File Title
1 UF medicinal chemists modify sea bacteria byproduct for use as potential cancer drug
2 Feeding cows natural plant extracts can reduce dairy farm odors and feed costs
3 Up from the depths: How bacteria capture carbon in the 'twilight zone'
4 Manipulating plants' circadian clock may make all-season crops possible
5 Sparing or sharing? Protecting wild species may require growing more food on less land
6 Economic analysis reveals organic farming profitable long-term
7 Gene sleuths trace tree-killing pathogen back to California
8 Warming streams could be the end for salmon
9 West coast log, lumber exports soar in first half of 2011
10 Firewood Movement Leading Cause of Oak Infestation
11 Tasmanian tiger's jaw was too small to attack sheep, study shows
12 EARTH: Thinking Outside the Rocks in the Search for Ancient Earthquakes
13 Epic search for evidence of life on Mars heats up with focus on high-tech instruments
14 Testing the water for bioenergy crops
15 Extreme 2010 Russian fires and Pakistan floods linked meteorologically
16 Cutting soot emissions: Fastest, most economical way to slow global warming
17 Bedrock nitrogen may help forests buffer climate change, study finds
18 Solar industry responsible for lead emissions in developing countries
19 NASA Satellite Observes Unusually Hot July in the Great Plains
20 Argentina's Santa Fe government reducing lead ammunition for sports hunters
21 Climate in the past million years determined greatly by dust in the Southern Ocean
22 RIT Conducts Flood Mapping of New York's Hard Hit Schoharie County
23 Louisiana Tech researchers, NASA partner to conduct zero-gravity experiments
24 ATS statement regarding White House decision to delay new ozone standard
25 Using a mathematical model to evaluate microsatellite genotyping from low-quality DNA
26 Powerful antioxidant resveratrol prevents metabolic syndrome in lab tests: U of A study
27 Seizing the opportunity: treating epilepsy in cats
28 Growth hormone helps repair the zebrafish ear
29 Glucocorticoid treatment may prevent long-term damage to joints
30 IDIBELL Researchers discover why tumour cells change their appearance
31 Researchers explain how railways within cells are built in order to transport essential cargos
32 Low-dose naltrexone (LDN): Tricking the body to heal itself
33 Engaging land-use stakeholders is model behavior
34 New insight in how cells' powerhouse divides
35 Potential vaccine readies immune system to kill tuberculosis in mice
36 Fast, cheap, and accurate: Detecting CO2 with a fluorescent twist
37 The emotional brain in youth
38 Yale researchers solve mystery of disappearing bird digit
39 Scripps Research scientists establish new class of anti-diabetic compound
40 New mutations in leukemia: Researchers found mechanism that can help design future therapies
41 Scripps Research scientists produce first stem cells from endangered species
42 Scientists announce human intestinal stem cell 'breakthrough' for regenerative medicine
43 TB vaccine candidate shows early promise
44 Gene defect that predisposes people to leukemia discovered
45 Location, location, location; Study shows the middle is the place to be
46 Wakeup call for college students: New research finds you need to catch more z's
47 Mobile phone data in Haiti improves emergency aid
48 Federal investment in electronic health records likely to reap returns in quality of care
49 'Pink ribbon dollars' help fill financial gaps for breast cancer programs
50 Parents need an attitude adjustment to improve their children's homework motivation
51 Public administration expert tracks 9/11 nonprofits
52 Commonly used defibrillators raise risk of problems
53 Aging eyes linked to sleepless nights, new study shows
54 Insomnia costing US workforce $63.2 billion a year in lost productivity, study shows
55 Language speed vs. efficiency: Is faster better?
56 Ben-Gurion U. researchers identify gene that leads to myopia (nearsightedness)
57 Radiologists urged to study federal regulations relating to meaningful use
58 Hubble movies reveal solar-system-sized traffic jams
59 Hospitals encouraged to consider value-added service of hospital-based radiology groups
60 New study findings reveal US high school science standards in genetics are 'inadequate'
61 Habit makes bad food too easy to swallow
62 Cryogenic Catering Truck Comes to the ALMA Observatory
63 MU program gives social workers tools to strengthen relationships, marriages
64 Simulation training in obstetric clerkship improves medical students' examination scores
65 Scientists observe smallest atomic displacements ever
66 Infants trained to concentrate show added benefits
67 Signs of aging may be linked to undetected blocked brain blood vessels
68 From a flat mirror, designer light
69 Cornell physicists capture microscopic origins of thinning and thickening fluids
70 The Geophysicist's Guide to Striking It Rich
71 The quantum tunneling effect leads electron transport in porphyrins
72 Digital quantum simulator realized
73 Insect gut microbe with a molecular iron reservoir
74 Online activity grows in a similar pattern to those of real-life networks
75 Faster diagnostics through cheap, ultra-portable blood testing
76 The battle of the morphogens: How to get ahead in the nervous system
77 UCSB physicists demonstrate the quantum von Neumann architecture
78 Rare martian lake delta spotted by Mars Express
79 Hiding Objects With a Terahertz Invisibility Cloak
80 World's smallest electric motor made from a single molecule
81 A whole new light on graphene metamaterials
82 Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County announces discovery of important woolly rhino fossil
83 Southern Rocky Mountain pikas holding their own, says new CU-Boulder assessment
84 Caltech team says sporulation may have given rise to the bacterial outer membrane
85 2 brain halves, 1 perception
86 Engineers test effects of fire on steel structures, nuclear plant design
87 Researchers investigate new mechanism for predicting how diseases spread
88 Distinct features of autistic brain revealed in novel Stanford/Packard analysis of MRI scans
89 DMP for diabetes type 1: guidelines indicate some need for revision
90 Trauma experts criticize BBC's Holby City for 'peddling dangerous drugs'
91 U of T study suggests sexual orientation unconsciously affects our impressions of others
92 To treat rare disease, NIH scientists repurpose FDA-approved drug
93 Researchers develop new way to predict heart transplant survival
94 New tactic for controlling blood sugar in diabetes contradicts current view of the disease
95 ATS publishes clinical practice guidelines on interpretation of FENO levels
96 Decrease in smoking reduces death rates within months
97 Yale scientists find stem cells that tell hair it's time to grow
98 Two genes that cause familial ALS shown to work together
99 Increased prevalence of stroke hospitalizations seen in teens and young adults
100 Living with parents in adult life can prolong family conflict
101 Sex hormones impact career choices
102 First long-term study of WTC workers shows widespread health problems 10 years after Sept. 11
103 Faster progress through puberty linked to behavior problems
104 Perception of facial expressions differs across cultures
105 Exercise boosts health by influencing stem cells to become bone, not fat, McMaster researchers find
106 Social media expert explores dynamics of online networking
107 Alcohol dulls brain 'alarm' that monitors mistakes, MU study finds
108 People think the 'typical' member of a group looks like them
109 New HIV vaccine approach targets desirable immune cells
110 To Clear Digital Waste in Computers, 'Think Green,' Johns Hopkins Researchers Say
111 Structural Genomics Project creates blueprint for infectious disease and biodefense research
112 Kodak patent sale attracting 'large numbers' of interested buyers
113 Apple pulls Financial Times iPhone, iPad app over subscription disagreement
114 Apple rumored to add remote diagnostic tool to iOS for repairs
115 Chinese environmental groups take issue with Apple over pollution
116 US government files antitrust suit to block AT&T purchase of T-Mobile
117 Apple already using Web-based iOS diagnostics, could eliminate trips to store
118 HP's confounding call to build more TouchPads likely due to obligations
119 Openwave sues Apple over iPhone, iPad mobile connectivity
120 Apple searching for another missing iPhone prototype left in SF bar
121 Apple releases iOS 5 beta 7 to developers along with new Xcode, iTunes, Apple TV software
122 Sprint raises smartphone termination fee to $350 weeks before iPhone 5 launch
123 Windows 8 appears to adopt Mac OS X Lion's monochrome, iPad-like icons
124 Briefly: AAC supplying iPhone 5 parts; Icon speculation; iTunes Match beta
125 Sony tablet effort receives lukewarm reception under iPad's shadow
126 Next-gen iPod touch part again suggests Apple to build white model
127 Apple interested in creating colorful, durable carbon fiber devices
128 Foxconn to ship Apple a massive 20M iPads this quarter--report
129 iTunes chief Eddy Cue promoted to Apple senior VP, will oversee iAds
130 iTunes Match music streaming removed from Apple's iOS 5 beta 7
131 Two suspects plead not guilty in lost prototype iPhone 4 case
132 Consumer perception of Apple improves after Steve Jobs resignation
133 Parallels Desktop 7 upgrade available now, with Mac OS X Lion hosting, integration
134 Android makers "unfazed" by Google's Motorola deal, but patents judged weak
135 Apple acquiesces, resumes sales of $999 Final Cut Studio
136 Best Buy slashes RIM PlayBook tablet price by $150
137 Rumor: Apple investigating USB 3.0 for Macs ahead of Intel
138 Google exec reiterates Motorola purchase not just for patents
139 Justice Department antitrust suit caught AT&T by surprise
140 Wi-LAN sues Apple over Wi-Fi, HSPA wireless technology patents
141 U2 singer Bono praises philanthropy of Apple's Steve Jobs
142 Google's Schmidt says he's a 'very proud former board member' of Apple
143 Apple wants to 'rethink' how people use Maps for iPhone, iPad
144 Apple seeds Mac OS X 10.7.2 beta, iCloud beta 10 to developers
145 Apple staffer allegedly posing as police searched home for missing iPhone prototype
146 Apple granted FCC ID for at least one new iPhone model due shortly
147 New Android Amazon Kindle to abandon eInk and take on iPad with customized Android build
148 SFPD now says police officers did join in search for lost iPhone 5 prototype
149 Court documents imply Google's Andy Rubin got inspiration for Android at Apple
150 Rumor: Apple's iCloud to be powered by Microsoft, Amazon servers
151 Mac OS X install base grows to over 6% worldwide, 13% in the US
152 HTML suggests 'Find My Friends' social service still coming to Apple's iCloud
153 Apple manufacturers reportedly starting assembly of iPhone 5 for October launch
154 Samsung pulls Galaxy Tab 7.7 from German trade show after injunction
155 Apple patent application details colorful, durable carbon fiber devices
156 RUMOR: Foxconn to ship Apple a massive 20 million iPads this quarter
157 Steve Jobs' ultimate lesson for entrepreneurs
158 First impressions: Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac
159 Steve Jobs' patents cover a startling array of products
160 How to kill spam on your Mac
161 AT&T issues statement on Department of Justice action
162 Apple debuts new iPad 2 TV ad 'Learn' (with video)
163 Apple Store Fifth Avenue's new glass arrives
164 Sony's new Android tablets face tough sell on price, hardware
165 The most revealing iPhone 5 spy shots seen so far
166 Two suspects in iPhone 4 prototype case plead not guilty
167 Best Buy slashes up to $150 off RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook
168 Apple's reputation with consumers improves after Steve Jobs resignation
169 Rush Limbaugh: On the brilliance of Steve Jobs
170 Rutgers University makes Apple iPad 2 an integral part of management program
171 Apple capitulates, resumes sales of $999 Final Cut Studio
172 Eric Schmidt: 'Steve Jobs gave the best performance by a CEO in 50, maybe 100 years'
173 AT&T misread U.S. signals on T-Mobile USA bid
174 Obama could overrule ITC if it seeks to block Android devices due to patent infringement
175 Wi-LAN sues Apple, HP, Dell and others claiming patent infringement
176 Bono praises Steve Jobs as generous and 'poetic' philanthropist
177 U.S. economy gains zero jobs in August; 9.1% unemployment rate fuels double dip fears
178 Apple stock should be much higher, why it isn't
179 How Apple's iPhone crippled T-Mobile USA, a dying compnay
180 Why Apple should build a TV; Big problems need a fearless company like Apple
181 Did Apple release Mac OS X Lion too early?
182 Steve Jobs, the world's greatest philanthropist
183 No stolen iPhone prototype, say San Francisco cops
184 The patents in question in the Wi-LAN and Openwave lawsuits against Apple
185 AT&T offers customers 1,000 free rollover minutes
186 Steve Jobs changed games, too, without trying
187 Microsoft: Windows Phone may grab over 20% share of smartphone market over next 24-36 months
188 Proposed Apple Store site in London embroiled in sunlight tussle
189 Former FCC chairman: 'AT&T is certain to lose' lawsuit with DOJ
190 Upgrading from Windows to Mac even easier with Parallels Desktop 7
191 Apple seeds OS X Lion 10.7.2 and iCloud Beta 10 to devs
192 Apple accused of impersonating police during effort to recover lost iPhone 5 prototype
193 Apple to ITC: Android started at Apple while Andy Rubin worked for us
194 Lost iPhone 5 update: Police assisted Apple investigators in search of San Francisco man's home
195 Amazon's Android tablet really only a 7-inch color Kindle
196 iPhone 5 cases suggest much larger device with 4-inch screen
197 Apple awards Eddy Cue 100,000 AAPL shares as promotion bonus
198 Apple MacBooks, iPhones, iPads invade White House, surround Obama's BlackBerry and Dell PC
199 Lenovo: Samsung Galaxy Tab sold just 20,000 out of 1 million units shipped
200 Apple apparently forces Samsung to remove Galaxy Tab 7.7-inch from IFA trade show, German website
201 Many US schools moving away from textbooks in favor of Apple iPads