File Title
1 Earth's gold fell from the sky
2 New body clock makes fast driving a breeze
3 Footprints ID people like fingerprints
4 Thirsty frogs chill to get a drink
5 Tool-making ancestor may rewrite history
6 Too much exercise might harm your heart
7 NASA Satellite Falling to Earth: Will You Be Hit?
8 Saturn at Night
9 3-D Images by Artist Ignacio Torres
10 A Take on the TouchPad: Worth Keeping, if You Can Find It
11 Evolutionary 'Game Changer': Fossil May Be Human Ancestor
12 APNewsBreak: Judge Backs Deal on Imperiled Species
13 Too Wacky? Moving Water From Flood to Drought
14 On Ancient Susquehanna, Flooding's a Frequent Fact
15 Jacqueline Kennedy on Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
16 Feds: Zawahiri Launched Al Qaeda Terror Plot for 9/11 Anniversary
17 Day Care Owner Accused of Doping Kids
18 Georgia McDonald's Toxic Fumes a Deadly Mystery
19 FDA Panel Waffles on Limiting Duration of Bisphosphonate Use
20 Marty McFly's Shoes Give Hope for Parkinson's Research
21 Duke Sued Over Cancer Trials
22 Genetic Discovery Suggests Arthritis Drug May Help Some Asthma Sufferers
23 Stanford Hospital Patient Records Leaked Online
24 Injured Women Sue Johnson & Johnson Over Vaginal Mesh Product
25 FDA Panel Endorses Xarelto for Stroke Prevention
26 Fall Allergy Season May Be Longest, Strongest This Year
27 Dr. Besser's Twitter Chat: All About Depression, Sept. 13
28 'My Life's Calling Is Dying': Remembering Jim
29 Britain to Lift Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood
30 Weight Watchers Members Lose Twice as Much Weight as Other Dieters
31 'Hysteria' Movie Paints Vibrator as Medical Device
32 FDA Deems Popular Hair-Straightening Treatment Unfit
33 Slow Sex Practice Promises Female Orgasm in 15 Minutes
34 Allergic to Sex? Semen, Orgasm and Latex Can Be Culprits
35 Lay Down Some Rubber!
36 Female Orgasm May Be Tied to 'Rule of Thumb'
37 Fish living in dark caves still feel the rhythm of life
38 UK joins laser nuclear fusion project
39 Human DNA trap set for deer poachers
40 Assassin bug sneaks up on spiders
41 Our Rivers campaign reveals 'blacklist'
42 Russia pins Soyuz failure to production line defect
43 UK nuclear support 'rises after Fukushima'
44 Meteorites delivered gold to Earth
45 New Japan PM visits crippled Fukushima nuclear plant
46 Drunk Swedish elk found in apple tree near Gothenburg
47 A White House 'sceptic': Would it matter?
48 Franklin expedition: Will we ever know what happened?
49 Hi-tech scans reveal brain of human 'ancestor'
50 Twenty tastes of Britain
51 Supercomputer predicts revolution
52 Microsoft online services hit by major failure
53 Egyptian protesters break into Israeli embassy building
54 9/11: Clinton says Al-Qaeda behind New York threat
55 Magnitude-6.4 quake hits off Vancouver Island
56 Musharraf vows return to Pakistan
57 Bolivia crash survivor found after three days in jungle
58 Libya conflict: 'Battle under way' for Bani Walid
59 Syria unrest: Protesters call for international help
60 Rich Russians' love affair with Britain
61 The decline of Swat's celebrated dancing girls
62 German court upholds Apple design claim
63 Mozilla calls for web wide security check
64 Waterstone's to launch e-reader
65 Google ponders 'privileged' access to Android
66 China's considers US share sale in 2012
67 HTC sues Apple after Google sells tech patents
68 Twitter says it has 100 million active users
69 GlobalSign stops secure certificates after hack claim
70 Patents: Can the giants protect the minnows?
71 The myth of free wi-fi
72 Innovation key to UK prosperity
73 Unified communications: End of the line for the phone?
74 Experts discuss apps design at Aberystwyth University
75 Gene find could lead to drug for chronic back pain
76 Cancer drug resistance clue found
77 Millions of malnourished 'go unnoticed'
78 Bereaved parents die of 'broken heart'
79 Apple may need to reveal iPad sales figures to bar Samsung Galaxy Tab
80 iPhone 4 remains top-selling US smartphone despite growing iPhone 5 hype
81 Sprint files lawsuit to block AT&T's proposed purchase of T-Mobile
82 Apple rumored to use thinner, lighter, safer battery for iPad 3
83 Google takes issue with jury selection in Oracle vs Android case
84 AT&T says Sprint suit to block T-Mobile deal is not about maintaining competition
85 Apple shipping first Thunderbolt Displays to stores, resellers
86 iCloud Communications drops trademark suit; Apple in dispute over Chinese logo
87 Adobe adding support for iOS 5 Newsstand to Digital Publishing Suite
88 QuickBooks for Mac 2012 optimized for Lion, packs 50 new features
89 First look: QuickBooks for Mac 2012 aims to meet unique needs of Mac enterprise
90 Apple forecast to sell 143M iPhones, 68M iPads in 2013
91 Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz fired over phone, informs employees via her iPad
92 Rumor: New picture taken with 8MP camera of Apple's iPhone 5
93 Apple rumored to unveil 3G-capable iPod touch this month
94 Chilean airplane crash located via Apple's Find My iPhone
95 Apple preparing Logic Pro X, working to avoid Final Cut X backlash
96 Google plotted to give Motorola early advantage over other Android licensees
97 HTC sues Apple for third time over patents it obtained from Google
98 SFPD launches internal investigation over role in search for iPhone prototype
99 Foxconn said to be producing 150k iPhone 5 units per day
100 Judge urges AT&T, DoJ to discuss settlement on T-Mobile deal Sept. 21
101 Adobe sees 45% sales growth for Mac video tools after Final Cut Pro X exodus
102 JP Morgan increases 2011 tablet forecast to 51.9M as iPad dominates
103 Apple's iPhone 4 ship times slip ahead of iPhone 5 debut
104 Apple's legal effort to bar Samsung tablets, smartphones extends to Japan
105 Apple investigating crowd-sourced rankings for local search results
106 Apple planning third campus after 'spaceship' is finished in 2015
107 Purported Apple iPhone 5 cases again suggest hardware redesign
108 Charitable matching of up to $10K now available for Apple employees
109 Apple's iTunes U hits 600 million education downloads
110 Samsung to hedge its Android Galaxy Tab with new Windows 8 offerings
111 Lowe's deploying 42,000 iPhone-based POS systems in retail overhaul
112 Android app volume to pass App Store but iOS developers to lead in revenue
113 Microsoft inks Android patent deals with Acer, ViewSonic
114 US government approves patent bill in effort to reform system
115 Apple wins permanent ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany
116 Apple revises estimated shipping times in its online store
117 LG resolves quality issues with LCD displays for Apple's iPad 2
118 Sprint rumored to retain unlimited data plans after iPhone 5 arrives
119 iPhone 4 sales 'surprisingly robust' ahead of Apple's iPhone 5 debut
120 Apple releases Mac OS X Security Update 2011-005 to stop certificate fraud
121 Trio of patent suits target Apple over caller ID, Web apps, USB
122 Apple Campus 2 sparks some traffic, growth fears in Cupertino
123 Hon Hai reportedly boosts Q3 iPad 2 production from 14 million to 20 million
124 Adobe concedes HTML5 video support for iOS in Flash Media Server
125 Apple releases iTunes 10.5 beta 8 to developers along with new iWork for iOS apps
126 Rumor: Sprint blacking out staff vacations for first half of Oct. as iPhone 5 nears
127 Developer offers glimpse inside Apple's secrecy efforts
128 Apple could buy the entire mobile industry
129 Why Apple's shares rose after Steve Jobs resigned
130 TSMC reportedly gearing up for mass production of Apple 'A6' processors
131 J.D. Power: Apple ranks highest in smartphone customer satisfaction for 6th consecutive time
132 Samsung moves to expand tablet business with Microsoft Windows
133 Lowe's equips employees with 42,000 Apple iPhones
134 German court upholds Apple complaint: Bans Samsung Galaxy Tab from sale in Europe's largest market
135 U.S. government passes patent reform; critics deem it sellout to big business
136 Conan O'Brien: Apple wants its lost iPhone 5 (with video)
137 Apple removes shipping time estimates from online store
138 Microsoft online services hit by major failure
139 Android apps much less profitable than iPhone apps
140 Hon Hai hikes Apple iPad 2 shipments from 14 million to 20 million units in Q3
141 Sprint to offer Apple iPhone 5 with unlimited data plan in October, say sources
142 Apple's P/E compression illustrated
143 Cupertino Mayor Wong: Apple's mothership campus 'definitely not a done deal'
144 Apple releases Security Update 2011-005 for Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard
145 All but Apple brace for mobile phone slump
146 Analyst: Apple's iPhone 4 sales strong ahead of refresh
147 RUMOR: Apple offered $800 million For Dropbox
148 Analysts hastily raise their iPhone and iPad estimates before Apple's quarter ends
149 LG solves iPad 2 display issues, resumes shipments at normal levels, say sources
150 AOL and Yahoo reported to be in merger talks
151 Apple seeds developers with iTunes 10.5 beta 8 and iWork for iOS beta 3
152 Corporate America to Microsoft: We'll pass on Windows 8
153 Time-lapse video of latest Etna eruption
154 Play Monopoly in real life with Foursquaropoly
155 Apple iPads and iPhones get Flash video support, finally!
156 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany thanks to Apple
157 MS: Win 8 starts in 10 seconds or less
158 Making music with the Smule MadPad app is addictive
159 Nike unveils Marty McFly's sneakers from "Back to the Future"
160 The Amazon-California tax debacle: We all lose
161 The year's 20 most useful iPhone apps
162 10 years later: What was in the air at ground zero?
163 Beam me up, Scotty: 45 years of Star Trek
164 Comic book heroes, then and now
165 Panties puzzle: Thousands left on Ohio road
166 Miss Colombia reprimanded by Miss Universe pageant
167 Progeria diagnosis makes black child one of a kind
168 Eating fish no help for heart? What new study says
169 Helicopter parents make kids fat? What new study says
170 Sewage-tainted floodwaters threaten health
171 Marijuana use up, meth use down, says study of illegal drugs
172 Reese Witherspoon mishap puts older motorists in spotlight