File Title
1 Twitter's Top 7 Dating Disasters, in 140 Characters or Less
2 Web Now Older Than Incoming College Freshmen
3 Report: Sprint to Get iPhone in October
4 Pa. District Settles 4th Laptop Webcam Claim
5 Facebook to Let Users Pre-Approve Photo Tags
6 Facebook In Your Face: New Facial Recognition Feature Raises a Few Eyebrows
7 Facebook's Spam Program Catches Activists
8 Health Care Bill Spurs Assassination Calls on Twitter
9 Facebook Mystery: Man Killed After Ex-Girlfriend Posts Ominous Message
10 Cholesterol-Lowering Foods Reduce LDL Levels More than Low-Fat Diets
11 Pat Summitt has early onset dementia
12 18 Kids and Counting: Gil and Kelly Bates Say Their Family Is Praying for More Children
13 Colleagues Behaving Badly: Stress of Rude Co-Worker Can Affect Home Life
14 East Coast Rocked by Strongest Quake Since 1944
15 5 Must-Know Rules for Nontoxic Back-to-School Supplies
16 N/A
17 Docs Use Natural Remedies (But Don't Prescribe Them)
18 Species count put at 8.7 million
19 DNA study deals blow to theory of European origins
20 Impacts 'more likely' to have spread life from Earth
21 JWST faces its own hubble, bubble, financial trouble
22 How likely is 2013's 'perfect solar storm'?
23 Who, What, Why: Is it legal to eat wild birds?
24 Is the mosquito menace growing in the UK?
25 X-rays extract 'virtual harvestmen' from French fossils
26 Touring northern Arizona's wine country
27 Facebook changes privacy options
28 'Smart' CCTV could track rioters
29 Call to measure duration of obesity
30 Scientists hail Parkinson's brain cells 'breakthrough'
31 MRSA superbug death total 'continues to fall'
32 Libya unrest: Defiant Gaddafi vows 'death or victory'
33 Politkovskaya murder: Russian ex-policeman arrested
34 Alaska mother convicted of abusing adopted Russian son
35 Austrian woman claims Himalayas climbing record
36 Iran tries 'Israeli spy' for scientist's murder
37 Deus Ex: Human Revolution, reviews from around the web
38 Cute zombie kittens infect Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 this fall
39 Watch Miramax movies on Facebook
40 iPhone news--3GS, 4, 5--freebies and price drops
41 Twitter launched image galleries on user profiles
42 Hewlett-Packard cancels HP Pre 3 sales in U.S.
43 Kate Winslet says plastic surgery against her morals
44 Study says bisexuality real, but bisexuals say "duh"
45 Jane Fonda says testosterone lifted her sex life
46 Supermoms more likely to be depressed than realistic moms
47 Italy chooses new brooms to clean up science institutes
48 India takes the lead on tuberculosis innovation
49 Thrift in store for US research
50 Growth of egg freezing blurs 'experimental' label
51 Acrimony over nanoconstruction
52 Time for a power walk
53 Number of species on Earth tagged at 8.7 million
54 NIH finalizes conflict-of-interest rules
55 Extreme Earthquake Reactions: Fear and Laughing in America
56 Why Virginia Quake Shook Entire Coast
57 Earthquake Rocks Virginia, DC, NY and Much of Eastern US
58 Virginia Earthquake Makes Cellphone Connections Shaky
59 Toddlers Understand Complex Grammar, Study Shows
60 Could the 'Big One' Hit DC or NY?
61 Why Earthquake Shook NYC Skyscrapers, But Not Streets
62 First Photo of Earth from Deep Space Snapped 45 Years Ago
63 Cosmic Definitions: What Is a Planet?
64 The Dirt on Mars' Soil: More Suitable for Life Than Thought
65 Ancient Daddy Longlegs Come to Life in 3-D Images
66 Bullying Bruises Grades for Black & Latino Achievers
67 'Mancession' Shifts Gender Roles
68 North Icelandic Jet: New Ocean Current Clogs Climate Picture
69 Ancient Whales Had Twisted Skulls
70 'Missing' Lager Brewing Yeast Discovered in Patagonia
71 Man Entered the Kitchen 1.9 Million Years Ago
72 Sunspots Can Now Be Predicted Days in Advance
73 Why Giant Space Blob Is Glowing--Mystery Solved?
74 Three New "Plutos"? Possible Dwarf Planets Found
75 Antimatter Found Orbiting Earth--A First
76 Other Universes Finally Detectable?
77 Space Station to Fall to Earth--Find Out How and Where
78 How Planets Can Survive a Supernova
79 Rare Earthquake Hits Virginia, Rattles U.S. East Coast
80 New Drug Cures Multiple Viruses in Human Cells
81 Elephant Makes a Stool--First Known Aha Moment for Species
82 Pictures: Baby Gorilla Rescued From Poachers
83 Discovery of a 160-million-year-old fossil represents a new milestone in early mammal evolution
84 Dutch judge bans sale of Samsung Galaxy phones
85 Researchers find 'key' used by ebola virus to unlock cells and spread deadly infection
86 Scientists uncover new factor in HIV infection
87 Eradicating dangerous bacteria may cause permanent harm
88 Novel control of Dengue fever
89 Cholera pandemic's source discovered
90 Three-part handoff delivers proteins to membrane surface
91 Specialized mosquitoes may fight tropical disease
92 Quantum correlations--without entanglement
93 Think fast: Speed of thought and perception limited by unified neocortical gateway
94 Micro-explosion reveals new super-dense aluminium
95 Researchers produce detailed map of gene activity in mouse brain
96 Study shows elephants capable of insight
97 Evidence suggests La Nina will return this winter
98 Like no other view on Earth
99 New genetically engineered vaccines target Rift Valley fever
100 Gene study sheds new light on origins of British men
101 Building a better antipsychotic drug by treating schizophrenia's cause
102 Voice cells for voice recognition
103 As cool as the human body: Wise mission discovers coolest class of stars
104 Build music with blocks: Audio d-touch
105 VLT looks into the eyes of the virgin
106 Gene found to play role in early cancer
107 Neuroethicist argues for continuing research into memory dampening drugs
108 Russian space ship 'crashes' after failed launch (Update 2)
109 Tracker reveals how you will fare in EVs
110 Engineers discover nanoscale balancing act that mirrors forces at work in living systems
111 New nanoscale parameter resolves dilemmas on silicon property
112 Unexpected adhesion properties of graphene may lead to new nanotechnology devices
113 Nickel nanoparticles may contribute to lung cancer
114 Nano bundles pack a powerful punch
115 Seeing the world of nanotechnology from a single-molecule perspective
116 Tunable nano-suspensions for light harvesting
117 Nanowires get into the groove
118 'Green nano' vision is now a roadmap for development
119 New energy storage device could recharge electric vehicles in minutes
120 Nanoscientists invent better etching technique
121 One-pot synthesis provides simpler, faster route to highly efficient solar cells
122 In Brief: Bifunctional plasmonic / magnetic nanoparticles
123 Complex oxide interfaces are more complex than previously thought
124 Research uncovers reliability issues for carbon nanotubes in future electronics
125 New theory may shed light on dynamics of large-polymer liquids
126 Reducing noise in quantum operation at room temperature
127 Rare particle decay could mean new physics
128 Los Alamos achieves world-record pulsed magnetic field, moves closer to 100-tesla mark
129 Researchers seek to understand the complexity of crumpled paper balls
130 Bragg reflectivity of X-rays: At the limit of the possible
131 Hints fade of elusive physics 'God particle'
132 LHC experiments eliminate more Higgs hiding spots (Update)
133 Beams to order from table-top accelerators
134 Physicists build first single-photon router
135 Etch-a-sketch with superconductors
136 A new SPIDER for the web
137 Adding neutrons to synthetic atoms drastically alters shape of their nuclei, affects their stability
138 Researchers detail how a distant black hole devoured a star
139 Climate cycles are driving wars, says study
140 'Happy' Bhutan alarmed by Himalayan climate change
141 Space station has plenty of supplies: NASA
142 East vs. West quakes: Way different creatures
143 Human mission to an asteroid: Why should NASA go?
144 Reforestation practices may be lagging behind climate change
145 Emission sources identified in Huon Study
146 Microsoft gets social with China's Renren
147 Online video firm Brightcove files for IPO
148 Google to settle drug probe for $500 million
149 China to appeal WTO ruling over rare earth exports
150 Computer scientist helps verify new satellite communication rules
151 Database of water, wastewater pipeline infrastructure systems to be launched Sept. 1
152 Learning the lessons of Fukushima
153 Students' prototype app finds relatives among your Mormon Facebook friends
154 SF area transit agency to discuss wireless policy
155 China official tells Web firms to control content
156 World survey suggests major technology changes
157 New rechargeable batteries needed: A microporous polymer is an unusually powerful supercapacitor
158 A new set of building blocks for simple synthesis of complex molecules
159 Melanin's 'trick' for maintaining radioprotection studied
160 Newfound hijacked proteins linked to salmonella virulence
161 Sex gives clues to new lung cancer treatment
162 Learning secrets of world's most common organic compound driving research for biofuels
163 Utah researcher helps artist make bulletproof skin
164 Chemists discover most naturally variable protein in dental plaque bacterium
165 Screens set to go green
166 Researchers design compound to protect against deadly toxin
167 Sweet insight: New discovery could speed drug development
168 Chinese team develop fuel cell that can clean water as it generates electricity
169 Researchers on the trail of a treatment for cancer of the immune system
170 Alligator fat could be used to make biodiesel
171 Ingenious fishing method may be spreading through dolphins
172 Storing vertebrates in the cloud
173 Look, up in the sky--it's Aeroecology
174 Monkeying around in Belgian zoos brings girls out on top
175 A question of gene silencing
176 Researchers uncover mechanisms of plant infection
177 Purdue 'tool box' could be ace in the hole for golf courses
178 Coriander oil could tackle food poisoning and drug-resistant infections
179 How many species on Earth? 8.7 million
180 Beekeepers try to stop the pollinator's decline
181 Altruistic wasps? More like plain self-interest
182 'Open wide' for new stem cell potential: Stem cells of the oral mucosa stay young
183 Sexual satisfaction tied to overall 'successful aging' as reported by women age 60 to 89
184 Protecting cells: Evidence found for a neuronal switch to prevent neurodegenerative diseases
185 Researcher finds altered cerebella in those with Down syndrome
186 FDA warns of heart risks with high doses of Celexa
187 Researchers find disease-causing fat cells in those with metabolic syndrome
188 'Time cells' bridge the gap in memories of event sequences
189 Genetic map reveals clues to degenerative diseases
190 Cracking the interferon code
191 How do I remember that I know you know that I know?
192 Exercise can substitute effectively as second 'medication' for people with depression
193 Prolonged breastfeeding does not protect against eczema, global study shows
194 Women anticipate negative experiences differently to men
195 Communication by nerve cells shown to be more diverse than believed
196 Taxpayer film subsidies promote youth smoking
197 Consuming cholesterol-lowering foods results in greater decrease in LDL than low-saturated-fat diet
198 Twitter's Top 7 Dating Disasters, in 140 Characters or Less
199 Study links inactivity with risk factors for Type 2 diabetes
200 Scientists define cellular pathway essential to removing damaged mitochondria
201 Obama: Our 22nd greatest president?
202 Lost Roman port found in Wales
203 Corp. social responsibility programs have little impact on stocks: study
204 Research shows benefits of investing in psychological wealth of young people
205 New study finds patchwork of licence requirements for older drivers
206 Careers advice 'crucial' in encouraging greater science take-up
207 Handsome annual reports cause investors to value company higher
208 Research shows how Christians can fall prey to consumerism
209 The inevitable rise of China--hype or reality?
210 Archeologists discover Egyptian mummies styled with fatty hair gel
211 Ancient harvestmen revealed in 3-D models
212 Fine art in advertising can backfire
213 Ga ga for goo goo: Research explores the scientific basis for baby fever
214 Small restaurants counter backlash against chains
215 Waltzing Matilda highlights unique dementia
216 Universe running low on gas: study
217 Higgs boson may be a mirage
218 8.7 million species on Earth, say experts
219 Mimic takes bite out of cleaning business
220 Climate fight does little to sway public