Sister Recounts Last Moments With Executed Brother
114 Single-Sex Schools Have Negative Impact on Kids, Says Study
115 Family Dinners Linked to Less Risky Behavior in Teens
116 Death Toll in Cantaloupe Outbreak Rises to 8
117 Eating Experts Have Bone to Pick With Controversial "Anna Rexia" Costume
118 Bedbug Solution May Be More Harmful than Problem
119 UC Berkeley Scientists 'See' Movies in the Mind
120 'Don't Have a Cow': Dad Goes on All-Breast-Milk Diet
121 Fukushima Fallout in California Waters: A Threat?
122 Could Fish Oil Help Cut Military Suicides?
123 46 Mothers Shave Their Heads for Childhood Cancer Awareness
124 STD Testing Hits L.A. Streets
125 Brain Stimulation Found to Speed Up Learning
126 Pitcher plant inspires slippery surface
127 'Longevity gene' is a mirage
128 Penguins sniff out their mates
129 Speed-of-light experiments give baffling result at CERN
130 NASA refines satellite crash time
131 Deadly bird disease trichomonosis 'spreads to Europe'
132 Maldives government complains of spoof atlas omission
133 Rare giant armadillo photographed
134 Oxfam warns about effects of 'land rush'
135 Rocket company hopes for calmer waters
136 X-ray reveals hidden Goya painting
137 Wall Street follows European sell-off on economy fears
138 Pakistan 'backed Haqqani attack on Kabul'--Mike Mullen
139 Allegations of deal to fix 2012 Olympic boxing medals
140 Female veterans tormented by combat and sexual trauma
141 How to make a $16 muffin
142 Campaign Ad Breakdown: President zero
143 France imposes first niqab fines
144 Libya conflict: Anti-Gaddafi fighters take Sabha
145 London parents 'force-fed baby until death'
146 London mosque accused of links to 'terror' in Pakistan
147 Facebook focuses on media sharing and adds timeline
148 Hewlett-Packard replaces Leo Apotheker with Meg Whitman
149 TalkTalk tops UK complaints list
150 Google denies 'cooking' search results
151 Urbee 3D printed car goes on display in Canada
152 OnLive cloud gaming comes to UK
153 Google puts South Sudan on the map following campaign
154 Viewpoint: The internet of things and yet another revolution
155 Accessible wilderness in Alaska's largest city
156 Living in: San Francisco
157 Ahmadinejad speech at UN prompts mass walkout
158 UK medics lead Europe's first embryonic stem cell trial
159 Malaria vaccine trial raises hope
160 Edinburgh and Cambridge scientists make virus discovery
161 Learning to live with autism in Ethiopia
162 A real-life Tron Lightcycle
163 HTC Rhyme is purple, should phones be gender neutral?
164 OnStar data tracking, how it affects you
165 Concerns after f8 conference and announced Facebook updates
166 CERN clocks subatomic particles traveling faster than light
167 Aborigines first humans to settle Asia
168 Take a trip down (tech) memory lane with the Museum of Obsolete Objects
169 A Google tutorial for Rick Santorum
170 R.E.M. calls it quits, Twitter reacts, we mourn
171 Troy Davis executed, supporters cry injustice
172 Young becoming "lost generation" amid recession
173 Ahmadinejad blasts U.S. over "mysterious" 9/11
174 Carter: Davis execution shows system is "unjust"