File Title
1 Experimental Intel Chip Shows Future of CPU Efficiency
2 N.Y. Worker Accuses State of Illegal GPS Spying
3 Obama Signs Patent 'Reform' Bill--'Crustless Sandwich' Still Patented
4 How Windows 8 and iOS 5 Stack Up: A Video Comparison
5 Hacker Ring Appears to Make Good on Promise to Expose Celebrities
6 Alt Text: Free Services That Cost Big Bucks
7 In Japan, Microsoft Struggles to Connect With Kinect
8 Sept. 16, 1736: One Degree of Separation--Fahrenheit Dies
9 Listening to Rivers
10 How My Digital Camera Made Me A Better Photographer
11 NASA's New Space Launch System Is Awesome Rocket Science (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)
12 Seagulls: Pooping Resistant Bacteria on Your Beach
13 The Psychology Of Yogurt
14 Lasers Could Be Used to Detect Roadside Bombs
15 Mother Tongue Comes from Your Prehistoric Father
16 Are Genes Our Destiny? Scientists Discover 'Hidden' Code in DNA Evolves More Rapidly Than Genetic Code
17 How Single Stars Lost Their Companions
18 Shake, Rattle and...Power Up? New Device Generates Energy from Small Vibrations
19 Tree Resin Captures Evolution of Feathers On Dinosaurs and Birds
20 Ancient Crocodile Competed With Titanoboa, World's Largest Snake, for Food, Paleontologists Discover
21 Small Distant Galaxies Host Supermassive Black Holes, Astronomers Find
22 NASA Mars Research Helps Find Buried Water On Earth
23 Carbon Cycle Reaches Earth's Lower Mantle: Evidence of Carbon Cycle Found in 'Superdeep' Diamonds From Brazil
24 Genetic Differences Distinguish Stomach Cancers, Treatment Response
25 Unconventional Hunt for New Cancer Targets Leads to a Powerful Drug Candidate for Leukemia
26 Estrogen Treatment May Help Reverse Severe Pulmonary Hypertension
27 World-First Viral Therapy Trial in Cancer Patients
28 Genomic Catastrophe Causes Developmental Delay, Cognitive Disorders
29 Scientists Take First Step Towards Creating 'Inorganic Life'
30 New Technology for Recovering Valuable Minerals from Waste Rock
31 Chemists Help Astronauts Make Sure Their Drinking Water Is Clean
32 NASA Announces Design for New Deep Space Exploration System: New Heavy-Lift Rocket Will Take Humans Far Beyond Earth
33 Messy Better Than Neat: Tangled Coat of Nanowires Increases Solar Cell Efficiency by Absorbing More Light
34 Arctic Ground Squirrels Muscle Up to Hunker Down
35 Researchers Analyze the Evolving Human Relationship With Fire
36 'Synthetic' Chromosome Permits Rapid, On-Demand 'Evolution' of Yeast; Artificial System Has Built-In Diversity Generator
37 Hitchhiking Snails Fly from Ocean to Ocean
38 Water Evaporated from Trees Cools Global Climate, Researchers Find
39 Children With Autism and Gastrointestinal Symptoms Have Altered Digestive Genes
40 Restoring Reefs: Study Underway in Underwater Lab May Help Manage Seaweed-Eating Fish That Protect Coral Reefs
41 Targeting PTEN May Prevent Skin Cancer
42 3-D Face Models That Give Animators Intuitive Control of Expressions
43 When It Comes to Pursuing Your Goals, Let Your Unconscious Be Your Guide
44 Potential Molecular Target to Prevent Growth of Cancer Cells Identified
45 Yellow Patches Around Eyelids Predict Risk of Heart Problems, Study Finds
46 Number of Children Poisoned by Medication Rising Dramatically, Study Says
47 Prenatal Exposure to Stress Linked to Accelerated Cell Aging
48 Targeting Cholesterol to Fight Deadly Brain Cancers
49 Drug May Increase Cognition for People With Down Syndrome
50 T Cells Making Brain Chemicals May Lead to Better Treatments for Inflammation, Autoimmune Diseases
51 New Insight Into Impulse Control
52 MRI Research Demonstrates ALS Attacks Multiple Parts of the Brain
53 New Class of Stem Cell-Like Cells Discovered Offers Possibility for Spinal Cord Repair
54 Moms Who Eat High-Fat Diet Before, During Pregnancy 'Program' Babies to Be Fat, at Risk, Mouse Study Shows
55 'Super-Spaghetti' With Heart-Healthy Label Now Possible
56 Preschoolers' Grasp of Numbers Predicts Math Performance in School Years; Early Number Sense Linked to Elementary Math Scores
57 TV Found to Have Negative Impact On Parent-Child Communication and Early Literacy Compared to Books and Toys
58 Some Smokers Successfully Switch to Electronic Cigarettes
59 Switch That Controls Stem Cell Pluripotency Discovered
60 Resistance to Antibiotics Is Ancient
61 An Apple or Pear a Day May Keep Strokes Away
62 New Rapid Test Tells Difference Between Bacterial and Viral Infections
63 When Ticks Transmit Dangerous Pathogens: Local Antibiotic Therapy Stops Lyme Disease
64 Invasive Amphibians, Reptiles in Florida Outnumber World, Study Finds
65 New Threat Closes in On Iconic Galapagos Wildlife
66 It's All in the Head: Songbirds With Bigger Brains Have Benefited from the End of Communism
67 Cities to Grab Lands Equaling Size of Mongolia In Next 20 Years, Study Predicts
68 Salmon and Other Fish Predators Rely On 'No Guts, No Glory' Survival Tactic
69 Human-Chimp Evolutionary Divergence: Methylation and Gene Sequence Co-Evolved, Study Suggests
70 Woolly Mammoth's Secrets for Shrugging Off Cold Points Toward New Artificial Blood for Humans
71 Endangered Horse Has Ancient Origins and High Genetic Diversity, New Study Finds
72 New Species of Ancient Predatory Fish Discovered
73 Tiny Teeth Indicate Ancient Shark Nurseries
74 Opportunity On Verge of New Discovery: Mars Rover Poised On Rock That May Yield Yet More Evidence of a Wet Red Planet
75 Gamma-Ray Bursts Shed Light On the Nature of Dark Energy
76 Meteor Likely Cause of Southwest U.S. Light Show
77 NASA's Kepler Discovery Confirms First Planet Orbiting Two Stars
78 Milky Way's Spiral Arms Are the Product of an Intergalactic Collision Course; Models Show Dark Matter Packs a Punch
79 Electronic Bucket Brigade Could Boost Solar Cell Voltages
80 Carbon Nanoparticles Break Barriers--And That May Not Be Good
81 New Method for Detecting Lung Cancer Unveiled
82 Mobile Phone Electromagnetic Field Affects Local Glucose Metabolism in the Human Brain, Finnish Study Finds
83 New Material Synthesized: Graphene Nanoribbons Inside of Carbon Nanotubes
84 Biochemical Cell Signals Quantified: Data Capacity Much Lower Than Expected, Scientists Find
85 Smartphone Battery Life Could Dramatically Improve With New Invention
86 Researchers Create New Urban Network Analysis Toolbox
87 Archivist in the Sound Library: New Model for Speech and Sound Recognition
88 New Study Quantifies Use of Social Media in Arab Spring
89 Airlines to Provide Streaming Video
90 Airline Fees Have Their Benefits
91 Americans Rank Airlines Lower Than the IRS
92 Southwest Pilot's Crude Rant About Flight Attendants Caught on Open Mic
93 Airlines Made $5.7 Billion in Revenues in 2010 From Fees
94 Space Satellite UARS Falling From Orbit
95 Washington's Back: What's on the Tech Agenda?
96 Lonely Ginger Seal Finds New Home
97 Giant African Snails Invade Miami Florida
98 Carnegie Mellon to Open Branch Campus in Rwanda
99 Yahoo Gives Interim CEO a 25% Raise to $750,000
100 Blogger: Conn. Arrest for Threats Retaliatory
101 Israel Upgrades Links With European Nuclear Lab
102 Klum Tops List of Most Dangerous Celebs Online
103 NJ Blogger Acquitted of Threats to Conn. Officials
104 NASA: Satellite Pieces to Hit Earth in a Week
105 AT&T Takes Wraps off Wireless Data Network
106 Soyuz Lands Safely in Kazakhstan, Rattles Nerves
107 Reno Air Race Crash Scene Shows Violence of Impact
108 President Obama to Propose Millionaire's Tax Called 'Buffett Rule'
109 Pat Robertson Says Alzheimer's Makes Divorce OK
110 To Quit Smoking and Lose Weight, Look in the Mirror
111 Birth-Control Recall: Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Pulls Pills Because of Packaging Mistake
112 Baltimore's Kennedy Krieger Institute Sued Over Lead Paint Study
113 Makers of Obesity Pills Again Try to Win FDA Approval
114 No School for You! Unvaccinated Students Shut Out
115 Fish shrinkage probed in lab
116 Ban on clenbuterol doping drug may be relaxed
117 Siemens to quit nuclear industry
118 China: Villagers protest at Zhejiang solar panel plant
119 Dwarf galaxies suggest dark matter theory may be wrong
120 Drought remains in parts of England
121 Hungary 'to prevent toxic sludge firm bankruptcy'
122 Anglesey biomass plant given UK government go-ahead
123 NASA satellite UARS nearing Earth 'could land anywhere'
124 Glowing wound dressing indicates infection
125 Welsh generosity helps Size of Wales rainforest drive
126 Scientists in the dock over L'Aquila earthquake
127 Sir Ernest Shackleton's 104-year-old biscuit to be sold
128 Before the storm in Cameroon
129 Pakistan floods: UN appeals for $365m to help victims
130 Several killed as earthquake strikes India, Nepal
131 Libya conflict: Gaddafi troops attack at Bani Walid
132 Libya conflict: Black African migrants caught in backlash
133 Philippine 'running priest' takes on corruption
134 A Point of View: Can religion tell us more than science?
135 The Beatles banned segregated audiences, contract shows
136 Pakistan troops fight Taliban after US drone crash
137 Record cocaine bust in Hong Kong
138 Artificial blood vessels created on a 3D printer
139 Sony asks gamers to sign new terms or face PSN ban
140 Burma's Suu Kyi 'too busy' to use Facebook and Twitter
141 Microsoft drops Flash from IE on Windows 8 tablets
142 Copyright confusion dogs European digitisation push
143 And they said it would never work...
144 Low-fat yoghurt 'child asthma risk' during pregnancy
145 Hospital births move has halved newborn deaths in China
146 Midwife shortages in England 'risking lives'