File Title
1 Study reveals structures of solar wind as it travels toward, impacts Earth (w/ video)
2 Three periods of innovation in gene regulation occurred during the evolution of vertebrate animals: study
3 Alligator fat could be used to make biodiesel
4 HP's webOS moves out of tablet foxhole into appliance mode
5 Review: New BlackBerrys improved, but lackluster
6 Molecular scientists develop color-changing stress sensor
7 Biologists' discovery may force revision of biology textbooks
8 Researchers outline ways to advance scientific thinking in children
9 Paris airport tests 'virtual' boarding agents
10 Researchers theorize that neutrons may be squished into cubes in neutron stars
11 HP to end mobile products, may sell PC division (Update)
12 Better method for predicting sunspots: study
13 A spinning neutron star is tied to a mysterious tail
14 Embryo development obeys the laws of hydrodynamics
15 Football analysis leads to advance in artificial intelligence
16 Robust preschool experience offers lasting effects on language and literacy
17 Unsociable networks
18 Physicists uncover new data on adenine, a crucial building block of life
19 Further, faster, higher: Wildlife responds increasingly rapidly to climate change
20 Revealed: How sticky egg captures sperm
21 Mutant gene identified that causes abnormal chromosome count, leading to cancer
22 IBM pursues chips that behave like brains
23 Researcher finds missing link between ancient toothed whales and modern baleen whales
24 Bending light the 'wrong' way
25 Researchers chart long-shrouded glacial reaches of Antarctica
26 Cancer stem cells made, not born
27 Single-molecule imaging reveals how cells prepare to interact with the world
28 Scientists open new window into the brain
29 Decision making changes with age--and age helps
30 Treatment with vitamin C dissolves toxic protein aggregates in Alzheimer's disease
31 Complex oxide interfaces are more complex than previously thought
32 Research uncovers reliability issues for carbon nanotubes in future electronics
33 Manipulating nanoparticles' surface chemistry holds medical promise
34 Researchers find way to align gold nanorods on a large scale
35 New approach to scratch resistance: Improving coatings with polymer-based nanocomposite materials
36 Carbon nanotube structures changed by 'attack' from within, researchers discover
37 Nano Gold Rush: Researchers use tiny gold particles to boost organic solar cell efficiency
38 A new look below the surface of nanomaterials
39 Ions control shape of nanofibers grown on clear substrate
40 New nanostructured glass for imaging and recording developed
41 Disorder is key to nanotube mystery
42 Bilayer graphene is another step toward graphene electronics
43 Structural consequences of nanolithography
44 Researchers observe nanoscale charge transport in bulk heterojunction solar cells
45 New technique scales up nanofiber production
46 Physicists closing in on the elusive Higgs boson
47 Researchers discover unconventional properties in quantum mechanical particle
48 Physicists undo the 'coffee ring effect' (w/ video)
49 Quantum optical link sets new time records
50 Technology tethers free radicals
51 Electrical conductor sparks interest
52 Near-infrared imaging system shows promise as future pancreatic cancer diagnostic tool
53 Research team achieves first 2-color STED microscopy of living cells
54 Cellular laser microsurgery illuminates research in vertebrate biology
55 A hint of Higgs: An update from the LHC
56 Argonne-pioneered X-ray lens to aid nanomaterials research
57 Russia 'loses contact' with satellite after launch
58 US forecasters say fall to extend SW drought
59 In Brief: Martian soil oxidation-reduction potential not too extreme for life
60 Interstellar crashes could throw out habitable planets
61 Research finds Greenland glacier melting faster than expected
62 University of Missouri completes first drought simulator
63 Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon up 15%
64 NASA satellite data confirms Greg a hurricane, Fernanda a tropical storm
65 GRAIL moon twins are joined to their booster
66 Webb Telescope's MIRI flight instrument completes cryogenic testing in the UK
67 High confidence meteorite fall in Northeast Ohio
68 India's Bharti unveils $220 tablet challenger to iPad
69 Samsung develops 30nm-class 32GB green DDR3 for next-generation servers
70 Running robot: MABEL is now the world's fastest two-legged robot with knees (w/ video)
71 AI's Emmy award goes to Swarmanoid robot book heist
72 Gemini-Scout robot likely to reach trapped miners ahead of rescuers
73 Lockheed Martin develops maple-seed-like drone
74 Sony announces 'WhiteMagic'--new LCD screen that uses half the power
75 Samsung to launch banned tablet on Dutch market
76 Willow Garage slashes price (and arm) of PR2 robot for research
77 France's Orange adds to iPhone 5 release hype
78 USB 100W spec will pump up power for juicing tablets, notebooks
79 Stanford Artificial Intelligence course draws avalanche of sign-ups
80 Google-Motorola deal highlights patent arms race
81 Low emission cars under NREL's microscope
82 Sinofsky starts Windows 8 blog, says beta coming soon
83 'Endless Forms' uses the Web to breed 3-D printable objects
84 New on Foursquare: Official events check-in
85 Disordered networks synchronise faster than small world networks
86 Australian sacked for Facebook rant
87 Computer hacking proliferating with highly networked society, expert says
88 China's biggest microblog tops 200 million users
89 Candle flames contain millions of tiny diamonds
90 Are those liquids explosive?
91 Why spiders don't drop off of their threads
92 Concerns about efforts to foster the biofuel boom
93 Faster organic semiconductors for flexible displays can be developed quickly with new method
94 Virus uses 'Swiss Army knife' protein to cause infection
95 Kinder, gentler cell capture method could aid medical research
96 New polymeric material brings companies one step closer to cheaper plastic solar cells and electronics
97 Cooling down global warming
98 Improved method for capturing proteins holds promise for biomedical research
99 Scientists find easier, cheaper way to make a sought-after chemical modification to drugs
100 Mimicking biological complexity, in a tiny particle
101 Nature reaches for the high-hanging fruit
102 B chromosomes affect sex determination in cichlid fishes
103 New study reveals bacteria from dog feces in outdoor air of urbanized air
104 Social behavior can make predators even pickier
105 Microwaves to improve drug delivery
106 Researchers peer below the surface of living tissue
107 Researchers reveal a new mechanism of genomic instability
108 Fishing games gone wrong
109 New component of a plant steroid-activated pathway discovered
110 A quick way to grade grasses for ethanol yields
111 Are humans to blame for shark attacks?
112 Four-year-olds know that being right is not enough
113 Boys reach sexual maturity younger and younger
114 Strengthening fragile immune memories to fight chronic infections
115 Neuroscientists show activity patterns in fly brain are optimized for memory storage
116 Researchers identify possible new targets for treating pain in women
117 Scientists identify gene that exacerbates risk factors for heart disease and diabetes
118 Study finds sex differences in mental illness
119 Blocking cancer cell's energy generator could lead to new targeted treatments
120 Study finds majority of pharmaceutical ads do not adhere to FDA guidelines
121 Cognitive neuroscientists shed light on how the brain responds to scenes and their mirror-image reversals
122 UF expert: In the quest to cure Type 1 diabetes, scientists must develop better research standards
123 Sniffer dogs can be used to detect lung cancer
124 Complex choices in Medicare Advantage program may overwhelm seniors, study finds
125 Everyday clairvoyance: How your brain makes near-future predictions
126 Social acceptance and rejection: The sweet and the bitter
127 US court deals blow to Obama health care law
128 Scientists show how fatty diets cause diabetes
129 Psychologists interrupt the miserable cycle of social insecurity
130 Switch in cell's 'power plant' declines with age, rejuvenated by drug
131 Virus can cause high blood pressure: Chinese study
132 Study finds new role for protein in hearing
133 Computational method predicts new uses for existing medicines
134 Five inherited genetic variants linked to the most lethal prostate cancers
135 Long-term, intimate partnerships can promote unhealthy habits
136 Study shows first responders will report to duty, but need assistance with family matters
137 Battling job barriers with a tube of lipstick
138 New study identifies gaps in NIH funding success rates for black researchers
139 Research reveals Common-law Marriage is myth created by 1970s press
140 Research examines the black-and-white issues surrounding executions in the South
141 Corporate political spending must be disclosed, says securities law expert
142 U.S. auto supply chain at a crossroads: study
143 Free computer science courses, new teaching technology reinvent online education
144 Human precursors went to sea, team says
145 Facebook, Yahoo to test 'six degrees of separation'
146 Friendship, timing key differences between US, Eastern European love
147 Getting inside the mind (and up the nose) of our ancient ancestors