File Title
1 Circadian clocks in a blind fish
2 Study finds crop performance matters when evaluating greenhouse gas emissions
3 Poor outlook for water quality in Germany
4 Bird pollinated plant mixes it up when it comes to sex
5 China's plant resources need additional protections
6 Deep-sea fish in deep trouble
7 A scientific 'go' for commercial production of vitamin-D enhanced mushrooms
8 Expert calls for change in trans fat labelling
9 Study reveals that nation's national forests can provide public health benefits
10 UMass Amherst Entomologists Begin to Control Winter Moth Infestation in Eastern Massachusetts
11 The breathtaking dance of plants
12 Gypsy moth caterpillars hormonal slaves to virus gene
13 Researchers Uncover Genetic Link to Cattle Diseases
14 Soybean Rust PIPE: Past, Present, and Future
15 Critters on Ocean Floor Communicating in Synchronized Rumbles
16 Legume ipmPIPE Provides Real-Time Pest Data
17 Chinese researchers identify insect host species of a famous Tibetan medicinal fungus
18 Hog waste producing electricity and carbon offsets
19 Study in Tanzania finds fishery improvements outweigh fuelwood losses
20 Biology of the Soybean Aphid in the United States
21 Invasive forest insects cost homeowners, taxpayers billions
22 Homeowners, taxpayers pay billions to fight invasive pests
23 Cotton's Potential for Padding Nonwovens
24 Biology and Management of Thrips in Cotton Seedlings
25 Microbes travel through the air; it would be good to know how and where
26 Uncovering the Kingdom of Israel
27 Olympia hypothesis: Tsunamis buried the cult site on the Peloponnese
28 Fossil forensics reveals how wasps populated rotting dinosaur eggs
29 What is war good for? Sparking civilization, suggest UCLA archaeology findings from Peru
30 Strength in numbers
31 6 million years of savanna
32 The last 3 million years at a snail's pace
33 6 million years of African savanna
34 Archaeologists uncover 3,000-year-old lion adorning citadel gate complex in Turkey
35 Forests absorb one-third of our fossil fuel emissions
36 MIT: Oxygen's watery past
37 Deadly medication?
38 Ancient wild horses help unlock past
39 Ancient whale skulls and directional hearing: A twisted tale
40 Gene study sheds new light on origins of British men
41 Biological communities studied at historical WWII shipwrecks along North Carolina
42 2000-Year-Old Burial Box Could Reveal Location of the Family of Caiaphas
43 Ancient humans were mixing it up
44 Evolution's past is modern human's present
45 Australopithecus sediba paved the way for Homo species, new studies suggest
46 Fossil discovery supports evolutionary link between Australopiths And Homo, says Texas A&M prof
47 Fossil discovery could be our oldest human ancestor
48 Hominid skull hints at later brain evolution
49 Texas A&M prof says study shows that clouds don't cause climate change
50 Microbes generate electricity while cleaning up nuclear waste
51 USGS research frontiers on fish at the American Fisheries Society Conference
52 Evidence for a persistently iron-rich ocean changes views on Earth's early history
53 800,000 years of abrupt climate variability
54 Researchers predict extreme summertime temperatures to become a regular occurrence
55 UI researchers find high levels of toxic PCBs in Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal
56 Hummingbirds all a-flutter during courtship
57 Human brain evolution, new insight through X-rays
58 Babies distinguish pain from touch at 35-37 weeks
59 When infants gain the capacity for pain
60 Caltech group applies new techniques and sees surprises in cell division
61 Newly identified gene mutation linked to Parkinson's
62 Landmark Discovery Paves The Way For More Targeted Cancer Treatment & Offers Hope For Cancer Prevention
63 Is Estrogen Going to Your Head?
64 USC scientists probe connection between sight and touch in the brain
65 Local government, homeowners paying price for non-native forest insects
66 Hormone predicts which kidney patients might die early
67 Researchers find hormone that predicts premature death in kidney patients
68 Early motor experiences give infants a social jump start
69 Rebalancing the nuclear debate through education
70 Diamondback moth host-parasite interaction unraveled
71 Body Clock Found to Regulate Platelet Function
72 Novel approach scores first success against elusive cancer gene
73 South-East universities turn their knowledge into wealth
74 Nanocables light way to the future
75 White favoritism by Major League umps lowers minority pitcher performance, pay
76 Couples who Receive Government Assistance Report Less Marital Satisfaction, Commitment, MU Study Finds
77 First US patient receives specially processed donor lungs at the University of Maryland
78 Rising health costs eroding Americans' income gains, study finds
79 Consolidation of health plans may help lower hospital costs, study finds
80 Insured and still at risk: Number of underinsured increased 80 percent between 2003-2010
81 Researchers find process that clears cholesterol and could reverse major cause of heart attack
82 Scorecard of state performance on long-term services and supports finds wide variation
83 The last great fundraising opportunity: How identity can help charities increase legacy giving
84 Structured homeschooling gets an A+
85 Physicians in Varying Specialties Endure Similar Levels of Mental Effort, Stress
86 Schwartz Center proposes agenda to promote compassionate care
87 Rice unveils new method to grow synthetic collagen
88 Macy Foundation report calls for sweeping graduate medical education reforms
89 Managing intellectual property a challenge for firms, innovators
90 UM music professor analyzes the demographic profile of US high school music ensemble students
91 Medical and patient communities call for urgent action to prevent stroke crisis in Latin America
92 Young stars take a turn in the spotlight
93 Computer-aided design used for breast tissue reconstruction
94 Innovative superconductor fibers carry 40 times more electricity
95 Interaction between tumor suppressor protein and chaperone revealed: A chaperone for the "guardian of the genome"
96 'TF beacons' may light path to new cancer tests and drugs
97 Powered by seaweed: Polymer from algae may improve battery performance
98 New complex offers potentially safer alternative for gene therapy delivery
99 Switching from coal to natural gas would do little for global climate, study indicates
100 Cellular communications visualized with a vibrant color palette
101 Invisible world discovered
102 ORNL new material possible boon for lithium ion batteries
103 Chronic pain: Watch out before accepting diagnosis and treatment
104 First global picture of greenhouse gases emerges from pole-to-pole research flights
105 UH researchers work to develop screening method for superbug
106 Big machines: 2 radiation generators mark major milestones in helping protect the US
107 Taming Light
108 Groundbreaking DNA tests could trap deer poachers
109 Research on US nuclear levels after Fukushima could aid in future nuclear detection
110 New evidence suggests that Au.sediba is the best candidate for the genus Homo
111 Appalachian tiger swallowtail butterfly is a hybrid of two other swallowtails, scientists find
112 Handier than Homo habilis?
113 Did the world really change? Marking the 10th anniversary of the sept. 11, 2001 attacks
114 Genomic analysis of superbug provides clues to antibiotic resistance
115 A study reveals the rhythms of communications between people
116 New research supports change to UK blood donation rules for men who have sex with men
117 New report: US investment in health research remains stagnant
118 Fewer than 3 doses of cervical cancer vaccine effective
119 Whole-parasite malaria vaccine shows promise in University of Maryland School of Medicine clinical trial
120 Changes to distribution of livers for transplant proposed
121 Study finds hospitals of last resort deliver lower quality of lung cancer care
122 New twist in diabetes drugs could reduce life-threatening side effects
123 Regional differences in the care of acute stroke patients
124 Moffitt Cancer Center Researchers Use New Tool To Counter Multiple Myeloma Drug Resistance
125 Epic search for evidence of life on Mars heats up with focus on high-tech instruments
126 Ghostwriting remains a fundamental problem in the medical literature
127 MIABE standard opens up new opportunities in drug discovery
128 SER2011 Mexico call to action
129 Solar industry responsible for lead emissions in developing countries
130 Federal investment in electronic health records likely to reap returns in quality of care
131 Sparing or sharing? Protecting wild species may require growing more food on less land
132 ATS publishes clinical practice guidelines on interpretation of FENO levels
133 Decrease in smoking reduces death rates within months
134 New study findings reveal US high school science standards in genetics are 'inadequate'
135 Most med schools offer students poor mental health coverage, imperiling students, patients
136 Medical homes linked to better health, school performance
137 Liquor store density linked to youth homicides
138 Branding like Beckham
139 Europe needs to tackle legal, ethical and cultural barriers to child organ donation
140 Inexpensive infection control measures could save thousands of lives, billions of dollars
141 Report offers framework for weighing health consequences of policies, projects
142 White House's Childhood Obesity Task Force must focus on providing treatment for minority children
143 Targeted policing has knock-on benefits
144 Leaders in field analyze proposed National Criminal Justice Commission
145 Names, not social networks, bind us to global cultural and ethnic communities
146 Sexual coercion common among students in Uganda
147 Politicians have less influence through news media
148 McLean and the University of Colorado Research Shows Improvements are Needed to Enhance Accuracy in Gene-by-Environment Interaction Studies
149 New translator app makes sense of foreign-language food menus
150 Sick body, vigilant mind
151 When race, religion and democracy collide
152 Emotional impact of 9/11 attacks seen in brain's response to negative visual images
153 Birth control pills affect memory, UCI researchers find
154 Neutrinos: Ghostly particles with unstable egos
155 Our galaxy might hold thousands of ticking 'time bombs'
156 NASA spacecraft images offer sharper views of Apollo landing sites
157 CU-Boulder space instrument observes new characteristics of solar flares
158 Something New On the Sun: SDO Spots a Late Phase in Solar Flares
159 Sunspot 1283 bristling with flares: An X1.8 and an M6.7
160 Using 61 years of tropical storm data, scientists uncover landfall threat probabilities
161 Fermi's Latest Gamma-ray Census Highlights Cosmic Mysteries
162 New type of solar cell retains high efficiency for long periods
163 Parents' behavior linked to kids' videogame playing
164 Neuroscientists produce guide for ultrasound use to treat brain disorders in clinical emergencies