File Title
1 Novel gene increases yeast's appetite for plant sugars
2 Study: Climate change to increase Yellowstone wildfires dramatically
3 Double jeopardy: Tuna and billfish
4 Beetles play an important role in reducing weeds
5 The key to life on land
6 Identical Virus, Host Populations Coexist for Centuries
7 Climate-change-induced wildfires may alter Yellowstone forests
8 Pacific Northwest trees struggle for water while standing in it
9 University of Houston professor co-authors PNAS paper on how bacteria move
10 Global bioterrorism threat analyzed for world animal health office
11 ISU research: Corn yields with perennial cover crop are equal to traditional farming
12 Mitochondria share an ancestor with SAR11, a globally significant marine microbe
13 Seeing the wood for the trees: New study shows sheep in tree-ring records
14 Models show Coho salmon at risk in US urbanizing watersheds
15 Testing Fumigant Films that Keep the Air Clean
16 Modeling Plant Metabolism to Optimize Oil Production
17 Cows clock-in for monitored mealtimes
18 Largest recorded tundra fire yields scientific surprises
19 Pearl-flowered legume a surprise new find in the Cape Snowy Mountains, South Africa
20 DNA solves identities of Australian melons and loofah
21 Electronic publishing 'goes live': News from the International Botanical Congress in Melbourne
22 Cod resurgence in Canadian waters
23 Farmers more likely to be green if they talk to their neighbors, according to MSU research
24 Researchers Tap Yeasts as Source of "Green" Surfactants
25 Toucans wearing GPS backpacks help Smithsonian scientists study seed dispersal
26 Reforestation's cooling influence--a result of farmer's past choices
27 The First True View of Global Erosion
28 Researchers map long-range migrations and habitats of leatherback sea turtles in the Pacific Ocean
29 New model predicts environmental effect of pharmaceutical products
30 Popular mammography tool not effective for finding invasive breast cancer
31 NIH researchers identify gene variant in Proteus syndrome
32 Pacific Biosciences DNA sequencing technology yields new insights into German E. coli pathogen
33 UF study shows tundra fires could accelerate climate warming
34 Brandeis lab's artificial cilia spur new thinking in nanotechnology
35 Out-of-the-blue panic attacks aren't without warning--body sends signals for hour before
36 Gastric bypass surgery changes food preferences
37 Organized crime is wiping out wildlife
38 Could patients' own kidney cells cure kidney disease?
39 New Study Suggests Weight Loss from Gastric Bypass Might be Partly Due to Dietary Fat Aversion
40 Colugos glide to save time, not energy
41 Ongoing global biodiversity loss unstoppable with protected areas alone: Study
42 Gout prevalence swells in US over last 2 decades
43 Gladstone scientist converts human skin cells into functional brain cells
44 Permeon reveals discovery of Intraphilins as new approach to intracellular biologic drugs
45 Getting 50-year-old Americans as healthy as Europeans could save Medicare and Medicaid $632 billion by 2050
46 Mitochondrial genome mutates when reprogrammed
47 U researchers study dogs to understand bone tumors in humans
48 Research Finds Veterinary Medicine Students Experience Higher Depression Levels Than Peers
49 Lawson researchers take control of cancer
50 Mismatch between cancer genetics counseling and testing guidelines and physician practices
51 Drug shown to improve sight for patients with inherited blindness
52 Excluding children from discussions about their hospital care causes unnecessary distress
53 Treating HIV sooner would save South African lives and money
54 College-educated undocumented young adults face same narrow range of jobs as their parents
55 War of words: A look at media and for-profit colleges
56 College-educated undocumented young adults face same limited job options as their parents
57 Study: Union decline accounts for much of the rise in wage inequality
58 IVF treatment and multiple births: Free-market patient rights versus government regulation
59 New study shows Transcendental Meditation improves brain functioning in ADHD students
60 Evidence shows NTD control can help in the fight against HIV/AIDS
61 New therapy may help people with unexplained symptoms of pain, weakness and fatigue
62 Carsey Institute: Families shifting from private to public health insurance for children
63 Review of 700,000 women reveals factors affecting vaginal birth after previous cesarean
64 Teacher influence persists in early grades
65 As unhealthy food outlets multiply, teens eat more junk
66 Big gap exists on health care spending between Latinos and whites, study finds
67 Trade practices key in deciding a trade's moral legitimacy
68 Research Reveals Why Hedge Funds Are an Unlikely Large Source of Systemic Risk
69 Study: Iraq must overcome logistical, political challenges to become oil leader
70 The role of relaxation in consumer behavior
71 Targeting PTEN may prevent skin cancer
72 Adrenaline use in cardiac arrest
73 VST looks at the Leo Triplet--and beyond
74 Yale researchers show how memory is lost--and found
75 Reservoirs of ancient lava shaped Earth
76 Wave power can drive sun's intense heat
77 Signal explains why site of origin affects fate of postnatal neural stem cells
78 UMD Brain Cap Technology Turns Thought into Motion
79 Short-term use of amphetamines can improve ADHD symptoms in adults
80 Non-cocaine, topical anaesthetics can kill pain when repairing skin wounds
81 First measurements of HAAs in urine of swimmers and pool workers
82 New invisibility cloak hides objects from human view
83 Bionic microrobot mimics the 'water strider' and walks on water
84 A closer look at cells
85 Material created at Purdue lets electrons 'dance' and form new state
86 Gene gives clues to self-injurious behavior in rare disorder
87 OSU pigment discovery expanding to new colors--including orange
88 Graphene Nanocomposite a Bridge to Better Batteries
89 SDO Spots Extra Energy in the Sun's Corona
90 Electronic tongue identifies cava wines
91 Southampton engineers fly the world's first 'printed' aircraft
92 In the Pursuit of Dangerous Clumps: Customized Surfaces Help Reveal the Causes of Diseases
93 How the modular structure of proteins permits evolution to move forward
94 Social networking elephants never forget
95 Bizarre insect inbreeding signals an end to males: News tips from the American Naturalist
96 Aging Brains Are Different in Humans and Chimpanzees
97 UCSB scholars study the evolution of human generosity
98 Analytical Models of Hepatitis B Interventions Prove Decisive in New Policies for Treating Millions in U.S., China, Reports INFORMS Study
99 Common Korean surname tells tale of nationhood
100 Social media poised to drive disaster preparedness and response
101 Protecting networks is just a game
102 Fructose consumption increases risk factors for heart disease
103 Increased muscle mass may lower risk of pre-diabetes
104 Study shows bone fluoride levels not associated with osteosarcoma
105 A heart-rate-reducing medication reduces the risk of heart failure and cardiac fibrosis
106 Male circumcision lowers prevalence of penile precancerous lesions among African men, UNC study finds
107 The brain's connectome--from branch to branch
108 Antioxidants of interest to address infertility, erectile dysfunction
109 Researchers identify mechanism underlying COPD disease persistence after smoking cessation
110 Women Who Leave the Workplace: Opting Out or Overlooking Discrimination?
111 How The Brain Keeps Track of What We're Doing
112 Social acumen equals spatial skill, psychologist finds
113 Fair play--a question of self-image?
114 Yoga boosts stress-busting hormone, reduces pain: York U study
115 Home is where the healthy meal is
116 Prisoners need greater awareness of voluntary services, says research
117 'Mirroring' might reflect badly on you
118 A new way to measure the expansion of the Universe
119 Enceladus rains water onto Saturn
120 Common drugs initiate a molecular pas de quatre at the surface of the cell membrane
121 BGI reports rapid open-source genomic analyses accelerated global studies on deadly E. coli O104:H4