File Title
1 Mantis Shrimp: Ocean Floor Critters Communicate in Synchronized Rumbles
2 Where Does All Earth's Gold Come From? Precious Metals the Result of Meteorite Bombardment, Rock Analysis Finds
3 Powered by Seaweed: Polymer from Algae May Improve Battery Performance
4 New Method to Grow Synthetic Collagen Unveiled: New Material May Find Use in Reconstructive Surgery, Cosmetics, Tissue Engineering
5 800,000 Years of Abrupt Climate Variability: Earth's Climate Is Capable of Very Rapid Transitions
6 Babies Distinguish Pain from Touch at 35-37 Weeks, Research Finds
7 'Invisible' World Discovered: Planet Alternately Runs Late and Early in Its Orbit, Tugged by Second Hidden World
8 Australopithecus Sediba Paved the Way for Homo Species, New Studies Suggest
9 Space Instrument Observes New Characteristics of Solar Flares; Findings May Lead to Improved Space Weather Forecasting
10 New Material Shows Promise for Trapping Pollutants
11 'Open Wide' for New Stem Cell Potential
12 Cancer: Antibodies Can Directly Target Oncoproteins Inside Cancer Cells to Suppress Aggressive Cancer Growth
13 New Drugs Hope for Dangerous Yeast Infections
14 Potatoes Reduce Blood Pressure in People With Obesity and High Blood Pressure
15 Researchers Eye Newer, Safer Birth Control Method
16 Neutron Scattering Confirms DNA Is as Stretchy as Nylon
17 Neutron Analysis Reveals Unique Atom-Scale Behavior of 'Cobalt Blue'
18 Nanosensors Made from DNA May Light Path to New Cancer Tests and Drugs
19 Innovative Superconductor Fibers Carry 40 Times More Electricity
20 New Type of Solar Cell Retains High Efficiency for Long Periods
21 New Cellular Surprise May Help Scientists Better Understand Human Mitochondrial Diseases
22 How the Mole Got Its Twelve Fingers
23 First Global Portrait of Greenhouse Gases Emerges from Pole-To-Pole Flights
24 Scientists Create Mammalian Cells With Single Chromosome Set
25 Growing Meat in the Lab: Scientists Initiate Action Plan to Advance Cultured Meat
26 Mother's Diet Influences Baby's Allergies, Research Suggests
27 Doctors' and Nurses' Hospital Uniforms Contain Dangerous Bacteria a Majority of the Time, Study Shows
28 Chronic Pain: Watch out Before Accepting Diagnosis and Treatment
29 Designing High-Rise Buildings: World Still Learning Lessons of 9/11
30 Did the World Really Change? Marking the 10th Anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 Attacks
31 Glucose Uptake Relies On Newly Identified Protein
32 Gene That Controls Chronic Pain Identified
33 Research Gives New Hope to Those With Rare Vascular Cancer
34 Stop Signal for Leukemia Stem Cells
35 Liquor Store Density Linked to Youth Homicides, U.S. Studies Find
36 Mutation Links Inherited Narcolepsy With Multiple Neuropsychiatric Disorders
37 Scientists Discover Blood Factors That Appear to Cause Aging in Brains of Mice
38 Is Estrogen Going to Your Head? Growing Deposits of Bone in the Skull Means Your Hormones Are out of Whack, Say Researchers
39 Scientists Probe Connection Between Sight and Touch in the Brain
40 Physicians in Varying Specialties Endure Similar Levels of Mental Effort, Stress
41 New Translator App Makes Sense of Foreign-Language Food Menus
42 Structured Homeschooling Gets an A+
43 Aerobic Exercise May Reduce the Risk of Dementia, Researchers Say
44 Concerned With Safety, Hovering 'Helicopter Parents' Can Impede Child's Ability to Play, Study Shows
45 Volunteering to Help Others Could Lead to Better Health; Reduced Mortality Risk Not Seen in People Motivated by Self-Centered Reasons
46 Genomic Analysis of Superbug Provides Clues to Antibiotic Resistance
47 Combination Therapy Rids Common Infection from Implanted Medical Devices, Researchers Report
48 Weakened Malaria Parasites Form Basis of New Vaccine Strategy
49 Scientists Overcome Major Obstacle for Stem Cell Therapies and Research
50 New Substances Accelerate Drug Transport Into Cells
51 National Forests Can Provide Public Health Benefits, U.S. Study Finds
52 King Crabs Threaten Seafloor Life Near Antarctica
53 'Dirty' Wild Mice May Be More Relevant Immunology Model
54 Clouds Don't Cause Climate Change, Study Shows
55 The Geophysicist's Guide to Striking It Rich
56 Handier Than Homo Habilis? Versatile Hand of Australopithecus Sediba Makes a Better Candidate for an Early Tool-Making Hominin
57 Human Brain Evolution, New Insight Through X-Rays: Experiment Reveals Brain Shape of an Early Human Ancestor
58 Tree Rings Reveal Forest Fires from Hundreds of Years Ago
59 Jumping Gene's Preferred Targets May Influence Genome Evolution
60 Evidence for a Persistently Iron-Rich Ocean Changes Views On Earth's Early History
61 Reuse, Reliability Will Launch Future, Expert Says
62 Neutrinos: Ghostly Particles With Unstable Egos
63 Milky Way Galaxy Might Hold Thousands of Ticking 'Time Bombs'
64 Sharper Views of Apollo 12, 14, 17 Sites in New Images from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
65 Mars Science Laboratory Launch Preparations
66 Managing Intellectual Property a Challenge for Firms, Innovators
67 New Record for Measurement of Atomic Lifetime
68 Researchers Power Line-Voltage Light Bulb With Nanotube Wire
69 Switching from Coal to Natural Gas Would Do Little for Global Climate, Study Indicates
70 New Material Possible Boon for Lithium Ion Batteries
71 New Cooling System Raises Efficiency of Oil and Gas Processing
72 Computer-Aided Design Used for Breast Tissue Reconstruction
73 Forecasting Human Behavior by Supercomputing Global News
74 New Video Gaming Technology Used to Detect Illness, Prevent Falls in Older Adults
75 Smartphones as Helpers During Disasters: Software for Autonomous Smartphone Network Developed
76 Ancient sea jelly makes tree of life wobble
77 Fukushima impact is still hazy
78 Breast-cancer gene keeps DNA under wraps
79 Social network wants to sequence your gut
80 Fossils raise questions about human ancestry
81 How gypsy moth is kept high to die
82 Jupiter shot takes prize for heavenly images
83 Noisy Shrimp Rumble on the Ocean Floor
84 September's Full Harvest Moon Sheds Extra Light on the Weekend
85 When Do Babies Start to Feel Pain?
86 Bones of Roman-Era Babies Killed at Birth Reveal a Mystery
87 Zombie Caterpillars Rain Death From Treetops
88 Stealth Alien Planet Discovered By New Technique
89 'Old Faithful' Sunspot Keeps Spouting Off Big Solar Flares
90 Pole-to-Pole Flights Map Global Greenhouse Gases
91 After Death: 8 Burial Alternatives That Are Going Mainstream
92 New Photo of Moon's North Pole Reveals Spiral Illusion
93 Weird Deep-Sea Worms Discovered in Caribbean
94 Two Distinct Types of Autism Found
95 Months After Disappearing, La Nina Returns
96 New Malaria Vaccine Made from Mosquito Spit
97 WWII Shipwrecks Swimming in Marine Life
98 Ancient Eggs and Tiny Teeth Reveal Oldest Shark Nursery
99 See-Through Brain Reveals How Cells Connect
100 For 9/11 Responders, Cancer Cause Remains Unclear
101 Common Pain Meds Don't Provide 'Good Relief' for Most
102 Infant 'Water on the Brain' Linked to Fat Molecule
103 Can Herbs and Supplements Treat Hypertension?
104 NASA's New Moon Probes Carrying Lunar Cameras for Kids
105 Solar Flares Can Pack Powerful Double Burst, Scientists Say
106 9/11 Still Haunts Some Amid Nation's Return to Normalcy
107 Would You Drink Recycled Sewage? Why It Grosses Us Out
108 For Women, One Drink a Day Leads to Healthy Aging
109 See One, Want One: The Roots of 'Baby Fever'
110 Men are Happier at Work Than Women, Survey Finds
111 Liquid Battery Could Store Intermittent Wind or Solar Energy
112 Virtual Rats to Help Researchers Study Disease
113 How the Cleverbot Computer Chats Like a Human
114 Facial Expressions Develop in the Womb
115 Asteroids May Have Brought Precious Metals to Earth
116 'Journey to the Center of the Moon': The Science of NASA's Lunar Gravity Mission
117 Sun Unleashes Massive Solar Flares in One-Two Punch
118 Molecular Clues Hint at What Really Caused the Black Death
119 King Crabs Encroach on Antarctica, Scientists Warn
120 The Most Monumental Monument Mistakes
121 Employees Would Trade Pay for Flexible Workplace
122 Dolphins 'Talk' Like Humans, New Study Suggests
123 Global Smarts: Why Average IQ Is Higher in Some Places
124 Why We Mindlessly Eat Junk Food--and How to Stop
125 Blind Cave Fish Can Tell Time
126 3 Lifestyle Changes May Turn Bad Fat to Good Fat
127 Pot Smokers May Have Lower Risk of Obesity
128 Study Dumps Colon Cleansing as Useless and Dangerous