File Title
1 Day/night cycle even more important to life than previously suspected
2 USDA Scientists Use Commercial Enzyme to Improve Grain Ethanol Production
3 Honduran earthquake of 2009 destroyed half of coral reefs of Belizean Barrier Reef lagoon
4 Physicist detects movement of macromolecules engineered into our food
5 Clemson University peach specialist unveils CaroTiger, something to roar about
6 Research offers means to detoxify mycotoxin-contaminated grain intended for ethanol, animal feed
7 Researchers uncover a potential new benefit of pure maple syrup on liver health
8 New technique elucidates dynamics of plant cell metabolites
9 Outsmarting algae--RIT scientist finds the turn-off switch
10 Improving sugarcane ethanol production--the 'midway' strategy
11 Ancient humans were mixing it up
12 Evolution's past is modern human's present
13 Australopithecus sediba paved the way for Homo species, new studies suggest
14 Fossil discovery supports evolutionary link between Australopiths And Homo, says Texas A&M prof
15 Fossil discovery could be our oldest human ancestor
16 Hominid skull hints at later brain evolution
17 Researchers predict extreme summertime temperatures to become a regular occurrence
18 Using 61 years of tropical storm data, scientists uncover landfall threat probabilities
19 UI researchers find high levels of toxic PCBs in Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal
20 Microbes travel through the air; it would be good to know how and where
21 Can scientists look at next year's climate?
22 Dangers of exposure to 'white' light
23 MSU sustainability scientists suggest how countries can cooperate on climate
24 Health fears over CO2 storage are unfounded, study shows
25 Astronomers find extreme weather on an alien world
26 Oil and gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico claim 139 lives in helicopter crashes
27 Study predicts sea level rise may take economic toll on California coast
28 Lung cancer signatures in blood samples may aid in early detection
29 'Trojan Horse' particle sneaks chemotherapy in to kill ovarian cancer cells
30 New Clues to Molecular Understanding of Autism
31 Gene linked with death after coronary bypass surgery
32 Primary component in turmeric kicks off cancer-killing mechanisms in human saliva
33 Study finds chronic abnormal brain blood flow in Gulf War veterans
34 A 3-D reconstructed image of neural dendritic trees using the advanced electron microscope technology
35 More evidence that spicing up broccoli boosts its cancer-fighting power
36 Major threats foreseen due to Europe's changing marine environments
37 Cardiotrophin 1 shows promising results for treatment of obesity and metabolic syndrome
38 Small molecule receptor detects lipid's telltale sign of cell death
39 Breakthrough opens new avenues for hep C vaccine
40 Using lasers to vaporize tissue at multiple points simultaneously
41 Researchers study Terahertz radiation's impact on cellular function and gene expression
42 New UNH data tests the exercise 'talk test'
43 Plant compound reduces breast cancer mortality
44 Medical and patient communities call for urgent action to prevent stroke crisis in Latin America
45 People in poorer neighborhoods have higher risk of sudden cardiac arrest
46 1 in 5 Canadians has metabolic syndrome
47 Innovating to improve women and children's health
48 Costs, mortality skyrocket following infection in cardiac device recipients
49 High medical costs decrease 28 percent after 5 years of Transcendental Meditation practice
50 Pressure for positive results puts science under threat, study shows
51 Out of the darkness
52 A study analyzes how to improve the European patent
53 Allowing part-time surgeons may help address workforce shortage
54 Bigger is better in pension funds, Rotman researchers find
55 MU Study Finds Quitting Smoking Enhances Personality Change
56 Reduce Federal Health Care Spending in Socially and Fiscally Responsible Manner, ACP Tells Congressional Joint Committee
57 Primary schoolchildren that sleep less than 9 hours do not perform
58 Strong leadership necessary to provide more sophisticated care for aging population, study finds
59 Enzyme might be target for treating smoking, alcoholism at same time
60 Study finds no link between intracerebral hemorrhage and statin use among patients with prior stroke
61 U.S. public may not be aware of important uncertainties about drug benefits and harms
62 Association found between long-term use of nonaspirin anti-inflammatory drugs and renal cell cancer
63 Ferroelectrics could pave way for ultra-low power computing
64 Spin pumping effect proven for the first time
65 MUTE--Efficient city car, showcase for electromobility research
66 Arizona civil engineering professor develops 'superlaminate' industrial pipe repair system
67 Smithsonian conservation team develops new technique for dating silk
68 Star blasts planet with X-rays
69 New hybrid imaging device shows promise in spotting hard-to-detect ovarian cancer
70 New imaging technique evaluates nerve damage
71 A guiding light for new directions in energy production
72 New coral dating method hints at possible future sea-level changes
73 Manipulative mothers subdue show-off sons
74 New species of ancient predatory fish discovered
75 Evolution keeps sex determination flexible
76 SAFEPED Helps Cities Fix Dangerous Intersections
77 The breathtaking dance of plants
78 Squeezed laser will bring gravitational waves to the light of day
79 Bursting neurons follow the same beat, sometimes
80 Team finds stable RNA nano-scaffold within virus core
81 World Alzheimer's Report 2011: The benefits of early diagnosis and intervention
82 Science finding is music to the ears
83 IUD reduces the risk of cervical cancer
84 Does race dictate quality of care?
85 Breast health study advances safety profile for soy-based natural S-equol supplement designed to manage menopause symptoms
86 Relation of alcohol consumption to colorectal cancer
87 Substitution of brand name with generic drug proves safe for transplant recipients
88 Separating a Cancer Prevention Drug from Heart Disease Risk
89 Web Tool Aims to Improve the Workplace for Breast Cancer Survivors
90 Leopoldina Symposium focuses on human rights violations in sciences and humanities
91 Treatment of CV risk factors appears to improve sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction
92 Psoriasis patients face higher than average death risk after a heart attack
93 Social contacts, self-confidence crucial to successful recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous
94 MIT: In plane view
95 A deep male voice helps women remember
96 Stimulation of female genital regions produces strong activation of various brain sites
97 Rebooting psychotherapy
98 50 new exoplanets discovered by HARPS
99 UC San Diego's HPWREN aids in recent supernova discovery
100 Researchers find way to measure effect of Wi-Fi attacks
101 'Oscar Madison' approach to solar cells may outshine 'Felix Unger' design [et al.]
102 Graphene may open the gate to future terahertz technologies
103 Parabolic mirrors concentrate sunlight to power lasers
104 Nuclear detector
105 Gene therapy kills breast cancer stem cells, boosts chemotherapy
106 Newly published cyber security report identifies key research priorities
107 Blood Vessels from Your Printer
108 Amazon as a 'Netflix for Books'? How Reading Changes
109 Winklevoss Twins Go Nuts
110 Arctic Sea Ice: Why Pay Attention, Record or No Record?
111 Facebook to Organize Friends in 'Smart Lists'
112 Russia: Next Manned Space Launch to Be Nov. 12
113 Dutch Legislators Get iPads, Go Fully Digital
114 Authors Guild Sues Universities Over Online Books
115 Scientists: Bacteria Spreading in Warming Oceans
116 Judge Delays Case Involving FBI's GPS Tracking
117 Last Stand in Asia for Shy, Defenseless Anteater
118 Bionic Ear Maker Cochlear Recalls Hearing Implants
119 Miss Universe Leila Lopes Pledges to Combat HIV, Emphasizes Natural Beauty
120 George and Cindy Anthony Divided Over Casey's Innocence: Dr. Phil
121 IUDs May Protect Women From Cervical Cancer
122 Inhaled Insulin for Alzheimer's: Some Researchers Hopeful
123 Bachmann Needles Perry on HPV Vaccines
124 Nickelodeon Responds to Study Claiming 'SpongeBob' Hinders Preschoolers' Attention Spans
125 HPV Vaccine Protects Against Anal Cancer in Women
126 Rick Perry Changes Tune on HPV Vaccine After Announcing White House Bid
127 Significant Rise in HPV-Related Throat Cancer in Men
128 Are Routine Pelvic Exams a Thing of the Past?
129 Testosterone departs as baby arrives
130 Human-Neanderthal coupling rare: study
131 New emotion detector can see when we're lying
132 Urbanisation's varying impacts on ecosystem services
133 New Japan PM Noda in nuclear restart call
134 Skynet seeks to crowdsource the stars
135 Breath test could identify trapped disaster victims
136 Inside Japan's nuclear ghost zone
137 Carbon capture is 'safe'--but how attractive?
138 Could a robot be conscious?
139 The technology of saving India's precious water supply
140 Fatherhood 'lowers testosterone to keep men loyal'
141 Mini guide to Umbria, Italy
142 Smart UK navigation system for Mars rover
143 Afghan gunfight: Kabul police battle insurgents
144 Iran to free US hikers jailed for spying--Ahmadinejad
145 Pop art pioneer Richard Hamilton dies at the age of 89
146 Number of Americans in poverty hits record high
147 Turkish PM Erdogan pushes Palestinian statehood
148 Libya after Gaddafi: Who's in charge?
149 'Wi-fi refugees' shelter in West Virginia mountains
150 Ban for actress Nikhita Thukral over Darshan 'affair'
151 Hitler's Atlantic Wall: Should France preserve it?
152 Reading man jailed for dead girl 'trolling' insults
153 Samsung files patent complaint against Apple in France
154 Facebook friend list update targets Google+
155 Russian President Medvedev asked to fund Windows clone
156 Legal action on college book plan
157 Ofcom acts on broadband contracts
158 Blagging goes beyond media firms--data watchdog
159 Love on the go? There's an app for that
160 Court permits UVF supergrass trial tweeting
161 Lil Wayne 'breaks' iTunes sales record
162 Pakistan is hit by dengue fever epidemic
163 UN says synthetic drug use overtakes cocaine and heroin