File Title
1 Patent reform act stirs mixed emotions in science circles
2 Fermi's latest gamma-ray census highlights cosmic mysteries
3 Microbes travel through the air; it would be good to know how and where
4 Death tolls spur pro-war stance, study finds
5 Cosmic crashes forging gold: Nuclear reactions in space do produce the heaviest elements
6 CRESST team finds new 'evidence' of dark matter
7 US gets chance to catch up on credit card security
8 New evidence for a preferred direction in spacetime challenges the cosmological principle
9 Switching from coal to natural gas would do little for global climate, study indicates
10 NASA successfully tests five-segment solid rocket motor
11 Where does all the gold come from?
12 Pair claim they can make ammonia to fuel cars for just 20 cents per liter
13 Study shows that vehicle-to-vehicle navigation systems really do work
14 Our galaxy might hold thousands of ticking 'time bombs'
15 Cuba releases world's first lung cancer vaccine
16 Something new on the Sun: Spacecraft observes new characteristics of solar flares
17 'Game-changer' in evolution from S. African bones
18 Innovative superconductor fibers carry 40 times more electricity
19 Group shows botnet threat in the future may come from the sky
20 Why men's ring fingers are longer than their index fingers
21 Driving a gas-guzzler? You can still cut fuel costs by nearly half
22 Editor of Remote Sensing journal resigns citing review mistakes on climate model paper
23 Breakthrough could double wireless capacity with no new towers
24 800,000 years of Greenland's abrupt climate variability
25 'Flybus' prototype may be hybrid bus of future
26 Tech company to build science ghost town in NM
27 Toshiba supersized, glasses-free, 3-D TV steals IFA show
28 Transcend says USB stick capable of 2 TB storage
29 Apple wins key German patent case against Samsung (Update)
30 Patterned media technique achieves Terabit data recording densities
31 An upside-down cake throws a new light on photovoltaics
32 Nanocables light way to the future: Researchers power line-voltage light bulb with nanotube wire
33 Nanoscale spin waves can replace microwaves
34 Get the light, beat the heat: Researchers develop new infrared coating for windows
35 Good vibrations for future quantum computers
36 Nanosensors made from DNA may light path to new cancer tests and drugs
37 Innovative nanoparticle purification system uses magnetic fields
38 Researchers pioneer novel technique to make plasmonic nanogap arrays
39 Innovation is step toward digital graphene transistors
40 Crystal clear research
41 Carbon nanotube composites for enzymes and cosmetics
42 Design optimization could help maximize the power conversion efficiency of thin-film silicon solar cells
43 Hydrogenation technique triples transistor performance in epitaxial graphene
44 Copying geckos' toes
45 A switch that lets one photon alter the quantum state of another
46 Using magnetic fields to control newly identified state of matter could enable more efficient memory devices
47 How slow is slow? EXO knows
48 White laser pulses with precisely tailored waveform enable control of electrons in microcosm
49 Two radiation generators mark major milestones
50 Ringing the hemoglobin bell
51 Neutron scattering confirms DNA is as stretchy as nylon
52 What causes traffic gridlock?
53 New record for measurement of atomic lifetime
54 Neutrinos: Ghostly particles with unstable egos
55 Research gives crystal clear temperature readings from toughest environments
56 Single molecule can shift the phase of a laser beam
57 On ancient Susquehanna, flooding's a frequent fact
58 Tropical Storm Maria threatens eastern Caribbean
59 Research on US nuclear levels after Fukushima could aid in future nuclear detection
60 Tropical Storm Maria's 'West Side Story' to the Caribbean
61 NASA satellite rainmap shows extent of Tropical Storm Lee's heavy rainfall
62 NASA's Aqua satellite sees 3 in 1: Tropical storms Nate, Lee, fires
63 Tributes to terrorism victims are on Mars
64 Using 61 years of tropical storm data, scientists uncover landfall threat probabilities
65 Russia blames 'chance' defect for space crash
66 Researchers find high levels of toxic PCBs in Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal
67 NASA to try Moon satellite launch Saturday
68 HTC Titan's a Mango monster: 4.7-inch Windows phone
69 Report: Samsung, Microsoft tie up for new tablet
70 Review: Seeking a keyboard that enhances the iPad
71 Sony presents optional 3-D sheet as new laptop accessory
72 Many US schools adding iPads, trimming textbooks
73 Robots learn to handle objects, understand places
74 With cheap Pandigital tablet, you get what you pay for
75 Toshiba launchs FlashAir, first SDHC memory card with embedded WLAN
76 Taiwan's HTC unveils 4G tablet
77 AT&T defends T-Mobile deal in response to DOJ suit
78 AOL shares sink amid Yahoo! merger talk
79 Calif. lawmakers approve Amazon tax compromise
80 Hackers send fake terror alerts from NBC's Twitter
81 Shuttered SAP subsidiary charged in Oracle theft
82 US reconnaissance plane under jamming attack: aide
83 FC-R&D releases natural-energy power system
84 Google paid $125 million for Zagat: WSJ
85 Google advises Iran users to change passwords
86 Copyright charges for NinjaVideo operators
87 Dutch probing Iranian hacker's claims
88 University chemists devise means to stabilize explosive CL-20
89 Polymer batteries for next-generation electronics
90 New material possible boon for lithium ion batteries
91 Powered by seaweed: Polymer from algae may improve battery performance
92 New method to grow synthetic collagen unveiled
93 UNH scientists to build device for detecting contraband radioactive material
94 Terminating toxic metals: Molecularly engineered material solves complex environmental contamination issues
95 A scientific 'go' for commercial production of vitamin-D enhanced mushrooms
96 Japan firm creates radiation-detecting plastic
97 New type of solar cell retains high efficiency for long periods
98 'TF beacons' may light path to new cancer tests and drugs
99 Old fruit peel are the new healthy snacks
100 Detecting molecules on skin
101 Boom in fracking for oil and gas recovery sparks new technology
102 New material shows promise for trapping pollutants
103 Philippines urged to free giant crocodile
104 Local government, homeowners paying price for non-native forest insects
105 New study finds dolphins produce sounds in a similar way to humans
106 Migratory birds burn protein as in-flight water source, researchers find
107 Indians and Europeans share a milky past
108 Hermaphrodite roundworm offspring yield evolutionary clues, researchers say
109 Spanish island grows bugs to dye from
110 Groundbreaking DNA tests could trap deer poachers
111 Cotton's potential for padding nonwovens
112 The unexpected relatives of smallpox
113 Diamondback moth host-parasite interaction unraveled
114 Biology, crop injury, and management of thrips in cotton seedlings
115 A new transporter gene that regulates plant transpiration
116 A new role for cytokinin plant hormones
117 Bees are good informers
118 A more progressive tax system makes people happier
119 Peer pressure? It's hardwired into our brains
120 Depression study reveals two sides to illusion of control
121 Seeing isn't believing
122 Neurosurgeons use adult stem cells to grow neck vertebrae
123 Missing genes may separate coach potato from active cousin
124 Researchers find magnetic brain stimulation appears to make lying more difficult
125 Sudden death of a parent may pose mental health risks for children
126 Birth control pills affect memory, study finds
127 Researchers use new tool to counter multiple myeloma drug resistance
128 Novel approach scores first success against elusive cancer gene
129 Study tests use of warm-heart transplants
130 Whole-parasite malaria vaccine shows promise in clinical trial
131 Weakened malaria parasites form basis of new vaccine strategy
132 Body clock found to regulate platelet function
133 Researchers find chemical signals that initiate the body's immune response
134 Stopping meds during pregnancy does not increase risk of depression
135 Mother's diet influences baby's allergies--new research
136 Early motor experiences give infants a social jump start
137 Promising target in treating and preventing the progression of heart failure identified
138 Chronic pain gene identified
139 US healthcare battle edges nearer Supreme Court (Update)
140 Sick body, vigilant mind
141 Scientists probe connection between sight and touch in the brain
142 Autism breakthrough could lead to new treatments
143 Chemotherapy is as effective before breast cancer surgery as after
144 Scientists discover genetic mutation that causes Parkinson's disease
145 Mutation links inherited narcolepsy with multiple neuropsychiatric disorders
146 Is estrogen going to your head?
147 Senegal dreams of 'African Einstein' with new science hub
148 Turkish Academy of Sciences to lose its independence
149 Safe and scientifically sound
150 Mother tongue comes from your prehistoric father
151 Raising a child doesn't take a village, research shows
152 Rebalancing the nuclear debate through education
153 Structured homeschooling gets an A+
154 Humans naturally cooperative, altruistic, social
155 Handier than Homo habilis?
156 Politicians have less influence through news media
157 Cameras at intersections save lives, dollars
158 Names, not social networks, bind us to global cultural and ethnic communities
159 Managing intellectual property a challenge for firms, innovators