File Title
1 Physicists find hints of a light Higgs boson in LHC data
2 US and France More Depressed Than Poor Countries
3 Are We Alone In the Universe? New Analysis Says Maybe
4 Devastating Fire, War Destroyed Ancient Peruvian Society
5 Shrinking Brains May Be Cost of Long Life
6 Bizarre Dwarf Planet Wrapped in Water Ice
7 Hint of Higgs Boson? 'God Particle' Buzz Rises
8 Transparent Batteries Help Mobile Devices Go See-Through
9 Computer Replaces Dog as Man's Best Friend
10 Warmer Climate Could Spark More Severe Yellowstone Fires
11 Smartphones Prove More Addictive Than Thought
12 The Greatest Mysteries of Jupiter's Moons
13 Do You Live In a 'Food Desert'?
14 Evidence Builds For Water on Mars
15 Could NASA Rover Find Signs of Martian Life in Giant Crater?
16 When 'Friends with Benefits' Turns Costly
17 School Ban on Soda Has Greatest Effect on Black Students
18 Avoiding Alzheimer's: Study Finds 7 Preventable Risk Factors
19 Moms Mimic Teen Daughters' Style
20 Trouble in Traffic: Kids with ADHD Have Difficulty Crossing Streets
21 New Guide: When to Move Species Struggling with Climate Change
22 The ADHD Rollercoaster: Stressed Parents Need Help, Too
23 8 Ways to Ruin Your Relationship
24 Muscles in a Vial: Can a Single Shot Turn You Into Captain America?
25 DNA Molecules Harnessed as Test Tube Computers
26 DNA Evidence: Neanderthals Had Sex With Humans
27 Astronomers Find Largest, Oldest Mass of Water in Universe
28 Gale Crater FAQ: Mars Landing Spot for Next Rover Explained
29 NASA First Invaded Red Planet with Viking Mars Landing
30 Half of Americans Think Space Shuttle Retirement Bad for US, Poll Finds
31 Toilet is Top Reason People Lose Smartphone Contacts
32 Sheikh's Name Written in Sand Visible from Space
33 Ancient Dino-Eating Croc Had Huge Teeth, Dog Face
34 Invasive Neighbors Disturb Taiwan's Coasts
35 Hell of a Choice: 'Cerberus' Leads for New Pluto Moon Name
36 New Pluto Moon Adds Another Chapter to Dwarf Planet's Saga
37 In Killing Chupacabra, Did Teen Commit a Felony?
38 Enceladus rains water onto Saturn
39 How dinosaurs put proteins into long-term storage
40 Grafting olfactory receptors onto nanotubes
41 Shedding light on cell mechanism which plays a role in such diseases as Huntington's and Parkinson's
42 Brain 'hears' voices when reading direct speech
43 To an asteroid, and beyond
44 Sea squirt cells shed light on cancer development
45 Gyroscope's unexplained acceleration may be due to modified inertia
46 Security researcher finds hack vulnerability in Mac battery chips
47 Good management, not just money, leads to innovative discoveries
48 Resistive switches based on piezoelectric nanowires allow electrical signals to be produced from mechanical actions
49 Modeling plant metabolism to optimize oil production
50 Researchers develop prototype to detect fake websites
51 Transparent batteries: seeing straight through to the future? (w/ video)
52 Scientists find new Australian frog
53 Researchers create reprogrammed stem cells for disease studies
54 Investors driven by emotion, not facts
55 Computers learn to spot 'opinion spam' in online reviews
56 Mechanism of action behind novel cancer agents targeting tumor cell metabolism discovered
57 Minority rules: Scientists discover tipping point for the spread of ideas
58 Physicists closing in on 'God particle' (Update)
59 One electron could be key to furture drugs that repair sunburn
60 Rare coupling of magnetic and electric properties in a single material
61 Potential stroke treatment may extend time to prevent brain damage
62 What is war good for? Sparking civilization, suggest archaeology findings from Peru
63 Interrupted sleep impairs memory in mice
64 Space station faces steady threat from orbiting space junk
65 'Anonymous' hackers access Austrian bank data
66 New study finds cancer-causing mineral in US road gravel
67 Climate-change-induced wildfires may alter Yellowstone forests
68 Graphene's 'quantum leap' takes electronics a step closer
69 Soft spheres settle in somewhat surprising structure
70 Nanoplasmonic 'whispering gallery' breaks emission time record in semiconductors
71 Nanomembranes promise new materials for advanced electronics
72 Researchers' quest for gold
73 Synthetic synapse mimics dynamic memory in human brain
74 A new discovery paves the way for using super strong nanostructured metals in cars
75 Physicist builds advanced microscope
76 Nanotechnology for water filter
77 An advance toward ultra-portable electronic devices
78 New test measures key properties of polymer thin films and membranes
79 New graphene discovery boosts oil exploration efforts, could enable self-powered microsensors
80 Piece of cake: Arrays of long nanotubes may help measure terahertz laser power
81 Physicists excited by hints of Higgs boson existence
82 Wake cloaking simulated in lab--objects move through water without leaving a trace
83 Research team develops advanced live-imaging approach (w/ video)
84 Physicists offer countermeasure to new quantum eavesdropping attack
85 Engineers develop material that could speed telecommunications
86 HK physicists prove single photons do not exceed the speed of light
87 Cosmological evolution of dark matter is similar to that of visible matter
88 Shining a light on the elusive 'blackbody' of energy research
89 Tevatron experiments close in on favored Higgs mass range
90 LHC experiments present their latest results at Europhysics conference
91 Shape-changing liquid metal antenna could lead to responsive electronic devices
92 Vessel to contain cosmic force takes shape
93 A new way to measure the expansion of the universe
94 Sandia National Labs completes final scan of space shuttle heat shield
95 Gemini image captures elegant beauty of planetary nebula discovered by amateur astronomer
96 China sub makes first dive to below 5,000m
97 Adapting crops and 'natives' to a changing climate
98 Last picture of Atlantis in space
99 Astronomy without a telescope--bubblology
100 Cosmic bullseye: Auriga's wheel
101 Alabama tornado team scours paths of killer storms
102 Researchers provide detailed picture of ice loss following the collapse of Antarctic ice shelves
103 US approves its first 'tablet' for federal workers
104 Apple unleashes Lion, updates MacBook Air
105 SKorean students ditch paper for digital books
106 Threatened by iPad, PCs start to look like tablets
107 Apple's got its eye on mobile games
108 Apple software update thwarts iPhone-iPad hack
109 iPhone5 may release mid-August
110 Microsoft paper proposes using 'cloud' servers to heat homes
111 More Americans watching online video: survey
112 Wal-Mart offers video streaming on website
113 Netflix braces for growth slowdown, stock plunges
114 China's Baidu quarterly profit up 95 percent
115 Lockheed Martin's multi-mission signal processor completes tracking test
116 AOL sales head exits in management reorganization
117 China orders safety inspections after train crash
118 Microsoft apologizes for Winehouse tweet
119 Zynga and Tencent launch China online game
120 Finland to boost web surveillance after Norway attacks
121 New spin on friction-stir
122 Scientists learn startling new truth about sugar
123 How to tell real whiskey from fake--faster
124 Heavy metal: Titanium implant safety under scrutiny
125 Shuttle service in cells: Scientists find new components for protein transport
126 World's fastest nickel-based complex
127 New imaging techniques reveal the workings of supramolecular nanomachines
128 New 3-D photonic crystal has both electronic, optical properties
129 Pocket chemistry: DNA helps glucose meters measure more than sugar
130 Spider silk glue inspires next-generation technology
131 Zinc 'sparks' fly from egg within minutes of fertilization
132 Chemists examine solar energy and air purification
133 Chemists create molecular polyhedron
134 MS research: Myelin influences how brain cells send signals
135 Habitat loss imperils monarch butterflies
136 Models show Coho salmon at risk in US urbanizing watersheds
137 Eucalyptus genetic secrets unlocked
138 2 gray whales stuck in N. Calif. river for month
139 Mandrill monkey creates tool for a pedicure (w/ video)
140 Mitochondria share an ancestor with SAR11, a globally significant marine microbe
141 Novel gene increases yeast's appetite for plant sugars
142 Cloned trees raised in separate places react differently to drought
143 Pacific Northwest trees struggle for water while standing in it
144 Study on how bacteria move could help researchers develop anti-bacterial surfaces
145 Targeting PTEN may prevent skin cancer
146 Newborn Apgar score related to teen school performance
147 Does menopause matter when it comes to diabetes?
148 High-throughput screen finds compounds that regulate cancer cell invasion
149 Who takes risks?
150 Brain differences between humans and chimpanzees linked to aging
151 Exercise has numerous beneficial effects on brain health and cognition, review suggests
152 Retinal cells thoughts to be the same are not: study
153 Scientists discover new pathway to potential therapies for advanced prostate cancer
154 Specialized regulatory T cell stifles antibody production centers
155 Anglo-French team discover elusive gene that makes platelets gray
156 Study finds no link between statins and cancer risk
157 Antibiotic appears more effective than cranberry capsules for preventing urinary tract infections
158 Predictors of dying suddenly versus surviving heart attack identified
159 E-cigarette or drug delivery device?
160 Bioengineers identify the cellular mechanisms of traumatic brain injury
161 Drug prices to plummet in wave of expiring patents
162 World's most advanced genetic map created
163 Fatty food cravings genetically programmed
164 Study strengthens concerns about long-term use of certain painkillers
165 Hearing loss is another danger of secondhand smoke
166 Artificial lung mimics real organ's design and efficiency
167 Clinical trial of molecular therapy for muscular dystrophy yields significant positive results
168 Treating HIV sooner would save South African lives and money
169 Spare the rod and develop the child
170 War of words: A look at media and for-profit colleges
171 Consumers beware: In reality, luxury cars don't make us feel better
172 Frugal companies are consistent, not reactive, study says
173 Exposure to U.S. flag moves voters to the right
174 What social media can teach us about ourselves
175 Study: Union decline accounts for much of the rise in wage inequality
176 College-educated undocumented young adults face same narrow range of jobs as their parents
177 Churchgoing teenagers biggest backers of Muslim identity in Britain
178 Research grant combines astrophysics and archeology to decipher ancient texts
179 Study: Generosity emerges from evolution of cooperation