File Title
1 Increased tropical forest growth could release carbon from the soil
2 Nut-allergy sufferers face prejudice--new study
3 Researchers Demonstrate Green Tea Compound is Effective in Treating Genetic Disorder and Two Types of Tumors
4 Scientists explore the intersection of health, society and microbial ecology
5 Hidden Baja Undersea Park is the World's Most Robust Marine Reserve
6 Researchers discover freshwater mussel species thought to be extinct
7 Parasite loads a cause of salmon mortality, linked to land use changes
8 Rapid evolution within single crop-growing season increases insect pest numbers
9 Study helps assess global status of tuna and billfish stocks
10 E. coli, salmonella may lurk in unwashable places in produce
11 Team led by IU biologists confirms sunflower domesticated in US, not Mexico
12 Single, key gene discovery could streamline production of biofuels
13 UBC researchers discover key mechanism that regulates shape and growth of plants
14 UConn scientist develops sterile variety of invasive plant
15 Nature reaches for the high-hanging fruit
16 Soft Coral Builds Strong Reefs
17 Genomewide mapping reveals developmental and environmental impacts
18 Human pathogen killing corals in the Florida Keys
19 Scientists discover the most primitive living eel
20 No bones about it: Eating dried plums helps prevent fractures and osteoporosis
21 A Quick Way to Grade Grasses for Ethanol Yields
22 New component of a plant steroid-activated pathway discovered
23 Lessons Learned from the Two Worst Oils Spills in U.S. History
24 Growth of cities endangers global environment
25 Breathing new life into Earth
26 Deadly medication?
27 First quantitative measure of radiation leaked from Fukushima reactor
28 Ethane levels yield information about changes in greenhouse gas emissions
29 Climate change could drive native fish out of Wisconsin waters
30 Lions in Greece, the reforestation of the West and the use of satire in environmental conservation
31 Life on the wind: Study reveals how microbes travel the Earth
32 Greenhouse gases: The measurement challenge
33 Moon younger than previously thought
34 Arctic ice melt could pause in coming decades
35 Model shows polar ice caps can recover from warmer climate-induced melting
36 Further, faster, higher: Wildlife responds increasingly rapidly to climate change
37 UCI researchers chart long-shrouded glacial reaches of Antarctica
38 Sketchy emission reports revealed by Empa measurements at Jungfraujoch
39 Research finds Greenland glacier melting faster than expected
40 New CU-Boulder study reveals bacteria from dog feces in outdoor air of urbanized air
41 Is oil pricing itself out of the market?
42 New method detects emerging sunspots deep inside the sun, provides warning of dangerous solar flares
43 B chromosomes affect sex determination in cichlid fishes
44 Mutant gene identified that causes abnormal chromosome count, leading to cancer
45 3 waves of evolutionary innovation shaped diversity of vertebrates
46 Molecular meet and greet
47 Kidney drugs hampered by high blood phosphate
48 New 'bionic' leg gives amputees a natural gait
49 Are those liquids explosive?
50 Revealed: How sticky egg captures sperm
51 Biologists' discovery may force revision of biology textbooks
52 Increased celiac disease prevalence in women with unexplained infertility
53 Penn molecular scientists develop color-changing stress sensor
54 Researchers on the trail of a treatment for cancer of the immune system
55 Nitrogen in the soil cleans the air
56 Mother's BMI linked to fatter babies
57 Parasite uses the power of sexual attraction to trick rats into becoming cat food
58 The grass is always greener
59 Enzyme's structure reveals basis for head, sex organ deformities
60 Mothers' poor health impairs children's well-being, not only due to genetics
61 Newly discovered cell mechanism uses amplified nitric oxide to fight C. diff
62 At last, a reason why stress causes DNA damage
63 Using Powder-Free Latex Gloves Reduces Latex Allergy Rate in Health Care Workers
64 Consumers Willing to Pay More for Sustainable Apparel if Business is Transparent, MU Study Finds
65 Competitive Scrabble makes you smarter
66 Want to improve employee engagement? Make it part of the performance management process
67 KU study shows suburban schools have worked to 'hoard' advantages
68 American Chemical Society launches new edition of popular Bytesize Science videos
69 Study: College students not eating enough fruits and veggies
70 Ambitious goals = satisfaction
71 NIH-commissioned study identifies gaps in NIH funding success rates for black researchers
72 Complex choices in Medicare Advantage program may overwhelm seniors, study finds
73 Robust preschool experience offers lasting effects on language and literacy
74 Carnegie Mellon researchers outline ways to advance scientific thinking in children
75 Battling job barriers with a tube of lipstick
76 NSF launches new engineering research centers with awards totaling $74.0 million
77 English language ads better reach Latino audience
78 Malaria parasites camouflage themselves from the immune defenses of expectant mothers
79 Is oil pricing itself out of the market?
80 Growth of cities endangers global environment
81 Race and poverty often unjustifiably tied to school security measures
82 Poor women and welfare reform: working without a net
83 Less educated Americans turning their backs on religion
84 Mothers' poor health impairs children's well-being, not only due to genetics
85 Study: New job trends reproducing old forms of gender inequality
86 Getting inside the mind (and up the nose) of our ancient ancestors
87 Gator in your tank: Alligator fat as a new source of biodiesel fuel
88 Researchers Improving GPS Accuracy in the 3rd Dimension
89 Effects of prenatal stress passed across generations in mice
90 B chromosomes affect sex determination in cichlid fishes
91 3 waves of evolutionary innovation shaped diversity of vertebrates
92 UCI researchers chart long-shrouded glacial reaches of Antarctica
93 CSHL neuroscientists show activity patterns in fly brain are optimized for memory storage
94 The first kangaroo genome sequence
95 Newly discovered Icelandic current could change North Atlantic climate picture
96 Toronto researchers first to discover new genetic clue in the development of rheumatoid arthritis
97 Women's Quest for Romance Conflicts with Scientific Pursuits, Study Finds
98 Practice makes perfect
99 Researchers push to import top anti-bullying program to US schools
100 KU study shows suburban schools have worked to 'hoard' advantages
101 Parents misled by advocates of single-sex education
102 Stanford engineers redefine how the brain plans movement
103 University of Minnesota researchers reveal Wikipedia gender biases
104 Can the Spanish Flu Devastate Us Again?
105 Computational method predicts new uses for existing medicines
106 Annual cervical cancer screening persists, despite recommended guidelines
107 Treatment with vitamin C dissolves toxic protein aggregates in Alzheimer's disease
108 Long-term, intimate partnerships can promote unhealthy habits
109 Metabolic syndrome may cause kidney disease
110 Acne-treating antibiotic cuts catheter infections in dialysis patients
111 New piece to the puzzle of brain function
112 Deadly medication?
113 Treating diabetes
114 UCSD researchers alarmed at rise in hookah use among California youth
115 Insulation from public pressure leads to more accurate suicide reporting by death investigators
116 Enzyme's structure reveals basis for head, sex organ deformities
117 Less depression for working moms who expect that they 'can't do it all'
118 Sweet insight: Discovery could speed drug development
119 Imaging probe allows noninvasive detection of dangerous heart-valve infection
120 Major ALS breakthrough
121 Newly discovered cell mechanism uses amplified nitric oxide to fight C. diff
122 Study identifies new way to treat common hospital-acquired infection
123 New defense discovered against common hospital-acquired infection
124 At last, a reason why stress causes DNA damage
125 Empowerment, self-defense motivating factors for texas women to hold concealed handgun licenses
126 Lung function declines as chest deformity deepens
127 Researchers investigate muscle-building effect of protein beverages for athletes
128 Message to Gay Soldiers: It's Your Army Too
129 Study finds sex differences in mental illness
130 Public radio exposes injustice
131 N/A
132 Breathing new life into Earth
133 Man in the moon looking younger
134 Giant space blob glows from within
135 Moon and Earth may be younger than originally thought
136 New images reveal structures of the solar wind as it travels toward and impacts Earth
137 Computers will be able to tell social traits from the face
138 NRL Flight-Tests Autonomous Multi-Target, Multi-User Tracking Capability
139 New nanostructured glass for imaging and recording
140 Researchers Find Way To Align Gold Nanorods On A Large Scale
141 NIST tests help ensure reliable wireless alarm beacons for first responders
142 Kinder, gentler cell capture method could aid medical research
143 NIST uncovers reliability issues for carbon nanotubes in future electronics
144 The future of inks, paints and coatings takes shape
145 Office of Naval Research taking on challenges of unmanned underwater vehicles
146 Active participation in voluntary organizations declining faster than checkbooks can keep up