File Title
1 Did past climate change encourage tree-killing fungi?
2 Sea lampreys fear the smell of death
3 Roman civilization travelled further than history books tell us
4 Nipples stimulate the same area of the brain as genitals do
5 Researchers create "antimagnet" cloaking device
6 Engineers create polymer light-emitting devices that can be stretched like rubber
7 Las Vegas man accused of mass spamming on Facebook
8 NASA launches spacecraft on 5-year trip to Jupiter
9 What shapes a bone?
10 Ocean probes to help refine climate change forecasting
11 FBI launches phone app to help find missing children
12 What do Facebook and Rembrandt have in common? Everything
13 New X-ray microscopy technique images magnetic nanostructure
14 First scorpion sting drug receives FDA approval
15 Brain training increases dopamine release
16 The long and short of sperm tails
17 Researchers prove existence of antiproton radiation belt around Earth
18 Climate models make too hot forecasts of global warming
19 Human influence on the 21st century climate: 1 possible future for the atmosphere
20 SpaceX plans to get humans on Mars
21 Skeptic's small cloud study renews climate rancor
22 Study linking browser choice and IQ level a hoax
23 Discovery points way to graphene circuits
24 More precise method of nanopatterning
25 Designing diamond circuits for extreme environments
26 Researchers develop and test new molecule as a delivery vehicle to image and kill brain tumors
27 One box of Girl Scout Cookies worth $15 billion
28 DNA strands that select nanotubes are first step to a practical 'quantum wire'
29 Tiny tech, big results: Quantum dot solar cells increase solar conversion efficiency
30 A hot bath for gold nanoparticles
31 A simple slice of energy storage
32 Energy storage device fabricated on a nanowire array
33 Researchers develop "net" nanodetector
34 Transparent electronics from graphene-based electrodes (w/ Video)
35 Portable device detects anthrax in under an hour
36 Artificial nanoparticles influence the heart rate
37 A new catalyst for ethanol made from biomass
38 Detecting an unexpected delay at ultrafast speed
39 Fusion diagnostic sheds light on plasma behavior at EAST
40 Caltech-led engineers solve longstanding problem in photonic chip technology
41 New thermodynamic model predicts plutonium solubility with iron
42 First observational test of the 'multiverse'
43 Long-time mystery in cobalt oxides
44 First opal-like crystals discovered in meteorite
45 Dramatic simplification paves the way for building a quantum computer
46 Revealing water's secrets
47 Manipulating light at will
48 The art of magnetic writing
49 Cold electrons to aid better design of drugs and materials
50 US opens ways for Shell Arctic Ocean drilling
51 Weather, snow models help arctic Canada's inuit people
52 Space Test Program to launch trio of NRL space science and technology experiments
53 Satellites in the developing world
54 NASA poised to launch spacecraft to Jupiter
55 Mars' northern polar regions in transition
56 Study finds artificial reefs are economic boon; enjoy widespread public support
57 Geologist experiments with crowdsourcing to track water levels of local streams
58 Arctic ice cap near 2007 record minimum: Russia
59 Anthropogenic nitrogen plays a double role in climate change
60 Apple, Samsung smartphones outdo Nokia in 2Q
61 Britons addicted to their 'CrackBerries': study
62 Hand Robot--a revolution of stroke therapy
63 AOL launches personalized magazine app for iPad
64 Taiwan's Foxconn to use one million robots by 2014
65 Japanese inventor develops flying sphere drone
66 Hack turns Square into criminal tool
67 Perfect communication with imperfect chips
68 Come here often?
69 Japan vows to continue nuclear plant exports
70 After cyber attack, Canada unveils network changes
71 Posthumous album releases can reward fans but diminish a legacy
72 Electric cars are suitable for everyday use
73 Researchers develop "rectenna" to convert radio waves to electricity
74 Google lawyer slams Apple, Microsoft over patents
75 University of Virginia researchers uncover new catalysis site
76 Polymer's hunt for nicotine
77 Total synthesis of anti-cancer marine product achieved
78 Chemist contributes to development of novel method for recovering old fingerprints
79 Novel coatings show great promise as flame retardants in polyurethane foam
80 Scientists probe the energy transfer process in photosynthetic proteins
81 Israeli scientists develop date-rape drug detector
82 Chemical imaging of individual salt particles advances aerosol research
83 A bit of boron, a pinch of palladium: One-stop shop for the Suzuki reaction
84 Scientist urges government ruling on genetically engineered salmon
85 Dolphin conservationists save tigers in Bangladesh
86 Researchers publish paper on CHO-K1 cell genome sequencing
87 Big brains evolved due to capacity for exercise
88 Plymouth scientists breathe new life into oxygen theory behind giant dragonfly extinction
89 UK garden bird avian pox virus spreading
90 A patient's own skin cells may one day treat multiple diseases
91 Research team finds species share perceptual capabilities that affect how communication evolves
92 Bypassing stem cells, scientists make neurons directly from human skin
93 Baboon beauties are more likely to get bullied
94 Sexually extravagant male birds age more rapidly, but try to hide it
95 Penmanship still important skill for kids to have
96 King Tut and half of European men share DNA
97 Study shows man-made fat may limit damage to heart attack victims
98 Study shows religious beliefs impact levels of worry
99 British chronic fatigue scientists get 'death threats'
100 Taking vitamin pills may undermine motivation to reduce smoking
101 Insulin pumps, monitors vulnerable to hacking
102 High blood pressure, diabetes, smoking and obesity in middle age may shrink brain, damage thinking
103 Disease-causing tangle could spawn new materials
104 Chinese-English bilinguals are 'automatic' translators
105 Grapes protect against ultraviolet radiation
106 Newer antidepressants not necessarily safest for older people
107 Novel DNA-sensing pathway in immune response to malaria
108 The brain grows while the body starves
109 No treatment is the best treatment--diarrhea in young foals
110 Elusive gene mutations found for malignant brain tumor
111 Researchers find way to help donor adult blood stem cells overcome transplant rejection
112 Researchers use gold nanoparticles to diagnose flu in minutes
113 National survey reveals widespread mistaken beliefs about memory
114 Potential new eye tumor treatment discovered
115 Hang out at the water cooler, live longer
116 Researchers discover a natural food preservative that kills food-borne bacteria
117 Mutation linked with the absence of fingerprints
118 B-cell discovery suggests why women suffer more autoimmune disease
119 New research challenges our understanding of cell communication
120 Screening effort turns up multiple potential anti-malaria compounds
121 A healthy beginning can prevent overweight and obesity
122 ONR encouraging women to pursue STEM careers
123 Major scientific programs could be slashed or eliminated under debt-reduction deal
124 Right to remain silent not understood by many suspects
125 Religious Education is at a crossroads
126 New research sheds light on South Pole dinosaurs
127 Basketball shot selection analyzed mathematically
128 Redesign of Budweiser beer can won't make much difference in sales
129 Michigan State scholar leads effort to reform genetics instruction
130 Stanford researcher explores whether language is the only way to represent numbers
131 Men get ahead for being 'disagreeable' in the workplace; women don't
132 High-tech team's mile-wide timepiece to be world's largest
133 Fossils of forest rodents found in highland desert
134 Locally owned small businesses pack powerful economic punch
135 UK journalists use social media despite fears of impact on quality