File Title
1 Rural road maintenance may accidentally push spread of invasive plants
2 Baker's yeast protects against fatal infections
3 Sneaky squid: Why small males have big sperm
4 To avoid carbon debt, CRP beats fields of corn, soybeans
5 Atlantic Herring Population Trends Linked to Egg Predation by Haddock
6 Waging war on invasive plant species: Effects of invasives persist even after removal
7 Major breakthrough on how viruses infect plants
8 Forests absorb one third our fossil fuel emissions
9 New approach to sustain 'forage' fishing
10 Species affected by climate change: to shift or not to shift?
11 Poultry farms that go organic have significantly fewer antibiotic-resistant bacteria
12 Ecologist: Up-and-coming Forests will Remain Important Carbon Sinks
13 Most plant species important in various and varying ecosystems: ISU research
14 U. Va. Researchers Find High Energy Output From Algae-Based Fuel, But 'No Silver Bullet'
15 Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County makes scientific history with 'pregnant plesiosaur'
16 Hidden soil fungus, now revealed, is in a class all its own
17 Dark beer has more iron than pale beer
18 The Flight of the Bumble Bee: Why Are They Disappearing?
19 New technology could capture ammonia from liquid manure
20 Visiting researcher at IU leads international team in formal identification of new fungi class
21 Decade-long study reveals recurring patterns of viruses in the open ocean
22 Urban Impacts on Phosphorus in Streams
23 Corn Silage Hybrids and Seeding Rates
24 Software predicted virus risk in California epidemic
25 Scientists explore the intersection of health, society and microbial ecology
26 The last 3 million years at a snail's pace: a tiny trapdoor opens a new way to date the past
27 Six Million Years of African Savanna
28 Archaeologists uncover 3,000-year-old lion adorning citadel gate complex in Turkey
29 Human Influence on the 21st Century Climate: One possible future for the atmosphere
30 Montana State researcher discovers link between Montana weather, ocean near Peru
31 Heavy metal--in and around the lakes
32 NASA's NPP Satellite Completes Comprehensive Testing
33 Increase in storm damage brings call for more stringent standards
34 Peak Oil & Public Health: Political Common Ground?
35 Solar Flares: What Does It Take to Be X-Class?
36 UCI studies find different reasons for global methane riddle
37 Study Finds High Levels of Flame Retardant Chemicals in California Pregnant Women
38 Scientists explore the role of aeroecology in bat conservation and ecosystem health
39 Polar climate change may lead to ecological change
40 Arctic ice melt could pause in near future, then resume again
41 Worldwide map identifies important coral reefs exposed to stress
42 Researchers Fight Cholera with Computer Forecasting
43 Like humans, chimps are born with immature forebrains
44 Smart skin: Electronics that stick and stretch like a temporary tattoo
45 Intestinal protein may have role in ADHD, other neurological disorders
46 Engineered bacteria mop up mercury spills
47 In Quest for New Therapies, Clinician-Scientist Team Unlocks Hidden Information in Human Genome
48 New model of ALS is based on human cells from autopsied tissue
49 Stanford engineers redefine how the brain plans movement
50 Scientists Discover How Molecular Motors Go Into "Energy Save Mode"
51 University of Colorado Cancer Center genetically sequences most common bladder cancer
52 Researchers Decode Workings of Mysterious, but Critical TB Drug
53 Pregnant women in Vancouver may not be getting enough vitamin D
54 Dual-action protein developed at Stanford better restricts blood vessel formation, researchers say
55 Scientists identify mutation in SIGMAR1 gene linked to juvenile ALS
56 Warning signs predict kidney injury after surgery
57 Study links personal, corporate risk-taking
58 Study suggests seeing a neurologist helps people with Parkinson's live longer
59 New study says it's time to stop assuming buyers and salespeople are in 'relationships'
60 Consumer self-esteem while shopping: Maybe good-looking clerks shouldn't wear the store brands?
61 Pulling a fast one: How do consumers react to zippy disclaimers?
62 Why do consumers think hard-to-get babes and products are worth the extra effort?
63 How do consumers revise their unreachable goals?
64 Service as performance: How do class differences affect hospitality interactions?
65 Days spent reading to dogs during summer may help avoid decline of reading skills
66 Study Finds Marked Rise in Intensely Sexualized Images of Women, not Men
67 Is the 'Right of Publicity' Out of Control?
68 How consumers discriminate
69 Atlanta runs world's most fiscally efficient airport, Guangzhou boosts efficiency: UBC research
70 Divot Resistance in Golf Course Turfgrass
71 Low vitamin D linked to earlier first menstruation, a risk factor for health problems throughout life
72 After-hours care affects emergency department use in Leduc
73 Carnegie Mellon's Nicolas Christin tracks illegal online pharmacies
74 University of Minnesota researchers reveal Wikipedia gender biases
75 Chinese Households Save More Than American Households, MU Study Finds
76 Common themes emerge in hospitals' anti-MRSA efforts: Study
77 NIST physicists 'entangle' 2 atoms using microwaves for the first time
78 Exotic quantum crystal discovered
79 Stick-on tattoos go electric
80 Metabolomics as a basis for gender-specific drugs
81 Catalyst that makes hydrogen gas breaks speed record
82 Supernovae parents found
83 Bilayer graphene: Another step toward graphene electronics
84 Scientists copy the ways viruses deliver genes
85 Status of nuclear power 2010
86 New tool may yield smaller, faster optoelectronics
87 Alien World is Blacker than Coal
88 Effortless sailing with fluid flow cloak
89 Shooting light a curve:
90 Caltech researchers find that disorder is key to nanotube mystery
91 Better, Faster, Cheaper: Doing Business with the Sun
92 Taking inspiration from spilled milk
93 N/A
94 Deep recycling in the Earth faster than thought
95 Metabolism in reverse: Making biofuels at full-throttle pace
96 INRS researchers improve performance of iron-based catalysts
97 For bugs within bugs within mealybugs, life is a 'patchwork'
98 New data shows El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake was simple on surface, complicated at depth
99 Tracking Crime in Real Time
100 You can count on this: Math ability is inborn
101 Gut coils with help from its elastic neighbor
102 NIH-led team maps route for eliciting HIV-neutralizing antibodies
103 Taking a 'shine' to heart repair
104 Alcohol consumption in relation to acute pancreatitis
105 Contrary to earlier findings, excess body fat in elderly decreases life expectancy
106 Good Fat Most Prevalent in Thin Children
107 Higher estrogen production in the breast could confer greater cancer risk than thought
108 Withdrawal of CPAP therapy results in rapid recurrence of OSA
109 Religious beliefs shape health care attitudes among US Muslims
110 New treatment option for advanced prostate cancer
111 Positive impact of growing public awareness of obesity epidemic
112 WTC attacks increase subsequent firefighter retirements
113 Researchers create new experimental vaccine against chikungunya virus
114 Even Science Nobel Laureates Find Acceptance Isn't a Given, Study Finds
115 Cell-based alternative to animal testing
116 Buyer beware--herbal products missing key safety information
117 Herbal remedies escape EU law
118 SHSU studies GPS monitoring of Arizona sex offenders
119 USC scientist develops virus that targets HIV
120 Authorship rules for medical journals flouted by pharma industry
121 A New Line of Defense Against Sexual Assault
122 Schizophrenia study finds cognitive deficits significantly impair decision-making capacity
123 Blood Tests for Active TB Not Accurate or Cost-Effective
124 UNH researcher discovers research manipulated to support pro-eugenic beliefs
125 Narcissism may benefit the young, researchers report; but older adults? Not so much
126 When you can recite a poem but not remember who asked you to learn it a few days earlier
127 Coke addicts prefer money in hand to snowy future
128 How you read the Bible is tied to fellow worshippers' education, Baylor researcher finds
129 Program helps high school students overcome depression and thoughts of suicide
130 How The Visual System Constructs Moving Objects: One by One
131 Briny water may be at work in seasonal flows on Mars
132 Meteorites: Tool kits for creating life on Earth
133 NASA Researchers: DNA Building Blocks Can Be Made in Space
134 A spiral in Leo
135 Escaping gravity's clutches: The black hole breakout
136 Genetically modified 'serial killer' T cells obliterate tumors in leukemia patients
137 Trudeau Institute announces new discovery in battle against infections
138 Fading ability to taste iron raises health concerns for people over age 50
139 Revolutionary material dramatically increases explosive force of weapons