File Title
1 Experiment shows time travel impossible
2 Hotspot found on Moon's far side
3 Citizen science answers call of the wild
4 Physicists get close-up view of graphene
5 Astronomers zero in on star's last gasp
6 Schizophrenia dulls brain's reward centre
7 Polar people have bigger eyes and brains
8 Ground-based tech to fill GPS black holes
9 Twitter Revolt: Online Anger at Deficit Standoff
10 Apple iPod Touch: No iPhone Needed
11 Wal-Mart Offers Video Streaming on Website
12 High Speed Train Collision Results in Firing Three Top Aides in China
13 FBI Investigates Train Carrying Flammable Ethanol--Rules Out Terrorism
14 When Indirect Lightning Strikes Your Home
15 New Jersey Siblings Net $100 Million for myYearbook Sale
16 50 Most Popular Women on the Web, Per Google Search Results
17 U.S. Postal Service May Close 3,700 Post Offices--Is Yours on the List?
18 Who Is Killing Iran's Nuclear Scientists?
19 Internet Privacy Controls Challenge Tech Industry
20 Beyond the Flash Drive
21 Old Speakers, New Features
22 New Options for Networked Audio
23 Walter Reed Army Medical Center to Close After 102 Years
24 Medicine, Miracle or Both? Man Cancer-Free After Hearing God's Voice
25 33 Percent of Nose Job Patients Have Body Dysmorphic Symptoms
26 For Countries, Wealth May Not Buy Happiness
27 Bono's One Campaign Takes American Moms to Kenya
28 Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer: Doctors Not Following Prevention Guidelines, CDC Study Reveals
29 Husband of Taconic Crash's Diane Schuler Sues N.Y. State
30 Woman Denied Sole Valedictorian Status Because of Race, Lawsuit Says
31 Bateson report: Monkey research can be improved
32 Dolphin hunts with electric sense
33 Seal whiskers sense faraway fish
34 Dark winters 'led to bigger human brains and eyeballs'
35 Chernobyl's Przewalski's horses are poached for meat
36 Philadelphia art dealer 'smuggled tonne of ivory'
37 Time travel: Light speed results cast fresh doubts
38 DNA test developed in Glasgow links aging and poverty
39 Yukiya Amano: Japan crisis will not end nuclear age
40 Passport to a drug free Olympics?
41 Doubts over authenticity of 'ancient Christian' books
42 Chernobyl: A field trip to no man's land
43 Is the Large Hadron Collider closing in on Higgs particle?
44 Connecticut mountain lion 'crossed US' before death
45 Age-related brain shrinking is unique to humans
46 Hackers call for PayPal boycott
47 ISPs 'still mislead' on broadband
48 French downloaders face government grilling
49 Action urged on mobile notspots
50 Mozilla starts coding for mobiles and tablets
51 Innovation in China: Huawei--the secretive tech giant
52 Calorie counts on menus 'prompt healthy choices'
53 Early birth stress disorder link
54 Restraint technique could be fatal, research suggests
55 The open internet and its enemies
56 Podcasts: Who still listens to them?
57 More signs point to September iPhone 5 debut
58 Hijacking forces firm to take new Web address
59 Apple stores allow goat, pizza delivery, romantic date
60 Cyber bullying on the "Real Housewives of New York City"
61 If "The Bachelorette" ever gets dumped, she can always go on
62 YouTube to stream Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits
63 China readies space station for launch
64 Optical drives headed for obsolescence?
65 Apple surges past $400 per share
66 David Wu announces resignation amid sex scandal
67 Democrats offer debt plan they say GOP "can't refuse"
68 Norway's Delta Force defends response to rampage
69 Calif. borrowing $5B ahead of potential debt crisis
70 Long-term unemployed facing discrimination?
71 Nutrition labels help fast-food eaters cut calories, study shows
72 McDonald's bows to Happy Meal critics, cutting fries and adding fruit
73 Butter knife bad bet for do-it-yourself hernia repair, California man learns
74 Psoriasis shock sparks career fears for Kim Kardashian
75 Urine no good for jellyfish stings: What is?
76 Man wakes up in morgue after being deemed dead: What went wrong?
77 Self-Healing, Self-Cooling, Metamaterials: Vascular Composites Enable Dynamic Structural Materials
78 Biological Interface Using Piezotronics: Nanowires Allow Electrical Signals to Be Produced from Mechanical Actions
79 Hubble Constant: A New Way to Measure the Expansion of the Universe
80 Heavy Metal Hardens Battle: Body Armor Hindered Medieval Warriors
81 Minority Rules: Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas
82 Newly Developed Fluorescent Protein Makes Internal Organs Visible
83 Enceladus Rains Water Onto Saturn
84 Unique Volcanic Complex Discovered On Moon's Far Side
85 Turtles Next to Lizards On Family Tree, Discovery Based On microRNAs Shows
86 Drug Shown to Improve Sight for Patients With Inherited Blindness
87 New Cancer Treatment? Universal Donor Immune Cells
88 Sea Squirt Cells Shed Light On Cancer Development
89 Artificial Lung Mimics Real Organ's Design and Efficiency: Small Device Works With Air, Pure Oxygen Not Needed
90 One Tiny Electron Could Be Key to Future Drugs That Repair Sunburn
91 Predictors of Dying Suddenly Versus Surviving Heart Attack Identified
92 Nanoplasmonic 'Whispering Gallery' Breaks Emission Time Record in Semiconductors
93 Nanomechanics: New Test Measures Key Properties of Polymer Thin Films and Membranes
94 Major Step Toward Creating Faster Electronics Using Graphene
95 Pocket Chemistry: DNA Helps Glucose Meters Measure More Than Sugar
96 Arrays of Long Nanotubes May Help Measure Terahertz Laser Power
97 Pacific Northwest Trees Struggle for Water While Standing in It
98 Saving Fuel While Plowing
99 Hot Species for Cool Structures: Complex Proteins in 3-D Thanks to Simple Heat-Loving Fungus
100 Climate Change to Increase Yellowstone Wildfires Dramatically
101 Dolphins' 'Remarkable' Recovery from Injury Offers Important Insights for Human Healing
102 Thalidomide Analog Appears Worthy Opponent of Sickle Cell Disease
103 Interrupted Sleep Impairs Memory in Mice
104 Genes Play Greater Role in Heart Attacks Than Stroke, Researchers Say
105 Got Flow Cytometry? All You Need Is Five Bucks and a Cell Phone
106 Children Born After Unplanned Pregnancy Are Slower to Develop, UK Study Finds
107 Researchers Identify Genetic Mutations Associated With Diseases of the Esophagus
108 Afghanistan's Health System Shows Improvements, but Staff and Patient Protection Remains a Concern
109 New Tasks Attributed to Aurora Proteins in Cell Division
110 Clinical Trial of Molecular Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy Yields Significant Positive Results
111 Excluding Children from Discussions About Their Hospital Care Causes Unnecessary Distress
112 Eliminating Protein in Specific Brain Cells Blocks Nicotine Reward
113 New Study Sheds Light On Role of Genetics in Recovering from Eating Disorders
114 Non-Coding RNA Has Role in Inherited Neurological Disorder, and Maybe Other Brain Diseases Too
115 One in Six Fast-Food Customers Cut Calories After US Food Labeling System Introduction
116 Adding a Stent During Minimally Invasive Surgery to Repair Aneurysms Prevents Recurrence, Study Suggests
117 Corporal Punishment May Have Long-Term Negative Effects On Children's Intelligence
118 Sexual Anxiety, Personality Predictors of Infidelity, Study Says
119 Mothers Have a Stronger Tendency to Mimic Their Daughters' Consumption Behavior Than Vice Versa
120 Trend in Young Adults' Dating Habits, Committed Relationships May Not Lead to Marriage
121 In Pregnancy, Diabetes-Obesity Combo a Major Red Flag
122 How the Modular Structure of Proteins Permits Evolution to Move Forward
123 New Mouse Model for Testing Cancer Drugs
124 Antibiotic Appears More Effective Than Cranberry Capsules for Preventing Urinary Tract Infections
125 Making Biological Images Sharper, Deeper and Faster
126 World's Largest Sheep Is an International Traveler
127 Seeing the Wood for the Trees: New Study Shows Sheep in Tree-Ring Records
128 Detailed Picture of Ice Loss Following the Collapse of Antarctic Ice Shelves
129 Reforestation's Cooling Influence Is a Result of Farmers' Past Choices
130 Beetles Play an Important Role in Reducing Weeds
131 Little Crayfish Is Big Glutton in Arctic Waters
132 Newly Discovered Gene Sheds Light On the Evolution of Life On Earth
133 What Is War Good For? Sparking Civilization, Suggest Archaeology Findings from Peru
134 Mitochondria Share an Ancestor With SAR11, a Globally Significant Marine Microbe
135 Fool's Gold Gives Scientists Priceless Insight Into Earth's Evolution
136 Butterfly Study Sheds Light On Convergent Evolution: Single Gene Controls Mimicry Across Different Species
137 Astronomers Discover Largest and Most Distant Reservoir of Water Yet
138 Exoplanet Aurora: An Out-Of-This-World Sight
139 NASA's Space Shuttle Program Ends With Atlantis Landing
140 Movement of Black Holes Powers Quasars, the Universe's Brightest Lights
141 NASA's Hubble Discovers Another Moon Around Pluto
142 Scientists Complete Final Scan of Space Shuttle Heat Shield
143 Scientists Design Nano-Sized Drug Transporter to Fight Disease
144 Modeling Plant Metabolism to Optimize Oil Production
145 Cancer-Causing Mineral Found in U.S. Road Gravel: Erionite in Roads May Increase Risk of Mesothelioma
146 Biofuels: Novel Gene Increases Yeast's Appetite for Plant Sugars
147 New Software Protects Water Utilities from Terrorist Attacks and Contaminants
148 Eat, Prey, Rain: New Model of Dynamics of Clouds and Rain Is Based On a Predator-Prey Population Model
149 Rare Coupling of Magnetic and Electric Properties in a Single Material: New Multiferroic Mechanism Could Lead to Next-Generation Memory and Sensing Devices
150 Key Early Skills for Later Math Learning Discovered
151 Inside the Innards of a Nuclear Reactor: Tiny Robots May Monitor Underground Pipes for Radioactive Leaks