File Title
1 A new catalyst for ethanol made from biomass
2 Hebrew University student turns paper mill waste into 'green' material for industrial applications
3 Cape Cod Bay holds hidden risk for dining North Atlantic right whales
4 Competition with humans responsible for decline of New Zealand's endangered sea lions, study shows
5 Study Assesses Nations' Vulnerabilities to Reduced Mollusk Harvests from Ocean Acidification
6 Researchers Discover Method to Decrease Harmful Cyanogens and Increase Protein Levels in Key Staple Crop
7 Can Eggs Be a Healthy Breakfast Choice?
8 UNH researchers help find natural products potential of frankia
9 African rodent uses 'poison arrow' toxin to deter predators
10 Plant biologists dissect genetic mechanism enabling plants to overcome environmental challenge
11 6 million years of savanna
12 University of Miami scientists find way to identify manmade biofuels in atmosphere
13 NIST finds that ethanol-loving bacteria accelerate cracking of pipeline steels
14 Research helps breeders really know their onions to enhance global food security
15 USDA Scientists Study Effects of Rising Carbon Dioxide on Rangelands
16 Carbon hitches a ride from field to market
17 UCLA life scientists' study of abalone yields new insights into sexual reproduction
18 East Africa's climate under the spell of El Nino since the last Ice Age
19 Six Million Years of African Savanna
20 Potato trials and research provide grower information
21 U of Minnesota researchers discover a natural food preservative that kills food-borne bacteria
22 Carbon hitches a ride from field to market
23 The last 3 million years at a snail's pace: a tiny trapdoor opens a new way to date the past
24 NOAA study: Slowing climate change by targeting gases other than carbon dioxide
25 Scientists pinpoint river flow associated with cholera outbreaks, not just global warming
26 Mold exposure during infancy increases asthma risk
27 Briny water may be at work in seasonal flows on Mars
28 Large variations in Arctic sea ice
29 La Ninas distant effects in East Africa
30 Montana State researcher discovers link between Montana weather, ocean near Peru
31 LSUHSC research finds species share perceptual capabilities that affect how communication evolves
32 Out of body experience for stem cells may lead to more successful transplants
33 Hormone reduces risk of heart failure from chemotherapy
34 Mutation linked with the absence of fingerprints
35 Novel DNA-sensing pathway in immune response to malaria
36 Screening effort turns up multiple potential anti-malaria compounds
37 Innate cells shown to form immunological 'memory' and protect against viral infection
38 Elusive gene mutations found for malignant brain tumor
39 Molecular mechanisms offer hope for new pain treatments
40 Better desalination technology key to solving world's water shortage
41 Researchers find way to help donor adult blood stem cells overcome transplant rejection
42 Sexually extravagant male birds age more rapidly, but try to hide it
43 Wireless network in hospital monitors vital signs
44 A patient's own skin cells may one day treat multiple diseases
45 University of Virginia researchers uncover new catalysis site
46 Females can place limits on evolution of attractive features in males, research shows
47 Potential new eye tumor treatment discovered
48 Targeting innate immunity in malaria
49 New Montana State research sheds light on South Pole dinosaurs
50 What parasites eat is the key to better drug design
51 No treatment is the best treatment--diarrhoea in young foals
52 MSU scholar leads effort to reform genetics instruction
53 What shapes a bone?
54 Aggressive drug therapy aids superbug evolution
55 Finding could reduce antibiotic use in critically ill patients
56 UGA researchers use gold nanoparticles to diagnose flu in minutes
57 US physicians spend nearly 4 times more on health insurance costs than Canadian counterparts
58 Group Health establishes major initiative to prevent opioid abuse and overdose
59 One box of Girl Scout Cookies worth $15 billion
60 Locally owned small businesses pack powerful economic punch
61 Hang Out at the Water Cooler = Live Longer
62 'Watermark ink' device identifies unknown liquids instantly
63 Breakthrough in photonic chip research paves way for ultrafast information sharing
64 The brain grows while the body starves
65 Bypassing stem cells, scientists make neurons directly from human skin
66 Caltech-led engineers solve longstanding problem in photonic chip technology
67 Spotting weaknesses in solid wood
68 Making runways safer
69 Polymer's hunt for nicotine
70 Designing diamond circuits for extreme environments
71 New study shows how to eliminate motion sickness on tilting trains
72 Rice discovery points way to graphene circuits
73 Fusion diagnostic developed at PPPL sheds light on plasma behavior at EAST
74 Mars' northern polar regions in transition
75 Science showcase presents psychology's 'hands-on' benefits
76 Crop breeding could 'slash CO2 levels'
77 Armchair science: DNA strands that select nanotubes are first step to a practical 'quantum wire'
78 Raptor Usurpers in Neighboring Habitats Reshape the Conventional Wisdom
79 Fossils of forest rodents found in highland desert
80 New paper examines future of seawater desalinization
81 Montana State University team surprised by results of lung, mold study
82 National survey reveals widespread mistaken beliefs about memory
83 Suicide risk high for war veterans in college, study finds
84 Small interventions can alleviate underperformance caused by stereotype threat
85 Using math to fight cancer
86 Evolutionary computation offers flexibility, insight
87 Italian academia is a family business, statistical analysis reveals
88 First observational test of the 'multiverse'
89 Making sperm from stem cells in a dish
90 Genetic 'signature' discovered in plaque, possible key to future treatment
91 More neurology residents comfortable using stroke clot-busting drug
92 Minimal scar techniques in living donors for kidney transplant
93 Studies shed light on hand hygiene knowledge and infection risk in hospitals and elementary schools
94 Newly Discovered B Cells Suggest Why Women Suffer More Autoimmune Disease
95 Poorly controlled asthma costly
96 Weight loss improves sexual health of overweight men with diabetes
97 Gazpacho ingredients lose vitamin C during preparation
98 Sentinel node biopsy safe, effective in head and neck melanomas, U-M study finds
99 Study Suggests Increase in Public Health Spending Results in Healthier People
100 UCLA study shows man-made fat may limit damage to heart attack victims
101 Scientists take a step towards developing better vaccines for bluetongue
102 The art of magnetic writing
103 Report: New health care distribution model could save lives in developing countries
104 N/A
105 Study Reveals How Bats Stay on Target Even in Dark, Cluttered Environment
106 People tend to exaggerate influence of political ads on others
107 Greenhouse gas impact of hydroelectric reservoirs downgraded
108 Social challenges of synthetic biology examined
109 Guest authorship, a form of ghost writing, constitutes legal fraud
110 Academics 'guest authoring' ghostwritten medical journal articles should be charged with fraud
111 Gender-based violence associated with lifetime risk of mental illness and disability, research shows
112 Report offers framework to guide EPA on incorporating sustainability in its decision making
113 Stray-bullet shootings most often harm women and individuals at low-risk for violence
114 Researchers create umpire schedule for MLB
115 Assumptions, not data, dictate opinions about predictive genetic testing in youth
116 Prescriptions for Antidepressants Increasing among Individuals with no Psychiatric Diagnosis
117 Right to remain silent not understood by many suspects
118 B.C. researchers find quick, low-cost tests can accurately identify childhood developmental delays
119 Web search is ready for a shakeup, says UW computer scientist
120 NYU neuroscientists identify how the brain remembers what happens and when
121 Human skin cells converted directly into functional neurons
122 Drinking just 1 measure of spirits increases the risk of acute pancreatitis
123 McLean Hospital study shows religious beliefs impact levels of worry
124 What do Facebook and Rembrandt have in common? Everything
125 VISTA finds 96 star clusters hidden behind dust
126 'Big splat' may explain the moon's mountainous far side
127 Ocean probes to help refine climate change forecasting
128 Data are traveling by light
129 Novel coatings show great promise as flame retardants in polyurethane foam
130 Predicting Perilous Plaque in Coronary Arteries Via Fluid Dynamics
131 New study calls into question reliance on animal models in cardiovascular research
132 Wearable device that vibrates fingertip could improve one's sense of touch
133 AviCoS replaces vehicle owner's manuals