File Title
1 Amazon's Bezos envisions airbag phone, files patent
2 Dark matter may be an illusion caused by the quantum vacuum
3 Controversial energy-generating system lacking credibility (w/ video)
4 New drug could cure nearly any viral infection
5 Searching for gravitational waves
6 Simulation shows it's possible to tow an iceberg to drought areas
7 Two atoms entangled using microwaves for the first time
8 US looks for answers after hypersonic plane fails
9 A photon's point of view
10 A cosmic exclamation point
11 Social acceptance and rejection: The sweet and the bitter
12 Aerospace engineer proposes arm-equipped satellite to affix propellant kits to space junk to send it back home
13 Smart skin: Electronics that stick and stretch like a temporary tattoo (w/ video)
14 Light speed hurdle to invisibility cloak overcome by undergraduate
15 Alien world is blacker than coal
16 Plan to build giant solar farm in Calif. comes before judge
17 Contact lost with hypersonic glider after launch (Update)
18 Revolutionary material dramatically increases explosive force of weapons
19 US court deals blow to Obama health care law
20 Has graphene been detected in space?
21 Effortless sailing with fluid flow cloak
22 Deep recycling in the Earth faster than thought
23 Escaping gravity's clutches: The black hole breakout
24 SETI's telescopes to go back online, resuming hunt for alien life
25 Math ability is inborn
26 New anti-censorship scheme could make it impossible to block individual sites
27 E. coli metabolism reversed for speedy production of fuels, chemicals
28 The Milky Way's supermassive black hole
29 Inexpensive catalyst that makes hydrogen gas 10 times faster than natural enzyme
30 Brown bag lunches overheating and possibly unsafe
31 Disorder is key to nanotube mystery
32 Bilayer graphene is another step toward graphene electronics
33 Structural consequences of nanolithography
34 Researchers observe nanoscale charge transport in bulk heterojunction solar cells
35 New technique scales up nanofiber production
36 Consumers' close encounters with nanoparticles
37 Ames Laboratory partners with Iowa start-up under DOE innovation challenge
38 Better batteries through nanoscale 3D chemical imaging
39 Scientists pioneer new method for nanoribbon production
40 Like superman's X-Ray vision, new microscope reveals nanoscale details
41 Connecting the dots: Nanoscale approach to biomaterials
42 Micro-onions and magnetic ink
43 Biology, materials science get a boost from robust imaging tool
44 The nanoscale secret to stronger alloys
45 Research team discovers new conducting properties of bacteria-produced wires
46 Bend breakthrough sends light around a corner
47 Physicists take inspiration from spilled milk
48 Will the real Higgs Boson please stand up?
49 Researchers create first 3D invisibility cloak
50 Coherent diffractive imaging in living color
51 New tool may yield smaller, faster optoelectronics
52 New magnetic imaging technique heralds advance in spintronics
53 The diamond's quantum memory
54 Exotic quantum crystal discovered
55 Arctic scientist's complaint being reviewed
56 Shell battling North Sea oil pipeline leak
57 TRMM satellite sees 4 possibilities for the next Atlantic tropical storm
58 Scientists must leave the ivory tower and become advocates, or civilization is endangered, says Stanford biologist
59 Orion spaceship set for new tests in Colorado
60 Dawn beams back asteroid science data
61 How to enjoy the 2011 Perseid meteor shower
62 GRAIL launch less than one month away
63 Sewage still plagues Hudson River
64 Willow Garage slashes price (and arm) of PR2 robot for research
65 France's Orange adds to iPhone 5 release hype
66 USB 100W spec will pump up power for juicing tablets, notebooks
67 HP cuts tablet price in bid to challenge iPad
68 Honda plans nuclear mission for robot
69 A look at Roku's new line of digital media players
70 High-performance 512GB SSDs with ultra-fast SATA revision 3.0 interface announced
71 Review: Can a smartphone camera do it all?
72 'Data motion metric' needed for supercomputer rankings, says SDSC's Snavely
73 SDSC readying 'Gordon' supercomputer for pre-production trials this month
74 Research group shows iPhones cost less to support
75 Sony, Panasonic, Samsung in 3D glasses deal
76 Your smartphone: a new frontier for hackers
77 Apple, Samsung smartphones outdo Nokia in 2Q
78 Britons addicted to their 'CrackBerries': study
79 Iran nuclear plant 'to link to grid this month'
80 N. Korea blasts South over game site hacking claims
81 Now you can eat--Angry Birds mooncakes
82 India hungry for everyday Internet access
83 Media watchdog upset as BlackBerry helps British police
84 SF cell shutdown: Safety issue, or hint of Orwell? (Update)
85 Apple, publishers sued for alleged price fixing: report
86 Dutch politicians question LinkedIn advertising
87 Powered by the sun, Stanford ingenuity
88 Better, faster, cheaper: Doing business with the sun
89 Dell's 2Q comes amid PC strife
90 Groupon, Twitter, other tech companies grapple with hypergrowth
91 Nonstop ideas fill no-frills Facebook Seattle office
92 Marvell tapped by China to develop mobile phone standard
93 Salmonella stays deadly with a 'beta' version of cell behavior
94 A systematic way to find battery materials
95 Flexibility: The key to carbon capture
96 Scientists copy the ways viruses deliver genes
97 Dark beer has more iron than pale beer
98 Video: New forensic fingerprinting approach retrieves elusive prints
99 Phone losing charge? Novel technology allows LCDs to recycle energy
100 How receptors talk to G proteins
101 Genetically engineered spider silk for gene therapy
102 Researchers improve performance of iron-based catalysts
103 Student brings home new expertise to answer question in antibiotic resistance
104 Study builds on plausible scenario for origin of life on Earth
105 Curry spice could offer treatment hope for tendinitis
106 New discovery may eliminate potentially lethal side effect of stem cell therapy
107 How unrelated wasps succeed by helping others breed
108 New discovery positions Smithsonian to bolster genetic diversity among cheetahs
109 Hidden Baja undersea park is the world's most robust marine reserve
110 'Supergene' is key to copycat butterflies
111 Study reveals nature's marketplaces can parallel those of humans
112 Scientists link shifting Atlantic mackerel distribution to environmental factors, changing climate
113 Sri Lanka begins 1st countrywide elephant census
114 Barcodes refocus understanding of ecosystems
115 Plants switch off growth signals by targeting 'used' receptor molecules for destruction
116 Engineered bacteria mop up mercury spills
117 The flight of the bumble bee: Why are they disappearing?
118 Hidden soil fungus, now revealed, is in a class all its own
119 Sequencing of cod genome reveals unique immune system characteristic
120 Scientists discover how molecular motors go into 'energy save mode'
121 New clue to Parkinson's: Shape of key protein surprises researchers
122 Researchers identify a target that could combat allergies of early childhood
123 Scientists show how fatty diets cause diabetes
124 New genetic clue in the development of rheumatoid arthritis
125 Spoiler alert: Stories are not spoiled by 'spoilers'
126 Major discovery explains how adult brain cleans out dead brain cells, produces new ones
127 Specific IQ genes still elusive, latest hunt finds
128 Professor links temperature, obesity
129 World survey links religion and happiness--for some
130 Study finds evidence of the visual system's ability to perceive only one group at a time
131 New measurements prove it: Active older adults less likely to become cognitively impaired
132 Study finds new ADHD genes, links susceptibility with autism and other neuropsychiatric conditions
133 Modified killer T-cells wipe out leukemia: study
134 Antioxidant spices reduce negative effects of high-fat meal
135 Boy or girl? A simple test raises ethical concerns
136 Study sheds light on late phase of asthma attacks
137 Higher estrogen production in the breast could confer greater cancer risk than thought
138 Researchers create new experimental vaccine against chikungunya virus
139 New treatment option for advanced prostate cancer
140 Program helps high school students overcome depression and thoughts of suicide
141 Smoking cigarettes is worse for women's hearts than men's: study
142 Help available for borderline personality disorder
143 Scientists highlight link between stress and appetite
144 Researchers double number of genes associated with multiple sclerosis
145 Scientists identify mutation in SIGMAR1 gene linked to juvenile ALS
146 Intestinal protein may have role in ADHD, other neurological disorders
147 Scientists identify oldest wood specimens
148 Wall Street rollercoaster: Stanford expert tries to make sense of a careening marketplace
149 Site seeks feedback from people with disabilities who are interested in science
150 How you read the Bible is tied to fellow worshippers' education, researcher finds
151 Chinese households save more than American households, study finds
152 'Pregnant plesiosaur' examined
153 Stanford economist predicts 'large, short-run recession'
154 BYU statistician calculates uncertainty of aging U.S. nukes
155 Some families have taken steps to avoid feeling overwhelmed by communications technologies, study shows
156 Historian follows the guns
157 Study finds marked rise in intensely sexualized images of women, not men
158 Why China's 'little emperors' are not credit card slaves
159 Asian 'phoenix' lived with the dinosaurs
160 Peru researchers make rare ancient insect find
161 Atlanta runs world's most fiscally efficient airport, Guangzhou boosts efficiency: research