File Title
1 The Birth of Beer: German Lager Traced to South America
2 HP Tablet: A Bestseller, Now That HP Is Killing It
3 Name Change for Libyan Square on Google Maps
4 Dropping Concern, Israel Allows Google Street
5 It's Alive! Space Station's Humanoid Robot Awake
6 Hospitals Giving Faster Help to Heart Attack Victims
7 Stem Cell Shots Into the Heart Could Stave Off Chest Pain
8 Drug Shortages Pave Way for Price 'Gougers'
9 Surgeon Amputates Patient's Penis Without Permission; Trial Begins in Kentucky
10 Women Who Stop HRT Skip Mammograms Too
11 Drug Ads Skirt FDA Regulations
12 Lou Gehrig's Disease: Researchers Uncover New Genes
13 Apocalypse Prep: Put On Your Gas Masks, Kids!
14 Married Women, Divorced Men Gain Weight
15 Tainted Vinegar Suspected in 11 Deaths in China
16 Happy Marriage Triples Bypass Survival
17 Our 'New Normal' Wounded Healthcare System
18 Rats Love Cats? Maybe, if Rats Infected With Parasite
19 Arizona Family Grows Garden in Backyard Swimming Pool
20 CDC: 1 in 8 Pools May Pose Infection Risk
21 Who Will Go to Hell? Debate Ignites Christian Firestorm
22 Calcifiers cover up changes in ocean pH
23 Fossil find shows Martian life possible
24 Natural defence could fight nasty gut bug
25 Fossil microbes give sulphur insight on ancient Earth
26 Tiny tubes point to ancient life
27 Ancient sponges leave their mark
28 Diamonds hint at 'earliest life'
29 Chester Zoo team to build orangutan bridges in Borneo
30 Higgs boson range narrows at European collider
31 Shell defends safety after North Sea oil leak
32 Species flee warming faster than previously thought
33 UK to lead international rhino horn clampdown
34 Scottish prehistoric mummies made from jigsaw of body parts
35 Iberian lynx 'not doomed' by low genetic diversity
36 Cycling industry gives economy 3bn pounds boost
37 Fighting rages for Libyan capital
38 US trucker's penis amputated 'during circumcision'
39 North Korea's resort seizure ends project of hope
40 A Danube-led tour of Budapest
41 Analysis: Why Gaddafi's crack troops melted away
42 Libya conflict: Where is Col Muammar Gaddafi?
43 Inside Tripoli's Rixos hotel as rebels close in
44 Fighting rages for Libyan capital
45 NATO answers Libya questions
46 JWST price tag now put at over $8bn
47 Libya starts to reconnect to internet
48 Ex-Wikileaks man 'deleted files'
49 Snap decisions
50 When algorithms control the world
51 Inside the UK's top secret GCHQ base in Cheltenham
52 Apple's iPhone gets Japanese earthquake alert
53 Hewlett-Packard shares fall 20% on bid for Autonomy
54 Levenmouth teenager arrested over inciting riot claim
55 Is Apple winning too often?
56 Cell recycling system 'damaged in nerve disease'
57 Why do so many disabled people embark on dangerous feats?
58 Libya conflict: Defiant Saif al-Islam Gaddafi reappears
59 Elvis Presley songwriter Jerry Leiber dies at 78
60 Somali pirates given life in US prison
61 Gold hits record high of $1,900 on global growth fears
62 Christchurch quake: Life in the condemned red zone
63 Who, What, Why: How dangerous is firing a gun into the air?
64 Goofing off online increases productivity at work
65 PETA plans to launch a porn site
66 What we learned from Molly Wood's Windows Phone 7 challenge
67 Ancient shipwreck found with 300 empty wine jars
68 HP TouchPad sold out after weekend fire sale
69 Gamer breaks record for lowest-scoring Super Mario Bros. playthrough
70 Loyalists at Qaddafi compound hold off rebels
71 Qaddafi: "You destroy our air conditioners"
72 Feds nix proposal to ban food stamps for sodas
73 Forward-facing baby carriers called cruel: Why?
74 Feds urge wider use of heart test on newborns
75 Bulletproof skin created with help of artist, goats, spiders
76 Drugs found in New York tap water: Cause for alarm?
77 Falls from windows injure 5,000 kids each year: Study
78 New candidates for oldest fossils
79 Climate change will hit genetic diversity
80 Higgs signal sinks from view
81 Seafood suffers from fishy eco-labelling
82 End of an era for research subs
83 Toxic antibodies blitz tumours
84 NASA to share telescope cost
85 Yeast's Epic Journey 500 Years Ago Gave Rise to Lager Beer
86 Newly Discovered Icelandic Current Could Change North Atlantic Climate Picture
87 Astronomers Find Ice and Possibly Methane On Snow White, a Distant Dwarf Planet
88 Antennas in Your Clothes? New Design Could Pave the Way
89 Galaxies Are Running out of Gas: Why the Lights Are Going out in the Universe
90 Oldest Fossils On Earth Discovered
91 Common Cause of All Forms of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Discovered
92 Nitrogen in the Soil Cleans the Air: Nitrogen-Containing Soil Is a Source of Hydroxyl Radicals That Remove Pollutants from the Atmosphere
93 New 'Bionic' Leg Gives Amputees a Natural Gait
94 Three Waves of Evolutionary Innovation Shaped Diversity of Vertebrates, Genome Analysis Reveals
95 Any Prime-Boost Mix of Injected or Spray Flu Vaccine Shields Toddlers: Broadest Immune Response from Nasal Spray Vaccine, Study Finds
96 Gene That Exacerbates Risk Factors for Heart Disease and Diabetes Identified
97 Metabolic Syndrome May Cause Kidney Disease
98 New Piece to the Puzzle of Brain Function
99 Enzyme's Structure Reveals Basis for Head, Reproductive Organ Deformities
100 Research Team Achieves First Two-Color STED Microscopy of Living Cells
101 Are Those Liquids Explosive?
102 Climate Change and Ozone Destruction Hastened With Nitrous Oxide Used in Agriculture
103 Ions Control Shape of Nanofibers Grown On Clear Substrate
104 Football Analysis Leads to Advance in Artificial Intelligence
105 Making a Bee-Line for the Best Rewards
106 Neuroscientists Show Activity Patterns in Fly Brain Are Optimized for Memory Storage
107 New Mechanism of Genomic Instability Revealed
108 Parasite Uses the Power of Attraction to Trick Rats Into Becoming Cat Food
109 Under-Reported Greenhouse Gas Statistics? Sketchy Emission Reports Revealed by Swiss Measurements
110 Small Molecules Shed Light On Cancer Therapies
111 Hyenas' Ability to Count Helps Them Decide to Fight or Flee
112 Researchers Find Increase in Infection Rates in Patients With Cardiac Electrophysiological Devices
113 Measurement Tools for Traffic Crash Injury Severity Improving
114 Experience Puts the Personal Stamp On a Place in Memory: Seeing Helps Map a Place in the Mind, but Exploration and Experience Are Vital
115 Heart Attack Patients Winning the Race to Angioplasty Treatment, U.S. Study Finds
116 Incisionless Surgery Now Available as an Investigational Treatment for Esophageal Disorder
117 Newest Screen for Newborns Will Indicate Heart Problems
118 Painting a 'Bullseye' On Cancer Cells
119 Ignored Virus Can Cause Liver Cancer, Study Suggests; Should We Be Screening Blood for Hepatitis G?
120 Good Ruminations or Bad Ruminations in the Depressed Brain?
121 Reduced Recognition of Fear and Sadness in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
122 Possible Trigger Point of Epileptic Seizures Identified
123 Practice Makes Perfect: Competitive Scrabble Players Push the Boundaries of Accepted Visual Word Recognition
124 Large Weight Gains Most Likely for Men After Divorce, Women After Marriage
125 Effects of Prenatal Smoking On Infant Neurodevelopment May Be Worse Than Feared
126 New Job Trends Reproducing Old Forms of Gender Inequality
127 Long-Term, Intimate Partnerships Can Promote Unhealthy Habits
128 Robust Preschool Experience Offers Lasting Effects On Language and Literacy
129 Study Exposes Habit Formation in Smartphone Users
130 Secret Life of Millipedes
131 Tuning Natural Antimicrobials to Improve Their Effectiveness at Battling Superbugs
132 At Last, a Reason Why Stress Causes DNA Damage
133 New Way to Treat Common Hospital-Acquired Infection: Novel Approach May Offer Treatment for Other Bacterial Diseases
134 Imaging Probe Allows Noninvasive Detection of Dangerous Heart-Valve Infection
135 Genomewide Mapping Reveals Developmental and Environmental Impacts
136 Species Affected by Climate Change: To Shift or Not to Shift?
137 Breeding Ozone-Tolerant Crops
138 Restoration as Science: Case of the Collared Lizard
139 Plants and Fungi Play the 'Underground Market'
140 Deadly Ancient Egyptian Medication? German Scientists Shed Light On Dark Secret of Queen Hatshepsut's Flacon
141 Nature Reaches for the High-Hanging Fruit: Tools of Paleontology Shed New Light On Diversity of Natural Plant Chemicals
142 Getting Inside the Mind (and Up the Nose) of Our Ancient Ancestors
143 Most Primitive Living Eel Discovered: Creating a New Species, Genus and Family of Animal
144 Breathing New Life Into Earth: Evidence of Early Oxygen in the Oceans of Our Planet